I like didnt know if i was gon na get it or not, and i was when i showed up at my doorstep. I was like thank you so much like i was so excited, so today were gon na be playing around with the new kylie and nightmare on elm street collection. I was so excited when i saw that she was collabing with nightmare on elm street, like that is like everything to me. Nightmare on elm street is one like one of my favorite movies freddys, like my favorite, like classic like villain like horror movie villain, i love freddie, so much um. I like a freddy like thing on my wall right here. I am upset. I literally have loved freddy, since i was like a kid and if you guys watch my last video, where i did like my 31 days of horm um dream warriors is my favorite of the like movies um, so im just so excited. So i love this pr box so like when you hold it up its like this, and then you slide it open and its a freaking vhs. I am obsessed with this like i. This is like one of the coolest like pr packages ive ever gotten. Im obsessed with like dhs, i like collect, vhss or vhss. Is that the correct term i dont know, but i have a little va small little vhs collection back here and i have some other ones like in my other room, but i love vhs tapes so like seeing this was like super exciting.

You open up the box, and this is what the inside of the pr box looks like love the design on everything its so cute. We have the palette, we have the lip products and cheek stain and then the lashes. So this is a little bit like more of a smaller collection, but im still super excited for it, so this collection does launch on october 12th, ill put all the info and everything down below for you guys. So the first thing that we have is the palette – and this is what the packaging looks like this retails for thirty dollars. This is what the like unit carton looks like, and the actual palette itself looks the same. You open it up, and this is what the inside looks like. This is a 12 pan palette. There are mixtures of mattes, metallics and glitter. It says this halloween inspired. Color story features soft and easy to blend formulas that deliver a highly pigmented color payoff love the design on the inside too, like all the blood splatters and stuff its so cute, um, so yeah. So that is the palette we have the lip shine lacquer set and this retails for 35 dollars. It says that it includes three versatile shades. Its creamy comfortable texture delivers a highly pigmented high shine finish. So these are what the colors look like and i love again the packaging. The blood splatters on everything is so cute um. So we have a like, lighter um, pink shade, like a neutral pink.

This ones called only a dream. We have like a red and this ones called elm street, and then we have a darker brick red. This is one i actually have on right now and this one is called, never sleep again, im, not sure. If this is a new formula or not, i havent tried it before um, but so far i really like it spoiler alert. This is a newer formula. This is a lip and cheek jelly stain um. I think in her story. She said that she wanted to release it with this collection, because it kind of looks like blood which it does. I think its super cute um. This is what the like packaging looks like its in, like a i dont want to say its, not like glass but its like a nice. It has some weight to it, and this is what it looks like its just like a jelly formula, this retails for 17 – and it says its a versatile water, infused stain for the lips and cheeks its jelly texture leaves you with a natural looking plush of color Or it can be built up for a more intense look um and the inside of the unicorn too. Has these like blood hands in it thats the packaging they killed it with packaging. The last thing in this collection are some lashes, so these are, i thought they were strip lashes at first, but they are um little clusters so um.

I have them on right now, but ill put like them before. I use them on the screen, but you can definitely um just kind of like use whatever little clusters you want. I use the two center ones and just put those like on the outer corners of my eyes, because i like to do more like a half lash type of look so um these retail for 18 and yeah, like i said they are like pre cut lashes. So its like the kylie rebrand and everything theyve definitely changed their formulas of stuff, so everything in here it says its clean vegan, cruelty, free gluten, free and fragrance free um, formulated with no ingredients from animal origin like thats what it says on everything. So that is really cool, considering that there are a lot of um eyeshadow palettes like palettes that have red eyeshadows that are vegan, so that is really cool, theres everything in the collection um. I will put all the pricing and info and everything down below in the description box, for you guys um like i said it is launching on the 12th. So this is the look that i came up with today, using the collection. So if you guys want to see how i got this look right here and to hear my final thoughts on the collection, then just keep watching so were going to go ahead and jump into the palette im so excited. So this is what the packaging looks like.

I love the colors in here. So much like you guys know like reds, yes get my eyes primed im gon na go ahead and jump into the shade. Um dont fall asleep, which is this one right here. Im gon na use that, as my transition shade im just putting that into the crease pretty lightly. Once i have that shade down, i just wanted something kind of like a really light transition shade. Just so the other colors will blend a little bit nicer. So im gon na go ahead and take um a bad dream, which is the nice like bright red in here. Im super excited for this shade and put this like on my outer corner and just start building that up into the crease shes super pigmented, which is really nice. This is a really pretty red, its like a more like a pinky red kind of blend. This out a little bit more, this way its building, this color up, she seems to be blending out fine like im, not having any issues or anything actually blended out, pretty nicely im gon na do that on this eye really quick. Lastly, i think im gon na go into dream demon, which is that dark, burgundy, shade lets start focusing this along, like the lash line and then ill build it up into like the outer corner, so im gon na start like right here. I i love this color and im kind of just bringing that along the lash line, like just not any like rhyme or reason, im just kind of being a little messy with it and then ill bring that into the outer corner back with the brush that i Was using earlier just going to blend those together just building the intensity up on this shade, just so its nice and smoky and dark.

I have that shade down im gon na go into um. I cant tell which one i want to use. I think im gon na use spring wood high this shade down here, im gon na just take that on my finger. I think this might be actually is it. This is the glitter shade, so im actually going to take the other red in here. Gon na. Take this shade right here, come to freddy this ones, just more like a regular shimmer im taking that on the lid thats, actually really pretty it matches the crease shade, really well glitter, shade um spring one high and just gon na, like press that over really pretty. I dont know how much you can like tell on camera, but in person it has like such a pretty just like a little touch of something, but its really really pretty. Im gon na go back with the brush that i was using with um dream demon. The dark red and im just gon na kind of go over where i had that shade. First well, come back to the lower lash line. Im gon na go do my foundation, everything and then ill be right back well! Try the cheek product out, which im very interested in trying, because i dont really know how to use it yet um, but yeah so ill, be right back ahead and put on my foundation. I have bronzer on right now, so i want to try out this um lip and cheek jelly stain.

I dont even know how to use this. Like i dont know, i think she said with a sponge. I dont like applying like blush and stuff with a sponge, but um, i guess, were going to try it and see im just going to use those sponge that i used with my foundation um and use like this side of it. I dont know how to apply this im just taking like whatever is in the cap. I guess so. Im gon na take a little bit im gon na try on the back of my hand. First, i dont know if i like that texture its very like jelly. You know im trying to see if maybe, if i apply it that way. First, i dont know lets just do that and see what happens. Um, not messing up like my foundation, underneath so thats good. Oh it stains. Oh my god hold on okay. I dont think i like this. Well, i maybe im just like not applying it right, but i will say if you are going to apply it like straight onto your face. Do not leave it there for a long time, because now my finger is stained um, so that is not my favorite. I think im just going to leave that alone and just wear regular blush, but i wanted to try it out on camera first, but i dont think i am either using it the right way or i just dont like the formula um its just not my favorite.

Maybe like i said it might just be user error and im using it wrong. I dont know, but i dont think i dont know its just it didnt work. For me, its gon na apply my blush like usual im using the colourpop um blush quad. This is a cookie cluster, so i think i applied a little bit too much blush, but oh well, im just baking, really quick, im gon na go ahead and just finish up the lower lash line. I am gon na take that green shade, which im very excited for um its whats. It called gon na get you this one. Its like a nice like dark forest, green and im gon na apply this on my lower lash line. I do wish there was like a green shimmer in here. Thatd be really pretty just like that. I just wanted to add that green to the lower lash line. I do really like that. Color, oh im, gon na apply some mascara, really quick and then im gon na try the lashes out. I hadnt just applied the lashes off camera. I didnt realize i thought they were like strip lashes um, but i didnt realize that they were like clusters. So i actually just ended up using the two theres like four clusters on each lash um. I ended up just using the two in the middle and just put those on the outer corner, since i like wearing more of a half lash situation.

So that is what i did but yeah. There are four pre cut like clusters in the lash, so theyre not full strip lashes, which is nice because i actually just dont like wearing full strips anymore um, so yeah. So i just have the two center clusters on the outer corners of my eyes, um, and it gives you just like a nice like fluffy, look, go ahead and just finish off the look with these lip shine lacquers. So these are, it says: theyre, versatile, a creamy, comfortable texture that delivers a highly pigmented high shine finish. So i dont know if these are like a new formula um, but im excited so im gon na probably use the all. The colors in here are really pretty im gon na use this one. Obviously, those are like. I love a dark lip um. This one is called, never sleep again, so now go ahead and apply this ooh. I, like this color doesnt, really have a scent a thicker formula, but its not sticky at all, which is nice, and i do like a more thicker formula when it comes to lip products like this um, especially like darker lips, because i feel like they wont, move Around as much as like something a little bit more thinner and glossier, you know its thicker. It also stays on a little bit longer as well. So i dont usually mine, like a thicker, gloss or pigmented, and it gives you like full coverage.

I dont have to go over it too much a pretty nice like line with this applicator as well. This color a lot too. This is like a really pretty like brick, red kind of color thats everything from the collection. So let me go ahead and just off this powder and ill give you guys my final thoughts on the collection. So this is the finished look. I just want to mention really quick. I feel like the green, like lower lash line, its almost pulling a little bit more, like blue on me now. I dont know if its because its nice to the red or what but it looks a little like bluish green now it still looks green, but it has like a little bit more of like a blue tint to it. I dont know maybe its just my eyes who knows but um yeah. Let me give you guys my final thoughts on the collection, so i love the packaging on this collection. I definitely think this is like a collectors kind of thing um i didnt know if i was gon na get this in pr or not, so i was planning on buying the entire collection anyway, its because i love the packaging and around elm street its one of My favorite movies, so i was like i i have to i dont know if theyre selling the pr box, but if they are like this is so cool. I literally love this so much.

I love that it looks like a vhs the inside with like the burns and everything its just. I really love the design and the package on everything ive mentioned this before i am a packaging like i love nice packaging. The packaging is a selling point um. I do actually really like the palette, though i like the reds in here um i do wish. There was like a little bit less neutrals, but i do understand why theyre in the palette, like i get the vibe that they were trying to go for and also like. I got some like dm saying like oh, i wonder if i can wear like a a wearable look with this palette like i want it, but its like. How often am i gon na wear it? So i think, if you are somebody that like loves this movie, but you dont, really like even wearing like super bold, looks like something like this. You can do something more neutral, but i do get like why there is like neutral eyeshadows in here. You know um. It just you know the skin. The red like it just all makes sense. So um, like even this, like pink shade, really looks like the like fleshy kind of pink shade, so i get it um. The colors in here are really pretty. You know i forgot to put something on my inner corners im gon na use elm street its this shade right here. I totally forgot to put something there.

I like the the packaging. I like the names i like the colors. I think the shadows performed really well. So definitely, if youre gon na get anything, i would say pick up the palette. I really like these lip lacquers. I feel like the formula is so nice, its super comfortable, its not sticky, but it doesnt look its going to move around or anything all day long. So i really like this formula, i think all the colors in here are really pretty too again. I get why theres like this lighter, like pink shade in here, one its wearable and it also kind of like matches the packaging and stuff so um. The names on them are really cute. I do like the lashes i like that they are like pre cut little clusters, so you kind of like mix and match and kind of just like create your own kind of lash style with it instead of having like just one strip lash, i do think 18 Is like a little pricey for like clusters like this but um, i think theyre really cute and i like the way that they look on. Lastly, this lip and cheek jelly stain the packaging is really cute. I really like the idea of it because it looks like blood so its perfect for, like this time of year, this season and like the collection i just maybe i wasnt using it right, but i just feel like i couldnt get it to work and, like i Said if you leave it in one spot for too long, it is a stain so its not their fault.

I should read um, but it does stain wherever you leave it. So i think this actually might look nice on the lips too. I didnt try it on my lips, but i can definitely see that it will stain, so that is nice, but as a cheek product im, not sure if i like it as that, but i might like it as a lip product. So, overall, i do think that, like the collection is cute palette and the lip products, i think those are both really nice and i think they performed well. I really like this lip formula like a lot. I wasnt expecting to like, like it this much but its such a pretty gloss, but its not overly glossy because, like sometimes ive gotten like deeper um, colored glosses and sometimes theyre like too glossy, and they look like just messy and like they dont look nice. But this one was like full pigment, its not messy or anything and just like its like the perfect amount of thickness, but also not sticky either so its really nice. I like the the lip products a lot. I definitely think if youre, like a collector, definitely pick up this collection, its such a cute collection, like. I definitely want to keep the little like vhs box on display. It is perfect. I just love the box and the collection so much so um, but the products themselves like they worked. Fine, like the the palette, was really nice.

I like the colors in here and the lip products um the lashes. The only thing i just like was kind of like about was chic stain but yeah overall um. I do think that this is a cute collection. I definitely think its worth checking out so um leave me a comment down below what, if you guys, are gon na pick anything up from this collection or, if you guys, are gon na skip on it but anyways. I hope that this video was helpful for you.