Look. We are going to transform from this to that Music hi guys. How do you miss my beauty content today we are going to do a no makeup. Makeup look well im digging the look that the sun is giving me since its a golden hour, but id also like to share to you how we can achieve that. No makeup makeup: look tricky pacing, no makeup, pero makeup, look heres the secret ill, just break it to you now the very secret to no makeup makeup. Look based on my experience, working with photographers um glam teams, anyway, im just wearing lipstick now, but i didnt wear any makeup for the rest of my face and im going to share to you the very secret and nailing and no makeup makeup. Look as for my experience with professional makeup artists, the secret to a no makeup makeup, look is good skincare, so were gon na start off by using good skincare. So, in order to maintain having good skin, of course, you have to identify the right products for your face, so now im going to introduce to you a brand that you might just hear from me, and you can thank me later if you experience it for yourself, This is common labs, it is a korean brand that is now here in the philippines and im gon na try these products for you. We have three products from common labs, so, like i said in one of my previous vlogs, koreans are very big on skincare and they do an extensive research just to see what ingredients are perfect for our skin.

This isnt my first time to use these products, but im going to demonstrate these to you guys so. Common labs focus on vitamins as their main ingredient in their skin care and vitamins are the key, anti aging ingredients that strengthens our skin. So i guess its common knowledge that vitamins and nutrients are what our body needs to develop and function normally so every day with the food we eat the products we consume, we put on our face and the water that we drink affects our health and, of course, Our skins health, in order to look good, its very important that we are using the right products in our skin and primarily the food we consume and our healthy habits help us become our best selves, not just with our looks, but how we feel on the inside And one of these healthy habits are making sure that water body consumes is good for it, so the first product were gon na try is the common labs, vitamin c spreading gel cream, so its very nice that this gel cream came with a little spatula. So in the contamination inside bottle so its very hollow and my cover there ive used this in a few days, and one thing that i really like about this is that it smells so good parashant orange juice it has mandarin orange peel extract is because it has Sea buckthorn, water and i researched and see buckthorn water is like a type of a citrus fruit, tiny tiny oranges, sound cute lets apply it on my face its so cold.

On my face, so the professional makeup artist ive worked with, i noticed na. They really start with skin care, and i was amazed because conventionally makeup get actually makeup. Literature foundation better, like my matter, could cause skin care when it comes to makeup case. Moisturizing skin is what determines how your face can hold um product so lion. This is hydrating and the naga absorbent skin goes slowly. This is gon na dry, so in case i lipstick. Oh guys, no makeup makeup. Look. Is this vitamin e coming ampule from let there be lights Music? This works, like a serum for me and ive, learned recently, that the reason why some skin care products come in glass bottles is because para maintain quality inside since material and indeed to those na in plastic bottles parameters. My carbon dioxide or something thats same goes with skin care if it comes in glass bottles, um ibasha, so this ampule has vitamin e and with on her face, it has a mild green tea smell and i still feel very hydrated like super plump on facebook. Because of the hydration nang gel cream earlier and now that were putting the ampule, i like that, its not oily, i thought its oily pero, its just like um, a heavier kind, a heavier substance on the face, but its very hydrating. Okay, so, based on my research, gizo zapala is a powerful mixture made of three traditional plants: sweet, wormwood, citron and pine tree, which originated from east asia and is used to deeply target sebum.

So sebum is thats, actually whats released by bodhipath its like the oil. In our body and sebum is naturally produced by our body, but sometimes impurities like from pollution balance out by using facial, wash and also putting skin care. So the anvil blends well with the sebum on our face vina balance out. We will look more hydrated and less oily, even if we need the oil imbalance of it on our face button, the effect really is like the products name, vitamin e calming ampule im calling sofisco. This is already gon na be part of my skincare routine. Until i have to test another product, but this one definitely passed the test, so the last product that we are using from common labs before we put on the actual cosmetic products for our no makeup makeup look: is this vitamin e micro needle spot cream? Okay? So this product is nothing like any other skin care products that ive tried the first time i tried it on my face. I realized that pate has a skincare case. This is actually a micro needle sputtering. So is it cotton shell, like my effect, does it give like the effect of micro needles or does it feel like a micro needles and yep? It was the latter nafio you, micro needles in liquid form, sha, but um sharps on the face terena come on. I just gon na this product targets spots on the face, so in bishop anywhere put it on places my spots paramount blur out, and you can feel significantly how the product works on your face.

I know like there its liquid why such a liquid form can make such an effect so with its packaging. I initially thought napa parang may applicator pero its a pampala here, as you can see, meron thailand quanting energy spots Music. I could already feel this thing when i spread the product. So when you apply it apply a slight pressure: lung para, slightly sensation, so thats pretty much it for the skin care. Part of our no makeup makeup. Look now lets put the products on my face. Im. First, applying active skin tint on my face as its very light coverage. I dont know if you can see it, but its much clearer now, hidden in redness, putting on light super super light concealer i havent used concealer in a while, but lets try going full face. No makeup makeup look light coverage compared so its not drastic, and so for my brows naman. I have. I just have a sparse area here. I got this from an accident when i was like five years old and sorry alongside merunden, but nisha, clear but yeah. The sparse area is what were going to fill in just to make it look more defined, but the goal is to not make it look like theres any product on my face. I hope im gon na nail this, sometimes even if i on a product area lighter part than the rest of the skin, so to blend it out. Let me know in the content: concealer, okay, no makeup and to keep the brow hairs together.

Lets put on brow gel lets also add like a bit of a natural flush cheeks. I didnt intend that to look like that. No makeup makeup looked cover up nothing with mild, lipstick anyway, perfect the makeup. No makeup makeup. Look, i know, god thing nothing! Im quanting! I guess its about choosing the right colors of the product, so i thought this is a nude lipstick that i really like, if i didnt put too much tint before that my slider petal, but i think this should be okay, just gon na cover with some powder. This is obviously like a darker shade. I love this makeup also and so our forgot to put highlighter but just to add that additional glow and ketone difference, but im gon na with highlighter to the high points of your face. I love how the makeup is. Staying on my skin, so i guess thats pretty much it. The gist of this video is just to use the best skincare suited for your skin. Whenever you want to do a no makeup, makeup, look and thats, not just for using makeup. You know its very important to take care of your skin because its very important to take good care of your skin and our skin is the largest organ in our body. So it needs the best type of care that we can give. If you want to get your own common labs products, you can always just mix and match, according to whatever matches your skin type.

So you can check the links in the description box so that you can know where to find them. I hope you like my no makeup makeup. Look, let me know what you think and if there are any other beauty related content that you want me to do. Let me know in the comments. Thank you so much for watching have a great day ahead.