Youre, going to see a lot of brushes in this video, not just 10, because I want to give you options in every single category. Lets begin with the face. Foundation brushes. I have four in my hand.. If you were to ask me out of all of these four, I had to choose only one I would most likely go with the IT Cosmetics., Their heavenly luxe complexion, perfection, No.7 brush., This right here, retails for 48., And the reason why I like it so much Is because its so versatile. I can use it for so many makeup products and not just foundation. Its so soft and its so dense. It just blends everything so nicely so evenly and it gives that airbrushed look. And I dont mind that its so small.. I know a lot of people complain about that, but it just works so heavenly literally in the name and then the other side and the other dual side. It has this little tiny, dense, concealer brush.. I use this for concealer.. I use this to carve out any areas on my face with any cream products, and I also use this for my eyeshadow. The next one I would choose would be my Bobbi Brown.. I have a love affair with this brush.. Whenever I dont use it. I always think about it. This one right here is 52., So slightly more than the IT cosmetics, but its only one sided brush. But this one is definitely the softest out of all the four its a little more dense and it definitely has a bigger brush.

Head. – and I also use it for many products, not just foundation. – I like it for my concealer, I like it for my cheek products, I like it for my powder products., I mean this little guy can do a lot of things And I do think its definitely Worth every single penny., These next two, I think, are phenomenal: cheaper options., The first one is Real Techniques.. This is their 200 brush, which is the expert face brush. And depending on where you purchase it its around 9.99. Same thing again for any powder products, liquid products, not just your foundation. I will say it is the most dense brush out of the four, but it also does a really beautiful job blending and get really beautiful, results. And then last but not least, the Elf buffing brush. and this one retails for 6.. But I really like this one, because its definitely more of that dome shape, instead of like this one right here, its a little more flat like the Real Techniques. This one has a nice dome, shape. And also again, just like the rest of these brushes, very versatile from foundation concealer its really really good. Concealer time., Four brushes again.. If I had to choose one Ooh Ooh Ooh., This is by Spectrum, and this is collaboration with Katie, Jane Hughes., Shes, a makeup artist on Instagram.. She is phenomenal. and I will say its a very expensive brush set Its a 25 piece or is it 26 25 piece brush set its for your face and your eyes.

230. But let me tell you worth every single penny, And this one in particular is the brush No.8.. It fits under your eye so beautifully and the way it just spreads your concealer out It just does such a beautiful job. This next one, I really appreciate, is by Rare Beauty, and this is their concealer brush 16.. It has a very different shape., its supposed to kind of mimic the back of your finger or just depending which way you look at it, its supposed to kind of mimic your finger and really gets into every little crevice on your face around your nose around your Eyes., Its really really beautiful, and it gives you a very full coverage with this brush.. These next two are by Real Techniques. Theyre, actually not concealer brushes, but I love them for concealer.. The first one is their 402 brush, which is their setting brush.. This retails for 7.99 or depending where you purchase it. its the biggest brush out of the four, but because it has this really nice dome shape to it its a little more fluffy, its not as dense. You dont get as high of a coverage, but its such A natural finish and its so so so stunning. And this next one is their Deluxe crease, brush., Its actually an eyeshadow brush, but because its so densely packed and its so small, Its so nice. It gets right into the inner corners and again it gives a really beautiful full coverage finish.

, I feel like any brush out of these four. You cant go wrong. Lets move on to contour and bronzer.. So this right here I do have two different types of brushes. I like to use but Ill share with you why.. This right here is my favorite brush of all time., Its the Fenty beauty. Her No.125 face brush. This right here, retails for 34.. It is expensive, but Ive had this in my collection for quite a while now. And its just its such a beautiful brush.. It cleans really well, but the way it performs with any product that Ive tried it just blends everything so seamlessly, and I love love the shape of this.. It has this angled shape and because its so dense, but its so soft, it just blends anything out so beautifully and so seamlessly. Unless the product is just its not great, then you know cant do much. Next brush that I really like this one is more for like powder, bronzers and contours., This ones by Ulta beauty – and this is their bronzer 21 brush., This retails for 16. And its a Really really nice brush. Its not too big, but its, not too small.. This can give you more of like an all over bronze look instead of just focusing in one area, but you can focus in one area if youd like its going to be a little bit more of a diffused, look not super sculpted and structured, but because it Is a dome shape and it kind of tapers off towards the top.

I really appreciate that you can be a little bit more precise instead of just super super big like something like this., But I do really like this one, because it is super super soft., Its not super tight and densely packed, but it does give you a really Beautiful airbrushed, bronzy or contoured look depending on what youre going for.. I think the next brush that I want to mention is the Anisa Beauty.. This one is newer to my collection, but this is their buffing bronzer brush., And this shape is so intriguing because all of these, the other two that I have is very different, but this one is more of like this oblong shape and its super super super dense. Like extremely dense, but very soft., And this ones really great for cream products where you really want to stamp out the product and then really just buff it out., It is expensive.. It is 34 as well, but I think its definitely worth it. And its newer to my collection thats. Why? I wanted to mention it, but I would definitely go for the Fenty Beauty. If youre going to fork out the money. Thats. What I want to say. Blush brushes., This right here, is by iT Cosmetics., And this is their airbrush. Soft focus brush No.113., This retails for 24. – And I really like this one, because it has that angled shape to it., But because its a little more dense. It really blends blushes and bronzers like a dream.

. The next one is by Real Techniques., And this one is definitely more on the bigger side.. This is their No.400 brush or their blush brush, and this one retails for 9.99, depending where you purchase it from which retailer.. But I like this one more for powder blushes, that I want more of like a soft diffused, not really focused in one area type of a look for a blush., but because it has kind of that dome shape and its very, very soft and its not as Densely packed, I think it just does a really beautiful job distributing the blush.. Last but not least, this one is by Flower Beauty.. This is newer to my collection, but ever since Ive got it in my collection, Ive been obsessed with it.. This right here is her precision blush brush. 14, and I love how small and petite this blush brush is, and it has this really nice dome shape to it. And its a little more tapered towards the top. So like in the name. You could be more precise, with it. Its definitely the least packed out of the four, and you can use it both for cream, liquid or powder. Powder brushes right, here., I cant choose just one. I need two actually three, So Im going to begin. First, with the big powder brush., This right here is by Real Techniques.. This is their 201 powder brush and this retails for 9.99.. This right here is good for all over brush for your face, because it will get into everything but its so soft.

. It has that nice density, but its not super super dense, where it is just going to give you a cake face. Moving on, I love their setting brush by Real Techniques.. So I find that if I want to use it under my eyes around my nose on my T zone in certain areas, this does a phenomenal job.. Another option is the Japonesque brush.. This is their 713 brush and its 15.. This one is the most dense and the most round.. I do appreciate how soft it is and also does a phenomenal job applying powder. Highlighter time.. I only have two because these are the only two that I like to use. The first one is by IT cosmetics – and this is their highlight, brush. Its the No.140 22., And I love the shape of this., Its a little more densely packed, but its so soft And the way it hits the tops of your cheekbones, your nose and your brow bone. I really really really really really like this one.. This next one is by Anastasia Beverly Hills.. This is her A23 brush 25.. I like this one because its not as tightly packed as the IT cosmetics and it has more of a flat top instead of a dome shape and its not as tapered. It just provides a magical airbrushed soft finish to any highlighter. Eyeshadow time.. First one Mac 217.. This right here is a classic., Its 28.. I think this was the very first eyeshadow brush I ever purchased in my life.

Ive had this one for years, and I have I think, four or five backups, because I love it so much.. It gets right into the crease really easily, really beautiful, crease brush. This next one theyre, actually by Sephora, two of them, but theyre different brushes.. So this first one is the pro crease 27 brush., This right here, retails for 20, and I like this one because its a little bit more round. So if I want just kind of like an all over eye shadow look, this is the brush Ill use because its bigger its a little more fluffy and I feel, like I get more of a diffused look. And this next one is the Sephora Pro crease. 24 brush.. I like this one because its a lot smaller its longer, so I can get more precise into the crease into the inner corner and the lower lash line.. It is just a really beautiful brush. And I like Sephora brushes because theyre not too expensive, but the quality is really really phenomenal for the price. And again Ive had these in my collection for years and they wash really well. Like. I said the quality is phenomenal. And then a great brush for a really low price of 4. This is the Elf their crease brush.. I really like this one because it kind of mimics the Sephora 24 brush, but its a little more fluffy and its not as dense.. So this one I like to use in my crease to kind of really blow out diffuse, any kind of eyeshadow or be a little bit more precise in the outer corner.

Phenomenal.. Next, we have eyeshadow packing, brushes. Theyre, definitely more of a flat shape, or they have a really dense like a really thick density to them.. So the very first one I think I want to mention is a classic the Mac.. This is their 242 brush. Again its been in my collection for a very long time.. The numbers have pretty much come off. This right here, retails for 28.. I like this one because its nice and thin, but its really beautiful for shimmery shades or just a shadow that you need to pack a punch. This is phenomenal.. The next one is by Natasha Denona.. She has beautiful brushes.. I have every single one from her collection and I think they do a phenomenal job, but this one has a special place in my heart.. This is her No.6 brush., This retails for 18, and I love how small it is how thin it is, but this ones really beautiful for that detail. Work. Again, if you need to cut out that crease, if you need to go on the lower lash line, but I love that it really packs on the eyeshadow really intensely or you can diffuse it if youd like, and you can also use it for, like a Lower shadow shader brush., Its really really stunning, multiple different uses., The next one I have to give a shout out, is to Rare Beauty.. This is newer to their line, but this right here, retails for 16 and its perfect for any cream or liquid eyeshadows.

, Its the thickest of all of them, but its supposed to also mimic your finger as you were, going to apply a cream or a liquid eyeshadow And because when you use a finger, it just applies eyeshadow so nicely and it packs that punch. I love this one for cream eyeshadows. And the last but not least, Spectrum Katie, Jane Hughes, Im going to mention the No.20 brush, because I love how tiny it is. Its so flat.. So its really beautiful for precision and again really cutting out anything on your eyelids. But it really does a great job packing on the eyeshadow really stunning.. Next category EyeshadowLiner brush., These ones are more for detail. Eyeliner detail things like that. Lets begin with my number one favorite.. This is by Bobbi Brown.. This is her ultra fine eyeliner brush., Most expensive. retailing for 31., Its expensive for one little tiny brush.. This little bad boy is very, very, very magical., Its very flat like very, very thin, but it has this nice round shape to it, which is so stunning.. I love the little tip and it has a nice density to it., So its a little more stiff, but its also nice and soft.. I love this brush. Next one is by Mac.. This is their 212 brush and its a flat shader brush.. I think thats what they call it. Yeah its a flat definer brush 25.. I love this one for the lower lash line like right up the lashes or for the top lash line to get really close to your lashes.

, Really really great for powder cream and liquid And then last but not least, these two are very similar but different.. The first one is by ABH.: This is her 12 brush., Its basically for your eyebrows, but I also love it for eyeliner, because the brush is so precise.. It has a nice angle shape, but I do prefer this more for my brows, but if I want to take if Im going on a trip – and I dont want to take as many brushes, this is the one Ill go with or Ill go with the Spectrum By Katie Jane Hughes, the number 23 brush. Its so much smaller than the ABH brush, but I really like this for the inner corner of my eyes.. If Im creating like a Foxy eye – or I really want to be precise with my eyeliner, this is the one I will go with. And it also has a spoolie on the other side.. So last but not least its a category just for the little detail, brushes that I think are somewhat essential for a lot of makeup looks., So the first one I want to start off with is like a smudging brush.. This is by Sephora.. This is their number 18 brush. And this retails for 20., but this one is phenomenal for any kind of little precision smudging out that you need. This next one is by Spectrum Katie, Jane Hughes.. This is their No.21 brush. And I love how tiny it is.

. But I love love this one for the lower lash line or in the inner corner or in the crease, wherever I want to do any kind of smudging, and I actually really like this one for the lips as well to blend everything out together for a lip. Brush. Next I have this one by Sigma.. This is their blending E36 brush., This one retails for 15.. This is the longest little blending brush ever, but its so fluffy and its so light its just such a little versatile brush for precision its stunning. And the last. But not least Natasha Denona, her No.4 brush., This retails for 18 and its the tiniest little mini eye shadow brush that you can possibly see.. It has a nice dome shape to it, but its nice and flat, but also has a nice element of smudging anything out.. Again, if you want to be really precise, with your eyeshadow or your eyeliner, its really great for that kind of application, Its the cutest little thing ever, but I love her. To finish this off, I am going to mention the beauty blender one more time. 20.. I think this is the most versatile tool for your face, not for your eyes, but for your face.. I think this is a Godsend to the makeup world.. So, overall I know I mentioned so many brushes, but I wanted to give you guys a variety of options either on the more budget side expensive in the mid grade.

But I feel like most of these brushes. They have lasted me for so long from every single brand., So I really wanted to show my love to so many different brands and brushes in general., So Im going to leave it here.. Thank you for watching and spending time with me and all of these makeup. Brushes, but for now Ill see you in next one very soon. Bye.