I know its been such a long time since i posted anything on my youtube and usually ive been posting like dance videos, choreography that i come up with and film with my friends for fun, but im kind of changing direction and doing more like lifestyle vlogging. So hopefully you like the change, i mean ill, probably still post like dance videos like now and then but yeah so lets get started. So it is the products that i got for just like 100 yen, which is like one dollar one us dollar. Well, i got these things like a clay, nose, clay, peel and like a face. Peeling not like your whole face will peel off, but like a gentle, exfoliation peel and then this is like a cooling gel for your skin in the summer, because its still very hot in japan, its its hot for like the whole of september still in japan. So it is getting slightly clearer and then tonight, im gon na try this one, which is meant to make you feel refreshed in the morning like your sleep is supposed to be better. You like stick it on the back of your feet, so im gon na try that one and let you guys know how i feel in the morning tomorrow. So yeah lets get started, so i think ill. Try this one. First, this cooling gel im already like super hot today um i went for a walk down the mountain i im currently living in ital, shizuoka prefecture, yeah, oh yeah.

I can feel it its nice. I mean its not as cooling as the one ive tried. Previously. I tried like another brand before that was not one dollar though, and it was a lot more cooler, but well when that wind hits you, you definitely feel it, and even if you dont have the wind, you do feel slightly cooler. So this is cool. I mean its just one doll, so lets move on yeah and im not wearing any makeup today, because im gon na do like the reviews of the beauty like products like for clear, like clearing your skin. So i need i couldnt wear any makeup, but i hope you guys dont mind. Okay, next, im gon na try the face peeling gel. It has a peach, fragrance and yeah. It says its made in japan got made in japan, um omg. I got the price wrong for this one: okay, so this one okay redo for this one is 200 yen. So it was a little bit more than like the 100 yen standard price at daiso, so 200 yen thats, like 2 us dollars or like 2.5 australian dollars. So its still like really cheap and then okay, so now were going on to this one. Oh it smells amazing. It smells so subtle, like the peach fragrance is really like gentle subtle, its not overpowering at all and it doesnt smell like fake fruit smell. If you know what i mean, okay, so im gon na put some here, we go.

Okay. Can you guys see oh yeah its happening? Can you see how much peeling there is like that feels so nice, like its getting rid of all the dead skin yeah theres, like no other way for me to exfoliate better than like these kind of peeling gels, like your skin, looks so much clearer. After doing one of these, like youre meant to do it, oh that often like once a week or something once every two weeks, oh ill, say in the direction when Music, oh okay, so this one it says you can use twice a week, thats good, because im Addicted to doing this, so i dont think i can wait that long till i do the next round, but yeah so good, okay, im gon na go wash my face ill, be back, hey guys, im back so that felt so nice, like so gentle on my skin And it it doesnt feel like no allergic reaction or anything, even though its like one dollar, and it feels so gentle and super cleansing Music. My skin feels really soft as well. So i love it. I love this one. This one is like a 10 out of 10, like 120 percent 10 out of 10. umeshu break. So i have this joya drink its like three dollars. Alcoholic of course, cheers come by so finally im gon na. Do this one, oh – and i also want to try this guy right here – might take off the tag dont.

You reckon this guy looks like a shiva dog, so this one is its nice sexy. It reaches the back really good! Oh, oh my god. Did you hear my neck crack just then its working? Oh, this is really nice actually and you can like its not hard to do it yourself, its not strenuous, oh its amazing. This also, i rate this 10 out of 10 for cuteness and general practicality on to my clay pack, so this ones gon na take a little while to do so. It says, like you, need to put it on for 20 minutes so Music. I want to put a lot: can you guys see my nose and pores area? Okay, im gon na put Music? I look so weird. Okay, i think thats good, okay ill, see you guys in 20 minutes, hey guys, so its been 20 minutes, so im gon na try peel it. It feels tight, but whats. Nice about this is like it. Doesnt feel too tight and it doesnt have like a smell to it. Music, it doesnt hurt at all. So you know with the bio ray strips i used to use that one, but i feel like that has like a weird smell and your nose feels really strange and pulled afterwards for a while, but this one doesnt feel like that. I feel like really gentle. They look so funny. Oh, my god. This is so fun. I love peeling things like peelers are so nice yay, and i love looking at like what happens, what i excavated yeah yeah, its definitely working.

Definitely definitely its not like as like strong as the biore strips, but its done its job im really into burning candles. Lately, hey guys so im gon na try out this one and go to bed with it on see how i feel in the morning. So i just put it on so funny. Looking when i opened it, it kind of hit me with like a smell like a healthy herbal smell and yeah, like i feel like its becoming warm or something it feels good. It doesnt feel uncomfortable or anything. So lets see how this goes in the morning good morning, everyone so i put on that sheet and i feel refreshed like i have to admit. I couldnt have it on for the whole night. I actually took it off like before bed, so i had it on for like two hours because, like im, the type of person who like needs, my hair sleep condition to be like exactly the same every night. Otherwise i just get uncomfortable. So if to me, it felt like i was wearing like a bit of a sock like half a sock on which i didnt really feel like sleepy with. So i took it off, but even just two hours before bed and i feel like awake awake like. I feel refreshed so its really good. I like it. So thank you guys so much for joining me today. I hope you guys liked the video, and hopefully it was insightful for people who are visiting japan.

You have to go to the daiso. I know theres like some daisos in australia, but it has different things here and its always exciting to go to daiso. So i highly recommend that please like this video and follow me for more if you enjoyed it. Thank you. So much have a good night. Everyone, Music also, i wanted to say a massive thank you so much to everyone who joined my patreon this week, like i started last week and im so overwhelmed with joy and happiness that you guys wanted to sign up and so im here to shout out the People who signed up to my all access patreon, so thank you so much rob t. Thank you eric m. Thank you so much matthew d, chris phil v, thank you guys so much daniel and antonio s, brandon and jackson.