It has been a while since ive done this. I think the last time was actually half a year ago, like thats. Just crazy because i literally feel like i just filmed it, but my products from that video have sort of recycled and i kind of have like a whole new set of a number one current favorite product. So im gon na be sharing that with you today. It is going to be in the tutorial style, so ill be applying everything as i go, but this video idea did come from every glance. She does do this video quite often so ill leave her channel and her video linked down below as well. But with that being said, this is the final look using all of my current number one products. So if youre interested in hearing about that, then please continue watching so starting off with primers. Of course, i currently have a two that i use all the time and if you watch my project pen, then you would kind of know which two primers that im using consistently so the first one is the hemish atlas glow base. This has been my absolute favorite for the longest time like this is a spoiler for my project. Pan theres not much left in here im, probably gon na – have to cut open into it and get the remaining product out, but i just love how this makes my skin look. It gives you like a really nice sort of glass skin finish and the second primer that i use all the time is the alf polish putty primer.

As you can see, i have been loving this. A lot of these products that youre gon na see is in my project, pan um, because obviously i use these products on the daily. I like to use a mixture of the hemish one and the elf one, because this one is more like smoothing and poor filling, whereas the hemish one. It gives me more of like a glowy base, and i just like the combo of the two ive been using. The combo of these two for a while now like this is the core of my complexion and then for foundation. My skin has actually been breaking out a lot. Its all cleared up now, but im left with a lot of like acne scars, its probably the worst. It has ever been honestly, i dont think ive ever had this much scarring um, so i have been liking like a fuller coverage foundation, so i have been using my urban decay all nighter foundation a lot because the coverage on this is insane, and i just love The finish of this, but the shade i have is 4.0, and this is like way way too yellow. So i use the perudo seeker clearing bb cream in a 23 natural beige to sort of neutralize the color. It is still quite yellow on me, but its like. Not as yellow, if i was just to use it alone, so i like to use half a pump and then ill sort of match that same amount with the peridot bb cream.

So this one over here is the urban decay, and then this one is the peru. You can see the undertones like this ones, so yellow this ones like almost neutral gray, and then i just have the spatula that i use and ill mix it together, its still quite yellow, i guess, and then im just gon na go in with my sponge. This one is from alf cosmetics and, as you can see, that just covers up literally all of my acne scars like i dont need to go in with concealer on my face, because this coverage is crazy and then ill actually just take some of that remaining foundation And just use this over my acne scars, where i need a little bit more coverage instead of going in with concealer ill, just use a little bit more foundation, and i like to use my finger and then ill just dab it out with my sponge to get That blended in properly, i typically do wear this combo when im filming, because i feel like i can get away with the color match, because i think in person my face does look a lot more tanned than like my chest. But when im filming, because i have like a big window in front of me – i dont know it kind of like evens it out a little bit, but ive been loving these two together and then, of course my concealer is the too faced born this way.

I wear almond, i only take like a little bit underneath my eyes. I just truly love this concealer like, although on other days i try to go through my project, pen, concealer and some other concealers in my collection. Whenever i need my makeup to look like 100 ill just go on this concealer its like the best for me, i need to buy a new one, because this was almost finished and then for powder ive been using two powders as well. So the first one is a new one to me, but i have been loving it. This is from egg lips, its their blur powder pack, so ill. Take that underneath my eyes and then down the sides of my nose and my smile lines. I feel like just using a sponge like im, not taking too much product but enough product to stay under my eyes and it doesnt look so heavy and it is like a blurring powder. So i feel, like my skin just looks very, very smooth. I mean obviously, of course, im not going to claim that i have perfect skin and i have no texture, i think, on camera. Sometimes it cant come off like that, because i have like this little this little light here and then i have a big window. So i feel like it does sort of help smooth out my skin, sometimes and then im just gon na go in with my by beauty change makeup powder.

I wear the shade medium one. I just like take a little bit of this and set the rest of my face just like around the outer edge of my face and then for my sitting mess. I have been loving the pixie glow mist. So when i first got this, i was a little scared to use, because i do like more of like a matte base. I wasnt sure how much i was going to like a glow mist um, but i would say the glow its just very natural, like its a very natural glow, its not going to make you so dewy and i dont know. I just really like how my skin looks on camera as well. When i spray this, so you just have to shake it up, because there is a bit of oil in there, and what i like about this is that the mist is actually quite short, so youre not spraying it too much on. You know what i mean like when you press it down its a very short mist, but the mist is very fine, so i do like that so kind of matches my vibe today. Usually some mist is like very long and i feel like it sprays on too much so i have been loving this alright, so i am back with my brows on now. I thought i would just do them off camera, because ive been using the same products for a really long time, ill still leave them linked down below.

If you are curious, but lets move into the eyes im going to start off with my eye primer, this one is from collidos its the tone. Activator eye primer im, actually almost out of this as well like i dont, have that much left like i really got. Ta squeeze to get product out, but i saw colourpop um as coming out with a eye primer too. So that was like perfect timing, because im, like almost done with this and then im hoping to pick that one up sometime soon. As for my current number, one favorite eyeshadow palette, im sure you guys can guess. Of course it is red dragon from odins eye. This is my color palette. I just love this palette and i know a lot of you guys are receiving your palettes now and the feedback has been so amazing, like ive had so much self doubt about this palette and just seeing the response really makes me feel a lot better. So im gon na do another look with red dragon today, so i actually saw this look from lisu blooming. She is a korean makeup youtuber. She did this autumn. Fig makeup ill put some photos up here and i just love this color combo and when i saw this look i thought i could easily recreate this with red dragon. So im gon na go ahead and take a little bit of serene. It looks like she has a little bit of peachiness at the outer corners there, its been really crazy with red dragon and just seeing people like actually purchasing the palette and now theyre receiving it and people are tagging me its its seriously so crazy.

I cant believe it and whenever i see like looks like random, looks on instagram or on tick tock im like wow. I can recreate that with red dragon, thats, so easy with red dragon, and this look is a really good example, like all of the shades that shes wearing on her eyes, you can just create from one palette from red dragon like seriously and then were gon na. Go into jade over here im using this new brush. This is from becky gs, makeup brand. I dont know how to pronounce it, so i dont wan na say it incorrectly, but were gon na test this brush out today, um this one is the b100 and were gon na apply jade to the inner third. Here again, just using circular motions and just applying a little and then for her eyeliner, its like a really deep, burgundy, plum and aurora will be the perfect shade for that. So im gon na actually mix aurora and fire together because her one looks a little bit more ready im just telling you guys you can create. So many looks of this so im just gon na take that at my outer edge im taking this brush its the b one, two one brush from vicky gs brand, so im going to take some into my inner corners over here as well. I notice a lot of like korean makeup. They emphasize that inner corner and i feel like it, suits my eye shape really well so im also going to take that onto my lower lash line as well.

So, im just going to take a little bit of solar flare just a little bit because solar flare is really intense. Im just going to use this to highlight my inner corners, just just because the whole eye look is pretty matte. I just want like a little bit of shimmer, but not too much im gon na go ahead and tightline im using the bh liquid liner, not my number one um its just because i ran out of my favorite liquid liner. So this is just what i have so i like the tight line with like a liquid liner because i feel like it lasts longer and it doesnt smudge, but im just going to go ahead and take like a matte black eyeshadow and on this very skinny angled Brush just align that lash line a little bit and that is just going to make the lash line look more defined going into my nude eyeliner. This has always been a favorite honeydew from colourpop. Well, take that into the bottom waterline and now im just going to go ahead and prep the lashes. I think that is really going to bring the look together so im going to use hannah from petite cosmetics. This is one of my favorites. I pretty much use the same four lashes. All the time and hannah is one of them im going to curl my lashes and my number one favorite mascara right now is the image smudge stop.

This is my second one. Actually i did open it. Ive been holding off to open this because i want to go through some other mascaras, but i couldnt help myself. I just love this mascara, so much so now back onto the face, my current number one bronzer would have to be the earlier night light bronzing powder. I have mine in the shade a novelty, so i actually like to mix this with my kaleidos christmas contour palette, which has been a fave but, as you can see like this is almost finished. So i take like what i can from this and then ill. Take a dab of my ilia one and then i will just apply this lightly just to have like a light. Bronzer, the ilia one is pretty like pigmented, so i dont like to take too much of it for blush. My current favorite would have to be my too faced love a flush blush in the shade. I will always love you. It literally gives you the most perfect, like peachy sheen on your cheeks, like it looks so good every time i wear this im like okay, my favorite blush, and it is super cute. You know, as for my number one highlighter, of course, fuego from dose of colors. Its such a shame that this was a collab, because this shade is formula its just perfect and then lastly onto the lips. I do have a lot of lip favorites right now, but i would have to say one of my newest favorites would have to be the collidos cloudlab lip clays.

They did come out with some new shades, so my favorite shades are a bear and pink moon. I think for today, um bear would suit this look a little bit better and i like to use my fingers to blend this, and i like that very soft diffused. Look and this you guys is the completed makeup. Look using my current number one makeup product. I love how this look turned out, so ill leave lisu bloomings channel down below, and i really do love how were able to recreate her look just using the red dragon palette. So i hope this gave you more inspiration, although it is a very simple look, i feel like its still perfect for full time and its still quite wearable like were wearing like peach, olive, green and plum on our eyes. So hopefully you guys enjoyed this little look. There will be more looks to come with red dragon, but hope you guys enjoyed another one. So if you guys did enjoy this video, if you could give the video a thumbs up for me id appreciate it so much. Let me know some of your favorite number one products right now in the comments down below. I would love to hear that, but with that being said guys, thank you so much for watching.