I got mine in 16 ounces and you can see that the biggest difference between this and their standard uh most popular model. The t3 velcro is going to be the closure system, so they use this offset lace up system that youre starting to see more frequently with these overlapping. The wrist support that overlaps with the offset and a lot of companies are doing it to where they have it. Closer up towards the thumb so that you get a much more snug and pulled in fit when you tighten these down most recently, i did the the power lock, 2 lace up reviews and you can see some similarities there, uh with that so um. You know the big question is: are these better than the velcro version? The uh? I believe they call the dual x wrist closure um ill! Explain that to you guys here in a second on my thoughts on that uh. But this only comes in this all black um colorway. Obviously it does have the white accents and uh uses their microfiber synthetic leather material that has kind of a grainy, uh matte feel to it. You have the hayabusa logo that is embossed in there um. You also have that angled design with sort of that faux carbon, fiber and patent leather right there give you guys some close ups of the stitching. These gloves are manufactured in china. You have the suede thumb that is good for wicking, away, sweat off your forehead and your face.

I actually find it very useful because i sweat a ton so its its nice to have that just make sure you clean it and you you kind of leave it out to dry, otherwise its going to get funky hayabuse on the back of the wrist, and you Also have the channel right here and the back of the wrist has about an inch of uh, pretty firm density padding. So you get that good wrist support flipping it over here you have 16 ounces again says tokushu same material. You also have that again more of the carbon fiber um, the inside wrist id say about it in maybe a quarter of an inch, and then they have their um their smooth kind of tricot liner. They have a special name for it. I think its called like sbt liner, or something like that. The gloves are manufactured in china. You have their tag right. There, designed in usa, made in china heres a lace up system. One thing i like about the lace up is that, instead of it being holes on this side, i mean you have holes right here, which is standard, but you have the little loops that the laces go through. So that makes it so much easier to lace. Up than having holes on both sides – and then you have this extra one up here to kind of help, pull this over and kind of keep it close to the thumb. More of that patent faux leather material, ventilated holes everywhere, its probably the most ventilated hold glove youll ever see.

You can see theyre literally everywhere, hayabusa on the finger compartment, um grip bar is pretty nice and pretty nice. You know large size there and you have an attached thumb as well, so lets go ahead and put these on the scale see how much these weigh starting off with the right glove im gon na throw the laces on top. My scale is off today. Let me go ahead and reset that all right lets try that again at least make sure its zeroed out all right. There we go so the right glove is at 15 and a half ounces, so its pretty close to 16. that half ounce off and the left glove is 15 and a half so theyre exactly on the way in just about a half ounce underweight. So lets go ahead and do the review – hey whats up guys, carlo here and today, im doing a review on the hayabusa t3 laser boxing gloves. I got mine in 16 ounces and it comes in this all black color way. I wish they did have other colors to choose from maybe in the future, hayabusa will come out with other colorways like they do for their velcro version, which is probably by far their most popular glove sizes. You can get anywhere between 10 to 16 ounces, so you have several sizes to choose from now, ive been wanting to get my hands on these gloves for a while. Now, because ive used several of the hayabusa t3 gloves in the past with the dual x, dual wrist x closure.

Hopefully i got that right system which is uh. What theyre, really known for is that dual velcro strap system that they use and i wanted to see if the lace ups were as good or, if not better, in terms of wrist support than those, and, to be honest with you, i still feel that the velcro Versions are more supportive than the lace ups, which is really rare. Most of the time lace up gloves. Typically, they give you more of a kind of a custom form fitted feel over traditional velcro gloves, but in this case with the t3s, i still feel that the dual x wrist closure system is better. I know that they have attempted to really kind of advanced the protection and support of their laser version having this offset wrist, but theres a couple things i want to mention here in terms of the design of this, in the fact that i feel that, even though You have this offset wrist. I feel that the wrist opening with the pad, even with the padding, is a little bit on the larger side, so its a little a little bit too squared off, and what that does is that even with this lace tie it all? The way down, i still felt there was a little bit of wiggle room inside there. So once i put this on, you guys can see what im talking about, but you can see the design of the glove is identical, pretty much to their their velcro versions.

The only difference is going to be this lower half portion where the wrist support is at, and obviously the inside right here is going to be different because of the lace up system. These gloves are manufactured in china. It utilizes a synthetic microfiber leather that has a nice, texture and green to it has more of a matte finish. You have the hayabusa logo on the back patent leather material, the carbon fiber, the suede for the thumb, which is good for those of you that swipe your butt off like i do so. You have that suede right there. You have that angled wrist with the little section right here, the channel that gives it some flexibility and also allows the laces to sit in that channel. It says hayabusa thats, embossed uh, one nice thing i like about this this glove and what hayabusa does is they dont use any like just cheap printed on? They actually use like an embossed logo, same thing with the one that says: hayabusa so thats just nice. Little extra touch there now rolling over to the palm side, get more of that faux carbon fiber tokushu 16 ounces. You have the offset lace up system with the laces starting right here and that whole premise of that is to kind of pull everything together, including the lower section of the thumb the offset laces. You also have these open loops and instead of just the holes which are on this side on the outer edge, you have the loops that the laces go through, so it makes it a little easier and more convenient to put them on.

You can see that it has a big overlap in terms of the wrist closure right there, and you also have uh hayabusas own liner, which is kind of like a smooth microfiber liner, doesnt bunch up and its really comfortable, ventilated holes everywhere on the thumb and the Palm nice large grip bar attached thumb that doesnt expose the thumb, and you also have hayabusa on the finger compartment and show you guys again more of the palm side right there. Quality of gloves are really good, except for some of the stitching. I noticed that some of the stitching and its to me its a little bit more of the aesthetic and the look of the glove, especially on the back youll start. Seeing some of the stitching on both gloves are kind of coming off right. There same right here, theres another one, thats kind of popping out so little stitches every you know here and there thats kind of the only issue i really found the suede is held up really nicely: it utilizes a multi layer, foam padding its definitely more on the Firm side so theres definitely some break in with the foam, but you can see the patent. Leather looks good or should i say the the faux patent leather, the carbon fiber looks clean. The stitching patterns. Look really good. The reinforcement on the inner thumb looks clean that all looks good grip. The grip bar is done nicely. The outer edges looks good, it was only a half ounce underweight and both gloves were exactly on weight with each other, which is great.

It seems well balanced of the distribution of padding and foam is done nicely. The liner on the inside is done very well, and here is the stitching see the stitching is a little off. I mean not by much. You can see it kind of rises up a little right. There again were just being nitpicky right. You know, stitching on the inside of the wrist, looks pretty good on the back. So overall really good, i mean everything, looks really solid. Minus some of the stitching on the cosmetic parts like right here on the back and on the side right there, so thats pretty much the only areas. I saw any kind of flaws. Comfort of the gloves very comfortable sliding your hand in here um. The liner feels great, i do like the liner a lot. I feel that it doesnt bunch up. It feels really smooth and cool. The thumb position is perfect. Nice parallel thumb doesnt jam, even when i close my my my fist and make a fist a lot of times. The thumb attachment is not in the right height with the glove or the the finger compartment. So when you make a fist, it actually will pull down on the thumb too much for some gloves, but this glove it does a nice job of you know kind of pulling it in to prevent you from gouging somebody in the eye, but not to the point Where it actually jams against your thumb, nice deep finger compartment with some of that same liner material, thats kind of bunched up right there at the fingers almost makes feels like im.

Almost like a memory foam type deal, the foam around the hand on the inside feels great as well and nice and deep it doesnt feel too wide. It doesnt feel narrow, like my. My fingers are going to collapse on each other and its definitely a little bit on the stiffer side in terms of being able to open and close my hand, so its going to take time to really kind of break in this synthetic material, as well as the Multi layer foam on the inside of the glove but other than that very comfortable. No pressure points, no issues there. Now protection and performance is the big thing with this. So the wrist support feels good dont, get me wrong and when i lace it up – and i had this all tightened down – it felt good, but i still felt that compared to the velcro dual wrist x closure system, they have on their their traditional velcro glove. I dont feel like this wraps in and makes it as supportive and tight as a velcro version, and i think that that inner velcro that you do before you put the outer velcro on, is what really makes a huge difference. And – and i like the i mean – i commend them for doing this system and making it better its definitely better than a traditional lace up system that goes down the middle. So i like that and its easier to tighten down, but i dont think its better than their velcro version of these gloves and i feel, like the wrist is a little bit on the larger side.

So maybe they can offset that with a little bit more padding on the front section of the glove to really lock your wrist in so thats. My thoughts on that the glove is definitely more on the protective side. I do love the foam that they use in here. You get a good amount of feedback. The only drawback i would say is that its kind of a bouncy type of foam and ive actually mentioned that in other videos, before with the t3s, is that it has a little bit more of a bounce because of just the way the foam is utilized in The layers that its in inside the finger the hand compartment. So when you land, you know you land, but it just has a little bit more of a bouncy feel its really hard to describe unless youve used. These gloves, which im not a big fan of i like gloves that when you make land it just feels like you get more of a that. Nice crisp landing shot and you dont feel like it just kind of bounces off the striking surface of whatever youre hitting um, but definitely more on the protective side. If you look at something whats a little bit more shock, absorbent thats, not a punchers glove, then this would be it for you cost wise. These gloves are 149, which i think um is probably right where it needs to be at in terms of pricing um. You know with the laces: the quality is pretty good minus the stitching.

It is a synthetic love, but at 149 dollars i would still go with the velcro version. So, if youre, looking for something that you want a lot of wrist support, um and is the same exact love as this one just get the velcro version. I, like the lace ups dont, get me wrong unless youre really hung up on getting a lace up glove and you like the look of the lace up glove then go for it. I mean its the same price as their velcro, but, to be honest with you, id go with the velcro still just because the wrist support feels better, in my opinion, its more supportive and you get more colors to choose from theres a lot more variety. When it comes to that, instead of just all black for those of you that are, you know, are really stuck on the aesthetics and the look of the glove and thats just my opinion, so 149 for these gloves get the velcro version thats my thoughts on that.