I am so excited ive been saying that a lot but theres a lot to be excited for this holiday season, and one of those things is a new release from kristen dominique. I had told you guys in a previous video that i was very much looking forward to reviewing something new from her and purchasing something new from her brand. As of right now, i have but one measly palette from kristen dominique and thats the only product i own from her brand, so just being real with you guys, because you know how i am im very blunt when it comes to these reviews. I really really liked the color story and the aesthetic of her original latte palette. I thought that the formulation and how the colors were pressed was probably around a b minus. If i had to give it a if i had to give it a grade like its a test or something but yeah. Some of the mattes are a little hard to blend. I thought the shimmers were really pretty, but yeah the mattes a little too hard pressed and a little too hard to blend, especially on the purple and teal shades in that palette. But now we are years down the road since she released that original palette. I think its time we dive in and see how this one works. All right, frindos stay tuned, so weve got a lot to try out today, guys we have the bundle from kristen dominique.

This is her coral blossom palette. We have her creamy fill and define lip liner and we have the soft focus. Demi matte lipstick lets get into some swatches, but first behold the beautiful color story. So i thought this was gorgeous. I dont know what you guys think i think it is going to be so flattering on so many different skin tones. You cant go wrong with a peachy, pink yikes. You cant go wrong with a peachy, pink and theres two in here plus this shade right here. This right here was what made me pull the trigger on this palette, so enough paddling lets get to swatching. So we are going to do this row first, the first peachy pink, shade called self worth. It felt a little dry free escape also a matte felt a little dry and then coral quartz felt very nice and creamy. So here we go that right. There did not swatch that great. Neither did this one and then coral quartz needed some building up these two kind of swatched patchy now well, try out growth and hazel some kick up, but im not complaining. These turned out very smooth and very pigmented next well. Do patience, mariposa and blooming beauty? The mattes again feel pretty dry on this one, and then the shimmer shade feels pretty creamy these swatched a little bit better, still kind of light. The center one is really light. I dont know if thats supposed to be that might just is that a topper just being real with you guys? I dont see much of a difference between this one and this one other than this ones.

Just slightly darker now lets do the final two willow and radiant. I keep getting in trouble with my sister. She told me specifically to swatch like this, not like this im – sorry pollywog, okay, so that turned out really pretty this one right here again its kind of light. I dont want to say that its too patchy, but its not the smoothest, but you know what that pricked palette had some similar shades in it. It didnt swatch that good, but you guys remember how it performed on my eyes. So hopefully the shades will perform better on the eyes. We will be doing an eye, look in just a moment and well be trying out some of the eye shades over a base. I do have pillowy space down right now, im ready for that, but first lets try out the lip products. So this is the soft focus, demi matte, lipstick and the shade kayata. That means shy. Girl, in case you guys are wondering so this is made in korea. Where is this palette made made in the u.s and the lip liner also made in korea, and then this is in the shade nudie by the way. So these are kind of hard to open im, just being whiny its late. My package came late today and i didnt even know it had arrived so im starting this video at like three in the morning. So if i seem like im off my rocker, because i havent been to sleep but im always a little off my rocker, you all know that okay, so lets see ill, just swatch it.

On my hand, that is very smooth. It has a really nice finish too. All right, i think, im going to like this. This lip liner im not sure how i feel about it, just aesthetically, just being real with you. I think that the component for the matte, lipstick or demi matte lipstick is very pretty. It looks very chic. You can tell its plastic, but you can tell this is like the nice expensive plastic, this right here, just kind of feels like drugstore to me and to be real. I dont understand the triangular tip here, but you know what i havent tried it out upon application. So lets just do that real, quick, so Music, okay, im just gon na be real im, not sure how i feel about this lip liner. I would prefer just a smaller tip also. This is a little too creamy for me for what i typically like when it comes to when it comes to a lip liner. This might grow on me and, as she said, there is beauty and growth so well see um. I will say if you like, a big bold line for for lip liner. You may very well like this. I do think that the color is very pretty this just isnt. What im used to ill put it like that, its not what im used to but yeah guys i i dont like the component. All right lets, try the lipstick, so i have to say i think this lipstick is going to be a real winner.

For me, it looks perfect, like perfect, with this lip liner, so i think she did a wonderful job pairing these two together. It is rare that i have a lipstick that feels so hydrating, but yet still looks matte. It does not feel cheap at all, as i swipe it across my lips. It feels very, very luxe, im very impressed with this. You guys. This is one of those magnetic components too. Like saves you some of the trouble so without further ado lets. Do a look. Well start out today with blooming beauty. This is on my sigma e65. So this first shade blooming beauty, i would say, is about average when it comes to pigmentation. However, the blendability on it is very nice. It is blending out with ease, then it will go in with self worth on the same brush a lot of cake up in the pan. When i did that, i dont really care about kick up in the pan. I dont know about you guys i like to make you all aware of basically every little possible problem that you might have with any sort of makeup product, because lets be real. Makeup is not cheap. This bundle actually wasnt bad. It was 68 for all three pieces and i did a free shipping option so thats really not that bad, however, were not talking about drugstore pricing either. So just want to make you aware of everything that i possibly can so that you have a complete picture before you make a purchase now on the same brush.

Well, go in with patience, a lot of kick up with that shade, too friendos. I am very pleased this is blending out effortlessly. I want to give this look a little bit more depth, so well go in with the shade growth. This is on my natasha denona number one now on my rougher 14 ill go in with the shade hazel. Okay, hazel is a little bit harder to blend than the rest that ive used so far, its not terrible but its just not blending out as quickly as the other ones did Music. On my m506 ive dipped into mariposa. This one is very pretty im not getting a lot of kick up with this shade, like i did the mattes and its building up nicely. I havent even had to spray my brush so lets. Try it this time im going to spray the brush and well see if it becomes even more brilliant right now, its looking like a shimmer of like champagne, mixed with pink so that builded up some but its still, not a striking. If youre, looking for like a blinding inner corner, highlight, i dont know that you will get that out of this palette, but we dont need that every time, or at least i dont, maybe you do, i dont now lets go and with the shade that i was The most excited for which is the purple shade radiant. This is on a dry natasha denona number, nine, its, not picking up that good on my brush.

Oh there we go there. We go you guys, shes there now, Music friends. I know that this look is not the most flattering look, but you all know i try to use as many colors as i can at one time when we are reviewing the palette now i will revisit this and do a two looks one palette and well try To do something thats a little more flattering! Next go round this right here! The purpley blue shift is subtle its not in your face its not like a pat mcgrath duochrome. I am going to try spraying my brush and then seeing what it looks like from there. So lets do that together now this is what we came to the party for its really starting to deepen up and become more dimensional. Now now on my lower lash line im taking the opposite end of the crappy, the crappie, the crappy, anastasia beverly hills brush connecting the two and then it will put the sort of yellow ochre shade its called willow, its matte right, underneath that okay friends im going To line lash and blend this out a little bit more and ill be right back. You all know that one of my favorite techniques that i learned from painted by spencer is to use a shade from your eyeshadow as your blush, and this palette is designed to do exactly that. It is both an eye and a cheek palette, so i think well dip in with blooming beauty, as my blush shade to tie this all together, such a beautiful, shade friendos.

If i were to rate this new palette, i would give the formulation, somewhere in between an a minus and a b, plus its definitely a step up from her original latte palette. Im so happy to say also, if i could describe this palette in a word, were gon na do two words flattering and classy, and i think that really speaks to who christian dominique is here on youtube like when i think about classy, youtubers kristen dominique is probably The first beauty guru that comes to mind – i was even thinking to myself. Why cant i be more classy like why cant i be like kristen dominique, like she embodies like feminine beauty, and then i was thinking. What could i do to be more classy, but then i got to thinking that i was going to be more classy. I probably need to stop dying. My hair, orange and id probably have to start doing my laundry before im on my last pair of underwear. Also, im pretty sure i would stop having to tell jokes like that, if i was gon na be classy well, thats a story for another day, guys well get back to that one. So now i want to hear from you all tell me: did you purchase this palette? Are you considering it? Did you purchase the lip products too, because let me tell you, i didnt really care for the lip liner. All that much like i didnt hate it, but i didnt love it, but that just might be because its unfamiliar, like its definitely unfamiliar territory, having a thick triangle for a lip liner, but i think its growing on me well see what happens.

Let me know what you think down below. Let me know if youd like this look, if you would like to see more, i could definitely do a two looks one palette and im just gon na throw it in there ive been drinking mountain dew this entire time. As you can see, we just have a little bit of transfer here, but it does not. It has not worn off on my lips, one bit so again very impressed with the lip products. If you like this video or if you found it helpful, please give it a big thumbs up. I really appreciate all the effort that you guys have put in to make my channel grow. Ive definitely been getting more views and thats because of you all being so active in the comments section like. Thank you so much for that.