I hope you guys are all doing good im so excited to make this video im gon na be doing a video of things that i could not live without. Okay, maybe i could live without them, but i really really would not want to so lets jump right in. I was gon na choose only like 10 things. You guys, i could not only choose 10 things i have like have a good amount, but i dont want to make this video too long. So here we go were gon na start off with the food, because your girl loves food, and these are things that i am currently obsessed with and aka have been obsessed with for a good while, okay, you guys ive been posting these on our gram. I love mush like these are just so clutch and such like a good alternative on the go. They have these at target whole foods. I get them at a local market, mothers market, you guys the macros on these are so good and like theyre, not super heavy. So, if youre out and about and you need to say like go train, you want to go work out, but you dont want to have something super heavy. I just have one of these with like a banana and like peanut butter. I feel good energy. I dont feel weighed down coffee, coconut yum super tasty. I love these. None of this is sponsored by the way at all.

These are truly things that i love. Second, all cashew butter. You guys know that i love talking this either on my toast or my oatmeal, and then also you guys cat and i are obsessed with these tortillas from trader joes and i we do not restrict ourselves like at all, but just having these are like low carb Tortillas but having say, lower carb options, therefore, i can have more of them so im more satiated, its just more volume, so i do choose some foods that are like lower calorie just because im, a foodie i like being full thats just the type of person. I am, and i know cat can attest to that. These are so good. You guys just heating these up on like an open flame, either with like eggs, egg whites, you can make little tacos amazing. The macros are really good, too theyre for one tortillas one and a half fat, nine carbs and for protein delicious, okay, thats it for the food. You guys im gon na jump into makeup products. Next, i have been using these products for probably over, like a year now, theyre things that i implement in my daily makeup routine. Some of these things are like pretty affordable. I literally get them at target. This is the loreal infallible pro glow. You guys its such a nice kind of like light coverage, but just like makes your skin look like sun kissed and dewy love her.

I use this j205, but i mix it with the thrive cosmetics. You guys whitney had a favorites video, like i think over a year ago, why isnt this focusing and she raved about this, so i decided to try it and i mixed the two such a good combo. This is like what i used daily for my everyday, like gym, routine, gym makeup, routine, just kind of like going about life. I love these two things. We love a bronze, my girls, i love being bronzy and just like dewy this hood of beauty. I guess you could say, like contour, stick shes pretty dirty. I literally have like four of these that ive gone through literally magical. What i do is, i just put it in my contour areas, like my forehead, and i just buff it out with a with like a wet like makeup, brush, not not an actual wet one, but like its meant for like liquid makeup. I love this. This is the shade 400 macchiato fire fire fire fire. I also use the tarte little contour palette as well ill show you guys that im like a get ready with me, but this is just ultimate ultimate – cannot live without lippies. You guys kat and i were never like lipstick wearers. I would literally put foundation on my lips and just like i wanted them to be just nude full on nude no color at all im still kind of like that, like i cant really drift into like colors.

Like me with a red lipstick, i cannot do it, i cant do it if you can pull off red lipstick, like literally all props to you. I wish i could maybe i could one day, but i just like feel like im, not you. I wouldnt be used to myself wearing that, so it would just be weird, but i love love love the oak lip liner from mac. You guys its just such a pretty like brownie nude. I dont know if its like, focusing on my face. Youre, not gon na, be able to really really see that i love this color its like for an everyday makeup look and then i also since it is like a darker brown thats, actually what i have on right now and then i dab after with this lipstick. This is also mac its flush pot. This is pretty nude like its like its pretty light, and i used to wear this all over my lips, just like when i transitioned into like wearing lip liner and lipstick. Just because for me i was like i need to play it safe, like i need a little bit of color, because my face like i just like looked naked, but this combination together is fire also stripped down by mac lip liner, our girl, jasmine. She raved about that like a while ago and im pretty sure like its her still her current favorite, also so beautiful on your lips. I love a pretty brownie neutral.

I cant do too orange. I think the strip sounds like a little bit more orangey than the oak thats. Why i like the oak one a little bit better but those two together. They look so good. Okay, you guys mascara wise, you guys. Can i get so many questions about our lashes. I dont have the actual product that we use to make them longer, but this is something i could not live without ill pop. It like right here on the screen. This is the secret to mine and cats. Lashes, you guys grande lash grande lash, is amazing. I havent personally tried any other lash serums, but you guys, i have noticed a difference with grande lash or i did notice a difference with grande lash within like a span of like three weeks. I have fuller thicker longer lashes because of that product, like all props to grande lash. It does make your eye like when i first started using it. My eyes did get a little bit like sensitive and red, and then i didnt notice any really discoloration around my eyes, but i know some people have that problem. So, like i dont know, i feel like it just kind of like it ranges between each individual. You might have that problem, you might not, but i feel like any lash serum would probably work really. Well. I just get mine off the amazon, but i know you can also get it off: sephora grande lash, amazing, but anyway, im transitioning into the lash lash products.

You guys, i personally really love this mascara. This is so old. You guys im pretty sure. Ive had this for like dont come after me, i feel like ive had this for like three years i moved to southern california like no im. I think ive had this. For over four years, i like found it its like done and dusted, but i still kind of use it because i really like the brush. So what ill do i just i like the thinness of the like the bristles on this. If that makes sense, i hope thats clear enough for you guys because ill go in first with this kind of like coat my lashes and get them to separate right and theres like a still little bit of mascara on this. I just get this at target. What is this even called maybelline? The rocket volume express and i went and got a new one of these, but i got waterproof and i dont love waterproof. So i need to go back and get the original one. This exact one so ill do this first and then ill go in with this mascara catherine is obsessed. I know for a fact: cat could not live without this product, an anastasia, beverly, hills mascara. This does have a thicker wand, and this really does help with just like overall volume. It helps make your lashes just like thicker and longer you guys have no makeup guru. I probably sorry if i sound illiterate talking about this, but the secret to mascara.

You guys is you got ta, do it and then you come behind your lashes and you like curl up and i feel like that, helps just like lift and elongate them so ill. Go in with this and then ill do the anastasia and then ill go back in with this one, but i make sure theres not a lot of product in it to like really pull them up a little much, but those are my favorite mascara prop ducks. Okay, you guys going into the clothes. These are just three staples that personally right now at this time in my life, i would not want to live without for transitioning into fall even throughout summer. I was consistently wearing these products. I love like just this oversized jacket. I have a more like neutral, like lighty tan one, its just so cute and just like oversized, you can dress it up or down its like has like that kind of, like vintagey look, sometimes like if im wearing leggings to the store, like i like being like Covered just because, for me, its just more comfortable, like i dont know, i would want something to wear oversized. This is going to like cover a good amount of me. So this is perfect and i got this at brandy. Melville its like a one size fits all. I think they have them. You can definitely get them online as well, but this is truly so comfy and just one of my favorite over jackets.

I feel like i consistently rave or like used to rave about these shorts. These are the gymshark high waisted fit shorts. They just like they truly make your legs. Look so good, like they hug you and all the right places. You can crank them up. They do. They do fall a little bit longer. They fall like right above your knee because theyre like biker shorts, but you as you crank them up a little bit and they like they just give you they really do something for that booty like truly uh. These are a size extra small. They have these in multiple different colors, but my girls, i could not live without these another thing that im currently obsessed with and were transitioning into fall. Like i just said, is this skims just like cozy? Oh, my god, this thing is so comfortable like it is, so i have to put it on im gon na put it on for you guys, but i love that its a quarter, zip it just like adds, oh god hold on peekaboo. I love that its a quarter, zip im wearing this shirt underneath so like i like that my chest does show a little bit, but you guys its so cozy it just it fits so nice. I literally, like my house, is pretty cold most of the time. So whenever i come home, if it is cold, i throw this on and i just its the coziest thing ever.

I just i feel like im in the womb of i feel like im a baby in the womb truly cozy af. A few more things that i truly could not live without at the moment were transitioning into fall. Transitioning into fall should be the title of this video. I have this candle burning behind me. You guys i got this at target last week. It is called. I was raving about this on our stories. Pumpkin woods, amazing, literally its the definition of fall. It does have like that, like spicy, like i dont, even know how to explain it seriously like i want to eat it, its so good, its not like too sweet either. It still has like that kind of like musky spicy, cozy cinnamony, just if youre looking for a lit candle. This will light your house on fire in the best way possible. Im kind of freaking myself out right now, im truly getting excited about these things that right on to the next, you guys gym wise. I love i love ive been using this backpack. I have two of them. My other ones. In my car, this gym shark backpack is so just like nice for the gym. I dont love carrying around like a big ass duffle bag like i just id rather have something i used to until i found this its just like so cute and dainty, and its just like its cute. Like can yall see this. This is from gymshark.

You guys im not even sure if this is available anymore. I really hope it is. I really hope it is like ive got this like over a year ago, but its just the perfect size. It has a front pocket. So i put like my headphones in my keys in here and then the center pocket you guys its like its bigger than you think i have like all my supplements in here right now, but it fits a good amount and one thing i do love is: it Has this little like backstash pocket? So, like you know just like things that are top secret, i mean like theres a mask in there we got an extra charger. We have some lip gloss, those arent really top secret, but you catch the vibes. I love her and the straps are adjustable. Okay, you guys hair care i used to have my hair was so effed up and i think 2019 you guys cat and i got off birth control and my hormones went crazy, like i, oh my gosh enough to hold. Do a whole video about this, my skin, you guys, i have acne prone skin, as is cat, and i both do were both on accutane in high school. It was our older sister. She it was just like. We have very much so acne prone skin, but we like ended up figuring out something that worked for us anyway. My skin had been clear for like three years i got off birth control.

My acne was insane but im just like im going into like just how messed up my hormones were, but you guys i swear like these products have really helped just like restore my hair cat, and i do obviously like we bleach our hair. My girl amber is truly the best shes in san diego. I just shes, definitely something i could not live without, because i wouldnt trust anyone else, my hair. But what im saying is these products? I feel like really help with just like overall moisture and just like they help keep my hair healthy. They help with breakage they help with. I dont know just like keeping it moisturized and healthy. I dont really know all the hair terms either, but i love the evo rehydrator you guys. This is a deep conditioning treatment. I use this every single time i wash my hair. I could not live without this and i let it sit for like at least like five to ten minutes when im in the shower. So i use this as, like my actual conditioner. I do use a few other products to condition in the shower ill have to do like a separate like actual full on hair care. Video. But another thing that i just want to show you guys that i use in the shower okay purple shampoo, amber if youre watching this our hair or hairdresser dont kill me. But i love the barcelona. You guys i cant find this anywhere.

I have to get it on ebay. I better order some asap, because this is actually like pretty hard to find um the pulp riot purple shampoo. I love this stuff. You guys ive used like ive used, so many other purple shampoos, and none of them, like my hair, just ends up getting like way too, like icy and like ashy, and just kind of like that, like cold, like i still, i still like having a little bit Of warmth, this i could not live without. I love it. Okay, a few other things that are like out of the shower hair care that ive been obsessed with you guys, im sure youve heard about these, the olaplex 3 treatment. I try and wash my hair at the moment at least two to three times a week. You guys. So what i do is i damp my hair like just like in the sink, get it wet and then i part my hair in like three different sections, and then i let this sit before i actually shower for about 20 minutes at the least, i will even Go up to like two hours of letting this sit in my hair, literally love it and i feel like it has just like really helped keeping my at the ends of my hair, healthy in regards to like breakage and just kind of like concealing the ends, repairs And strengthens all hair types. I honestly freaking love this stuff. I tell cat like dude, you need to use this every time you shower and then another thing that ive been obsessed with that cat actually found from a local hairdresser is the olaplex 6 bond smoother.

This has been amazing, like i do have pretty like thicker, coarse hair, as is, but when i was talking about 2019, my hair was so freaking damaged, you guys like, and it was definitely hormonal and then, like obviously like i was putting heat on it. Just like not taking care of it and the best way that i could, but i found that these products have just really just like helped with my hair progression, the bond, smoother olaflex and six bonds smoother. This is like a leave in repair, so when my hair is damp out of the shower, i use a few different products, but ive really really really been liking. This you dont use a lot out, or you literally just use like a pea size up to like the size of i dont know, maybe like the like bottom of, like this lipstick, depending on how thick your hair is, you dont need a lot and it just Smooths it it makes it nice without having to like put heat on it. So highly recommend you guys one more thing: i could not live without truly truly truly, i cannot stand being super pale. I feel like im literally albino or our older sister kristen takes such good care of her skin, like just skincare, wise, but also body and its truly inspiring to me, but i need to be tan. I need to be tan tan being tanner is just truly. It makes you feel better, and i are obsessed with this – is the tanning was used, not sponsored loving tan? We love the ultra dark mousse, but at the moment we dont have any.

But i i have been using the two hour express deluxe, bronzing mousse in the shade dark i like ultra dark, because then i dont have to apply it as often, but this is the tuner we use you guys. I love it. Weve been using it for like three years and its just like its a gem, its a gem, we love her and then you guys one more thing that i dont have with me. That i will insert right here is the tan luxe drops you cant have just a tan body, you can you can do whatever you want, but i feel like its just like when youre getting out of the shower. I, like my face to have a little bit of colors like i wear sunscreen i dont like when my face is in the sun at all, so i do try and just like stay protected because you guys we want to stay youthful and for as long as You can am, i right, i feel like all of us women all of us. Girls do, but the tan luxe drops are truly amazing. I just i use like i use the purple one. I got the green one, but i like the purple one better, just because its a little bit more potent and i dont – have to use it as often. But i do like one drop and i just like mix it in my lotion and put it in my face, but i dont put the tan luxe drops.

I only do it like where i would put my contour ill. Actually do it all over my forehead ill dab, my eyelids with it, because if i dont wear makeup, i like it when my eyelids have a little bit of color and then i also just kind of like dab it like where i would put like my like Contour my bronzer, i dont put it under my under eyes, and i dont put it on my nose. Sometimes ill dab the very top of my nose, but i also dont on my chin, sometimes ill kind of just like dab down to my neck with the tan locks. But those are the things i could not live without you guys. I dont know how long this video is going to be just because im like did i do, did i do enough? Did i not do enough? Should i do more things? I guess ill show you one more thing. You see you guys. I do not wear slippers. Ive never really been a gal to wear slippers. My my grandma grandma audrey love her. She was obsessed with having things on her feet. She always had cold feet. You guys. I got these on amazon, theyre, so comfortable and like affordable and just cozy. I did wear these outside and i wanted them to be house slippers, so i got another pair because now i can wear these to the grocery store and then i can still have my house slippers.

I feel like a responsible adult if im wearing house slippers, it is what it is anyway. Yeah you guys amazon with these super freaking. Cozy love, love, love all right. You guys, i think thats gon na wrap up this video. I hope you guys enjoyed it. This was hella fun to make. I wish kat was here with me pat, you should be right here with me talking about our favorites. I know some of these are your favorites too, and next time were gon na have to want to do one together, because i want to do one with you. I guess you can call me a freestylist as well free, not a free stylist, but uh. That was a freestyle, rap freestyle. Okay, this is getting way too weird, okay, you guys anyway. I hope you enjoyed this video. Thank you guys for tuning in. Thank you guys for watching. I hope you found this helpful and useful. These are truly things i could not live without couldnt.