Today. I am so excited about the combo that i got in my october. 2021 boxy charm base box, and this is the camara onique beauty, mary lashes and the appeal adhesive liquid liner. So if you have not seen my unboxing video of my october 2021 boxycharm box ill have that video linked in the description down below, and i just love that they gave an adhesive liner to go with the lashes at first. When i saw this liquid liner, i was like oh my gosh. I cant believe i got another black liquid liner, but once i realized i could use it with these lashes. I was pretty excited ive actually never heard of this brand chimera, onique beauty, but im so excited about these lashes, because these look beautiful. They look like the types of lashes that i typically go for theyre hand, crafted faux, mink, lashes and cruelty free and they retail for 25 dollars, which i think is expensive, but i love that they have the invisible band here. You can see what they look like, and so the first thing im gon na do is see if i need to trim any part of the lashes so im just gon na pick up this one and im just going to place it on my eye to size. It seems like a perfect fit for my eye yeah. I guess i have large larger eyes because i dont always have to trim any part of my lashes, but if you do make sure you trim from the outer corner okay, i guess i am good to move right on to the liner.

So the appeal cosmetics, adhesive, liquid liner retails for twenty nine dollars and basically it says goodbye glue. This is the new way to apply lashes and i think it is genius, i think its a great idea. This is cruelty. Free all the instructions say is apply. Adhesive, liquid, liner to lash line, allow to become tacky and apply faux lashes, so i dont, i feel, like thats, not much information, so im, just gon na kind of wing, it no pun intended and actually im, not gon na wing. My liner im just gon na line the upper lash line, but i think what i want to do is test it out on my hand. So i can see the texture seems like a easy to use black with liquid liner. It has the felt tip, which seems pretty flexible, so i actually im going to take this mirror right here and im, probably going to need to hold my eye like this. It does seem to have good ink to it easy to apply im, not the best, with black liquid liner, so thats. What makes me a little bit nervous about using this for lashes is. I need to make sure i do a good job with my black liner. So i guess for the first eye: thats fine, its just making the other eye match thats the hard part. So i mean it does have a little stickiness, but its definitely not as sticky as glue but its not smudging at all.

Okay, so im gon na pick up the lash, and i mean im not the best, with applying false lashes either and i dont use a lash applicator. I just use my finger rather than like an applicator or tweezers, so lets see how this is, and i also already applied mascara to my lashes, because i have light lashes, so i just like to put on a coat of mascara so that they blend in with My false lashes, better that is actually sticking on very securely. Oh, my goodness yeah that is as secure as glue. It feels like, like im, doing a little tug on the lashes and they are not budging, and these lashes are beautiful, so they have like the cat eye shape, so it gets longer towards the outer lashes, which is what i want in my lashes. I have found that that is the most flattering style for me and the invisible band, although you cant, really see the band anyways because of the black liquid liner, but theyre lightweight, they have a beautiful curl and i mean it definitely looks like a dramatic lash, but Its nothing crazy! Oh my gosh! I love these. I think that looks so good like seriously like for me im so impressed thats like perfect lash application on my first try: wow, okay, im loving this liner, loving these lashes – oh my goodness. Okay, now on to the other eye – and i guess you want to make the liner thick enough so that there is area for the lashes to stick on so okay.

I think that looks pretty even im im pretty happy with this liner easy to use, and it really does save me a step when applying lashes, because when i wear false lashes, ill always use a black liquid liner to hide the band on top underneath the glue. So it really is perfect to make the liner the glue, but its not like a sticky liner, so im like so magical and its not like these lashes have anything to do with this liner. So, like theyre, like perfectly magnetized together like this liner, will truly work with any lash and i would say it gets tacky after what was that, maybe like 30 seconds when i started applying the lashes so its pretty much the same as glue. But i dont think you have to like rush like crazy to stick your lashes onto the liner right after you apply it. You definitely have time like its still getting tacky as im pressing these lashes on, and i can adjust them like adjust. The placement, as i need to feel like this lash, is giving me a little bit of a harder time, and also even in the packaging like this left eye was like sticking out. The corner was off of the packaging and kind of sticking off and so im just trying to place that corner down – and here is my finished lashes and liner look and i love it. I think they look so flattering and glam, and i am so impressed by how easy it was to apply how easy and comfortable these lashes also are to apply and the shape of them i feel like is truly perfect.

I definitely dont wear false lashes. All that often or as often as i wish that i did, but now that i have this combination, which i feel like is so quick to apply so flattering not too overwhelming that ill feel like i look too glam wearing these during the daytime or just too Outrageous to wear that they look too. You know outrageous, like i love this theyre so comfortable like this one. Now that ive had it on my eye, like i, it doesnt even feel like its there anymore, like truly im so happy with these. I highly recommend checking both of these out. These lashes are definitely reusable, so im going to continue using them, and i feel like with the liner. You know actually lets lets test this out. I am going to remove the lashes and i feel like they theyve got to be cleaner than glue. Yeah, like nothing, is on the lash, so i feel like i can get even more use out of these lashes than maybe i typically would if i was using glue, because the glue can get so messy all over the lashes and even though these feel very secure On my eyes, so easy completely painless didnt rip off any of my lashes to remove these so wow placing these back in the holder here, because this came in a nice little case, so yay i am so excited to, like, i said, continue wearing this combination because Im so happy with it.