There manuel im, ricky johnny from eisener skin care product developer with over 30 years experience in skin care, which includes you know, studying the skin, studying ingredients putting those together and watching how the skin ages and changes so over the last 30 years, theres been a lot Of information and were really trying with these videos to share information and talk about really popular or common things that happen in skin and what the alternatives are and what to look for so today were going to focus on oily skin, and i know a lot about Oily skin because i have oily skin, i have problematic skin. I have temperamental skin and ive had this challenge with oily skin a lot so ive tried a lot of different, crazy things, good things and what ive learned is. These are really truly the key winners. When you have oily skin trying to combat oily skin, really looking at the oily skin and seeing when youre looking at oily skin, you get that breakout oil, you get that breakout shine, you have the enlarged pores, you have the blackheads or you have the sebaceous filaments. All of these things almost are like daily challenges with oily skin right, so its important to treat your oily skin properly and gently ive gone in, and you know you try to like scrub it all off and scrub it all away, and it doesnt work. Trust me. So lets not make those you know scars or irritation on our skin and lets.

You know. Experience speak a little bit. So first of all were going to talk about cleansing when youre cleansing oily skin. I guess what we want to do is want to get right in there take out all that oil clean that skin you know, make the skin look like porcelain, its not going to happen and the more you aggressive you are with your skin. The more your skin is actually going to create more oil and fight back, so its really important to clean your skin properly, but addressing the over production of the sebum of the oil. I love our daily exfoliating cleanser, with tea tree created it. When i was about 40 years old, when i had acne and aging, i had oily skin and wrinkles, and yes that can happen so thats, why its important to start early and know what were doing in our formulation. Here we have the alpha and beta hydroxies, very important. Okay. We also have tea tree, which is really good for oily skin, and also we have gentle gentle exfoliating beads, but dont press really hard. When youre scrubbing your oily skin, you want to kind of refine that skin you want to balance the acid mantle clean, the skin without stripping. So this is a really great cleanser. Look for the alpha and beta hydroxis and look for tea tree. Those are my favorites, then, and youll find. This is really good with addressing the build up that happens on the skin in the pores in the follicles with oily skin.

You want to have i love our glycolic drops. I lose the glycolic drops in the daytime, especially the glycolic drops, have alpha and beta hydroxis as well. This is going to help with the exfoliation, because you end up with a lot of buildup with oily skin, so to keep the pores nice and clear. Put on a few glycolic drops, you can try to build up a little bit of a tolerance or rinse it off, but leave it on enough few minutes so that it really gets in there and helps with a bit of exfoliation at night time. I love using retinols, i dont use my retinols or retinoids in the daytime, big believer in the uv inactivates them so its a waste. So i use them at night time and i love it when a retinol is married with niacinamide and the reason is the retinol. Is going to help with the cell turnover the retinol is going to help with the acne and oiliness of the skin? The retinol is also the the and the niacinamide. The niacin is going to help with oil production and helping to calm that oil down. So retiniasin is an absolute winner, youre getting five percent niacinamide youre, getting the right amount of, i think its 0.5 of the retinol so whats great about that combination for oily skin for enlarged pores for sebaceous filaments. It helps to really clean that skin up. So you can calm that skin down minimize the visibility of the pores and really get more of that porcelain.

Like look for your skin youll also find too with oily skin, you can get a tend to get dull or ruddy, or even pigmentation can actually build up too, just because the cells dont turn over nicely kind of get gucky, so we want to unguck them. I know thats, not scientific, but this is just lingo. We can talk to one another here and then finally moisturizing oily skin. Yes, you still need to hydrate. You still need to moisturize, so i look for and i formulated the forever youth with extremophile technology. These are survivor bacteria, i love them. I love the whole story about extremophiles because if you ever see like a a plant in the desert like theres, nothing there its too hot, too salty, too impossible condition. And yet this plant is thriving and surviving its because it has extremophiles in there. So that means that the cell membranes can maintain moisture, regardless of whats happening in the environment, so it goes through extreme temperature shifts and still holds moisture, its called an osmotic regulator. That means it protects the barrier function and holds in the moisture. This is what we want in our skin. We want to hold in the moisture and protect the barrier function, so nature has taught us for about extremophiles. I love using the extremophiles as an osmotic regulator it, and we also have a bit of shea butter in here. As well and thats going to help as well boosting that barrier function without being heavy and greasy, i hope youve enjoyed our little talk on oily skin ingredients.