I hope this video meet you guys well so today i am super super excited to share with you guys the pr package i just received from a luxury nigeria, uk brand. Let me quickly give you a back story or now i came about this brand. I saw this brands post on ig looking for a beauty influencer so guys i entered for it and i was selected. So i have my right here with me guys, but before going into this pair of boxing and swatching im going to quickly, you know show you guys, i mean what i found out about this brand on their site, so guys. Let me quickly go through how this brand came into existence. This brand was launched in 2019. Ruba beauty is a british beauty brand. Inspired with the belief that beauty products should be easy to use for all makeup lovers: british born banker, oluwu founded ruba beauty. After years of buying products, which she often loved but regularly found difficult to use, rather than moderate, true with what was available, she set out to identify innovative products that could cater to both makeup professionals and makeup lovers wanted to look their best. Our ambition to bring class leading products to market is only matched by our passion for sharing our knowledge and expertise with makeup lovers from all over the uk and across the world, so guys im going to stop there theres a lot more to that, but for the Purpose of not making this video too unnecessarily long im just going to stop there.

This brand is a luxury brand like you need to see how their packaging looks. So this is the package. This is what was sent to me like a thank you card in needs, and the name is written at the back theres a write up here, so im just going to quickly go through what is written on this card. It says thank you so much by supporting our business, you are supporting a dream. Thank you for being a part of this journey. It means the world to us tag us in your instagram post at rhubarb, beauty, uk at ruba, beauty, academy, rubber beauty, babes. You know guys so in case you guys have not seen this video and you are really really interested, which i implore you guys to check out their website www.robertbeauty.com.ng. So guys, please check out the uh website and im going to be leaving like a short video of their website what they have there, so you guys can see how like beautiful and how amazing this site look so guys im, not even exaggerating. I really like, when brand puts in so much effort and its so thoughtfully, so i am going to be starting guys with their eyeshadow palette packaging, guys ice averages, the packaging look really really feminine, so girly see Music, it is divine. Stars has its own name. So whenever you are making use of it, you just refer to the name assigned to the different eyeshadow in this palette.

So we have divinity here here we have purity, we have queen kindness light, we love charming, pleasant, wisdom, generosity, prosperity and we have love. The next product is divine star as well, and this is the highlighter so im going to open this up, like their packaging, are so beautiful, so oops, so the highlighter is called orion im going to be swatching that, for you guys next product i have here is A beauty sponge see so the next product i have is a brush an eyeshadow brush Music, the last, but not the least, is the pearl liner. The pen liner, like Music, see so thats that about what i got in this pr box im going to be going ahead to do some swatches. This eyeshadow contains 12 shades, six matte, eyeshadows and and six shimmery eyeshadows. Five of these eyeshadows is completely matte, and one of it, which is the sixth one, contains a little bit of glitter speck in it and its a matte eyeshadow. Some of these shimmers have like a very subtle sheen to them, and they dont have like a very high beam. That is this one that has like a very high beam to eat. Im going to be swatching them, so you see so im going to be starting from divinity, which is this one guys see guys guys, look at it im going to go in and try out the hairline. Now just put that right here. Can you see how its writing precisely so guys? This is not the beauty.

Blender looks after you know, wetting it. So this is how the beauty blender looks afterwards, and you can see how huge this is. Can you also see how conveniently im using it under my eyes, and can you see how this is going to like help, so you know to blend the sides of your nose to contour the side of your nose or to use it to carefully. You know apply a concealer on the bridge of your nose. See. Can you see it guys these products are super super amazing guys, so guys, im, really im, really really excited about this product. Just watch out, for you know, amazing, looks that im going to be creating with this product. Let me know what you guys like mostly about this product. I just showed you guys. Let me know down in the comment section and please check out their website on www.robertbeauty.com beauty.com.ng youre, going to find amazing products there they deliver to you anywhere. You are if youre outside the country, you can also get these products.