If you werent aware one of my last videos i did with her, i recommended an entirely new skincare routine, just to kind of revamp what she had going on and to target specific skincare concerns, and that was a skincare routine for her and today were doing a Skincare routine, more in line with what i like at a skincare, routine, featuring all cult classic korean skincare products. All these products were products that i either recommended on the channel that are like personal staples or that were recommended by you, guys, primarily korean, actually theres. A couple japanese products up in here but were going to see what mother likes. How she feels about them is anything shes going to incorporate into a skincare routine lets. Do it lets get into it disclaimers? First of all, i bought all these products, so nothing is sponsored. Second of all, we are playing around with a new setting. Obviously, so, if anything looks a little bit blurry, if you see the lights flickering, i have no control over that. This is the bathroom that we got so huge apology for that getting into the products. My mother biggest concern is oily skin hyperpigmentation. These are primarily again korean skincare products that are really going to target hydration. So its going to help a with the dehydration you have, but also help potentially with the oiliness. My mother, when it comes to skincare, is really big on textures she likes things that feel nice.

To her i mean we all do but shes very particular about textures and sonys products, as youre going to see are notorious for really fun, interesting, textures and ingredients. What i love about korean skincare, so that being said, lets get our headbands on, so we dont mess up your hair ready. Obviously, first things first were going to double cleanse. You are no stranger to double cleansing. We are familiar with an oil cleanser today were going to be going with an actual true to form oil. This is from hadalabo cult, classic japanese skincare brand. They probably get in this routine. This is actually one ive never used before, but i ordered specifically for her. I wan na see: are you gon na like it? Are you gon na, enjoy it im hoping well find out? Okay, my own personal opinion off the bat. This is actually not a very heavy oil. You know how i feel about cleansing oil textures, but i, like it, theres no smell to this. What do you think about it very silky? Do you like every good? Yes, oh good lets see how it rinses off, though, so how do you feel about that? It feels really good okay and it took off your makeup really easy, really easy. Your skin looks really good. It looks very hydrated right now so with that were gon na go in with the next part, which is a regular cleanse, makeups off and all that stuff.

So were gon na actually like wash our skin. This is from neogen. Ive actually never used this, but it was always in sephora when i worked there this one. This is a foaming cleanser, so were just going to see how this works. How it feels neogen is a really famous brand im going to work it in sourcing. Oh, it smells yeah, it does smell you like the smell you like fragrance. Do you find you react to fragrance products at all? Yes, like a bad way like your skin gets irritated. Okay, at any point, you feel irritated. Let me know please lets put up my nose. How did you feel about that cleanser? Very good, you liked it? Yes, it smelled nice. It did have a scent to it. As fragrance, i found that when you worked into the skin, though it maintained this like rich lather to it, it didnt dissipate at any point. That being said, when i rinsed off, like i do feel a little bit tight, so were going to do it now with all the hydration. As we know, okay, beauty is all about the essence. The toners first essences all that stuff so were just going to build up some hydration and again my moms issue. She does have issues around dehydration and oiliness, so hopefully this will help out first product, one of my own personal favorites ive gone through like 17 bottles of this. This is the secret key starting treatment essence rose edition, so this is an essence theyre all about hydration.

You just layer up hydration and like really light steps. This gets the process started this just kind of prepares the skin to start receiving the product, so they absorb better and you get better effects you just pat it in this is one of my favorite products. I dont know why this does have some ingredients that are going to help like you know that nice animate ingredient were talking about its in here, so you like that its lightweight its thin, its watery. Yes, next, we would technically go in with a toner, so im going to be going into the japanese product from hoto labo again, this is their lotion, its the regular white bottle one. This is a toner, but its not like the toners that youre used to theirs are all about, like hydration and just making the skin nice and moist and plump youre used to like the old school ones that, like dry out your skin theres gon na, be a Different experience for toner same thing, youre going to take a few drops work it into your hands. Do you feel the texture difference in this one? Yes, how do you feel it lighter? You feel this ones lighter mm, hmm, actually richer. This doesnt have anything special to it, besides, just the hydration, so its not going to have all these ingredients to help with like pigmentation or anything, but a lot of times when youre oily your skin just needs some hydration in it and so like helping to build That in the skin will help a lot with the weight in this too in korea.

They have this thing where they call the seven skin method where, instead of calling this a toner, they call it a skin. So what the seven skin method is is the layer of the skin like three four five seven times so im gon na try that out so do another layer of this lets see building up the hydration. It helps increase blood flow and thats. How you look good and young juicy youre, forgetting one thing that youre 20 youre 25 and three quarters yeah besides that im gon na do a lot of this, because i will get red like right away. So next, so the first product we used was the first essence of starting essence. Now were gon na get into a regular essence. Essences are like a very korean concept, realistically, its a hydrator, but for them its kind of like the stuff that like keeps your skin moist and when your skin is more moist and more damp. It allows easier penetration of other ingredients, so were going to be going in with an essence, a cult classic essence: im not going to tell you whats in this. I just want you to feel the texture feel the product. Tell me you think about it. Okay, i wonder whats in it, rub it into your hands and pat it into your face. What do you feel? Do you think its very wet wet its very, very wet its very wet? Do you like how it feels on the skin? Does it feel nice? Yes, this is what i used a lot when i was dealing with my breakouts and whatnot and theres one of the first products that got me into korean skincare.

This is the cosrx advanced snail museum essence. This has snail filtrates yeah, so this basically is snail. Secretion snail little snails a little snail emojis on the screen. It helps with hydration, also potentially with like wound repair. So when your skins a little bit more compromised, but do you like the way it feels next time, dont tell me whats in it, but it feels good. It feels good, okay next product, then to me its a little bit more of the high end thing. I actually wasnt gon na put this in here, but a lot of people said it was one of their favorites. This is from laneige. This is their cream skin. This is a weird product because it is a toner but also a moisturizer in one. You can see its kind of milky that means that they have the like oily components: the parts that make a moisturizer moisturizer mixed in with the water parts and its on a spray format. This is like a nice light weight to moisturize your skin, its not rich and heavy on the skin, and then you can pat it in. If you want, are you just doing your face? Okay, oh your hair, thats right pro tip. If you dont want to mess up your hair to spray it into your hands, so what do you think its good its good? What does that mean? Why do i feel, like my face, is so oily? Do you think its oily? Yes, it just potentially it is its just a little bit of like the tacky nature of like having a lot of humectants on the skin.

It does tend to feel a little bit rich. This is definitely more of a nighttime routine. I wouldnt do this for you. In the daytime like, instead of using like a rich moisturizer, which would just give you one benefit layering all these different hydrators, just kind of infuses, the hydration deep into the skin. It helps with like really youthful plump skin, really helping with like fine lines and that kind of stuff, like the korean approach to skin care, if its night time im good with it. Okay, so next step were almost done, were almost done. This is moisturizer. This is from dr darts one of my favorite skincare brands. This is the tiger grass repair cream, its gon na be a little bit rich, its not the gel cream. I just got the little sampler tiger. Grass is an ingredient thats, really big and asian skincare, starting to get big over here and its just known for helping to really soothe the skin, helping to reduce inflammation and redness in the skin. Its known, because tigers, when they were wounded, would like rub themselves against the grass to help like heal their wounds. Im gon na take a little bit tiger snail. What other animal is it gon na bring out? Oh just you way, theres spider in this routine im kidding. It feels more oily feels moisturized. This is what shes trying to say, look how your skin looks and the last product. This was technically more of a nighttime routine, but i could not do it.

Colts korean skincare video – without talking about this, obviously sunscreen super important one of the more popular ones from class rx. This is the aloe soothing sun cream. This just has aloe in it nothing crazy. This is gon na, be a little more rich, so i dont know if youre gon na love it, especially on top of all this, but just for you to see feel it. Try it out lets, try it, and so, with sunscreen were going to be a little bit more precise with application, so youre just going to kind of take it and dot it. As we know here on my channel, you should wear sunscreen every day and its also important to make sure youre putting on an adequate amount. This sunscreen was verified to have an spf of around 53, so it does definitely abide by the claims. Amazing, you love the smell of this, the texture itself, without it being on your face with everything else. How do you feel about it? Do you think its more rich yeah, but its more moisturizing creamy, might not be florida appropriate. Our skin is moisturized. Our skin is supple. Were there any santa products, any favorites for you this one, so you love the smell of the sunscreen, the cleansers you like the oil cleanser. Yes, did you like this cleanser? Yes, did you love the snail i loved it? Did you really? Yes, i did and whats that that is my mom trying out korean skincare products.

Shes not fully fully committed yet, but you know, were gon na get her there. Let me know down below in the comment section.