Also, i dont know why im waving it just felt like i needed to do that. I have an awful garbage filthy mouth, so viewer discretion is advised and if youre not into that or weird stuff in general, this is definitely not the place for you feel free to ask out the video here: no harm no foul but ill. Remember our tom fondly! Why hello my little chicken cutlets, we have another fun size friday, and this edition is dedicated to indie brands, have a lot of eyeshadow palettes today. Some really cool ones that i cannot wait to tell you about were going to talk about the diversa collection from odins eye, the greed palette from mirror beauty and that goddamn pickle palette from sugar, drizzle, polish and i say goddamn pickles, because i hate pickles, okay, pickles – Are disgusting fight me in the comments i dont care? Pickles are disgusting anyway. Lets talk about odins eye first, if youve been living under a rock odenzai did a massive collaboration with three wonderful youtubers, and this is the diversa collection. The first palette is in partnership with annette from annettes makeup corner the giant wolves. Eyeshadow palette has 12 shadows, seven mattes four shimmers and one multi chrome. Then we have the second palette in collaboration with judy. The red dragon is also another 12 pan palette, with eight mattes, three shimmers and one multi, chrome and last but certainly not least, we have the fantastic tina, also known as the fancy face here on youtube, and this is the hummingbird palette in this 12 pan palette.

There are five mattes four shimmers, two metallics and one multi chrome, so full disclosure. This was actually sent to me in pr tina reached out to me and said: hey whats, your address, and i was like here heres my address and lo and behold. This showed up at my door, didnt know about it, and i was like what the this is. Amazing and i lost my mind if you are not familiar with odins eye. They are a lovely brand from sweden that comes out with probably some of the most unique color stories and just packaging i have ever seen in my life. They are truly one of a kind its funny, because you know colitis has amazing package as well. So i always kind of think of colitis, i think im more of like space agey and when i think of odins eye, i think of like my childhood, in terms of like fairy tales and just how beautiful these palettes are designed, especially since they look like tiny Little books, theyre so cute if youve never tried any of their eyeshadow palettes. I dont know what youve been doing, but you need to try them. They are some of the best formula i have ever tried every palette that ive owned from them has always been just so goddamn amazing, and i actually just recently talked about them in my basic video. However, they do make a silver that is just so goddamn good. Anyway, i always get excited for their releases because i feel like each palette just gets better and better and they also make bomb ass, highlighters and blushes as well, each palette retails for about 33 dollars, and they also come with these beautiful scarves.

This is a net. Look how pretty these are. It kind of almost makes me want to buy a birken bag like if thats possible, so i can just like roll the scarves up and put it on the handles uh huh in my mind. Oh, i make birkin money Laughter, love that for me, these are so pretty and theyre really beautiful, quality too. So when you do purchase a palette, you do get a beautiful scarf to come along with it theyre absolutely gorgeous. So again, when i get my birken bag like when im changing through the seasons like im, just gon na cycle through the scarves, its gon na, be great anyway, so all these palettes look pretty much the same as their last release. Freya. I think i think thats how im supposed to pronounce it. I think i called it frasier like frasier, i think its freya. I should be doing my own research on this, but listen its early in the morning. Mama dont got time for that. These palettes have a similar style to that collection except theyre, a little bit thinner and a little bit longer, because the palettes in that collection, the fria collection, theyre double sided, so theyre a little bit of a thicker milkshake. So these one are a little bit thinner because its only one palette that said these little palettes are absolute works of art theyre. Just so pretty i really when i finally get to move the out of here.

I want to put all these on a shelf, because i just want them to look like little books, because i love the binding. I just love the cool construction of it, its just so cute. I love it. Each palette, as well as looking at them together, is just so cohesive. I would not change one thing, i think theyre all perfect. I think all three of them nailed it theyre absolutely gorgeous. Well, yes, they can all be used separately. I personally like using all three of them at the same time, because its just i dont know theres so many options and everything just works so beautifully together. So yes, while each one is different, i love being able to mix and match them, because i really feel that each color story complements the next. So for this review, im actually just going to talk about them collectively, because i didnt notice any issues between the palettes. So lets break it down by finish, starting with the mattes. The mattes are lovely theyre, incredibly pigmented, so you dont need to spend time building up opacity. I didnt experience any issues with blending patchiness or muddiness, and i was really able to create beautiful gradients between the mattes, in particular the red dragon palette. Oh, my god, this red down here do not be afraid this one just melts so beautifully with all these brown tones. Oh my god, like a sunset on my eyes, i love it. I didnt experience any problems with longevity.

They all worked just so well together. No shade overpowered the next they were just awesome. Odins eye makes really fabulous mattes, so lets move on to the shimmers. Okay. I was raving about the goddamn mats, but no no, what steals the show is the shimmers theres, just something so beautifully sparkly about odins eye shimmers, like i cant put my finger on it, but theyre just so, like ah theyre like little jewels, theyre, absolutely breathtaking theyre. The kind of shadows you can use dry and still be impactful theres, like a certain, i dont, know like a metallic wetness to the formula, a real alien, if you will anyway so while i can use them dry, i really do love to use them with glitter Glue because if you do use them dry, you do get a little bit of fallout, so it is best to kind of go in with a little bit of an adhesive there. It makes things stay into place, but you do get a rogue sparkle here and there, but its not like full on glitter. But i will say, though, that when its like a darker shimmer and its not just this formula, but i feel like almost any formula really. I find that the darker, the shimmer usually the more chunky it is sometimes, and there can be a little bit of fallout like a little bit more fallout than usual, but rest assured you can get rid of it with ease so who the cares bottom line.

The are pigmented theyre, the kind of shimmers that you can layer and youre not going to get any sort of like weird wrinkly ball texture or get a weird spicy butthole chemical burn reaction that sometimes shimmers like to do. I didnt experience that with these palettes so since i primarily use glitter glue with these shadows, i didnt experience any cracking any fading any flaking everything looked perfect. So the only difference i would say between and its actually not a difference at all so tinas palette has a couple of metallic shimmers in it and honestly i cant tell the difference between metallic and shimmer, because, like i mentioned, i feel like the shimmers have that Metallic wet feel so if i didnt know from reading the description that it was metallic, i wouldnt be able to tell because i feel, like all of their shadows are metallic, so i didnt really notice any difference in the formulas, but in any case everything worked beautifully. Last but not least, there are three multi chromes in these palettes, which i think is fantastic. I love being able to see that more brands are actually incorporating multi chromes in their palettes. Thats awesome. Listen! I love me a good shimmer. I love me a good duo. Chrome but theres nothing better than a multi chrome, multi chromes will save the world. Now. Is this my favorite multi chrome of all time? No, when i think of multi chromes, you know my go to formulas is pretty much divina cleona, nba, cosmetics, jd, glow, tara, moons, notoriously morbid.

They have really beautiful multi chromes as well. So when i think of multi chromes right, those are the kind of formulas that i have in my mind, its something that you could put on a bare lid and its just super impactful. That said, i think the formula is incredibly beautiful, but theyre a little bit on the thinner side, so i think they kind of look a little bit better over eye shadow or over like a darker base. But if you do have it on a bare lid, you can see the shift its just a little bit opaque with that said they operated very much like the shimmers, meaning that when i use glitter glue i didnt have any sort of reaction or anything like that. Everything stayed into place, the shift im actually wearing one of the multi chromes on the like middle of my lid today, so i dont know if youll be able to see it. I know its kind of hard to pick up on camera, but in person im stunning im so full of myself today. What am i not whatever anyway so im very happy to report that these operated like the shimmer, so i didnt experience any sort of flaking caking. Whatever it worked perfectly, so it does that each palette retails for a whopping of 33 dollars. Like i mentioned earlier and honestly, had i not received this in pr, i would have picked these up and i would have been happy camper, because these are awesome.

I think in a sea of a highly saturated, eyeshadow palette market right now these bring something to the table because there are different finishes and for me that makes them truly unique. Honestly, i cannot pick a favorite dont. Even ask me im a libra, but for today i actually have the judy palette on, because i know theres something just so beautifully basic about this palette. Oh, i cant like its funny, because actually, some of the greens, too kind of remind me of like the natasha ginona gold palette, which is currently being discontinued so theres a the one shade up here. Solar flare kind of reminds me of like moonwalk from colourpop or a beautiful gold shade and natasha denona gold palette its perfection. But then you have like a nets palette, which is like pretty much just perfect for the winter like when i want to have my dark grungy moment, and then we have tinas, which is so goddamn colorful and just so beautiful. I want to look like a beautiful hummingbird, like i cant pack, dont, make me pack so rest assured, if you pick up any of their palettes theyre all the same across the board, choose a color story that tickles your pickle or you know be an absolute monster And just get all three whatever who cares, but these are absolutely fabulous. I highly recommend them and again congratulations to annette tina and judy yall did such a wonderful job and im just so excited to keep putting these.

On my face. Moving on to sugar drizzle! Listen! I hate pickles, i hate them. I think theyre disgusting. However, i am a for green and when this was announced, i lost my mind. So this, in my opinion, is the only time pickles are acceptable. Okay, get them the off my burger. I only want them on my eyes, so the paint me green and call me a pickle because im done dealing with you palette retails for 21.95. By the way, i think thats the longest name in history for an eyeshadow palette. This six pen palette consists of two mattes and four duochromes. I absolutely am obsessed with this color story, for such a small palette has a gorgeous range that said, lets break it down by finish, lets start with the mattes in the palette. You get two mattes and they are dr pickles and tickle. My pickle, the mats are absolutely fantastic, theyre, incredibly pigmented theyre blendable, and they have great longevity. The best part is when combined, they do not look muddy. They do not look patchy when used together. You do get a really beautiful, like dimension on the eyes of like this kind of swampy green moment, its beautiful, i didnt experience any fallout, creasing or balding issues. If i was looking to complain about anything, i guess i would like another matte in the palette, but you know, but not the end of the world, and the reason for that is because i genuinely enjoyed using the matte formula, but it doesnt matter.

Why? Because we got four duochromes in this palette and theyre fabulous. Listen, i love the mask, i think theyre great, but the duo chromes is where its at so first you have fried pickles, which is a beautiful lime, green with a touch of blue. Then you have pickle juice, which almost kind of feels like a multi chrome in a way because the shift is like from blue to purple to magenta its absolutely gorgeous. Then we have dill pickles, which is a very beautiful pink to gold. And last but not least, we have in a pickle which is a green, pink, duochrome, honestly, just ah theyre, so good. I love them when applied with a dry brush. You do experience a decent amount of glitter and while there is payoff when using a dry brush, i think adding a bit of saturation or using your finger can make it a little bit more impactful. I use glitter adhesive with these shadows and i didnt experience any sort of weird texture issue or spicy butthole or anything like they. Just look beautiful youre able to layer these shadows together, which is great and when using glitter glue, the was contained so thats awesome and i didnt experience any fallout throughout the day. The longevity of these shades is absolutely fantastic. I wore this formula for more than 12 hours on some days and everything just stayed into place. I really love when a formula really upholds for a very long day, and this is just uh, its so perfect and i think for the price point.

This is absolutely an amazing palette. There is no surprise how much i love green eyeshadow ive tried my fair share of green palettes and actually, if youre ever interested. I know that i was at that one comment, my quest for green, because i did a quest for yellow video and i know i want to do that. I think im going to do that for december, because im going to do dead, mess, yeah im, saying this right now, im doing deadness this year were gon na were gon na barrel through it and i think thats what im saving my quest for green is for Dead mess, but if you do want to see like my favorite all time, like green palettes, let me know down below ill be more than happy to do so. But all that to say this is probably one of my favorite green palettes, and the reason for that is is because for such a small palette, the range is absolutely stunning, and when i use it, it makes me excited for all the possibilities that i can do When creating eye looks and the fact that theres so many possibilities from a small color story is like fantastic, so it actually really makes me interested to want to try more stuff from this brand. On a separate note, they make beautiful, multi, chrome, eyeliners, and i know i talked about it in my favorites video, but using that palette paired with those eyeliners oof like for me, especially with those multi chrome eyeliners.

I dont use them above the lash line. I actually just use them in my waterline and while its not you know the most impactful multi chrome theres, such a beautiful color shift in the waterline. I dont want to say its subtle because its not really subtle its different, its just different and it sucks because its so hard to translate on camera, but in person i look like i am from another goddamn planet: okay and im in love with it. Just so its so good anyway, i highly recommend checking out this brand. They are absolutely fabulous and um yeah. I think they came out with the halloween palette that i kind of need to try. I need to get that anyway. With that said, they are awesome and now lets move on to mirror beauty. Speaking of another great green palette, we have the green palette from mirror beauty full disclaimer. I am an affiliate with mirror beauty. So if you do use the code garbage, you can save 10 off and yes, i do make a small kickback with that said, though i did purchase this palette before i became an affiliate. I became an affiliate fairly recently anyway, so the read palette retails for 21., its a nine pan palette, thats from the house of avarice collection. This palette is described as inspired by concepts of greed and success, especially as they relate to the immigrant and or bipoc experience. First and foremost, the artwork on this palette is fabulous.

I first of all i its so shallow, its so shallow, but i really love palettes that just kind of feel like little mini art, pieces and thats. What this feels like, and i always can appreciate an indie brand, bringing it because a lot of the big box brands – you know whatever theyre like oh theyll – make something cool every so often, but for the most part, if you want to look for something truly unique, You have to look to indie brands, and this is so cool. That said, when you open this little palette up, you do get this little. Nine pan color story and you get four mattes four shimmers and one duochrome so lets break it down by finish, starting with the mattes theyre great, the four mattes in this palette are wonderfully pigmented and i didnt experience any issues with patchiness longevity, lifting or muddiness. Everything was fantastic. The shade dle, which is called dr lawyer engineer, is a beautiful mustardy, yellow brown, shade kind of looks like, but in the best way possible. I love this kind of shade, because not only does it look really good in the crease, but like all over the lid kind of gives you this smoky fall moment. I love it so when im feeling my all matte fantasy, this is what i bathed myself in it sounded weird, but whatever the greed shape, the one in the middle is also fantastic as well. This is a lime green shade.

However, when you start to blend it out, it has a little bit more of like a yellow tone to it so like a chartreuse kind of a color, so um its kind of nice, while there is no yellow in the palette when you do blend it out, Like it has that little moment to it, making it like a sprite moment, love that the shade green is a perfect kelly green and then you have the shade dream job, which is like a very beautiful turquoise color. My overall experience with the maths are the same. They paired very well together and i didnt experience any issues. They were absolutely fabulous. My personal favorite was combining greed and goals because it kind of gave me this bog queen witch moment and im here for a its halloween. After all, also thats, like my year round, aesthetic anyway, actually i think my favorite look that i created with this palette is like pictured here i look. Okay, i look a little little wild all right. I know. Okay, the wig is not helping it but theres, just something just so like fun about this palette, like i feel like i had like ectoplasm in the crease like i was living my bog queen fantasy. This look made me feel like a powerful thats, all im, gon na say all right. Moving on to the shimmers, there are four shimmers in this palette. You have success, which is a very beautiful, green gold.

Then you have five to nine, which is an excellent lime. Green shimmer, the shade ambition, which is underneath that is a very beautiful bronze shade. It kind of has like a hint of like a olive, green gold aspect to it very beautiful as well, and then we have the shade first gen, which has more of like an emerald green moment. Very beautiful. The shimmers were awesome, theyre nicely pigmented, but i feel like they work really well with saturated brush some glitter glue or with a finger. Well, yes, there is a bit of glitter on the bright side, its incredibly easy to clean. I didnt experience any flaking or any falling throughout the day and the longevity was solid and i feel like i said this 75 times today. I did not experience any texture. Any wrinkly ball sack texture, any spicy butthole. Everything was perfect. Now the last formula in this palette is asian app and its a duochrome, and this one has like a warm red undertone, but also has this like really beautiful, flip to like a jewel tone green, its such a weirdly, unique, color. Okay, if think of it. This way, which i know sounds really ridiculous, but if freddy krueger could get like boiled down into an eye shadow, i think thats what it would be. I think, thats what he would be. Yeah, im gon na say that audra from andre at home will cosign that statement. I think she would its so good, but the duochrome operates very much like the shimmer didnt have an experience, its just its a beautiful shade.

What i love about this formula is that its incredibly easy to use – and you can create really gorgeous – looks with these. For the price point, i think its absolutely fabulous and much like sugar, drizzle and odins eye. It makes me look forward to future releases from this brand theyre, all wonderful and with that said, that is my fun size review from some really awesome, indie brands. Let me know down below if you have any of these palettes or if you plan on picking them up, let me know, or if there are other indie brands youd like to see me talk about. Let me know, because i love hearing from you and with that said i want to say thank you so much for watching. I truly appreciate it as always feel free to like comment hit that subscribe button, its free and hit that bell icon for notification of all. My future posts follow me on twitter, instagram, patreon to all my beautiful, wonderful patron bubbies. Thank you so much for keeping this delicious disgusting, filthy, trousy gross, really gross really bog witchy garbage boat, a float. I couldnt do without you. I love your adorable little delicious faces and listen. I just want to gobble you all up just get in my belly, be one with me. Itll be fine.