Ah right so i had a um twenty percent off friends and family sephora coupon. So i used it and got me some goodies. I shopped at fenty i shopped at the drugstore, so i have a lot of different things to show you guys. So hopefully we can just chill and talk makeup. I think im going to start with drugstore really quickly. I got the loreal infallible 24 hour fresh, wear foundation. This one is in the shade 510 hazelnuts. So i think this would be a good match. People have really been writing and raving about this drugstore foundation. Ive seen a video the other day on instagram, like a little real. That was saying this was a dupe for the giorgio armani, which is both theyre both made by loreal. So i will be doing a first impressions review on this, so i got that and just to keep going along with the full face of drugstore. I ended up picking up the hydro camo concealer from elf, so this is in the shade, medium beige. I hope this is a good, shade um, but this is the satin finish concealer, and this was about six dollars. This was about 13.99 14.99. I got it from walgreens um, so yeah thats, i guess a little bit expensive, but theyre not really so you can have coupons. You know if you got somebody with a walgreens discount like me, because thats why i bought it. So yeah im definitely going to try these two together very excited stay tuned for a drugstore review, um coming up soon on my channel.

So next lets go with sephora. I got the kaja mini gloss, sets so um. This one comes with the shades milk, tea and rosy mocha, so lets open. This yall ive been waiting to do this with yall. How you do this, so i heard that these were bombs. These were some bomb glosses um, oh, this might have like some glitter in it huh. So this is what they look like. They actually have five stars on sephora site and its not like um receive product for free five stars. You know what i mean, but you know how im gon na be this one. Is they have five stars on the glosses, so i ended up getting the little mini set. I think this was 15 because it was gon na. Allow me to try two shades for the price of just one and yeah, and one of the shades i would have gotten on its own was milk tea. So let me just see real quick. I already have on glass, but the little wand is really cute and fits right on the lip. Oh oh shes, serving up some gloss im very excited about these, because ive really been having a like liner and gloss moment. Thats really like all. I do nowadays and love it. Oh, its real shiny. The lip gloss that i had on at first was fenty, which i actually just got as well. This one is a little small one, um fenty gloss bomb in the shade, ruby milk.

I like this. Actually, what is today, i went out um to brunch for my friends birthday and i wear this all day and it gave me exactly what i needed, because i dont want to do too much. I havent like light neutral colors, like green. You know still like neutral earth tones and this lip gave enough life. It didnt need a line or anything so ruby milk im probably going to get a full size whenever this is gone. However, oh im excited this is giving life im. Looking at my mind as her its so shiny and like pretty im very happy, i finally was able to open that because ive been saving this for us so anyway. Next i have the ran clean skincare. This is the glow daily vitamin c gel cream. So ive been wanting to incorporate vitamin c in my skincare routine. I feel like its something that i do not incorporate, except when i use the vitamin enriched first base and thats only when i um really do my makeup. I dont use it when im not doing makeup, so i wanted to include it in my everyday daily skincare routine. So this one has really good reviews once before. I did a lot of research on a lot of different sites, but this one is a natural, clean skincare. So i wanted to try that out and lets just see. It is a its really like a moisturizer okay, it smells like vitamin c.

I dont know how vitamin c smells orangey. They know they thought i dont want to jump in there in color vitamin c, but we gon na say that this is gon na work well for our skin im gon na try it out and start to use it starting today really tomorrow for my daytime skincare Routine and yeah it smells nice might be good for oily skin since its not giving up too much of a shine and its a gel cream a lot of times gel is really good for all, sometimes including oily. So yes, this one is vitamin c to brighten. The complexion magnesium to nourish the skin and then tear a pot extract to help even skin tone, so im very excited to try this out and incorporate vitamin c to my skin care. If you have vitamin c that you use every day in your skincare, i have you get your daily vitamin c comment down below. Let me know i would be interested into annoying that because it took me a while to really convert and buy something, because i just wasnt sure next um i have the rare beauty. Soft pinch blush. Okay. This is the liquid blush in the shade lucky. So i wanted to try this out. Ive been seeing so many people, um, really rat and rape about these liquid blushes and yall know. Should i try it out right now? I dont think i can resist lets see.

Yall know i am, i pretty much love blush, but i dont really have a lot of liquid. I have some creams, but i love watching people do videos. Just like you look at videos. I look at videos too and ive been noticing a lot of people been using this rare beauty blush and look how it just blended out look at the difference. This is in the shade lucky. So i got this shade because i feel like you can use it on all skin tones. You can blend it out really softly on a fair skin tone or deeper skin tone is going to also show up okay, so i like how you can have control when it comes to the liquid blushes. Do we see the difference? I do and it did add some color – i like that, so its a little bit more on this side and this side, but we just planned around to make it right now. So dont judge me how im looking um, but i think it looks really nice. I do like this shade because i dont really have a super pink blush like this, so thats why i went for the shade lucky next, i ended up getting a little nest kind of like a sampler of oh. These are roller balls, but anyway it came with three cents: wild poppy, sunkist, hibiscus and indigo. Now indigo is what i heard was really like good okay – and this was the price of just a small indico.

So i ended up going with this one, because i can get three different ones and smell all three of the shades. You know. Okay, this is indigo that smells good im just going to apply that one for now, and then it smells really good. It reminds me of something: what does it remind me of? I dont know, but just get these, because i want to try out nests. I heard that the fragrances is nice. They have like a fragrance all that people like as well so check out nest on sephoras sites. Oh Music, sun, kiss a biscuit sounds good. Okay, my puppy is loud. All of you smell, really good im, so surprised, but im happy about that now. This is something that you can definitely carry in your purse and rub you down. You know i prefer a spray, though, because id be going going overboard, but you know maybe just to help me not go overboard. Okay, yall this next product. If youve been wanting to try out this product, this is the time to buy it, because i couldnt believe the deal. I couldnt believe the deal before my eyes when i got on sephora and i was like i dont even really need any of this right now, but i had to get it because it was such a deal. The milk makeup hydro grip primer give set because you know we we roll it into holiday time, so were gon na start having to get sets.

This is a full size again full size primer, because here is mine right here that ive been using. Oh now thats a different shade who was mad? Oh girl, anyway, it aint burping me out so full size, oh, but you know what the bottle is tinted for the holidays. Looking like because thats clear – and this is like green, the bottle is tinted anyway. Full sized product, and because this is what i wanted to try – the hydro grip setting spray for 33 dollars. One by itself is 34. youre getting both of these for 33.. The little small one of this, i think, is like 18. girl. This is a deal hmm. This aint got no good smith at all. This smells like the primer actually smells like the settings like some type of sperm. They did, they could have made the smell look good. They could have gave it a little fragrance, but i aint mad, because this was a deal were gon na see how it dries down. But yes, and then you get this little cute little baggie if you want to keep that thirty three dollars for both of this. Oh a steal on sephora.com, they probably got it on mcmakeup.com too, but well, actually its not. I actually got this from sephora as well, then were going to transition into the fenty stuff that i got from fenty.com because they were having a sale as well. But i ended up getting the ease drop, blurring skin tint in the shade 14.

. So im going to do a video on this trying it out testing out for the first time, because i have not tried it clearly, but im very excited to try this out because ive been enjoying the skin look right now. I dont have any liquid foundation on my face. I did only use the fenty powder foundation, which ive been doing often and a little bit of concealer under my eyes, and that is it um. So im really excited to try this light to medium coverage, skin blurring tint, um, so yeah ive seen a lot of people use it. I will say when i see a lot of people using they talk about, it does have coverage theyve been using half the bottle on their face, thats. Just how i feel, like i mean youre gon na get coverage when youre putting a lot on your face. To me so im very, very excited to give this a fair shot, give it a review so stay tuned. For that comment down below – and let me know if you are interested in seeing the review and if you try this product out, because this one was like a bit crazy at one point on the internet – okay, also from fenty, i was so thirsty. I opened this one up. I dont have the box anymore, but i have not used it. This one was on super sale, kilowatt, full and sunrise, mimosa, sunrise and sangria sunset, so i feel like, even though this was like throwback, i feel like its very um a good purchase right now, because blush is very trendy blush all over the face is very trendy And i feel like either of these shades could really work like.

If i wanted to. I just added that lucky from rare beauty, and i feel like i can take this and put it on top and kind of set it because theyre in the same family and its going to add some color and some radiance to the skin. You know what i mean so im just going to take a little tap. How pretty now now im moving into having too much blush on, but right now were just planning makeup and just seeing what its giving us and its giving its giving pigment very excited to play around with this. So thats that ended up getting two of the fenty powders for my kids, so i got the shades 420 and ‘0 in the fenty soft matte powder foundations, because i like these foundations. These are really good and i feel like when you are doing a professional, some professional makeup, bridal birthday when its going to be the flash photography having skin tone powders are very important because you will get flashback when you use too much of a translucent powder. Any translucent powder, if youre using too much youre, going to be looking cakey and flashback, it goes to kiss for the friendly ghost okay, we dont want that, even though its halloweentown, we still dont, want that. So i wanted to invest in a few powders. I have some, i have basically all of the support micro smooth powders, but i like the fancy powders. They do serve a great look skin.

Blurring look! So yes, you got two of those okay. I actually got this from ulta. So also now sells bobby brown and yall know: ive been writing and raving about the vitamin and rich face base. I have a mini one, which i havent even finished yet, and i also have a small sample of the eye. Cream vitamin rich eye cream and ive had that for a very long time and its not even gone yet, but i enjoy both of the products. So much and i had a coupon with ulta. This is the full size eye cream and face base for 75 dollars yall. This is a deal now ive seen this a while ago on sephora its not on support anymore matter. Of fact, the bobby brown was sold out. I was going to get it with the 20 up, but it was sold out on sephora when also because im like. Let me just see because ulta sent me a coupon as well girl. They have this little kit, which came out around the winter, but now its winter is coming back around its you see its a prime for winter, both products for 75 dollars. The face base is like 50 56 and the eye cream is like 56, like theyre. Both almost 60 dollars so getting both for 75 is the biggest deal in the world and plus i got 15 off because i had the coupon cha. I said. Let me go ahead and buy this up um, so you get the full size of the face base.

You also get like a little eye mask which you can freeze and put it on how cute is this, come on self care, love that and lastly, but never least, and get the vitamin enriched eye base. It has a little thing here. Yes, i love these thats. Why i cant believe in every size of a soda on sephora im like thats, how you know this is the bomb like? I really really like this product they do have dupes. This is a dupe that i purchased a while ago from leno off of ulta. This is a vitamin e day cream face vase. This is really nice, actually its thick, its not the same like smell and kind of like a different texture, but its a pretty good dupe its a pretty good dupe, and it has that vitamin c in there as well and vitamin e so yeah. So last but not least, i ended up ordering the derma color kit from krylon. So this is a professional makeup brand and it has 24 colors in here – and i really ordered this because ive been watching um haroosh on here and shed be getting a real secrets and i feel like its really genuine and shes, just like on youtube rocking with Us and giving us her celebrity makeup tips, and this is a kit that she has always used on all the videos, pretty much that ive watched when shes doing like a full beat.

Oh chad, if i break my nails, trying to open this up. But let me show yall this: it has 24 shades. She has used this for cream contour um highlights as well as even blush. It comes like this, and these plop out, okay, so you can be holding because its like magnetic – and these are the darker shades under there like this. One right here can be used as blush like. I just use that lucky its giving cream blush um. We got like some color correctors under here highlighters here, um contours right here, so im so excited to play around with this ive been waiting to show you guys this, so i can just start to tap into it and really try to use some professional makeup, because When you are doing professional makeup for people professionally come on professional um, you do want to have some products that serves up that high definition finish and makes your client look as flawless as possible, so 24 shades for um 117 so that to me isnt bad. They do have the option to just get six. You can get just 12.. I had to go overboard and get 24 because i do think when you are a artist and you calling yourself a makeup artist, you have to be able to do everybody. So give me every shade. It also came with like this little pamphlet, and it has like information in here. It has, like you know, different um tools that you can use to get it out how to use it.

The best way to manipulate it. So yes very excited to play around with this. Yes, you guys, although this is my makeup haul, before all the records i feel like. This is like a makeup hub before we really start holland, if that makes sense, because its about to be the sephora sales about the holidays. Gift sets christmas okay, but i just wanted to really buy myself a few things, because i havent been giving me makeup lately. So wanted to give me a few things, so im very excited for everything that i get and to start to play around with it. So, yes, if you enjoyed this haul, give this video a thumbs up comment down below. Let me know if you have any of these products and if you are buying anything soon, if you have, let me know what you got, because i love learning about new products and yall are really the ones who tell me. I learned about products online on youtube. So yes comment down below, let me know the t and yes, i will see you on my next video.