Today i am back with a review for the typology tinted serum. I cannot wait to tell you about this. One ive been waiting for this for a while. So if you want to learn more about this product before you buy it, then stick around and lets get into it purchase these products. I bought one and got the second one half off, because i couldnt figure out my shade so youre getting my honest review as always: zero bs over here. If you like that kind of thing – and you want to keep seeing more of it, dont forget to hit the like button subscribe. If youre not already subscribed, i put out new videos every week, thats pretty much it. You can sign up back on the site to be on the newsletter where i announce giveaways and promo codes and launches, but its all pretty much optional for you. So without further ado, im going to run through my quick score card five questions. One final verdict: thatll help you figure out whether or not this is going to be a fit for you, hopefully and ill. Tell you what i thought about it and if i would buy it again, all right so, like i mentioned two colors here, i have this in light. I have this in medium. You can combine them. You cannot combine them whatever. It is 34.90 im not going to tell you all about the brand. You can learn more about it back on the website, but i will say that there are six shades available supposed to give a light coverage with a no makeup makeup.

Look which always makes me laugh formula is cruelty. Free, no silicones, no phenoxyethanol plastic dropper packaging is very sustainable. Links to everything in the full scorecard review will be below if you want to check it out back on. The site is where i mentioned some alternates. If this isnt something for you, i can give you a recommendation for what might work or you can sign up to work one on one with me and see what i would pick for. You also have to mention. They have really good ingredient. Traceability. Traceability, i think, is going to be a huge thing in cleaner, greener beauty. I dont know if were going to still be able to call it cleaner, greener beauty at that point, but youre going to want to know what youre using and where those things are coming from, and that helps me to trust the brands ingredients a little bit more. As a consumer, so first up im going to do an ingredient scan and tell you. I am not a cosmetic chemist which should surprise no one read the disclaimer on the screen, the ingredients. I saw no major red flags. I usually call out key red flags that either could be very harmful to most people or might be harmful to certain people. A good example of that would be a coconut oil derivative which is actually inside some people cant tolerate it. I can my skins fine with coconut oil, but some people are like nope theres, vitamin c in here: squalling spoiling squalane, squalene, im, gon na, say squalling aloe vera, also inside, but its for the very end.

So those are the ingredients that allow the company to say. The formula is like a serum, i would imagine theyre serum esque. Those are skincare esque ingredients outside of the coconut derivatives. I really did not see anything that made me go. Oh no! Next for application. This was incredibly easy to apply if youre a subscriber, then you know i really my best tools hands. I love using fingers to apply things quickly easily get out the door live my best life. I wanted to look fresh. I wanted to look good and i dont want to spend a lot of time on it, and so this serum was really helpful with that i could just put a little bit. Maybe a nickel sized or whatever in my hand, apply it and it really did melt into the skin. I look at these things absurdly close up and magnification mirrors, so i look to see if anything separating or sitting only i give it a minute because sometimes it takes a minute to get in there, and sometimes i have to try out multiple different tools to get The right effect, one tip – i can give you here about how it performed on my skin for application when i put a cream based moisturizer like a heavier cream based moisturizer, which i like to use and then put this on top of it. I found that its separated a little bit and gathered around dry patches on skin.

At the time my skin was not very happy and it just got dry for a couple of days. Usually that has something to do with either a skincare item that im, using which i dont use a ton of skincare or something ive eaten and its just when my skin reacts. I can see it like that. I do recommend using a facial oil or a really lightweight moisturizer, totally fine in terms of the skin. Looking like skin finish that i wanted to go for just keep it in mind when youre applying it can make a big difference overall received a 4 5 on the scorecard for application very easy coverage, its supposed to give you light coverage, it absolutely gave light coverage And with one layer it gave very solid light coverage, its not sheer barely there and you can see how it evened out the skin, but in a very natural way. It just sort of made everything. Look a little bit more fresh, evened out nice a little bit of a glow there, but theres not too much dew ill. Get to that and finish in a second also very lightly. When i built this up as well, the coverage got even better id say its close to a medium for my skin, and you can see. I show you with one layer versus built up to two the difference, its a very strong amount of coverage, its still lightweight. However, it gets dewyer, the more you put on, which is pretty much common sense, but keep it in mind.

If you have oily skin youre going to want to potentially set it, and if you dont like setting it, then you might just use one layer or it might not be. Your thing coverage overall was a 4 out of 5 on the scorecard. I want to talk about the shade matching really quickly for coverage. The light shade ended up working out perfectly. What i saw online, i really did not think, was going to work for my skin. So goes the shade matching game when youre buying foundation and complexion products online the medium i also purchased its too dark, but i can absolutely mix it with the other one. If i want to get a little bit more of a warm tint going on, i really wish i just bought the light, but now i bought the medium because i wasnt sure so you know it happens every now and then its nothing against the brand. It was just kind of tricky for me to find the right shade finish. One layer, like i mentioned, gave a really beautiful luminosity it wasnt shiny it wasnt shiny it wasnt, even dewy. It was just luminous like you had just walked around the block and you had kind of that. Little glow going on. It was really nice, but when i layered it up and built it up, i loved the coverage. The finish started to get really more on the dewyer side. It reminded me a little bit of the ilia super serum skin.

Tint say that 10 times fast go just kidding its really hard to say, but it melted into my skin better. When i built it up, it got that kind of a finish wasnt as shimmery of a dewy as say the say, slip tint if youre familiar with that. But those are just some comparisons that maybe, if you have them at home, itll help be like a barometer for what im talking about here finish in general was beautiful again, i really liked it. It was a four out of five on the scorecard and finally, the wear test. The wear test was hit and miss for me so some days it held up really really well other days. It didnt hold up that. Well, what i noticed was, at the end of the day, the one thing that stuck around was, i noticed, a little bit of that powderiness sort of on top of the skin, and when i looked up close to a magnification mirror, i saw that also depends on What i set with on top so this isnt one of the products that i know i can put anything on top of and itll be fine. I really had to watch out what i combined with it, which is not a big deal, its just probably something important to know, and no, i dont know all the products and how they interact with this. That would be a much longer video by the end of the day.

It looked good from afar its just when i got up very close. I could see a little bit of flaking. On top, it looks like a very fine powder on the skin. I dont wear a lot of powders, although that changes every now and then, but recently i havent been it came in the middle of the road. It was very close to a four, but it ended up with a three out of five on the scorecard, which brings me to the total score here of a 15 out of 20.. So would i buy it again? I really actually like this product quite a bit. It reminds me of some other tinted, moisturizers or serum tints, im, not sure if its going to win me over compared to the other products. Now, if i wasnt me – and i was just sitting here with one or two other tinted – serums or tinted moisturizers or tinted spf, whatever lightweight face – coverages – well call it, then i would probably want to keep this. I would just wish that there would be refills available. The price point is also very very good, and i love how they have traceability and sustainability. I will keep testing it against my favorites, as you can see in the brits picks, which is going to be relaunching with some new fresh product very, very soon, link below to sign up to see that and be there for the launch of it.

Have you tried this product? Yet what do you think about this product or after watching this video youre gon na give it a shot? Let us know in the comments below you guys know. I love to hear from you. Sometimes it takes me a minute to respond, but i will always get back to you. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you found this helpful if you did find it helpful. Take two seconds hit that, like button subscribe, if you havent already and sign up for the newsletter where i will be sending all kinds of recaps and roundups and launches giveaways were back on the site. Im gon na go test out some more products and ill see.