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The exfoliating cleanser product and vitamin c product, like we all know everybody wants to have a glowing skin and once anyone come under the light, you want your skin to reflect, especially your facial skin. You want to have that glowing skin. You want to have that popping skin that we pretend to compliment and tell you your skin looks beautiful now. What can actually help in achieving that is one of it is exfoliating cleanser. Now, what is the function of exfoliating cleanser exfoliating cleanser helps to improve the texture of your skin whereby helps to reduce flaky and bumpy skin on the face. It helps to reduce the effect of acne, also on your face, thereby giving you a glowing effect and remover of dead skin cells on your face now. The second item, like i told you i want to be talking about, is vitamin c now. What is the function of vitamin c athletic lisa also helps in clearing that spot thats. One of the function of major function of esolating cleanser, is that it helps to eliminate dark spots from your face now. Another function now the next product of talking about is vitamin c. Now what does vitamin c, though? Vitamin c actually helps to helps to reduce the effect of fine line. Now, how does it affect now? How does it reduce the effects of these fine lines and wrinkles on your face? It helps to build up collagen and also maintain the existing collagen you have on your facial skin.

It also helps to treat dark spots and it also acts as a powerful antioxidant. For your skin, so you see that these two can be blended together and one thing ive gotten to know in this skincare product. One thing about vitamin c is that it strives so well in an acidic environment, and why is going to strike so well in the acidic environment? Is that, yes, for letting glacier contain some amount of acid and vitamin c, also in an acidic environment, now im going to be showing you products, products that in the market that you can blend together, this exfoliating cleanser and the vitamin c cleanser that you can blend Together that are affordable and that are easy to find in the market. Now one of the exfoliating cleanser i want to be showing you here is pimentos. Now this is pimendox cleanser its an exfoliating facial cleanser. It helps to eradicate dark spots. It helps to improve the texture of your facial skin. Now some of you might ask me: how can this pimento cleanser be used? Now this princess is quite very affordable, its very common in the nigerian market. You can actually get it in the nigerian market and very very affordable cosmetic shop in nigeria market. Sell it a lot, so the availability of this product is very common. Now how to use this effort. Exfoliating cleanser is that if you have a stubborn skin, you can use this directly with a cutting board and clean your feet.

Now it helps to remove excess death. On your face, like i said, and improve the texture of your face by reducing dryness on your face and also reducing the reducing the effect of acne on your face now for those that have stubborn, skin or hot skin, it can be used directly on their face And it should be used at night now some people might enjoy this cleanser before bed. You can also use it after, but i advise you use this cleanser after taking your shower and its best used at night. Now, if you have a stubborn face, you shake this because i think it contains some particles inside it contains some particles which lies beneath beneath the under of the bottle. So you have to shake to use for those that have turban skin. Now, if you have sensitive skin – and you want to exfoliate your feet and your face to give that extra glow that radiant luminous glue, then you have to dilute this with some amount of rose, water and use on your face for those that have stumbling skin. It can be used directly with cotton wool, use it in cleaning your face. Now, if you have sensitive skin, it can actually be diluted with rose water. Now you use this cleanser after a bit to clean your face to give that luminous glue. Now the next vitamin c im going to be recommending for you of which you can blend with this pimentous exfoliating cleanser.

Now its dr ration, vitamin c now this is the vitamin k is also common in nigerian markets. Now this is vitamin c super good ive talked about cleanser in my videos, ill be placing the link down the description section for you to see clean sides for you to watch the for you to watch videos of facial serums. I talked about now. You can actually go with this. This dr rachel fischer, dr rachel, vitamin c serum. Like i told you vitamin c, a powerful antioxidant vitamin c helps, helps to clear dark spots and helps to build up wrinkles whereby reducing fine lines. It helps to build up collagen, thereby reducing fine lines and wrinkles on our face. Now, if you dont have money to afford dr rachels serum im going to show you another affordable, vitamin c serum which you can naturally use, that is also common and affordable in the nigerian market. Now this is parma vitamin c serum palming night, vitamin c serum super good, still affordable, more affordable than dr rachels serum. If you can find this fine and good, you use it. If you cant find dr rashel serum, you can actually use this palmy, vitamin c cereal, but a super good product. They are all vitamin c products. In more of my video im going to be talking more about vitamin c serum different ones in the market that you can find also in the market now in order, my other next video im going to be talking about im, going to be talking more about exfoliating Cleanser that you can use not just pimentos cleanser, but i decided to show you this, that you can naturally use this hello, beautiful people.

What ive talked about this exfoliating cleanser, a vitamin c cleanser? Is it the truth? Have you blended these two products together? What effect did they give? You feel free comment on my comment section: do you know anyone that have actually blended this thing together? Do you think what effect did they give to them on their face, or they dont use it? What, after what else, what im saying did they give you other lie effects? Did you give you a bad effect on your face? Feel free comment on my comment section like i always tell you sometimes good and nice review comes from subscribers and viewers, like you, so feel. Free lets connect at the comment section of this topic. If you know you find this video helpful, please like subscribe and share.