If you are new here, my name is ohima. Welcome. If you are a returning subscriber hey in todays video, we are going to be doing a full face of pr makeup and essentially a full face of new to me makeup products, because i have seen a few of these products. Ive actually unboxed a few of these. For you guys to see, but i am still yet to use them so im gon na try them out im gon na. Let you guys see what they do and then im gon na tell you guys and then im gon na tell you guys about the products. As i am using it, okay first, if you havent yet subscribed to my channel, definitely go ahead and hit that big red subscribe button down below also click that notification bell, so you get notified every time. I upload a video, so you dont miss any future uploads from me. Also, just remember when you click the notification bell, you click the notification bell remember to also turn on your youtube notifications, because a few of you have been telling me that you did select to get all notifications. However, however, you dont get the notifications and its probably because you turned on notification from my channel, but you didnt turn on your notifications for youtube. So, even even so, you have to turn on both notifications. You have to turn on the notification from my channel and you have to turn on the notification for youtube in order to be able to see the videos as soon as they drop so check that out.

Make sure that all the all the appropriate notifications are turned on, so if you want to see what products im going to use and what i can actually do with these products, then keep on watching Music. Okay, so my eyelids are prepped and were gon na start out with the hocus pocus collection palette. This is called the witching hour. Okay, this is what that looks like. It is very cute, very, very cute palette. I like the shades in here. I feel like its not very overwhelming. The bottom row could definitely be transition shades for my skin tone and then i can use the top rose to lighten it. If i wanted to, but today were gon na go like a very simple kind of look so im gon na go in with this shade first and then im gon na try to blend it out with this one. Okay, so lets see how this fur black is. Black lets see how it goes onto the eyes. It is very pigmented, very, very pigmented and the shadows moving so easily in the palette it kind of gives way to the brush um, but it doesnt look like its. It has any fallout yet im, just gon na place it all over. My eyelids im gon na cover the base that we put down and todays look im, not gon na blend it too high up to the brow im just gon na make sure that it stays in the crease, maybe like a little bit above the crease.

Just a little bit above the crease and then im gon na blend it up so its going to look very raccoon like for a second before we blend it out. Okay, because im going to use a very fluffy brush im going to blend the edge of this out Music, so im taking a fluffy brush just to blend the edges of this out. Nothing major okay, but im gon na go into this shade and im gon na use that to achieve this kind of blend here and this brush is definitely too fluffy, but i dont want to switch brushes so im just going to keep using it. Of course, im going to use that life potion also to mask the very pale base that i still have peeking through okay, now, im gon na go back into our first shade and im gon na blend into our transition shade, because i still want the green to Transition up into the the warm shade that we put down, but i didnt – want it to have like a very harsh line so using a fluffy brush to blend it into that shade is definitely a good idea. Okay, so in the end we definitely did get some fallout. You can definitely see around here around here that we have some kind of a fallout, but that is okay. This is a green smokey eye, so were definitely gon na get some form of fallout somewhere im. Just gon na clean it off because i dont want it to transfer onto my my base and essentially mess it up.

Lets move on to the skin im gon na go in with the one size, secure the blur primer and no, we dont skimp on using primers, because you saw how oily my face was. Whenever i started, i dont skimp on using primers. Okay, i have this brush set from roofer. Try this whole foundation brush in here, so im, probably going to be using them as a powder brush. I, like the the holder so ill, just probably just put it up there im going to be using the new um real techniques sponge. This sponge is nude thats, a spiel about it that i havent actually looked at yet, but ive seen the hype on tic toc. The thing is this sponge reminds me of the juno and cove fuzzy sponge, because i feel like it is almost the same. Its fuzzy just like that sponge – it kind of – is shaped like that sponge too, but you know im gon na d im gon na use the nyx can stop one stop concealer. This is the shade deep cool im gon na apply a little bit of that. Under my eyes, Music, im gon na blend this one out before i tried this foundation. Also, this is not my exact concealer shade if i was going to put it over a um, a foundation but im doing it this way, because if i need to, i can go in with a deeper concealer to you know, just balance it out trying new things.

You just have to trust the process and right now, anyway, i look crazy, um, im gon na be trying out the laura mercier flawless lumiere radiance perfecting foundation. I tried a swatch of this um. Whenever i first received it, the shade is 66 and one. This is the deepest shade that they have. This is what it looks like in the packaging. It looks very, very discerning, so what im gon na do is blend a little bit of it on the side of my face, see what it looks like if it looks. Okay were gon na move on with it. If not, i am going to cover it with a different foundation, but this is what it looked like right now. Whenever i tried it, it blended in so nicely so, oh no see i just know these things like and that fenty you know the fenty foundation whenever i put it on and it kind of oxidized into like a really nice shade. That is what had me thinking that maybe this can oxidize into like a very nice shade as well, but this is definitely too light for me. You can tell we have new products from lois, so lois sent us over their aim: high highlighter collection, so theres, a multi use liquid, highlighter and and a press highlighter powder im going to be using one of the multi use highlighters under the foundation, because i havent Put the foundation on yet i can stay under the foundation, but i want to do a little experiment just to see what its going to do under, because im going to be using the lys aim: high highlighter or liquid highlighter in the shade fearless Music.

Depending on what this looks like, you could definitely mix it with your foundation. To give you a bit more of a glowy look, you can see it its like not blending it in nicely, which is a problem. Is it? Is it the liquid highlighter doing this, or is it the sponge doing this so lets use the beauty, blender foundation, Music, so im going to be using the omalua? What is this called eye face palette? This is what that looks like im going to try this as a contour shade lets see how it goes. This is nice. I like how deep it is. It actually moves very easily under the palette i mean under the brush, so you have to be very careful. Im using this refer, i think its referred. I dont know exactly how to pronounce it, but it looks like refer brush number 22 for this okay. So this is what it looks like on the left side of my face, and even right here you can see theres nothing there. This thing is very very deep like it is super duper duper intense. The pigment is there. Okay, im excited to use the blush its kind of like a powder, orangey kind of blush. I am going to be using the same shade. We have on the lids on our lower. Actually, let me go ahead and fill in my brows im gon na fill. In my brows and its not its not new products were using the juvias place.

Um brow, pencil, Music, okay. So this is what the juvias place. Brow, ebony looks like or brow in the shade ebony looks like i have a hoodie beauty, brow gel. This is the shade soft black im gon na use that to hold up my brows. Oh, the packaging is so nice, its a very nice packaging holder. Oh, its a tiny, tiny, tiny spoolie see how tiny that spoolie is oh yeah, because of how small this pulley is its definitely catching up all the brow hairs, especially for someone like me, who has very sparse brows. This very tiny spoolie can hold up so for my lashes im going to be using the huda beauty, legit lashes, waterproof top coat, makes mascara waterproof prevents smudging, oh okay, so you can put it over any mascara, essentially to make the mascara waterproof. Oh nice, packaging. It has like little specks of water on the packaging, which is really cute its a clear gel, so i feel like the best way to use this would be to mascara your eyes. Uh use a clear coat like a primer and then apply mascara and then apply it again, because you know that way you get like double the protection. In my opinion, Music. These are the highlighters from lys. Here they are swatched. On the back of my hand, the top is, this is brave fearless and genuine. I also put it under my foundation, definitely shows up very very nicely, as you can see, im definitely gon na be putting it in my waterline and definitely blending some on my brow bone Music.

So im gon na set everything with the until dawn face uh setting spray mattifying setting spray by patrick starr Music. This gloss is nice, oh dose of colors. I let me know if you want to see a lip swatch of these glosses, because i have a bunch of them that that dose of color sent over, i thought they were lipstick, so i never actually like wanted to open it. Then i saw this really really pale shade and i figured let me try it out in this trying a full face of pr um video and i actually really really like what it looks like like this shade by itself. If you saw you never would think it would look good, but it looks really look at it. I put it over the um, the sephora collection, molasses, liner, okay, you guys so this is my finished, look doing a full face of pr makeup now. Every time i do a full face of pr makeup, something goes wrong and generally its the complexion product that goes wrong. Todays complexion product definitely went wrong to the point where my uh, my regular foundation, couldnt even cover properly for a second there. I thought it was looking a bit patchy. Moral of the story is that foundation is not for us were not gon na be using it. I am not upset with the hocus pocus, which in our palette definitely looks very good. I like this very simple, look that i created with it.

I feel like with the holidays coming up if youre gon na go out and youre somebody whos not like a big like eyeshadow person, but you still want some kind of a color to your look and also just to keep it nice and salty. This kind of shade smokey eye is ideal its like perfect, because it gives you a little bit of color, but it also gives you that nice, sexy sultry smoky, look going on without it being like a black smokey eye. Look: okay and i really like the palette because of course, colourpop. The price point is going to be good. Have some beautiful shimmer shades in there if you wanted, to like add a lot more shimmer or whatever? But i just like that. But i just like the really simple eye looks for like big events, like the really simple eye looks for if you have to go, and especially for people that are beginners, that omalia eye face palette is intense. I will definitely recommend you pick it up. If you do decide to pick it up definitely use my code on hima at checkout. I will put the links to everything that i use down below, so yes check that out as well. So the highlighter definitely is something that comes through very nicely. If you can see, i absolutely love it under. I was gon na put a little bit of the actual powder over it, but i dont think im gon na do it because it looks very good.

I feel like im starting to see jackie ainas point of you know putting majority of her highlighter and stuff under her foundation, because it gives this very glow from within type look that is so good were gon na start doing that. Okay, i couldnt help it. It looks so good. This is the lys highlighter. This is the shade fearless before we go if youre not yet subscribed to my channel remember to subscribe down below hit that big red button. Also click that notification bell, so you get all the videos that i upload. Thank you guys so much for watching.