I have a small pile of empties in front of me, but i am so excited to talk about these products. I have some like amazing, like game, changing products that i am so excited to share with you. I have makeup skin care lifestyle. A good array of products here so lets go ahead and get into it first. I am so excited to talk about this, but also so sad that its empty, because this is my absolute favorite candle i have ever used. Oh my gosh, i just have to reminisce the bottom. The smell is so amazing, so let me tell you what it is. So this is the peri ellis pumpkin picking soy wax blend fine fragrance candle 14.5 ounces. It has three wicks and it is just the most perfect candle it lasted so long. I would leave it on on burning all day and it lasted pretty much this entire month. I waited until it was october to burn my pumpkin picking candle and it is just the most perfect fall october vibes, oh amazing, and its so potent i put my candle right on my um entertainment stand. My like tv stand when you walk into my house and i could smell it on the very other end of my house. I could smell it upstairs and ive never really found a candle before. That is that potent that you can smell it throughout the entire house, but it wasnt so strong that it gave me a headache or anything like that: its not that type of fragrance its just the most beautiful pumpkin lets see if it has here ill read the Description, imagine a field perfectly lined with ripe, pumpkins and colorful fall leaves with your favorite fall latte in hand.

This fragrance blend is made with notes of pumpkin clove nutmeg and sandalwood enjoy the best of autumn, from the comfort of your home, its just so accurate and so im actually so grateful. This candle was sent to me for free from the brand homefragrances.net, so thats. The website that you can find these on. This is not sponsored at all. They just were kind enough to reach out and send me a couple candles and theyve got a new customer in me because now i cant go back to any other candle. I just need to keep purchasing these so ill. Have the website linked in the description down below its just homefragrances.net, and this one, this perrie ellis pumpkin picking, is actually on sale right now for fifteen dollars, which i think is an incredible deal for this quality of candle so ill definitely have that linked below. If you want to jump on that its normally 32 dollars, but i am so excited to try out other candles from this website, they are just top notch. I am so blown away by this love it. If you love candles, you have to check these out, but i also think candles are an amazing gift to give someone and, as were getting into that holiday season. Maybe you want to stock up on some of these candles because they are perfect candles seriously. In my opinion, okay, moving on to this one here, this is a setting spray and its from the brand grace and stella the spray all day rose.

Spray hydrating rose facial spray. Now i think i got this in like fab fit fun or something and its. What im wearing on my skin right now and its just amazing its a huge bottle? This is 240 milliliters, 8.11 fluid ounces. So this would not be travel friendly if it was in your carry on, but i use this daily and it lasted so long since you get so much, but so the foundation that im wearing right now believe it or not, is a matte foundation. But this gives radiance glow, it melts the foundation into the skin and i, as im getting older. The wrinkles are coming for me, especially on my forehead, and it prevents creasing there. It smooths it out and it just makes the makeup and the skin look. So much more youthful – and i just love it its not very often that i find a setting spray that truly does give glow to the makeup, melts it into the skin and lasts like that all day long. So this is so good, so those are two products that i was so excited to talk to you about, and now i actually have two toners that i used up. I have the wander beauty, mist, connection essence and toner, and then i have the glow recipe. Watermelon glow pha and bha poor tight toner, so these are very different in their texture and how they felt and worked on the skin ill start with the wander beauty one.

This one had more like a stronger fragrance than what i like yeah the im, not sure what the smell is, its kind of like a little bit vinegary, i mean its, not bad. I still use the whole thing, but i wasnt too big into the fragrance. What i love about it is that its an essence and a toner so youre always getting so many beneficial ingredients and benefits in wonder beauty products. But i also just am so particular with my toners, its a spray bottle, and i just dont love the technique of spraying on my toner. I just feel like it doesnt stay where i want it to on my face as well. It doesnt like blend as well and its a very thin formula, which is okay, but it just wasnt my favorite type of way to apply a toner. So i think it worked nicely on the skin and it helped the rest of my skin care like seep in better, i feel like and prep my skin for the rest of my skincare after i wash my face so its a two in one mist that combines Essence and toner to balance and moisturize skin in a single step, so i think it did that, but it wasnt my favorite toner ive ever used. I do prefer this glow recipe toner here once again, its the watermelon glow, pha and bha poor, tight toner, and i just like the texture of this better.

I, like the application technique of this better, so its this is what it looks like. Oh, i like the smell of this, so much better. It smells like watermelon but its like a sweet lighter scent, but it had almost like a thick liquid texture. So i would like put it onto my fingers and then just rub it onto my skin and it was easier and i feel, like a little, went a long way a little bit like of a thicker feel on the skin, which i like. So i felt like it was a little bit more moisturizing also pour tight is one of my main skin concerns like i really want to have something that is poor, tightening to help smooth and minimize my large pores that i especially have on my cheeks here. So this is just perfect for what im personally looking for in my toner, which i think is really up to personal preference and what your skin concerns are and how you like to apply your products. But for me this was just all of that. I really love the brand glow recipe. I use a lot of glow recipe products, another skincare brand – that i love is good molecules and i think i want to mention. I i think i got the wander beauty sent to me for free and the good molecule serum here sent to me for free – and i think also my last product here. The wander beauty baggage claim gold eye masks.

So this is not a sponsored video at all. These are just such kind companies that send me their products to try out. So i love being able to do full in depth tryouts and reviews of these products, because i have completely used them up and really been able to develop my thoughts on them so that i can give you my most accurate review and recommendations. But so this one here is the good molecules super serum formulated with tripeptides to target fine lines, wrinkles and dullness. So if its not tightening my pores that im going after its exactly what this ones doing, targeting fine lines, wrinkles and dullness like i was saying like as im getting older, the wrinkles are coming for me and im just really trying to keep my skin looking as Youthful as possible, without getting any fillers botox anything like that – and i just love this – i think its a beautiful texture, the dropper worked. Great good molecules is very well priced and they have fantastic ingredients. I really feel like its a brand that you can totally trust and i was using this morning and night, so it was also great under my makeup. I didnt have any issues with peeling. It would keep my skin moisturized under my makeup and i love incorporating a serum into my routine, and i think this was a great one to incorporate. I guess its a little hard to measure fine lines wrinkles and dullness, but since i just feel like, as you age its gon na happen, but i think im 28 years old, i think that my skins looking decent.

So, at least this just made me feel like it could be helping with my wrinkles and maybe slowing down the wrinkles that im getting so i really enjoy this, and i definitely would recommend it its also very nice packaging with the frosted glass and like i already Did a little preview on my final product here is from water beauty. The baggage claim gold eye masks, and this is absolutely no surprise because i think i have featured this in every single empties video that i have done this year. I always talk about these. I love them so much. I use these when i do my what i hope to be weekly masking, but clearly, i think its been monthly ive been really slacking on my weekly mask skin care self care ritual that im trying to do. But when i do that, i like to put on these gold eye masks and then like a clay mask or whatever is suitable to how my skin is that day. So these are just so hydrating and they really are so comfortable on the under eyes, like they dont dig in. They dont stick on too hard, but they do stay on, which is another thing, because so many other under eye masks either slide off the face. As soon as i like, lift my head or move my head or theyll, be too sticky or theyll like dig into my under eyes, which thats terrible – and this is just the perfect under eye mask – i always recommend these always use them, and i always see an Improvement in my under eyes as well like theyre, completely moisturized, looking a little brighter smoother, so love these im actually in a wedding next weekend.

So i should make sure to pack some of these so that day of the wedding, i can be looking as fresh awakened. Youthful as possible by wearing these as im getting ready that morning, so those are all the products that i used up in the month of october. Please let me know in the comments down below if youve tried any of these products and what your thoughts are on them. But thank you so much for watching.