Thanks for having me, you just became a new mom recently. Congratulations. You know new moms facing problems with their skin. Are you having those same challenges? I believe most mommy face the same issues too whats. The solution for the skin problem: first of all, you have to find the right skin care that suits your skin, and after that you have to get a balanced diet for you to get a better recovery, and today, ive brought some awesome products to share with you. Girls is it all in that box over there? Yes, some exclusive products from watson, wow lets see whats in the box. We have some serums and some essence, and some must this vitamin c radiance facial serums. It contains 100 times of vitamin c, with powerful anti aging and brightening effects. Wow yes, and the other one pink by pure booty, bh metal, snowy cream, intense hydration to your skin and leaving your skin radiant and also pinkys glow. Wow watch me glow. So what about multiple signs of aging? You know a lot of women after giving birth their concern. Is you know how can they, you know, lessen the wrinkles and things like that? So do you have anything to address those problems? Yes to prevent that happens right. We have dr rose here, this renewal serums with mandelic acids that can helps you to clear, pores and also promote even skin tone. And besides that, we have y o. U golden age refining essence, and this essence can clearly helps you to reduce the wrinkles and fine lines.

Thats awesome by the way, im still a little bit confused, whats the difference between essence and syrup. Okay, usually serum contains a few key ingredients to target specific issues and usually are found at higher concentration compared to essence. Oh, i didnt know that you do so what about masks? Yes, watson do provide a wide range of muscles moisturizing. We have repairing whitening and also soothing so thats, one that suits you. That sounds great yes tabby. By the way, it seems that angel and sabronzo are already ready for the next segment coming up. Next were going to show you tips for a glowing skin Music, hi, gina, okay, so the products you talked about just now were really interesting. Yes, those products are the exclusive product that you can grab at western stalls and today, im going to teach kaki wasan a three minutes face massage for glowing skin oh means you can actually achieve that without skin care, no applying skin care is still necessary. So the massage is considered the best way to soak your skin and also to help you to get a perfect complexion and a good face. Massage can calm your mind, regenerate your skin and also relax your face muscle. Let me show you how okay, let me show you: okay, first with your fist, you just massage your neck, roll it up and down up and down, and then with our knuckle press it along our jawline here. This is very good.

Can help to reduce your double jeans? Okay and then we pinch along our jawline here: okay pinch, it up pinch it up and then with our index fingers and then press it along our nasal here. Okay, until this area, okay, press, it give it a good massage. Here, okay and then, lastly, give our face a good lean: oh thats, not too difficult. Yes, you can add this in your skincare routine by combining face serum face oil or your lotion to get better results. Wow. Thank you. So much for sharing. Thank you. Gary kaki watsons remember that so you can have a way to pamper yourself out to the max, and also here comes the most exciting part. Guys watsons glow tv well be doing a giveaway of five sets of exclusive products, as mentioned before. Yes, so be sure to like and share this video and let us know which one of your products that you like the most in the comment section below and you might be one of the lucky winners thats all for today. Kaki watson and thank you so much.