I hope you all are doing great. So, as you all know, nika is having their biggest sale, its their pink friday sale where youre gon na get up to 50 off i mean i personally feel sale is the best time to invest into something you already love and also the best time to try Out some new products, so in todays video im gon na take you through these six products, which i feel are the best and must must have. First of all, they are having some really great offers theyre off, or you want to get some minis free, theyre a bit on the expensive side, but ill be sale time for coffee or chip price, and i felt key if you want to try out something new Um then, i think these six products will be very, very helpful for you, so without wasting more time lets get into the video Music. So today the products im gon na share with you are the ones uh ive already spoken about on my youtube or instagram or on my stories, and i have personally loved love them and they are very, very, very, very effective. So the first one is the murad vitamin c glycolic acid brightening serum. So if you guys know – and actually we all know, uh with you know my skin fake coffee, sun damage, your pollution is damaged and vitamin c is one ingredient uh, which is going to make your skin look more healthy.

If you have dullness on your skin to brighten up kerdita and even if you have pigmentation, it also helps with that a lot, and this got a very, very effective vitamin c that works really well or, and all these products which im suggesting you today. Even if you go on nikon review, you know you read the reviews. Youll be like people have written such amazing reviews, because these products genuinely really work and if youre looking for a amazing – or maybe i should say the best vitamin c serum, then this is the one you should definitely go for so yeah. This is the first product. I wanted to suggest also, i wanted to add, so if you guys want to try it for the first time and want to see if it works for you or not, they also have a mini size in which you can definitely invest so the next product im Going to talk about is one of my most most most favorite products. You will always see me talking about this and iska stock maple, syria. So when pixie came to india, this was the first product. I tried because when i used to watch other youtubers, they would just you know, talk so much about this product and they would say this is the best best thing and trust me its the best toner ever if you are dealing with lot of oil on your Face now it cleans your pores so well, and you know um.

If you use this on regular basis, you will see keith martial sebum here will become producer and the way it cleans my face. I feel very, very refreshing. It smells also really good, and if you have a lot of redness, you have the skin totally sensitive hair. Then the al this product also got aloe vera, which is going to soothe your skin and trust me, i feel its a must must have again. They also have a mini size, so you can try that out now the next product and im so happy that i got a chance to try this out. So basically, this is a new brand which is uh which just came on nika, and this is their boom boom body cream, so its written but its pronounced in brazilian boom boom. And, oh, my god. First of all, it smells really really beautiful and if you want like firm, skin and healthier looking skin glowing skin. Basically, then, this is the product you should definitely invest in and if you have very, very dry skin, oh my god, youre gon na love this and if you have oily combination skin, then im going to tell you that its it absorbs into your skin and uh. You know you feel so moisturize your skin feel so hydrated and you know the texture is thick, but to be honest, once you start massaging it, you realize that you know its not chip, chip or greasy at all and trust me.

I feel its a must. Must must have all you have to do is massage in a circular motion for better absorption and circulations, you can apply it on your bum legs, tummy arms. Actually, all over now. The next product is wishful. Your glow enzyme scrub. Okay. Now i think in my last monthly favorites only i spoke about this product and you guys know how much i love love love this one uh. So when you once you applied on your face, so basically, first of all, let me tell you: it got papaya pineapple enzymes, aha bha, all the amazing things and the moment you apply it on your skin. It may say now you get the you know. It removes your dead skin and you can feel it so it literally removes your dead skin and gives you like a nice smooth surface. It is not harsh on your skin at all. It is not like the exfoliators we used to have, but this is actually a chemical exfoliator, so it is very, very you know mild on your skin and especially because of the wedding season. Is here. So if you, you know scrub your face with this and then do the makeup you will realize your skin is so smooth, theres no bump, and you know i you know you need to try this out to feel what im saying right now. Trust me because its worth worth spending on this product, so next one is the mario aha botanical body, soap, again um.

I got this when i read the reviews. You know where people were talking amazing about this product, and this was the first body soap. I tried, which got actually got aha and i was like. Is it going to make any difference, because i have tried on my face, but not on my body and trust me. I send you love with this product of all this product got grapefruit. It smells really beautiful and so refreshing your skin just feels brighter softer, and sometimes you know after using this. I dont even feel that i need a body cream, but of course i do apply, but then it is such a beautiful, beautiful product and very mild. The best part is its super super mild, and if you have acne prone skin backpack, you should try this product and trust me. It is going to change your life now when we talking about mario. I really wanted to add this product. It is their drying lotion and you have to have to get this product first of all, its on sale and youre gon na get some minis and freebies free im gon na write it right here. All the you know offers – and everything so do check that out, but this product is going to change your life if you have acne, i think this has become my best friend and i dont even remember how many times ive spoken about this on my channel on My instagram stories, literally everywhere, all you have to do – is dont shake this bottle.

Bus trust me give it like good three days and your pimple will be all dried and um. You will get you know it soothes your pimple. It is really really good product but make sure that you dont shake the bottle now. Next up, i have this beautiful lip balm. Okay, this is something newly purchased. I recently got it, but oh my god, if you are someone who doesnt like uh, you know um colors in their uh lip balm and you just want the lip balm to do its job, that to just moisturize your lips or any winters arch. Okay, trust me. This is super hydrating, super moisturizing and the next day morning also, i can feel it my lips feel so soft, just i just you know, and even before my lipstick, when i apply this, oh my god, this actually does do lip balm or then to moisturize your Lips, it is that amazing, so yeah, if youre, looking for a good lip balm, invest in this – and thank me later so that was all for todays video. I personally feel these products are, must must have from niagara spring friday sale, and i really really hope this video was helpful. Im gon na give you a link of all the products in description box below so definitely check that out. Make sure that you give this video a big thumbs up subscribe to my channel.