You know like how i feel about mac. I mean it was the first kind of high end brand that i personally got into you know before sephora, and you know the internet was available where we could just go and you know, buy whatever you want. Um going into the mac store was like the thing, and so i i just love mac and i think we dont talk about them as much as we used to because we have gotten into so many other products. But mac is amazing and they have some amazing products, and i personally um when i became a licensed esthetician. I got my mac pro card, so that has been fun being able to get a little bit of a discount. Also, mac has the back to mac where you turn in six empty products and you get a free eye, shadow or a free lipstick, and i cant tell you how many things that i have back to back. I mean so many particularly of this first product that im going to talk about so im just going to get started. So excuse me um all right. So the very first thing that i have used countless countless bottles of is the mac fix. Plus this is the fix, plus all day, hydrating spray, with vitamin c and im going to be honest with you guys, i really dont have a particular fix plus thats, my favorite. They have the hydrating line. They have you know the original.

I think they have like the different um scents. I think they still do um. I particularly loved, like the rose scent whenever that one was out, but i this is just something that is a staple in my collection and the thing is a lot of people will say: well, thats not really a setting spray, but i do use it as a Setting spray, because for me it just works. You know, like i, have a little bit more of um drier skin, and so you know this just when i spray this at the end of doing my makeup, it just makes my entire um face. My makeup come together and any powder um, you know eyeshadow blush highlighters, it just melts into my skin, and i dont know it just looks so fresh and glowy. I just love it so much and i like its so funny, im actually working on two bottles right now of the same. I have no idea how i did that there they have about the same amount in there um, but i just love this so much. I actually have like two or three bottles waiting to back to mac im telling you this is probably my most repurchased product, absolutely love mac fix plus now. My next product is one that i have used countless times too. I kind of need to get back into this so since ive discovered the charlotte tilbury flawless filter. I havent used this as much, but i feel like this is a little even more unique because i feel like this is more of like a skincare product, and this is mac strobe cream, and this one i have in gold light um.

I think the peach light is the one that i actually really love the most but theres like original, and then they had. You know the different colors. I think they still do im not 100 ill link. These products below for you guys, but i actually put some on the back of my hand. I dont know if youre going to be able to see in this light, but it is just the prettiest most its shimmery, but its not like a shimmer. That looks you know it doesnt. Have that weird, like reflect kind of look its just this really pretty glowy beautiful shimmer, but a shimmer thats, not glittery shimmer. You know what i mean. I dont know its just its so beautiful and, like i said i personally, you know i have drier skin and i know that was one thing that i loved about this. I i really feel like this just gave my skin hydration and a little bit of a glow. You can, you know, put this on top of i mean you can like put your foundation on top of it. You can mix it in with your foundation. Theres been times when ive, just mixed this, with moisturizer and kind of went natural, its just such a wonderful multi use product and its definitely one of my favorites i this is actually. This was in my daughters, room so im taking it back because im going to start using this again, this ones almost done.

I think i have enough stuff to back the mac now. So when i go back in there, i will probably i will definitely repurchase this, because its definitely one of my favorites all right. My next thing that is definitely a love. Is this mac teddy? I call i think my lid broke, so this is what it looks like, but you can see ive used so much of it. I personally ive said this before, but i like more of like a shimmery kind of beige, more of a natural look in my waterline. I just feel like its so much more flattering, especially like the older that ive gotten, but when i do want some color in my waterline, nothing, nothing looks like mac teddy and thats, because this is just such a unique color because it is brown. But i dont know its got like a little bit of this gold. You know like shimmer in it its not chunky shimmer, so its never gon na, like irritate your eyes or anything but its just the prettiest brown, and it is, you know, dark enough that it definitely packs a punch im wearing that today and i absolutely love it And it is one that it starts out kind of creamy, but you definitely have time to smudge it and it does set like it sets so good its just my favorite. So um i do have you know a lot of other um eyeliners. I have some of the marc jacobs.

I know those are really popular um. I used to wear the revlon colorstay because those are pretty you know they set pretty good, but i have just never had one that i felt was more flattering: um, longer lasting and just just awesome. Its just an awesome eyeliner so definitely recommend teddy and i do love mac. Lipsticks definitely definitely love. You know their lipsticks, eyeshadows and lipsticks were kind of how i started with mac um i currently. Actually, i dont think i have any eyeshadows and thats only because i decluttered my makeup when we moved and a lot of my eyeshadows were super old and i use a lot of palettes now. So i currently dont have any of those, but i have a nice mac, lipstick collection because theyre definitely some of my favorites. So i have multiple favorites but im going to pick this one because ive almost used the whole lipstick and the name is just something that i resonate with and i absolutely love the color. I love everything about it, but this is mac brave, so brave is a color that, like i said, i love the color. It is a beautiful kind of neutral pink, i would say, im wearing it today, um, i would say it is kind of warm um, but yet i dont know its got a little bit of like its kind of a blue pink. I dont know its very neutral. It really is very neutral, but um brave is something that i feel like you know.

If theres one word, i could describe myself as it would be brave. You know ive been through a lot with my health and um its just like it was my word. You know when i was going through my um health journey. My stem cell transplant – i brave, was just always that word that i just clung to, and i just i feel like im a brave person, so this lipstick color as silly as that sounds. You know i loved it, but from the name when i saw the name brave, but it truly is one of my most favorite colors and this is a satin, so its very comfortable on this on the lips, but um its also, not one that, like you know Some lipsticks that are comfortable, you kind of feel, like theyre gon na run all over your face. I feel like it sets enough that you dont have to worry about that, but yet it the satin formula, is very comfortable. So definitely love macbrave and im going to repurchase. This color for sure – and the last thing that i have my fifth product – is one thats. Actually newer to me, but i love it and im actually going to repurchase this as well, but this is the mac magic extension mascara. I have mentioned this in a favorite. This mascara is so good because its a fiber mascara it has an awesome brush. This is a natural bristled brush, but its a little bit thinner and it kind of tapers towards the end.

I love this mascara im wearing it today. I dont have any false lashes on and honestly, my lashes are probably at their worst right now, thats, because i havent been faithful in using my eye, my eyelash serum um and i have been wearing falsies again and it they just they do kind of wreck. Your lashes, so i need to get better with that serum, but i still think that, even though my lashes are at their worst, this mascara is the bomb and it makes them look as good as they can uh for a fiber mascara. I have a contact. Wear ive never had any issues with you know the fibers getting my in my eyes, um i dont feel like it ever has any flakes. This mascara is going on over a month and its still going strong, its probably time to get a new one, but typically by this time my mascara has dried up or it starts to flake. I still feel like this is going strong and it just still looks as good as it did when i first started using it, and i think that is huge because, like i said mascaras by this time tend to just start flaking, especially a fiber mascara. But i can really tell that this builds up my lashes and makes them thick. I feel like the ex. You know it lengthens them. It just does everything that i want. This was a good find, so i am so excited that i found this mascara um and i dont have any issues getting this off the mascara i was using previously.

I really liked it was, i think, the maybelline sky high loved it made my lashes really long separated but man that mascara was just ridiculous to try to get off so to me. If a mascara will last and not smudge and not flake, but yet you can still get it off pretty easily thats a five star mascara, so definitely definitely worth spending just a little bit more because this has just been worth every penny. I love it. So all right, you guys that is my top five mac products. Let me know if you love mac and tell me what your five favorite mac products are. I would love to know um if you made it this far in my video. I really appreciate you watching and if you would consider subscribing, i would appreciate that as well.