Thank you so much for clicking on this video. I hope you stick around and maybe even give it a thumbs up and subscribe im really trying to hit 3 000 subscribers before my birthday in december, because um happy ethnic birthday to me. That would be amazing. I hope that you subscribe because you dont hate to see my face and uh if youre an og. Thank you just a little bit extra for being here that much longer because its been a journey. So today we are taking a very brief intermission from halloween content. Uh, if youre watching my halloween videos, thank you so much make sure you give them a thumbs up um. I just filmed this look if you are curious because i dont know which video is going up, but i did a three looks. One palette and review of the new pat mcgrath holiday palette, so this video is probably going to come up first, so just make sure that if you want to see the video that you are subscribed and hit the notification bell, because hopefully im posting that one next. I still have to edit it after i film this one so anyway, but today were going to talk about the new kylie cosmetics collection and i usually do not talk about kylie cosmetics. On my channel uh. I usually am not that intrigued by her collections. To be honest, i usually talk about jeffree, star collections, because a lot of my subscribers are fans of him.

Jaclyn hill ive done a couple, colourpop ones like if a collection really sparks my interest, i want to talk about it and kind of get a conversation going and also helps me talk about it out loud to say. Am i actually going to purchase this or not so were going to be talking about the kylie cosmetics nightmare on elm street collection which, because my halloween series is a nightmare on noel street just kidding? She has no idea who i am but were gon na talk about that today, because ive actually havent been this excited for halloween collection. I dont think in a really long time so clearly like i want to purchase the collection, which is why im talking about it. Its either i want to purchase it or i think its trash. I want to purchase it and usually kylie doesnt get me. Okay, usually that slim thick beautiful human, that yellow fire to be doesnt, get me okay. She usually cannot get me to buy her products. Lets go ahead and get into the collection and make sure you thumbs up and lets continue. Let me scoot my boot, so i can put pictures up here: um, okay, so this collection comes with a few items. I cant do math because i dont know how i want to group it. Do i want to group the lips together, whatever just ignore anything anyway. So obviously these pictures im getting off trend, moons instagram. So in this collection we have a lip and cheek stain jelly stain.

It looks like three lip lacquers, which are like highly pigmented glosses and an eyeshadow palette. Oh, the packaging is so effing good, so lets get into the palette. Okay, this palette. At the same time that its so halloween, its so wearable and so stunning, like so many people, i know especially people like me, who have green eyes, love red tones like it is warm neutrals and then pops of red like this is so fall. At the same time that its halloween its very fall kind of wintery, too, i love this color story and i actually feel like its a new color story that i really havent seen before like it is just so exciting to me, i love the blood splatter on The palette we got a good mirror, it looks like, and the swatches that she did on her story were looked insane now. You never freaking know but holy crap. I love that you have like night light neutrals. You have deeper shades that can create dimension theres, a good mix of matte and shimmers, which i like, and this palette is only 30, which i think is like much lower than normal for her. I dont know, but that feels much lower to me. Does anyone else feel that way, like 30 bucks, for that heck yeah, like theres, uh 12 shades in here thats, like a really good price, actually thats like just over two dollars a shade plus it has like the you know, the limited edition packaging and everything like.

I am all about this so then, and again outside the packaging, with like the claw, the claw, okay, that was from lighter light or not nightmare number three, but anyway anyone see that movie. I love that movie. Um love the packaging. The packaging gets me. Oh, my god – and this looks like a colourpop size palette like it, looks like its gon na be like about this size. It looks like its like this packaging. Basically, but with you know the amazing designs, oh my god, i love it so much. It also looks like it comes in like a cassette which is so cool like this. I will admit she puts a lot into her packaging. Okay, you can say what you want about the kardashians that theyre just doing it for the money. Okay, but one thing i appreciate about kylie, because if you, if you compare lets, compare like kims brand with her brand okay, kims brand is neutral. Aesthetic boring, if you will okay but im, just saying theres, not cr, like theres, not a creative process behind it, thats something that i do like about kylies brand and her aesthetic is. I think that she cares a little bit more and she actually has a creative passion for it, even though she knows shes gon na make a ton of money, no matter what she does. She still puts that like a little bit of effort in so i i really appreciate that the cassette tape this is like i just freaking love it.

I love it so much okay and then we have the lip lacquers, which look beautiful. We have a nude, a red and like a more deep, brownie red again great colors for fall also for halloween. I wish, though, my only gripe with this collection is. I wish you put a a black lip lacquer in there im, sorry that would have absolutely sealed the deal for me like im buying this collection anyway. But, oh, my god, like a glossy black lip for this collection. Are you effing kidding me? I love it. So much i do understand, though, that its very red focused for like blood, obviously, but i think she missed a good opportunity to do that here. Okay, my camera died so im back, i dont know if things look a little different for that one second, but anyway, so what i was saying was, i feel, like she missed the mark. Only on doing a black lip locker like i think that would have been absolutely sick. I can hear my cat meowing outside the door im, sorry, but she keeps biting my feet while im trying to film because im not giving her attention. So i dont know what she thought was gon na happen. These are the swatches of the lip lacquer, so theyre. Basically, like super pigmented lip glosses, i am surprised that she did not do lip liners match because, yes, you can wear these by yourself, but i would probably sew in a lip liner to perfect my lip shape as well as just like, underneath kind of especially like You know cash grab for that, but im surprised, but those look really nice.

They do look beautiful and then here are the swatches for the eyeshadow palette. The one on the video on that was on the her story, though, was like so pretty, because you can see the shimmers and everything these look so pigmented there doesnt look to be like a single, similar shade. That is one thing i hate with collections is when, like you, do not need three different shades of brown. Actually, okay, thats, not true! You dont need three different shades of like a pink okay. Browns makes sense because theyre often transition colors and you know you need depth and stuff, but, like i hate when, like a palette like a pink palette, comes out, but theres two super similar, matte pink shades. Its like you dont, need that its just youre just filling space, so i love this color story, theres literally not a single shade that is similar, and then this looks interesting, leaping cheek jelly stain im very curious as to how that works, especially if someone had like Oily skin um, i wonder how that would look with powder like everything in the collection im here for – and this definitely looks cool too, but i am intrigued concerned. I dont know how this would last like. I dont know how a jelly skin product would do that. Isnt, like a primer like its meant to stay, but its also a stain, so i guess i dont know im intrigued. I kind of want to buy it all like i dont know why um really not sure, but i think thats cool and innovative if it is a good product, thats kind of innovative and then the last item is some lashes.

Oh shes trying to get me for all that im worth just kidding um these look cute. They look cute. I like how theyre like cluttered and stuff um, and i do still try other lashes, because i also got ta – know whats on the market guys, even though i always wear my own brand, but these look cute im intrigued. I dont think shes done lashes before they look kind of short, though i dont know how i feel about them, but we shall see so that is the whole collection. Let me scoot back in the middle for some final thoughts, so i think im going to purchase the collection because it looks freaking amazing and i love it so much um. I dont really need you guys to convince me, but if you want to help me feel validated in my irresponsible purchase, then go right ahead. Tell me you want to see review. Tell me you want swatches, tell me when it all. Okay, i dont know yall. This is like the first halloween collection that has really excited me in a long time. What do you guys think? Do you agree with me? Do you disagree? Do you think its trash? Do you think its amazing? What do you think lets talk about it in the comments this does launch on october 12th, which i think is tuesday? I dont know the time i think its only on kali cosmetics, i dont know if its gon na be the ulta.

If i can find that information ill put it like in the description box, but um yeah it launches on october 12th. So if you want to set your alarms, i think thats it for todays video. I hope you give it a thumbs up. I hope you give it a thumbs up. I hope you subscribe, because you want to see my face again. That, like means a lot to me, um, and i hope i see you in the next video, which is probably going to be my three looks one palette and review on this and then well get back to our normal halloween programming.