I actually havent been to cj maxx in like two months or so like i might have maybe popped in recently, but it wasnt really like going in there and like shopping and browsing and having my tj maxx retail therapy. So i wanted to go and see what was new since it has been a minute, and you know two months for me is a long time, because if you guys watch me, you know how much i love tj maxx. The obsession is real and its probably going to continue until maybe the rest of my life, because ive loved tj maxx for like as long as i can remember – and i dont see the obsession going away anytime soon and this time i actually found a lot of Really great stuff, so i got like a little bit of everything and lets get real. I filmed the shop with me yesterday, but im doing the intro and outro today, because my makeup is all done and also if you want to do a little binge watching. I have a dedicated shop with me, playlist that you guys can check out if you are interested in more shopping and more amazing deals with makeup and skincare so grab a snack get cozy and lets go shopping Music. We are starting with the purses. They always have super cute bags here, so lets see what they have. This one is like really cute thirty dollars. I love just like the black and gold from the brand mystique.

They always have michael kors bags here. They also have this really cute little juicy couture bag. So juicy couture was one of the first kind of like more expensive bags that i ever owned, and that is where the name juicy jazz came from fun fact, but this is really cute actually and its 25. I love this. This is another really cute bag. I dont actually have a gray one, but i love this and its only like 16 found. Some coach here wish that these were vegan leather, but very cute as well. I know i keep saying cute super annoying, but 100, so a little bit pricier, but i love this color and then we have an aldo bag here. I love this pink. I think for spring, of course, moving into the makeup theres, a lot of really nice like little gift sets for the holidays, and this is actually really nice too. Its a little compact mirror from impressions vanity, eight dollars. We have some mac lip sets here, twenty dollars. How pretty are these lashes? I actually really like this brand. They have it a lot here at tj, maxx and marshalls. These are seven dollars and you get three pairs and look at this big makeup brush set. You get 28 pieces for 20 dollars, you guys now. Obviously i dont know the quality of the brushes, but normally brushes like this like youd, be surprised but theyre actually really good, and this is such a great deal – found some elf makeup brushes here.

The set is 17 okay, theres a lot of really good gifts here for the holidays. Like you have this little spa and pedicure kit. I have one of these that i got from amazon and i love it a little massager here. They actually have a couple different ones: some epsom salts. They have a little mini massage gun here as well, 30 bucks. But it looks like you get a couple different attachments as well, which is really nice heating pad. Okay, i need this for when its that time of the month, this is adorable little mickey mouse. Oh, i love this. This is another really good little gift set as well, and they have a hello kitty one. I love it. These lashes, though seven dollars for a six pack thats like amazing. Another really great gift, is a bunch of these bath bombs for, like 13 bucks. Okay, the makeup today is like insane theres, so much stuff, so many lashes, okay lets start over here because theres a lot, so this is from anastasia, beverly hills. Thirty dollars for this lip set. This is the mini matte lipstick set. We have some elf palettes back here. I actually really like these palettes. I love the colors makeup revolution more makeup revolution. These palettes are actually really good and theyre under ten dollars. This one from makeup obsession is one of my favorites, its a collab that they did with belle, jordan and its seven dollars, but this is a really good palette, so this is a good find theres.

Some essence here, as well essence, is always like really affordable, ooh and its only five dollars here for this palette, so many eyeshadow palettes. A lot of these are drugstore and morphe, and i see a couple like random little gift sets like this. One is from nars and its 30 for this little orgasm set theres another little travel set from mac. It looks like you get a strobe cream and the pink fix plus for 18. Another travel set for mac. This one is 25. Okay, now theres a ton of really good lashes here. These used to be one of my go tos like a few years ago, really pretty, and they have a ton of velour lashes here which im going to stock up on, because i love this style. I found them a few months ago when i went to marshalls so im going to grab a couple of these because theyre super affordable and amazing quality, literally drugstore price, for like these lashes, theyre so good. So i actually think im gon na leave these because id rather get a bunch of i lower lash or the lower lashes. Instead of these, they look really pretty, but i love velour. These right here are one of my favorite styles that they have so im gon na grab like three of these lots of great styles. Here, if you guys need new lashes, i definitely recommend tj maxx, because i feel, like you, get more for your money versus even at the drugstore, sometimes theres.

Also some ardell lashes here. These can be really pricey at ulta 11 more goodies. Here we have a nars light reflecting setting powder 13 and an absolute new york flawless setting powder, and this one is five dollars. Theres also some cover effects. This is the illuminating setting powder 10 bucks and theres some becca here, marc jacobs ive tried this concealer actually before and its 12.99 here, and i see some buxom. This is the staycation vibes primer. Infused bronzer found some more abh. This is the liquid glow highlighter duo. I dont think ive ever tried this, but its ten dollars here, and then we have some butter bronzer from physicians formula im, so sad that theyre not cruelty free anymore. We also have some mix here: shine, killer, five dollars and then more anastasia. These are like the lush, trios and bronzers, and these are each 12.99. I love makeup brushes, and this is such a good deal, its six dollars for all three of these. This zoeva brush, though this looks amazing and its literally only five dollars. Okay, they also have the zoeva authentic skin foundation. I actually really like this im surprised that this is here and its only seven dollars. This is really good and then, as far as lip products, they usually always have the same ones like its typically mac, nars and anastasia, and then occasionally theyll be like a random stila product. Here, oh, they actually also have some urban decay back there.

Some vice lipsticks found some lineage here. This is the lip sleeping mask. They have a bunch of different scents here, actually and theyre sixteen dollars and some ola henriks in here. This is an oil control, hydrator six bucks, so this brand makes my favorite retinol and they have it here. They usually have it at target. So this is the overnight facial peel and it is ten dollars. I wonder why its here i see a little smashbox primer. This one is twenty dollars: ive actually tried this before last year and i didnt like it but its here. Okay, this is your sign to get a tj maxx and get a satin pillowcase. These are the best and they usually have a two pack, sometimes for like under ten dollars, love these little makeup, eraser dupes, and you get three in here for four dollars. They have some mario badescu here. This is 11, its like a little holiday set. You get a hand cream facial spray and a lip balm thats, actually a really good deal and theres. Also this garnier moisture rescue gel cream. I think ive heard good things about this before i dont remember. If ive tried it but its six dollars throwback to the thayers witch hazel, let me know if you guys remember when i used to use this all the time, but this is nine dollars, which is a really good deal for the three of them and you get The rose one unscented and the cranberry orange stop.

Why is this the cutest thing ever everything thats tiny is just so much cuter this little briojio deep conditioning mask. I really like this, its five dollars, its really small, but this is really good. Actually so they have a bunch of them here, theyre, so little okay, the damage has been done so time to check out and ill show you guys everything that i got. Okay, no particular order im just gon na kind of pick and choose everything, because everything is all scattered in all different bags. So first thing we have here is this big bag of epsom salts? So this is the eucalyptus and peppermint. So we are in the process of getting our second bathroom remodeled and i am so excited because we are going to have like a jacuzzi tub where we can actually like sit and get a bubble bath, and i am so excited you guys. So i wanted to start preparing getting a couple things for some pamper nights because im probably going to be in there every single night like not even kidding, i love bubble baths. This big thing was also only eight bucks, so i thought that was a really good deal because its pretty heavy theres a lot in here – and this is just super – relaxing and great for any sore or tense muscles, like the minute that our bathroom is done. Im gon na do a good, deep, clean im gon na get a bubble bath watch gossip girl and drink some wine in the tub, its gon na, be the best thing ever so i cannot wait to put this to good use very soon.

Also picked up these sheet masks. I just got them out of the box to show you guys all of them, because this was a really good deal. So this is from the brand tony moly. I dont know if you guys have ever tried this, but ive tried this brand before, and i really really like the sheet masks, theyre very hydrating and they have a bunch of different ones depending on like your skin concerns. So you get 10 in here for 10. Bucks so basically a dollar a sheet mask. I thought that was great and you basically just get two of each, which is amazing. I love sheet masks and i used to not like them, but i feel like theyre, so much better and more hydrating and nourishing on my skin versus like using a regular mask, sometimes theres, just more nourishing and not as drying as just like a regular mask can Be sometimes so, these are always nice to have, especially now that it is getting colder its almost winter. Okay, i said to myself before that i wasnt gon na buy any more makeup brushes, but i am in the process of decluttering my makeup brushes and just getting rid of stuff that i dont use, and this was six bucks and you get three brushes and i Would actually use all of these like, for instance, this could be like a good under eye brush. This could be good to blend out concealer, and then this could be a good bronzer brush.

So six bucks for all three thats, like literally a steal, because especially real techniques, they can be a little bit pricier, but i will say they are amazing quality. So couldnt pass this up. I got a bunch of lashes. I know i dont need them, but like also couldnt pass up this deal, so i picked up a couple of these glamour eye kits because i really like this style. They are just so pretty and fluffy, and you could really like tone these down or gland them up for, like more dramatic makeup look, so this is the glamour eyes kit you get lash glue and a little lash applicator in here as well, which ive tried, and I think is really good, so this was 10 bucks and you can reuse them as well. So i picked up four of these. I know so extra, but i wanted to take advantage because velour lashes are like very high quality and im, normally not one to spend a lot of money on expensive lashes. So i thought this was a great deal, basically like drugstore price for like more expensive lashes. So love allure – these are all the same style by the way and im constantly using lashes for different makeup looks and just like in general. So i always like to keep those on hand, and then i just got two of these like single lashes. So these are the premium synthetic faux, mink lashes and i picked up two different styles.

This one is the fluffin cool and then these are a little bit less dramatic on the bottom and they are mama knows best, and then i picked up this body spray. This is the indulgent moments pink peony and water lotus. This smells so good. It was eleven dollars. First of all, packaging love its like a glass container, but this smells incredible. I actually sprayed this last night. It smells so good. It actually doesnt even like when you put it on, i feel like it does last a pretty long time like not a super long time, but it lasts longer than like a regular body spray, but its definitely more of like a floral like spring summery scent. But i think it smells so good its like very girly and fruity at the same time, but its a little bit strong. So i feel like thats why i would be perfect for like a date night, this was 11 bucks. I love body sprays and things like this and the bottle was really cute as well. Next up, i picked up this makeup brush cleaner, so this is one of those like instant brush cleaners, where you could like spot clean your makeup brushes. So i dont clean my makeup brushes as often as i should. I probably deep clean them like once a month and then throughout the week im pretty much just spot cleaning them before. I start filming each week just because its so much easier and convenient, and i hate cleaning my makeup brushes.

That is the one task where im like i hate it, i cant do it. I would literally pay somebody to clean my makeup brushes and by the way im kidding, but like im kind of not, but i really do hate cleaning my makeup brushes. So i love products like this because its just so convenient and i use the same brushes and i keep them all in rotation because i have like my favorites, so im always constantly spot cleaning and i go through this kind of stuff like water. So i wanted to get this big bottle here and it was four dollars, so i figured id give it a try and see if its any good. This is what it looks like if you guys have any suggestions for a good makeup: brush cleaner for spot cleaning. Let me know next up, i got this king size heating pad. I dont know why it took me so long to get this because i have the worst cramps ever and you would think i would have been had one of these. So this one has six heat settings and its an extra large heating pad. So i thought this was perfect for whenever it is that time of the month, because for me the worst days are the first two days and im one of those people that have tried like everything for cramps, like all the natural remedies, all the teas over the Counter stuff and nothing helps, but i do love getting super hot showers and just kind of letting their water run on, like my stomach, whenever i do have cramps.

So i feel like this is going to be perfect and i like the fact that it has six different heat settings, so this was 27 a little pricier, but if it works ill be happy. Okay, i picked up this little purse. I loved the detail. The little braided handle and the gray and gold, its so pretty. I dont have a purse thats this color and i like bags that are just really simple for whenever, like i want to just run out the door and just put my wallet in here and just kind of like my basic necessities, because i have some bigger purses. Where i keep like everything like everything is sucked up in there, but sometimes i maybe dont want to carry a bigger bag, and this is so cute. It was 16 the brand if youre wondering, is expressions nyc, and this is luxury vegan handbags also, even though its a little bit smaller, i still feel like theres, a pretty good amount of room in this bag, because its like longer, yes, this is super cute. They had a lot of really nice bags at tdmax. They usually always do, but i love this picked up this ashanti naturals 100 shea butter, so hector swears by shea butter. He loves this whenever his hands start to crack in the winter. The one we have is super old and dried out, and i loved the fact that this one says it was creamy and even for me, whenever i have super dry skin or i get random dry, patches or eczema, i will put shea butter on and it helps To soothe the area so much, especially whenever my dry patches are like really itchy and irritated.

This helps me personally, and this was seven dollars and its just 100 creamy. Shea butter picked up this 10 foot charger. If you guys dont have a long charger. What are you doing? You need one, because that little charger that they give you with your iphone, is just not cutting it its too short and honestly, not that great quality. You would think they would give you like a super high end charger with how much money you spend on your iphone. But i love these chargers so much more because theyre longer and i feel like they are better quality in my opinion. So this is just a 10 foot one. I actually have one on my side of the bed, but i got this one for hector because hes always using mine and taking mine. So this is for him, and this is only 1.99. You can also get these on amazon as well, but i have better luck with the ones from like tj, maxx and marshalls versus amazon, sometimes believe it or not. So this is your sign to get a larger charger and the last couple things that i picked up are all clothes. So i actually tried everything on yesterday and we have a couple couple hits a couple misses so first i picked up this little cozy set. So this was 24 and you get like the sweater and the shorts with it, and this actually is very cozy and really nice quality.

Its really soft – and i got this in a size medium – and this is from the brand sincerely jewels if youre wondering okay. Next up, i picked up this jacket, so this is a more like lightweight jacket, definitely not like a full on winter coat. I like the black and gold, and i like how lightweight it is as well, but still like, really warm and cozy. So 25 bucks got this in a small fits really nice and its just like a good kind of like everyday lightweight jacket. Okay, this is the last set that i got and i love it. I love the color. I love how it fits, but something about the top of the sweater i dont know. I just feel like it looks so awkward like. I wish it was almost like either a hoodie or maybe nothing at all, because i feel like theres just so much extra fabric up top that it just looks very odd. So im probably going to take this back, because i mean it fits really nice, but i dont really like the way the top looks on me. So this was 24. and again i love the color love the material its from the brand love streak. This top right here, like this, is just a bit much like its just a bunch of extra fabric for no reason – and i just think it looks kind of awkward on me, but it is really nice, though, so that officially completes this tj maxx shop with me.

I hope you guys enjoyed it. I got some really good stuff and just a little bit of everything which honestly is my favorite like i got some makeup. Some clothes like you just cannot go wrong with some tj maxx retail therapy. So let me know where i should shop next and dont forget to check out my shop with me playlist, if you guys want to do a little bit more virtual shopping with me.