I am so excited to try out this lip product today. I got it in my october 2021 glossybox, which, if you have not seen that unboxing video yet ill, have that linked in the description down below, but this is from the brand josephine cosmetics and its the lip power. The bold matte liquid, lipstick it retails for 30 dollars, which i think is incredibly high, end for a liquid lipstick, its cruelty, free vegan and it sounds awesome. It says a classic red lip is always on trend blended with cocoa butter, olive oil and vitamin e to create a superb moisturizing texture. This innovative formula keeps your lips luscious for up to 10 hours of wear, while holding a soft sheen like that sounds amazing. So the shade that i got is called meat, tiftophane tiffany, maybe maybe an interesting way to spell tiffany. So i love that it has nourishing ingredients in it. I love that its red i feel like. I have not worn a red lip in a little while, and i also love that it seems like its supposed to be long lasting, so lets go ahead and see how it is. Oh, i like the applicator its at an angle and its kind of a pointed doe foot thats open in the center, so it holds a lot of product here. You can see what that looks like. I am so excited to put this on my lips, but before i do im going to do a swatch, oh my gosh, this is a bold, bright, true red.

I think i think its a blue toned red, but oh my gosh, so pigmented this is beautiful. Okay lets see how it is on my lips im a little intimidated by it because its such a bold, bright, color and definitely a type of shade, like any red lipstick, really that i want to line my lips first, but im not doing that. For this video im just going to go ahead and try my best, it is seriously like paint its very thin so pigmented. It has like not like a fragrance to it, but a slight smell that i didnt even like smell it with my nose. I was like getting like the taste of it, but its not very strong, but its a little bit like soapy, even without a lip liner, i have to say its pretty easy to get crisp sharp edges and the exact shape with this applicator, which is great im. Definitely trying to go slow. Take my time with this, but seriously like one swipe, gives you full opaque pigment and it seems like its drying down, but it doesnt dry down super quick and it is beautiful its just that perfect classic red that now that i have it on my lips, its Not super bright, its like the most flattering, i feel like universal shade of red as well its not too dark its, not too light its that perfect in the middle, and it has a beautiful texture. I would describe it as like a velvet matte or like a creamy matte, its not clinging to any dry patches on my lips.

In fact, it seems like its actually moisturized and smoothed out my lips, which is amazing, to see just such smooth, opaque, color seriously. A perfect lip formula it feels so comfortable. I am really interested to see if theres any transfer, i really hope not lets find out. Oh my gosh, this might be the most perfect red lip ever. I because of the like creamy texture, its not at all, sticky. Its hydrating to my lips, i was expecting to see a full kiss mark and i think i was still going to love this lip, but the fact that there is no transfer, like my mind, is blown. This is everything this is perfect. This is amazing. Im gon na be wearing a red lip like so much more often now that i have this perfect formula, just everything about it, the color the formula wow, i mean thirty dollars. I was saying thats extremely expensive, but at least it seems absolutely worth the 30 dollars. If there was anything less perfect about this, i would be like no im, not spending 30 on it, but i i want this in other colors. I recommend it. I am so impressed by this. So if youve tried this out, please let me know your thoughts on it in the comments down below, but id also love to hear. If youve tried this out in any of the other shades, which ones you would recommend, i saw like a hot pink.

I think theres a great shade range and you know i hope i get more of these in glossybox, because oh my gosh, also, if youve tried any other josephine cosmetics products. Let me know your thoughts on those. Let me know what you would recommend but wow.