Some industry updates just some beauty space news, so i decided to start this series a few months ago and i did a video about this kind of sharing. Some updates. Just a few things going on kind of popping topics and a lot of you guys said make that a series we want to see more of it and ive been wanting to do another one, and there were a few different topics i wanted to talk about today. So i figured now is the time were going to be talking a little bit about some brands, leaving ulta some sales coming up, celebrity makeup brands and some new products that you might be seeing soon that were just trademarked. So if youre new here, my name is kelly, i upload four videos a week id love to see you again and lets go ahead and hop into it. Okay, today im having the tazo chai um, if you guys, like the starbucks chai lattes, the tazo chai, that comes in the concentrate pack, i get it at target its the same thing, its the same thing as the one at starbucks. You just mix it with your choice of milk, so thats what im having today all i had right now was coconut milk, my buns a little crooked, but you just go with it, but all i had was coconut milk. I feel like that made this a little bit too sweet, but its very good. It definitely tastes like fall.

Okay, where do i want to start lets start with some semi sad news, the brand catrice and thats? Actually, what im wearing on my eyes today, i have their five in a box eyeshadow palette on my eyes, because uh i want ive been trying to keep testing that out, because im going to feature it in a video soon also their true skin foundation has become One of my absolute favorites so quickly they are leaving ulta and im like why, just when i was starting to like really fall in love with a lot of their products. So if you guys dont know, catrice is actually the sister brand to essence, and at this time we havent heard any news, thankfully about essence also leaving target. This is just focused on catrice, but they announced today the day that im filming this over on their instagram. That theyre going to be leaving ulta in january 2022.. They didnt really cite much for a reason other than theyre moving exclusively to an online business model. So, as of next year, you will only be able to get catrice on their website or on amazon, and they say thats going to allow them to have more product launches at a more frequent rate, which is very interesting because weve talked at lengths on this channel. About kind of the shift in the beauty industry to more of that fast fashion model with very, very frequent launches and what can be tricky with that is that its not always conducive with larger retailers like ulta, so thats? Why, when you look at a brand like colourpop, they launch so frequently, but not every launch immediately makes it into ulta so ill.

Be really interested to see the way this shifts things over at catrice next year and if we will see a pretty significant shift in the timeline of their launches or if thats, just what theyre saying i dont know well have to wait until next year. But theyre going to be leaving ulta, they did also say, though i think theyre trying to encourage people to shop on their website, so they did put out a code from now until sunday, so you can use code save 20 on their website for 20 off. If youre gon na be shopping, that might i suggest the trueskin foundation sticking with ulta. They are currently doing their gorgeous hair event, which its interesting ulta does two other big events. In addition to the 21 days of beauty sale that we hear about so often, i know i do videos every year twice a year for the 21 days of beauty, sale, but also, but ulta also does a skin care event and a hair care event, and i Feel like they never get as much buzz, but if you needed to stock up on your shampoo and conditioner you needed to stock up on some hair products, you broke your straightener knock on wood. I needed to get a new one. Now is a great time so that sale is currently going on until the 23rd of october and they run that the same way that they run the 21 days of beauty.

So theres a different flash sale every single day and you can only get that one individual product the day that it is on sale. They also have shampoos and conditioners, like their high end brands on sale as low as 2428 and that whole sale is going to be taking place from now until october 23rd. Now, in addition to that, sephora just announced the dates for the 2021 fall vib sale, which is coming very soon. So if you are vip rouge, which is the highest tier thats, going to start on the best day of the year november 5th, which is my birthday and thats going to go until november 15th for vib status, thats going to start on the 9th and then for Beauty, insider thats, going to start on the 11th and the percentages go 20 for rouge 15 and then 10. But if youre buying the sephora collection, you get an extra 30 off. Well, i dont think an extra, but you get 30 off the sephora collection. Now sometimes when i mention the sale in videos, i get comments from people saying how do i sign up to get that and anyone can be a beauty insider. So all you have to do is sign up at sephora to get that 10 off the vib and then the rouge tier those are unlocked when you spend a certain dollar amount during a calendar year, but anyone can be vib. I know no naviab. Excuse me beauty.

Insider, but i know that 10 is not that significant, so you that might not be like something to push you over the edge, but if there was something in your cart for a while and you were waiting on it, all you have to do is sign up And you can get that 10 off during those dates. Also, i am going to be having a sephora haul coming very soon, and let me know if youd like me to do a vib sale recommendations, video. I typically do one i did one earlier this year for the spring sale. So if you would like to see one for the fall sale, please let me know: okay, more celebrity beauty, brands. We have seen so many this year we saw jen aniston just come out with a hair brand. Just announced quite recently, is going to be a new brand from ellen degeneres. This is called kind skin and its going to be a skincare brand, but i also wanted to touch a little bit on ariana grandes brand, because this is supposed to be coming very very soon. The brand has referenced the time frame of fall, which is currently fall. Doesnt feel like it in new york today, but it is currently fall and if you follow them over on their instagram account, theyve been posting a few little teasers, some really adorable marketing photos with ariana grande. So i being nosy and knowing that i was going to be filming this video anyways im like let me look into this because i am just so curious to see what launches were going to get from that brand.

Initially now one thing i did not realize until looking into this is that rem beauty, which is her brands, name its actually a project under forma brands, which kind of disappointed me personally. But let me explain so formal brands as a beauty brand incubator. If you are sitting here thinking what the heck is that i did a whole video breaking them down, i went super in depth, so i will leave that link down below its super informative. I think its super interesting and forma beauty brands started morphe uh. Well, actually, let me back that up morphe started form of beauty brands, but they morphe is under their umbrella. Jaclyn cosmetics is under their umbrella. Morphe ii, which is the new line with uh dixie dimillio plus some other ventures, are all under forma brands. So i was weirdly like a little bit bummed to see ariana grandes brand under them. I think it makes complete sense, but i would almost prefer to see her go a different route and i will note most celebrity beauty. Brands are under a brand incubator, but i thought that was interesting because of that im assuming this brand will be coming to ulta, though they havent officially said that to my knowledge, but because forma and their brands, like jacqueline and morphe and morphe 2 are all sold At ulta im, assuming this is going to be an ulta ulta exclusive brand instead of sephora. Also ulta already sells her perfumes but anyways heres, where i did a little digging.

I wanted to know whats coming out first, because ariana mentioned in an interview that the products are going to launch kind of like a street wear clothing like flash sale. That was how she described it like different drops surrounding different types of products. So i went up. I went and looked into all the trademarks that were filed under their name and i was reading like what theyre calling them. So these are some products that we might see, but i will note, sometimes trademarks are filed and then that doesnt end up like coming to fruition, but these are some things you might see somewhat shortly. These trademarks were all filed on july 14th of this year, so weve got interstellar, highlighter topper. Oh, she said also that the first drop is going to be all i i related and then eventually there would be like a lip drop in, like other categories. Also something called on your collar. I dont know that feels to me, like maybe a um body glitter, something like that. The flourishing volume mascara at the borderline eyeliner marker, which i think is probably the most on brand product they could have in this launch her winged eyeliner, has been her signature. Look for quite a few years now, also something called space shape. I dont know what that could be, maybe like i in my head im picturing shape tape, because that sounds similar. So im like is it concealer, but i dont think it is because this first drop is supposed to be eyeshadow related.

There is practically permanent which what do you guys think that could be? I feel like that, would be an eyeshadow primer and then essential drip lip oil and midnight shadows. The lip oil might be for a future launch, but i thought that was interesting. I definitely wanted to share and while i was on the website, looking up trademarks, i was like you know what lets dig a little bit more and see what some other brands might be coming out with soon so lets talk about that. So i always like to look at the urban decay trademarks. Occasionally i started doing this after watching ls videos. She has looked into these and like shared like upcoming, naked palettes, and i always think its so interesting. This is all public information, so anyone can just like google, this info, but urban decay. On june, 8th of this year, they trademarked two names: naked urban decay, foxy and naked urban decay, sin which, if the name was flopped around like urban decay, naked foxy – i oh pardon me bumped the mic. I would assume that that was going to be another naked palette, but the fact that its like naked urban decay, scent im like thats kind of throwing me off sin, is a pretty popular shade that theyve had for a while its a light like shimmery champagne tone. So i kind of thought maybe highlights, because they dont have any powder highlights in their collection right now.

Their collection honestly like they need to launch blushes and highlights soon according to me, because they dont have any at the moment they discontinued their other. Actually, let me see they discontinued their blushes. Let me see if they still have highlights. I dont think they do no just in the face palette, but also the shade foxy. That is not new for them either, but that is just like a matte. So for me i i read that and thought is that going to be just a powder, but they have launched so many powders recently that i dont think that would make a ton of sense, but im hoping this might be a highlighter line with quite a few Shades, hopefully also while i was there, i was like lets, look at natasha denona, just for funsies, so heres what might be coming from natasha genona. There were two that stood out to me both filed on april 19th of this year. So quite a while ago. I mean obviously products like take a while to produce so its not actually that long ago, in terms of the timeline, but we have the natasha denona pastel palette, i am like please tell me this is something that were getting in spring 2022. Please tell me, and please tell me that its a mini, i dont, think it is because the name doesnt say mini, but at least be a midi which um um stay tuned for my haul and we also have the mini crush, and i am wondering to myself What color story could that be because the pastel palette, its literally called pastel palette? I think the color story already explained itself, but the crush palette.

I am picturing jewel tones and im, not sure why its a mini palette, though so im like blues and purples, maybe an emerald shes, just shes done a lot of minis recently, even with the trios that came out for the holiday launch, also the mini metropolis palette. So those other two names are something we might see in the future or well never see them. You honestly never know. Ive, looked back at some of the trademarks listed for like urban decay and other brands that were trademarked years and years ago and thought like you know, did this ever become something and sometimes it doesnt, so dont get your hopes up thats. This is me talking to myself about the pastel palette. Dont get your helps up, but i hope you guys enjoyed this. It was kind of all over the place. There were a lot of different random topics that i wanted to talk about in a video, so this seemed like the perfect place to discuss them again.