Cosmetics, super nova collection. If you guys want to see what this collection is all about, what my thoughts are on everything and all the details about these products. Well, then, definitely keep watching Music alrighty guys. So, a couple of months ago i actually did a review on the nakia joy cosmetics, loose pigments. I reviewed every single loose pigment besides the shade mirage, because i was the only one that wasnt in stock and you guys were so blown away by that video. You guys loved me swatching every single shade in the dry and wet formula trying it out, and that is what im doing today, because they just launched their brand new supernova collection. Now this is a multi chrome shift guys. I have seen the swatches of these, and these are just like unbelievably gorgeous, like theyre, truly gorgeous like theyre one of the shades that you can just do this and it literally just shifts and turns into such different eyeshadow colors. So they were so kind enough to send this to me prs and a cute joy cosmetics. Thank you, so much im so excited to play with this new supernova collection and im so excited to say, welcome back to day 15 of vlogging. I really just want to thank everybody who came out to my live last night. It was so fun to talk to each and every single one of you. This is the last video that you guys are going to get for me for this weekend, because i am going away to get married this weekend, so ill be back sometime next week, ill be back, maybe on tuesday or wednesday.

It just depends ill, be vlogging. The entire event so dont, you guys worry but um yeah with that said guys im just gon na go ahead and dive straight into this collection. Okay, so for the first time ever, nikia joy cosmetics actually did a huge bundle where they actually bundled all new five shades into one price. Unfortunately, their bundle is sold out its the supernova pigment bundle. It did retail for 75 dollars, im sure theyll stock. It back up whenever they can, but it retailed for 75 and you guys get all new shades. Otherwise, you could purchase these individually for 16. A piece you guys can use my code ally, which will save you guys, 15 off your purchase, um the only shades. I noticed are sold out is the shade ufo and the bundle everything else is still in stock. So what im gon na do is im just gon na go ahead and swatch every single shade for you, im gon na swatch it with a dry brush with the wrap brush and im, also going to show you guys what it looks like on my eye. Without anything, just like just to show you the application, so you guys can kind of get a feel of what the products actually look like now. You guys know that i really do love nikia, joy, cosmetics. They have been so kind to me and i really do love their loose pigments. They are so beautiful, theyre, so effortless, you literally just put it on the brush and just go about your day and it looks like you just put so much effort into your eye.

Look when, in reality, this did all for you, and i just i freaking love that so let me go ahead and take everything out of this packet and then were going to go ahead and zoom. You guys in were going to do swatches of these and im just so excited, because these are really really incredible and for the first time i just got my wedding nails done im so freaking excited. I just had to do like a rustic like rustic orangey fall vibes. I freaking love it. So the very first shade that we have is going to be the shade gravity. Now it is saying the website that these are limited edition. So i dont know how long these are going to be around for, but gravity is going to be a rich color, shifting pigment that shifts from rich, deep purple to pink blue and tealed. So lets go ahead and take a look at this. So first we have the product right here: im gon na tap it all right. So we have some right in here im gon na take on my finger Music holy crap. Do you guys see that wow, okay whoa? Look at that wow? My dog really liked that too, all right now, im gon na take it on a dry brush. You can see what its like on a dry brush: wow, okay, so not as much like pigment on a dry brush. Oh, my god from here i dont, know how you guys can tell from here like when i look down on my hand.

This is like a purpley pink, oh its so hard for you guys to see. I had to do like a close up of the eye. Okay, so its a dry brush now the dry brush didnt go on as well, but you can take a wet brush now, if you really want to have like super pigment, you take a wet brush. I think my brush was a little bit too wet, but if you use a wet brush, this is going to make it so it pops more. Now you guys saw how beautiful it was with just my finger, so its my finger dry and a wet brush right here now, im really just gon na take it im gon na put it on my eye. I dont have any base in my eye right now. I just want to show you guys what this will look like on the actual eye, so im taking my finger, beautiful and im just gon na start to lay that right here i dont know how well the shift comes off on camera, but here we have it. Just applied now its not gon na be perfect application because im not trying to make it perfect im going to sit here and put it with a wet brush. So you guys can see what a wet brush would look like on top of that just gives it that, like extra oomph, it really just makes it pop, and these are so easy to work with and so easy to apply.

Now this is gon na be messy. Were not gon na judge the messiness of it were just trying to show what this actually looked like, like i dont know how well the camera is picking it up, but literally in person it looks like a deep. It looks like it literally looks like a royal blue, but when i shift my eyes i see nothing but purple and pink reflex. That is absolutely stunning. That is really really beautiful. Im gon na have like a little picture in like a video, so you guys can see what it really shifts to. I just dont know how well its coming off on camera like how well it switches colors, but in person man do you see it in person? So pretty next i have the shade nebula right here. Oh this is super. Pretty now nebula is going to be a rich color, shifting pigment that shifts from hot pink to copper into red red gold and green right here. So this is the shade nebula. Do you guys see how pretty that is? Oh there, you guys can kind of see the shift there we go there there you can kind of see the green. That is a really really really beautiful, color. Okay, let me do a dry brush. That is with a dry brush and let me do a wet brush all right, so here we have dry finger, dry and wet. I feel like you guys, cant really see how gorgeous this shade is.

In person like on my finger, i literally just see green and then, as it shifts. I wish you guys can like see its shifting. It is the prettiest freaking color im not even kidding. This is absolutely stunning again. Im gon na have a video playing of the shadow, so you can really see it for what it really is, because i feel like my finger and brush is not doing this. This justice, like in the slightest but heres gon na, be the shade nebula, and this is truly truly beautiful. Like all im, seeing on my eye right now is literally just green and green and pink thats, literally what im seeing in my eye – and that was just with a finger like it – goes on so easily with just a finger now mind you. This is not gon na, be a good application, but im just trying to show you guys what this looks like and then im gon na, take it on a wet brush and really just start to pack that on and just when you add it with a wet. Like a wet brush, it just gives it more um vibrancy, but here is the shade nebula. I hope you guys are seeing it for what it really looks like because it is just so pretty okay, so next were going to have the shade meteorite, and this is going to be a little pink to gold, copper and green freaking beautiful.

So here we have the finger swatch. It looks very, very similar to the shade nebula, but they are slightly different. Thats gon na be a dry brush and then were gon na. Do the wet brush all right. So here we have the wet brush. So here we have all three shades. You can kind of see where they shift, but let me go ahead and show you guys what my camera picks up all right. So this is the shade meteorite. It looks very very similar to the shade nebula, but they are slightly different, but they are absolutely beautiful. This one looks a lot more coppery and more pinky, but on here this one definitely has a vibra, a more vibrant green. It looks like for me. It looks like green yellow to like a golden pink thats, how it looks like right here, very, very beautiful and stunning again: im gon na take a wet brush and im just gon na apply with the wet brush. So you guys can see what it looks like very, very, very gorgeous, absolutely love it. Okay. So next we have the shade gravity. Now the gravity is going to be a deep, rich blue to purple, magenta, aqua and copper. You guys can kind of see the shift right here in the lid a little bit, but let me go ahead and swatch it wow. That is actually really pretty. Oh, you guys see that right there, that is a perfect switch thats gorgeous.

Here we have a dry brush, wow, look at that and thats the wet brush. I dont need to use my phone. You guys can clearly see that shift. That is absolutely stunning. Let me go and swatch it on my eyes wow. This is absolutely pretty now. What im seeing my eyes right now is im literally just seeing like a lot of um purples pinks, and some blues like this is truly truly pretty. That is absolutely beautiful. Dont make my nose right here, but this is just absolutely stunning. I think this ones, my favorite by far this is truly truly beautiful. Now here we have the shade ufo. Now this is the most popular one because it is currently sold out, but its just from a green to gold to an orange to bronze and a copper shade, and this is absolutely beautiful. Oh, my god like this was the one that, like really that got me super hyped for the collection was seeing this one like right here. It was like. I was just blown away by how beautiful it was guys. Oh, this is beautiful. Okay, look at that shift holy crap that is unbelievably gorgeous wow. The dry brush applies on a lot more lightly than the actual one does, and then we do a wet brush and there we have the wet brush. So here are all three swatches again just look at how beautiful that is: wow. Okay, i got ta put on my eye, and these are so so so so easy to apply.

If you dont want something thats super intense, you can literally just use your finger and tap it on and it applies so effortlessly. But if you want to have it more intense thats when you like, come in with like a wet brush and like you just take it on a wet brush and you just kind of pop it on, and it just makes the shadow just a little bit more Intense now from what i see, i see like a really dark green to gold that is freaking beautiful wow. That is absolutely stunning. Wow thats, really really pretty. Okay, so im going to go ahead and do my face off a camera were going to come back with one of these shadows on my lid im gon na give you guys my final thoughts for 16. I have to say that these are so effortless, like they literally just glide on super easily theyre easy to apply with a finger, a wet brush or dry brush theyre so easy to work with, and they really do make a beautiful eye. Look that makes it look like you put in so much effort when in reality it did all the work for you. So let me go ahead and do the rest of my face off the camera guys and then ill be right back all right. So i just want to show you guys the swatches one more time, so you guys can see what these pigments look like see.

The top is ufo. You see how dark green it is, but you go this way, its different, absolutely beautiful, alrighty guys. This is the final look, so i only went in with the shade gravity, and that is literally the only thing that im wearing on my eyes. Do you guys not see that shift? It is absolutely beautiful. Now i was going to go in with ufo, but i always do like a green look that i want to do something just a little bit differently and i just really love how this one looks. I feel like it complements my shirt very well. It complements my background very well. I just really do love this one, its absolutely stunning. Now i actually just took this little fluffy brush right here. Ill show you guys, where i kind of applied it, and i just took it and i just kind of buffed around the edges, so some lines are gon na, be just a little bit harsh but thats. Just how i like it now. You guys can apply this with a different eyeshadow. You could down like purple eyeshadow a blue eyeshadow, a pink eyeshadow. Anything would really match this super nicely, but i just feel like its such a powerful pigment that you really dont need much with it at all. Now, on nakias channel, she does show how you can use it with different colors. I believe when shes ufo she just uses like a brown eyeshadow, its like a transition shade, and then she put the topper on top.

It is so easy its. I literally did this look in like five minutes, its so easy to work with i thoroughly thoroughly thoroughly enjoy how this turns out. I would say, 100 for sure my favorite shade is probably gon na, be the gravity shade. I just think this one is absolutely beautiful and then i also really do love the ufo shade. Now, like i said, the ufo shade is the only one that is currently sold out. Everything else is still available for 16, a piece and unfortunately the bundle set is sold out but im pretty sure, theyll bring it back in stock. Hopefully – and i will say that the ufo shade is very similar to the mirage shade if you did miss out on this, i highly recommend checking out mirage because it is a very, very similar color to this. So overall, i definitely think this collections worth it. I love the fact that she did a bundle. She didnt do a bundle before so i purchased every single loose pigment on my own and it definitely did add up, but it was a complete, but it was completely worth it. These are so easy to work with. I absolutely love them, they give so much pigment, they do have some fallout, so i do have to be mindful, so you just be mindful that they do have some fallout, but theyre super easy to clean up, and i know a lot of you guys asked me On the longevity of this i wore mine, i wear mine all day.

I never have any issues with it coming off or anything like that. Its super easy to take off your face, but it also lasts all day, so i really do love the staying power of it. So overall, i would definitely say this collection is a hundred percent worth the 75 bundle price. I just think this collection is absolutely beautiful. I love the new colors and i just want to say a huge, huge huge thank you to nikia joy, cosmetics for gifting. This to me in pr like this. Is so freaking cool like thank you guys so much so if you guys want to get your hands on this bundle ill make sure i leave if you guys want to get your hands on this collection ill, make sure i leave everything down below dont. Forget dont. Forget to use code ali to save you guys, 15 off your purchase and yeah guys that is it for todays video guys. Can you believe that we are on day 15 of vlogging? I really am going to miss you guys this weekend, its so weird not to be posting this weekend, but i will be back next week with brand new content, with updates about my wedding, how my wedding went and everything so yeah guys that is it for todays Video guys, if you guys like this video, please make sure you guys give this video a cheeky thumbs up. Dont forget to subscribe to my channel, if you guys have not read except you post every single day in the month of vlog a week, except for this weekend, make sure you guys check out my other channel its offered life.

You guys get to see my cool wonderful adventures, my amazing husband corey and a huge huge huge thank you to all these wonderful page members that you guys see right here. Thank you guys so much for everything and to my subscribers and viewers. Thank you guys. So much for clicking this video, whether you guys like this video, you guys thumbs down this video, you guys subscribed, you guys did not subscribe either way. Thank you guys. So much for being here. I love, and i appreciate each and every single one of you so with that said guys ill see you guys next week. I love you bye new nikia joy. Where are we playing with them? Okay, so the new superheroes? Okay. Now this is a but were gon na be playing with you today. Super new super super. No all righty goes um deep, so gravity is going to be a rich, so gravitys gon na be a rich color shifting pigment that shifts from deep from rich, deep purple to teal into pink and blue that shifts from our reach that shifts from eight.