So, as you guys could see today we are doing novembers shut. My stash heads up the man cant sit still hes literally mowing leaves outside. I dont think theyre picking them up the lawnmower. I think hes just mowing them, but were here i got ta get this done so were just gon na move on with it. So today were gon na pull out what i used this past month and were gon na bring in some new products that uh i wanted to at least play around with this next month. Uh, the last two months of the year i tend to like. Take it easy because i like to try new makeup um pr gets sent a lot because of the holiday season, so i try not to overwhelm myself with my shop my stash. I just try to bring in things in here and there that i want to get more use out of so lets get right into it. You guys know the drill, so uh lets just go Music all right. So lets start out with these two. These are the sydney graces uh. These are their latest uh, cream, shadows, stolen, kiss and star struck out of all of their cream eyeshadows. You guys and i owned over 20.. I think i own close to like 30 of them. These are the most beautiful ones. They come out with, they have sparkle to them. They actually have like sparkle, like that glitter toppers included in the formula of these two.

At least these were so beautiful on the eyelids. I wish that all of them are like this theyre more metallic. These are more glittery and i love it, love it if they could come out with more like this formula, i jump on them even faster, and i love the original, and i love these even more. All right so were gon na move on to the drawers im. Gon na pull out everything all right drawer number one: this is the tom ford in reflection. This is a beautiful product, absolutely love it. I have no complaints um. This is also beautiful, really enjoyed it this by marc jacobs, such a shame that they are no longer. I think theyre rebranding, i dont, think theyre going away, but these were such a good formula. Theyre really really nice, i own quite a few of these and im kind of happy. I did splurge and buy these a few christmases ago because uh the formula. These are amazing on to the next drawer. This is the bobby brown opal moonstone shadow. This is a beautiful, beautiful formula. I know that miss paulina here has the quad. I have never been able to find the quad here in the states, but i was able to find this single at a cco and its beautiful. I think the packaging is very cheap, its plastic, but the product in it is beautiful and i know they sell these singly um. I want to get at least one or two other colors.

These are the two newest out of a few pigments that sydney grace came out with this is beach bum, and this one is last quest. These are both beautiful. I really like these. I went back to check to see the other colors that they came out with during their christmas in july sale and i cannot find them anywhere on their website, so i dont know if they were limited edition. I know beach bum. I believe i think these two are still there, but the other ones are gone, so im not sure whats going on with those, but these are beautiful, really enjoyed the blush time here we go. This is uh mac, a warm soul, its gorgeous. What else can i say i still like it and this honestly, you guys. I know a lot of people said that the new one has sparkle. This does not have sparkle at all. I dont know. Maybe i got one of the older ones in the newer packaging, but mine doesnt have sparkle benefit dallas. This was something that brought back a lot of people uh to the old g uh youtube. I still like this one, its really pretty. It reminds me of a blonder the new trend, the blondes or well. Here i have one in my drawer. I didnt have to buy a new one, laura mercier, spice cider. This is one of my favorites. This is before she has her new formula out the this one pops out, so i can put it in a palette that she used to have, but i really like the color of this one and this one by bareminerals called uh the secrets out.

This is a cooler tone one, but i really like the formula of these, so i am a fan. I have an older one in my collection that im considering panning next year. Highlighter is this one by catrice, this is uh the beyond golden glow guys. This is so pretty so pretty and if you buff it into the skin, it looks like glow within its really pretty no glitter at all that julie formula, i dig it mary lou miss mary lou one day i will officially pinned you completely shes on my list To pull out next year because i do want to get more use out of her shes beautiful shes, still one of my favorites and probably my oldest highlighter, in my collection, no second oldest. I believe i think this is my oldest one. This is the stila kitten duo. This might be my oldest or maybe lu. I think theyre both the same. To be honest with you, i think i got them both the same, but i will say that this one is the first high end highlighter i ever bought. I paid 22 for her and at the time i thought that was way too expensive for a highlighter, how things have changed havent they. But i do want to pan her because i think shes still beautiful kitten is still one of those good ones, and this is no longer existent. As you can see, i do want to pan her because shes still pretty – and this one surprised me this is the hello halo in uh – i met someone.

This is actually pretty. I didnt expect it to be as nice as it is. I actually use this side a lot more, but i did mix both of them and they came out pretty. I used this one on its own as well, and it wasnt bad it didnt show up so pink or peach on my skin. It actually showed up like a glow, so i dig it alright lip products. This one is loreal glossy fawn, really pretty color very comfortable on the lips. I plan on using her a lot more next year in project pans. This is one of my favorites. This is in almond nude again i want to pan her next year. I use a ton of it. You can kind of see that i mix her a lot with other lip products, but she is pretty shell, be here a lot more youre going to see a lot more of this one, her sister in classic nude another one, thats, really pretty kind of reminds me Of glossy fawn, so one of these two is going to get used up next year as a cheek and lip product because im starting to get on this role of panning my lip products as cheek products so were gon na. Do it this one in nars, uh shaz claw day, i think its called its really really pretty this formula. I dont think they carry anymore its very beautiful. This was in a limited edition set, and i like it with a lip liner, its comfortable, but it doesnt run all over the place.

Its a nice gel formula reminds me of my dior fluid added sticks that are no longer in existence either chanel adrian. This is a sheer lip product kind of again, like glossy fun different shade, though very pretty one of my favorites to go to. If i dont know what else to wear its very comfortable – and i really like this color chanel scenario – this one will be one that i will pan next year. She needs to get used up. She is my oldest lip product at the moment and i really should use her up. I love this color and i found a way to mix her to lighten her up, deepen her up. Shes super comfortable really like it so im to use her up one way or another this year, this leaf watie a lip product in the shade hot nature. This one surprised me: i didnt expect to enjoy it as much as i did its actually um sheer, but still gives you enough pigment and its super comfortable on the lips. I really like it and the whole entire, like clicking thing, im digging marc jacobs, cabernet this. I loved marc jacobs, lipsticks they were, they were, or are the ones that i do own. I only own like uh, four large size like full size and then a few of the minis. I think the formula was always beautiful. This ones, a beautiful shade, really enjoy it for the wintertime. The this, like really nice, plummy raspberry kind of shade.

I really am loving. This bite beauty a rhubarb, another pretty one. I think this one also will be pin on the cheek and lips. I had. I really like it. It just gets a little deeper on my lips um than it does on the swatch. So i just got to be careful how much i put on, but it is pretty uncomfortable. Can you guys tell that i had a trend. This is a folk allure number five, i dont know what this line is. It doesnt have any anything on it. I just remember it was numbered one. Through five, i only kept two shades and this one was one of the deeper ones its more red base, but it still has a plum. It reminds me of divine wine by maybelline and thats. Why im into it – and i really like and the formula is really nice – all right – the uh palettes i used this month were indigo ink by menagerie. You guys, i will be ranking my palettes for the month, the last two months, uh coming up in november, so youre gon na see that there i used every single shade i used mix match. I have my final thoughts on it. I told you guys that i wont get back to you guys, so i will. I officially will because i did a first impression on this. I wanted to do a palette bingo with this one, but other palettes came in the way.

So i did not get a chance to this past month, but i do and will be giving you guys my final thoughts coming up in next week or so so stay tuned. For that ah same thing goes for this palette. I cant get enough of it. You guys know i already love it so and im happy that a lot of you guys were able to get it yay. It is a beautiful one. They should have kept it permanent and still should be keeping it permanent. I think its a gorgeous palette really really. My i think this is my favorite one. I wanted to share this. One ive only been using this now for almost two weeks at this point: uh not the full month, but i will continue to use this next month. So i wanted to just give you guys a heads up. I think ive used almost every single shadow in here minus like these here, like the nudie shades for the most and the blacks of course, because i dont really use black often. But you guys see my swatches see my first impressions. I will be having a pala bingo coming up or a get ready with me using this palette. A lot of you guys have either purchased it or ive. Seen miss karen harris purchase it on my recommendation and she loves it as well its a good palette. You guys its good. It just all depends if you like the color story or not, but it is really really nice and i cant stop using it.

So this is one that youll see uh continuing to be used in the month of november okey dokey, so lets move on to blushes now this month. I want to use something deep and fun because i havent really and the fun part, is you guys now that are pulling everything out? I have, at this point entered my whole entire makeup collection back into the glow in me, app the app that i have recommended to you guys that i wanted to um play around with so at this point as im filming this, i have officially finished entering all Of my items i am exhausted, but because ive been using a lot of my makeup, more often through rotation and through project pans, i have understood a lot more of my makeup, which means certain things are no longer where they originally were, because i felt like they Were either something else or something other than that, like a blush, really was a highlighter or a highlighter blush. So anyway, you guys can see its all nice and pretty because i redid it all and im excited, because i was able to revisit some products that i havent played around with in a while, because i havent seen them in an app form for a while. So the first one i want to pull out is this beauty look at this sucker. This one is called raisin by mac. This is a uh, obviously its a powder bra blush, but its like a different kind.

Can you see that and its kind of like a bronzer, but for deep? This is meant for deep skin tones, but its so pretty on the cheeks. It gives you that nice blondes or look when you have lighter skin, so im, excited to play around with this one. So im going to pull this out heres another one i want to pull out. This is humor me. This is one of their mineralized one. This is also like a brownish shade, but its has a rosy undertone to it, as you guys can see. So i do want to pull this one out because i havent played with this one at all. Here is mac sin. I think if this is the perfect time to pull this one out as well, it is like a purple silver, its really pretty, on the cheeks sleek antique is like a dupe for this one. I used to have it and i wore that one to death. So i want to pull that out. Uh the other one ill pull out is fetish by urban decay. Its like this uh pinky type of shade. I think itll go nice like i like the variety that ive chosen so far, all right so now for highlighters. This is where i havent really thought about it. Honestly, i didnt think about what i wanted to pull out. Normally, i think about what i want to pull out before i pull it out not this month.

You know what i think im going to do this one. This one is a smashboxs uh shimmer. This one is really old. It was recommended by jacqueline hill eons ago. I purchased it when it was getting discontinued, so im gon na pull that out. You know what i havent played around with this one much. This is the ofra uh star inspired by samantha march. I want to pull this out because i really havent played with it im still not 100 at my coolest or my natural state, but i think i can make it work. Lets do dandelion its been a while, since i pulled her out, i think shed be a good one to have right now, im going for the pinky ones. This is blossom glow by wet and wild and thats what she looks like. So this is what we got working this month, its actually pretty good. I have other ones that are more gold toned in my project, pan so thats why i went for more pinky tones and then for blushes. I do have one blush that im currently trying to use a few times, so i think itll go well with these to mix it up, love these swatches so were going to do them. This one im going to pull out is i dont know by sydney grace. I want to pull out more of these this month because i feel like these are going to be a lot more fun to use um.

Whenever i do. My testing out of palettes like these are gon na, be a lot more fun to play around with. So this ones i dont know the other one i wan na pull out is candlelight. This ones a pretty neutral, shade im trying not to squeeze out too much because you dont need that much with these come on Music, oh shes, getting harder there! Shes! Oh no see thats what i dont want to happen. Oh no thats a lot, but theres candle like right there you see how blinding she is, but shes beautiful, like this is an everyday color. I think this is gorgeous the third one i want to pull out is called boardwalk and did a bird walk shes a little bit more coppery, but i think itd be nice for thanksgiving dont. You think so. These are the three i want to choose from sydney. Grace i thought they were all different, but i think they can work well with any of the palettes that i will be testing out the coming up month. This one i also want to pull out. This is the essence metal shock in stars and stories. This was gifted to be my my friend lisa, and i want to get more use out of her im trying to find fun shades. Look at that isnt that pretty oh, i dig it. Oh, the other cream shadow i want to pull out. Is this one by makeup forever aqua excel and l 54, which is like a luminous finish its not one of their matte finishes, and i thought itd be nice because its a cooler, toned brown compared to i dont, know see how this ones more uh warm tone.

This ones cooler toned, so these would be nice. This one would go nice with purples theres, more brown, shimmer, shimmer, ultas, glitter cream eyeshadow in totally and thats like this pinky one. I just need stuff that, like you, could top it off with and why not im pulling all the gold out in december, so im pulling out some pinks this month and im pulling out two urban decay um. What are these? The glitter toppers this isnt space, cowboy its beautiful thats. How look at that? Yes and the other one i want to pull out is interstellar. This one is beautiful. I love this one, look how pretty that is, has gold with peach to it. Pinky peach, i dont know if you guys, can see that not trying to flick you guys off all right, so we have all of our cream products up here. We do not have much pigments you guys. I didnt pull out a lot of pigments. Only the glitter toppers, because i do have a lot of palettes coming up this month – that i will be testing out. So these are my blushes here are the highlighters um and as far as palettes for the month, i will continue to play around with uh the lit list palette by bh cosmetics, so im going to keep playing around with these. These also have glitter toppers in them. So i dont want to pull out too much, because i want to concentrate on the palettes.

I just recently got these in pr from game beauty all four of these palettes. I will be testing out this month as well, so i posted an instagram post of all of these, so you guys can see them there. So youre gon na hear my thoughts on these as well. So these are a lot on its own. I typically review no more than three palettes a month, so im already doing four here, plus these two. I also have another pr package coming from look fantastic. It should be here by the time this video goes up and theres an additional two more palettes in there. That i will also be testing out, so this is why i didnt pull out too many pigments im. Just i just have so many palettes and then it is also vib sale from sephora, but im planning on not purchasing anything honestly unless its skin care and then theres black friday and all the black friday sales. So i am smart and remembering myself in the past. So, im not adding too much because i know im gon na get overwhelmed and im gon na feel like im disappointing. You guys – and i dont want to do that so lets not do that so thats all i have for you guys. Thank you guys so much for watching ill catch. You guys on the videos on the screen.