Basically, if you watch this video of mine, you will surely go bankrupt because most of … Hi guys welcome to my YouTube channel. For anyone who doesnt know me, my name is Vu. Duy Im the founder of a platform that can analyze chemical components in cosmetics called If you are learning about components in cosmetics, you can pay my website a visit. Moreover, I have a Cosmetic Consumer Community group that has more than 480000 members In this group. I and my team provide very in depth content on cosmetics For anyone who is looking for a product that is the most suitable for your skin Period. Ok, todays video is very special because I will continue to unbox as well as review, alcoholfragrance free, Japanese products. Basically, if you watch this video of mine, you will surely go bankrupt Because most of the products that I have been introducing lately are very affordable and the ingredient tables are very clean. I have found quite a lot of brands lately and when I learn about them deeply, I find out that there are many products that my fans will surely like. So lets get started. Ok, so the cosmetic brand that I want to introduce today is HANAJIRUSHI. This is a Japanese brand and there is a contribution of one of the very famous directors of a high end brand that we probably know that is Shisheido Group. This brand is established in 2008, which is a quite long time ago, and there are many safe products that are suitable for oily dry and sensitive skin In general.

Any skin type can use this. Actually, I reviewed some products here with Boo. We reviewed them on my channel, So I will mention them and go deeper into the ingredient tables, So you guys know whether theyre suitable for you. If you have watched me long enough, you often watch me and Boo review this product. You will know how popular this makeup remover is on the cosmetic market right and today I want to mention some products that you can use with. If you love this brand Because their ingredient tables are pretty minimal, focusing on ingredients that dont cause skin sensitization, You guys can consider them. Firstly, on my hand, is Hanajirushi, Deep Cleansing Lotion Moist, because the surfactants in this product are non ionic, That is, it can clean dirt on the lipid barrier of the skin, without making it become sensitive, basically, its very gentle. Moreover, it also has Glycol bases Its for. After washing your face, your face will have a certain moist feeling In general. Of course, when you use these surfactants, you shouldnt leave them on your skin. For too long you should rinse with water. Moreover, it has some moisturizing ingredients like Betaine HA HAs salt or hydrolyzed collagen. Overall, I see that this is a pretty familiar makeup. Remover on my channel, because its alcoholfragrance free and the ingredient table is very clean. It cleanses your skin pretty well. If you have thick mascara or a matte foundation, You can combine it with some facial cleaners.

As for mascara, you can leave the cotton pad on your eyes a bit longer. I think it cleanses quite well. It doesnt dry out your skin or making your skin feel irritated after using. However, as Ive always said, if you use micellar water in general, Remember to rinse your face with water dont, let it stay on your face, because some surfactants can still cause skin sensitization. Actually, all makeup remover is the same, So I still advise you to rinse with water and apply something else, as you wish Here is a facial cleanser that has a pretty clear foaming ability, Its a cream form facial cleaner For cream form cleansers. I will advise you to massage it on your palms to create foam first then apply to your face. Actually, I got lazy sometimes and applied it directly to my face, But I read some tips that say that putting it on your palms first is safer and it also limits unnecessary friction when creating foam on our skin For the surfactants in here I see that they Can cleanse your skin pretty deeply? So if you wear makeup with a matte foundation and mascara or wear sunscreen, I see that it can cleanse your skin and prepare your skin for the following skincare steps. Personally, I see that any skin type can use it, but I think its more suitable for oily skin, because I find the cleansing ability of this product quite good. I think dry skin should consider because you may need to apply lotion or toner after washing, to provide your skin with hydration, again limiting moisture loss or the lack of moisture after washing.

Moreover, the highlight of this product is that some Amino acids, so your skin will feel tight and moist after washing. Of course, it wont stay on your skin to nourish it, but when you wash it, the skin surface will feel tight and moist without feeling too irritated. Basically, I rate this products, cleansing ability quite well. Moreover, it has licorice extract vitamin C Sodium PCA, But these ingredients will be washed away after washing. So, basically, you will feel tight and moisture when massaging the skin. They wont stay on your skin to nourish it actually. Thats, why I always say that the most important thing about facial cleansers is their ability to cleanse Most of the ingredients in a facial. Cleanser hardly stay on the skin. This is basic, scientifical knowledge. You should care about the cleansing ability when buying a facial cleanser. Instead of focusing on the nourishing ingredients too much Overall, it has some ingredients that can soften your skin after washing Dont, be afraid that it will dry out your skin and your skin will flake. But since I have oily skin, I quite like this one. Overall, I see that this is a facial cleanser that can cleanse your skin quite well and strong, whether you wear makeup or not, or whether you wear sunscreen thick foundation, whatever. Basically, it cleanses pretty well So sometimes I was lazy and dont use a makeup remover, But anyway, I still think that for tinted foundation or makeup you should still use a makeup.

Remover first then use a facial cleanser later for the best cleansing. If you feel your skin lacks moisture or is too dry after washing, You can moisturize your skin with toner or lotion, if necessary. Personally, if you have oily skin, I highly recommend you use this, But, like Ive said, any skin type can use this Next to moisturize. Your skin gently helping you have instant moisture. I think you should use this.. You see this 500ml capacity, Honestly, its very cheap for 500ml. So if you want to have a gentle moisturizaton, I advise you to buy this. This is Hanajirushi Coix Seed, Skin Conditioner. Actually, conditioner is just a description of Japanese skincare, Its quite similar to toner or lotion. Actually, as Ive said, toner lotion, ampoule serum is just a way to describe the products texture. I care about the active ingredients when buying a product. Firstly, this conditioner AKA moisturizer The brand claims that its suitable for all skin type, But personally, for my scientific view, I see its suitable for oily skin, the most, Of course, other skin types can still use it, but like it will be a personal preference. I think its suitable for oily skin, the most. Moreover, it has coix seed, extract an ingredient rich in vitamins B E, which is antioxidant making your skin stronger. Moreover, it has some extracts like Yomogi, Yuzy, fruit or honey bee seed extract or Hikoshi tree trunk. Those are all famous plant extracts in Japanese products regarding their antioxidant ability, helping our skin healthy and restoring it.

I see that it has Alcohol, Denat, AKA, dry alcohol, so if youre, cautious with alcohol or have dry sensitive skin, you can consider that Basically, I see this is a very moisturizer for oily skin, Especially those who use it the night before after waking up or when You wash your face and use this after a long day of work. It can control the oil producing very well. Actually. This brand also has an Amino acid toner, and I see that the ingredient table that has Amini acid is more suitable for dry skin. I will put an image here for you guys Since I see that product is more suitable for dry skin, so maybe this will be suitable for oily combination to oily skin more For the texture. This is just the outlook. I have a clip where I apply it. Actually, if you take a quick look, you probably know that its very light weight and easy to absorb in the skin. Moreover, it has Yucun mineral water. This is water taken from Izumo Yumura from Japan, So it is quite similar to some US UK brands that have specific minerals contain very useful and good amounts of minerals for the skin Anyway, with a capacity of 500ml and the price is reasonable. I think you should try this, especially for those with oily skin and last but not least, is this Amino acid cream Omg? This is really. How do I say this: It can do this and that to our skin, Its very good for your skin in general.

The first thing I like about this product is its texture, Its a very light weight, white cream form. Let me show you guys Here: you can see the white creamy texture, Look its not opaque white clumpy or thick its a white cream gel. Basically, I quite like the texture and its quite similar to high end Ceramide cream from high end brands that I have used. It also has some Ceramides. I will highlight them in the ingredient table, so you guys can see. Ceramide can soothe and moisturize the skin, and many soothing and hydrating moisturizers have Ceramide. This is very familiar right. This also has mineral oil and Petroleum. So I see that this product is extremely suitable for dry, skin or those who are using treatments and have dry skin flakiness due to using strong active ingredients like Retinol, AHA BHA, For oily skin. I think you should use an adequate amount because it has some oils. If youre scared of feeling blockage just take an adequate amount, not too much As for dry skin, I think you can apply the entire face and neck and its still fine. It can still soften your skin, and your skin can still have enough moisture. It has nearly 11 Amino acids as well as hydrolyzed collagen. They are all moisturizing and surfactants, making your skin calm after using. So if you have cosmetic irritation – and you want to do skincare minimally, especially those with dry skin, You can lightly moisturize your skin with a toner after washing your face, Then you use this, and your skin will have enough moisture for the next day.

This product is also alcoholfragrance free, so its very suitable for sensitive skin. If there is an extract that you should consider its licorice extract, You can consider this, as I think it depends on the skin types, But I still think its still on the raw materials, Because actually some of my products have licorice extract as well, and I see That it doesnt cause irritation or anything bad In general, it depends on the raw material and this ingredient is quite safe. I quite like it when I use this before applying sunscreen in the morning. I dont know how to describe this, but I feel that if you use this before applying sunscreen, your sunscreen will look very smooth it doesnt clump up, especially it keeps my skin moist enough, while doing some activities or exercises. My skin still has some certain moisturize. After applying this and sunscreen For these 4 HANAJIRUSHI products, I mention today Im honestly not sure if these are the highlighted products of the brand. I just recommend these products to my fans. I think some of you here have used HANAJIRUSHI products before You can comment and let me know the products that you want me to review next. The products I bought on Oct 10 sale day, havent even arrived yet and the 11 Nov is around the corner. Maybe I will buy more and review to for you guys When you buy products on my channel and the products arrive, Remember to tag me after unboxing and when taking pictures.

You tag me on my IG story. Vuduy2412, so I know which product you like. I can also listen to your review, so I know and buy more suitable products. Ok, so this is the end of my video guys If you guys find this video interesting. Dont forget to like and subscribe to my YouTube channel Dont forget to follow me on Facebook. Instagram TikTok Only Fan Twitter, All social media platforms that I have. I will see you guys in my next videos.