A chemist who loves makeup. Ariana grande recently launched her makeup line. Rem beauty, which is named after the rem stage of the sleep cycle, were going to be looking at the ingredients in her products and im going to tell you what these do in the formula. How this affects the performance in the formula – and i will give you my thoughts on them now – were not going to do the whole lines, because we would be here forever were just going to be focusing on the lip products today, if theres any other products, you Want me to look into from the line, please let me know in the comments down below. I also purchased three of these products, so i will be doing a review on those in the future. Once i have them in my possession, the first product we are going to be looking at is a practically permanent lip stain marker, as described as a modern, take on a traditional lip stain with a non drying feel, and it says that ariana grande likes to use This product, with the utmost importance, plumping lip gloss so well, do that one after this. The way that these lip stain marker products work is that there are colorants that are dissolved into other ingredients that either evaporate or get absorbed by the skin. And then these color stain your lips, its different than a lip gloss or a liquid lipstick or a lipstick, which in fact is putting a layer of product on top of your skin and looking at this ingredients list, there was one thing that was really odd to Me the fourth highest ingredient is alcohol, and the eighth highest ingredient is denatured.

Alcohol. The reason why this is odd to me is because these are the same compound. They are both ethanol. Denatured just means that something was added to the alcohol in order to make it undrinkable. Typically, this is a bittering agent to make it taste bad. This is a typical practice with alcohol that is going into cosmetics or pharmaceuticals, because doing this avoids the taxes that are typically put on alcoholic beverages from the consensus of science twitter. It seems like this was probably just an error on rem, beautys part, because these are the same compound and typically all alcohol is denatured. These two should be combined and therefore would actually appear higher on the ingredients list. Most likely. This probably most likely happened because they had purchased a raw material. That was a blend of ingredients. Typically, alcohol is a solvent in these kind of blends. A solvent is what you dissolve other ingredients into, so they probably put alcohol on its own into the formula and then put alcohol again as part of a blend, and one of them said denatured and one of them didnt. They should have combined them. They didnt. This is a pretty careless error from whoever was putting the ingredients list together, but im not going to say its a red flag from the brand for me. But it does make me look out for other mistakes, because if there are a lot of these kind of little errors, it does make me concerned that there might be other problems with the brand, but one mistake will give them a pass on in this formula.

Alcohol is going to be a vessel for those colorants to dissolve into and it is going to evaporate away to help dry down this product faster and in this formula there are a few other types of ingredients. There are a few humectants. Humectants are ingredients that are really good at drawing water to themselves, and this in turn, hydrates the skin. In this case, specifically your lips. There are things like butylene glycol, glycerin and sodium hyaluronate in this formula, and what these are all going to do is when you apply it is going to help hydrate the lips. This, hopefully, is going to counteract the drying effects of that alcohol. I am not against putting alcohol into cosmetic formulas, but in too high of a concentration it can be drying. Hopefully theres enough of these humectants in there thatll alleviate any of the drying effects from the alcohol in this formula. Another type of ingredient thats in this lip stain marker are film formers film formers when dry form thin flexible layers on the skin. This helps the product last longer and potentially can also help keep some of that moisture in from the humectants. So that way, your lips continue to stay hydrated. The first one well talk about is the acacia senegal gum. This also functions as a thickener, which is pretty obvious thickens. The formula also function as an emollient, meaning its going to leave a soft conditioning feeling to the lips. Another ingredient that youll see that works as a film former is this methyl.

Acromide copolymer has a really long name in here. If youve seen these acrylamide copolymer type of ingredients theres a lot of them out there with a similar name, its most likely going to be a film former and performed the same way, theres also pvp in this formula, which also acts as a film former. So theres a few of those type of ingredients, so this should make it last a long time. The last ingredient i want to point out in this formula is sodium saccharin. So this is a no sugar sweetener. It is the trade name, is sweet and low, which im sure youve heard of, and this is going to make the taste of the product tolerable a lot of times with products. You have to put a sweetener like this or some sort of fragrance ingredient, which would be a flavoring in this case in order to make the product not taste terrible back to the line as a whole. One thing i thought was really interesting is that she features a lot of consumer panels for each of these products. Now. This is very typical. Ive seen it for mascaras for skin care, but i havent really seen it for lip products in the past, its not really common. For me, these dont really impact my buying decisions that much because i know theyre only gon na put if the results were good anyway, but i thought it was interesting that she took the time spent the money to do these panels.

Let me know if these kind of panels featured in marketing impacts you at all or if you dont, really pay attention to it. When i first saw that she was releasing a lip stain marker, i really was not into the idea of this product at all. It just seems like something that was popular really really long ago and its not really a thing anymore, but, as i got to thinking about it, if you have any level of mask wearing depending on where you live, this could actually possibly be a really beneficial product. This is staining your lips, so that would mean that youre, probably not going to get transfer on your mask for some people, this could be a really beneficial product, so were moving on to the utmost importance lip gloss, which i, as i mentioned before, it said that Ariana grande likes to wear this on top of the lip stain marker, so this is supposed to give you a smooth high shine finish and its supposed to have a warm and tingly feeling with a plumping effect and a subtle, vanilla scent. This is a very short ingredients list. Theres only about seven ingredients in here dimethicone is the top ingredient in here. It is going to give you a really soft feeling and its really good at repelling water, so that would help it last longer. I would hope so, as i mentioned before, with the lip stain. Sometimes ingredients are sold in blends and you add the whole blend of ingredients into your formula believe that that was the case with this formula.

There is an ingredient from the company basf and that is their ultra filling spheres, which is what i believe is in this formula, that is, a combination of ethylhexyl, palmitate, trihydroxy, sterine, sodium hyaluronate and glucomannan. So, im going to read you the description of this combination of ingredients. Ultra filling spheres technology is based on the ability of dehydrated and cross linked spheres to penetrate the upper layers of the epidermis and to absorb the water that evaporates from the deep dermis. Thanks to their hygroscopic properties. Side. Note hygroscopic means that theyre good at drawing water to themselves the volume of the spheres increases rapidly, thus inflated. They tighten the skin, smoothing out wrinkles and leaving an elastic skin surface with long, lasting hydration. So, based on the description of this, these ingredients are gon na help give you that plumper look to your lips. This is something interesting to point out. If you are looking into ingredients list. Reading the ingredients list on its own doesnt always tell you everything you need to know about the product. The ingredients on a list always arent added individually, a lot of times they are sold in a blend of ingredients such as in the case in this case. So thats something to keep in mind too, because in this case in this blend, they were meant to be spherical. You see this a lot with encapsulation of active ingredients which is much different than adding those ingredients separately. There is fragrance in here again to help with the flavoring of this product.

The only other ingredient in here is vanilla, butyl ether. This contributes to that vanilla flavor, but this is also what gives that warm, tingling feeling that you feel when you apply this product because of that sensation. It also brings out more color in your lips, so youre, probably going to see more of a pinkish or a reddish tone coming out when you use this product due to this ingredient and im going to guess that the fragrance ingredient in here is also vanilla. To emphasize that flavoring, which is probably because of this vanilla ingredient that they were using to give that tingling sensation personally, for me, i would not get this product. I do not like plumping lip glosses. I remember using, i want to say it was the too faced lip injections and just the feeling on my skin it like that tingling feeling feels like. I should not have this on my lips, its not the same, but it reminds me in the lab. If you get acid on you, it doesnt feel burning. It feels like a tingling itching feeling and thats immediate code, for you need to go, get that off of you so thats. What that reminds me of, which is why i do not like lip plumping products, but if you are into this kind of thing, this seems like a really simple lip gloss. It doesnt really seem like anything special to me. If you want a clear lip gloss.

Theres, a ton of brands who make them – and you could probably just get one at the drugstore that is just as good now were going to talk about the the other lip gloss, is called the on your color plumping lip gloss. This one is also a pumping lip gloss, but it is colored instead of cleared and instead of a warm tingly feeling. This one said its going to give you a cool tingly feeling, so this one has a lot more ingredients in here. A lot more. Most of these ingredients are either some sort of oil like an essential oil or an extract, and when you have a lot of these in products, it does make the list pretty long. There are things in here like rosemary and tomato extract, which seems super random. I dont know if ive even seen those in cosmetic products before, but it is making me kind of hungry, lets first get into the plumping and cooling feeling of this product because thats one of the key features – and i think this sensation comes from a few different Ingredients first is going to be the mentha pipparita peppermint oil. I think if youve ever had a peppermint, you know it can kind of leave a cooling sensation in your mouth when youre eating it, and i feel like this might be doing the same thing and i believe youre also going to get this feeling from the menthol. Lactate, which is supposed to be a more subtle form of menthol, which is similar to the ingredient in icy hot, so you are gon na get that cooling sensation and actually almost a numbing sensation from this is what it seems like.

There is also another very surprising ingredient in here, which i again have not seen any other cosmetic product, and i think this also contributes to the plumping effect, which is capsicum. Fruit sends resin, so this ingredient is actually derived from pepper. I could not find a lot of info about this ingredient. The only info i could find was actually from another skincare line. I couldnt confirm it for sure, but i was trying to find out if this resin had the ingredient capsaicin, which is what makes your peppers hot and i feel like if it does contain this ingredient. That would definitely contribute to that plumping effect, because i remember the other day i was cutting a jalapeno and then i touched my lips with my fingers, and you know what it did. It made my lips red, they felt kind of tingly. They im sure they probably looked a little bit plumped because they were kind of irritated from the peppers. So i think this could actually be partially contributing to this plumping formula now. That alone makes me very averse to trying this product, because i am not a spicy person, but i know a lot of you out. There enjoy the pain of the peppers, so maybe this does have some people who would very much enjoy this product. So, moving on from the pepper conversation lets get into the base of this formula now there seems to be a very typical base formula for this product.

The first ingredient in all of them is polybutine, and this is a very common ingredient in a lot of lip glosses. This is whats going to give you that high shine, and they do say that this lip gloss is non sticky, but this particular ingredient does have a sticky feeling to it. I believe the other hydrocarbon ingredients are going to contribute to this formula and make this product non sticky, but there may still be some sort of stickiness to this product and maybe just not as much as whats typical in a normal lip gloss, like i said, do Have the same first few ingredients: there are two of the colors that have calcium sodium borosilicate, very, very high on the list, much higher than any of the other ones. This is a glass like material. You see this a lot in glitter eyeshadows. This is what gives that glittery effect now dont. Let the fact that its glass scare you this has been milled down enough to where its safe for cosmetic use does impart a really really pretty glittery. Look to it. Theres also a cistern ingredient in here with calcium, aluminum borosilicate, so theyre very similar, but it is the calcium, sodium borosilicate that is highest on this list. The two colors that have this highest on the list is chucky, the other one is jelly shoes. Now, if you can see from both of these, you see they have a very glittery look to them all.

The other colors seem to be more just shiny and not as much of a glitter look to them from what i can tell in these pictures, or at least significantly less than those two shades. So, to sum up this product im not into it, but if someone were to get it, i would really like to know what it feels like on your lips when you used it. So if you got this product, let me know what you thought of it. Lastly, were going to talk about the on your collar matte lipstick. Now this was probably the product that i saw from this line talked about the most, i think, because of the shape of the product, for many reasons, and this was one that i actually purchased. So i will be trying it out and letting you know what i think once i get it in my hands. One thing i did want to mention about this product is that theres no humectant type of ingredients, which makes sense because it is a matte lipstick. But that being said, that means that you are going to want to use some sort of moisturizing lip balm prior to use. Otherwise, this is going to enhance any sort of dry spots that you may have on your lips now. Its typically said with pretty much every lip product, but i do want to emphasize it specifically for this product because of the type of product that it is.

The main ingredient in this product is dimethicone, which is going to give you that matte look its also going to help this be a very smooth product, and hopefully this will mean that its going to apply really well on the lips. Octodecanol is a liquid wax and this is going to help keep your product from separating. It also has nylon 12 in this product, which is very good for spreadability of colors, and i see this a lot in eyeshadow. I dont know if ive seen it in lipstick before, but i really love it in eyeshadows, but so i hope im going to love it just as much in the lipstick formula it doesnt have a fragrance ingredient or a flavoring ingredient. All it has is ethyl vanillin. So this lipstick should have that kind of birthday, cake, vanilla, taste to it, which seems to be a theme of all of her products. From what im seeing – and i really dont have a lot to say about the ingredients of this product other than it looks like a typical lipstick with emollient ingredients and different kinds of waxes, it looks like it should play well, where you should get a not too Creamy feel, but not so matte feeling that it feels like your lips are the sahara, so hopefully it works out. Well again, i will let you know later when i try this product out overall for these products. I was only really interested in the two products.

The lip stain and the matte lipstick, which was the one product i did buy from the lip line, the other two ingredients. I dont know if theres a huge market im, really not into that tingling feeling of pumping lip products. So those two products were just a no go for me, and i am surprised that she came out with products that did this, because i really didnt think this was a trend anymore. Maybe im just very much unaware of what is trendy with the kids nowadays that very well could be the case. Let me know what youre thinking about these products. Let me know if theres any other products from her line, that you would like me to talk about and make sure you give this video a thumbs up and click the subscribe button.