I have some results that i want to share with you. If youve been following along so theres, a lot of stuff grab a cup coffee tea, whatever you feel like drinking stick around, and here we go quick note at the beginning of the video there may be some trigger warnings here. Just keep that in mind. Um there. You go im filming it on sunday, but were gon na. Do a get ready with me monday, because i want to stick to the schedule. Yes, ive got a giant thing of filtered water trying to get through four of these a day um. I have the camera. A little bit closer today because you can just watch the makeup going on the face a little bit more clearly yeah. That said, lets just start getting ready. If you like my get ready with me mondays and you want to support the channel. Take two quick seconds hit that like button subscribe, if you havent already so thank you for that. I am testing the typology serum tint. I have this in type 2 light and i also have medium. You can buy one and get the other one for half off the shade matching. They have other resources and content that can help you with that on their website, but i had trouble with it. I was. I was struggling a little bit when ive got the two ill. Do a full review. The light one i think is working out better for me.

So now i have a full thing of medium, but you can mix them together. You can play you can do whatever you want. A lot of people were complaining about. This dropper ive had no problem. Ive prepped with spf, i have the say spf on my face. I have brows that im going to talk about in a second and thats. Pretty much it lets start, shall we three the drama very easy to glide on by the way with your fingers? Oh, you know what else i also did. The evolve radiant glow face mask, which is just the most mild mask its a physical exfoliating scrub. So it you dont want to do it too often, but or at least i dont for my skin. I wont speak for yours, so my skins, a fan and the other reason i love it is because makeup goes on like a dream like a dre, you just kind of feel like you just got a facial ive, actually, never gotten a facial im a little terrified Of getting facials because i have sensitive skin and the less i do, the better my skin is thats just me so fun fact never had a facial, oh by the way im going to use the saint concealer saint is on 20 off this weekend. I believe so jump on that this is one of my favorite concealers ever its such a good concealer and it doesnt get a lot of buzz.

Youre welcome, im, not being paid to say this. I just really like it. It will be by the way in the latest round of brits picks, which is coming together fast and furiously so im going to post that on the site, its very warm its like humid. All of a sudden, i feel like october. We should be in fall, but were not there yet and thats okay. I appreciate the sun. I always appreciate this by the way, links to everything that im using will be below in the description, and you can shop if you would like to shop and if i have any promo codes ill also include them, so you can get. You know a couple bucks off back to the results right. So what are you talking about brittany? Why are you talking about results? What are you talking about in the last round? Up that i did. I talked about the book atomic habits by james, clear and im. Now, halfway through the book last week was just a blur honestly, it was one of those weeks where youre, like you, really you get to thursday and you go is wait. How is it thursday, im trying something new by the way, so im going to cut myself off im going to put this ritual defeat: high priestess metamorphic highlighter for high priestess, like a high priestess, but its this opal? It is not subtle and its opalescent and im going to put it on the cheeks, its sort of like the cream, equivalent to the maya chia highlight of the day, which is one of uh, its so good.

You dont want to use too much of it or else youre going to look like opal face, which ive said before and its just the phrase i like to use but im putting this on. Oh, you know what i was supposed to put this on, underneath the tinted hair so far, so good. So far, so good totally going not according to my plan – and you know what i think, thats okay, i was going to put this on underneath and then do a layer of the serum tint, but this will show you ill build on top of it. So you can see how that tint builds and then have some little luminosity showing through without looking too obvious for daytime thats. What im going for here and then i just you, know cute i waffled back and forth, making the decision about the small habit that i was going to change. Actually, the system that i was going to change look back at that video. If you want to learn what im talking about, but essentially in a nutshell, you small baby steps, small habits, make big changes like butchering the theme im loving the book, huge fan of it, and i was trying to figure out what my small, like one percent changes Again, he talks about making these small changes theres a reference to one percent in the previous video. But if you make a small one percent change every day, moving in the right direction, not just about the goal then youre on the right trajectory, which is the important part here, its not just hitting the goal, its the trajectory and i couldnt decide what i wanted.

My goal to be about normally, i would make it about the website or the channel business in general and just push that then i decided theres, like the you know, neck down life that goes on, which is my everyday life, which is you know, 90 of what I do and youre only seeing my neck up here, i wasnt feeling i wasnt feeling healthy and i sort of had let my health go on the back burner a little bit. A lot of us did for me. It wasnt the nutritional part of the supplement, part or whatever it was more. My body just wasnt strong it wasnt strong, and i was not moving enough. There was too much sitting, so i thought okay lets, try to create a system that allows me to change that easily, and so i can get on autopilot, so it doesnt have a high cognitive load. Big word for, like i dont, have the brain capacity to even think about having to make a decision right now. I just need to do it and know that its going to happen at this time every day im using the cosis brow gel by the way. I love it the pencil, theres so much plastic involved in that pencil. This guy, however, however, its lasting me a really long time, so i kind of wish this was refillable like the plume, because i love the plume, but it goes so fast. So if kosis made this refillable and put it in, i dont know an aluminum infinitely recyclable type of container, which totally goes against their branding, but hi earth versus branding were not there yet as a society but were getting there.

I would love it. I would love. I would shout it from the rooftops. I would tell everybody i walked past during the day, get this brow pencil, but until then you know anyway, it does last longer, though, so it makes me feel a little bit better back to my im going to be flipping. Flopping because im caffeinated so hold on to your biscuits, so i created this new system sounds very intense. It was very complicated. Basically i said eight oclock every day get on the treadmill. I love my treadmill. I love walking. I usually do it for mental health. It works its worked for me since high school, its just its the one thing, a non negotiable that i have to have in my life. Funnily enough when i was leaving the bay area and moving to sacramento for that dark dark year, living across the capital. During a pandemic during an election year, it did have a treadmill, but i never got on it and my body suffered as a result. So i said okay lets. Instead of doing it always about the business lets, do it for yourself lets. Do it for my body. What really hit home was going out to dinner. It was one of the first times id gone out to dinner. We were sitting outside, but getting ready for dinner. Everything i put on it felt awful now i have been in stretchy leggings, no bra its been glorious. Like weve all been in that unconstricted mode and its like, who wants to go back to not that? But you know there comes a day when you kind of want to have support and maybe wear denim, not a legging, but my face looked really good.

I loved my makeup, but i was very uncomfortable so that really cemented it. For me, i created this eight oclock, one percent change and then i started building a system around that. So what do i mean by system? I wanted to make sure that it was easy for me to get on the treadmill by the way. This is fast becoming a favorite, and i cannot talk and put on eyeliner its very difficult for me. So brb that means getting ready. Getting dressed was a big one for me, um, not waiting on that. So i was already ready already charging any of the devices i listen to podcasts. I listen to music. I make playlists best workouts for me or when i just listen to music, so make the playlist have a smoothie ready, because sometimes i dont like working out fasted. It makes me nuts all those little things. I just started prepping little things that made it a lot easier for me to not have to think about getting onto the treadmill every day, and i did it. I got on the treadmill id say almost every day and it was for about 45 minutes every day and there were some days like you know, my um, i dont know people are so squeamish about saying their period or their like flow lets. Just say your period guys its like not the end of the world that happened and i was i was not really a fan of getting on a treadmill um, but i did i got on that day.

You know, and on the days that i missed, i went okay. What could i do better? So i dont miss a day. This is not high impact. I couldnt put myself through this to have youre not supposed to do high impact every day, its, not good. On your body, its not good for me, im, not a doctor, consult an expert. This is not medical advice, but i know for my body. You know i needed to start something low impact, easy just get the body moving the blood pumping the oxygen flowing the days when i really didnt want to get on. I watched uh ive watched that mel robbins five second roll. You know youre not always going to want to do something, but you should do it, but i also believe you should listen to your body so im, not really the person who says push through the pain all the time. Thats. Not me. I have a holistic approach. I believe in the yin and the yang to it, so just keep that in mind, thats, who i am as a person, but on days when i really didnt want to do it. I said just stand, just stand on the treadmill walk for a minute, and then you could be done thats it. You can just do a minute while some days i didnt even do that. It kept it consistent for me and for the days that i actually just got on there and said all you have to do is a minute.

All you have to do is a minute. I went for 45.. Those were my longest days, thats. How i did it anyway, in a nutshell, kind of not in a nutshell its kind of long and convoluted, but i did it and again. I did not do this to lose weight, however heres. The other part of the story. I have always gotten labs done every year and something happened when i was in san francisco and i just kind of fell off the going to the doctor. Anyway, i go back into the doctor. I had this appointment. Had labs done, got my baselines, you just kind of feel better after i do. I hate it. The passion, i always make sure i go get ice cream after i get a blood test because im a baby im, not terrified of many things, but i hate blood tests who likes them and i hate tornadoes anything you have to do tornado now. You know so, if i were having to get a blood test in the middle of an f5 tornado thats, like my own personal health, hasnt happened yet so i think were okay. The results that i received were good. It makes me very grateful for the body that im in so it was really important to have that. However, there were some readings that were a little elevated or a little low. I was waiting at the doctors office and i was like no thats, not right.

That also helped me motivate myself to do the one percent on my body. How, i feel is what motivates me the most, but having those numbers to measure against is also very helpful. For me, this is just a personal approach, so i saw that number i got on the treadmill. Ive done it now for two weeks, so i got this scale. I said: okay ill check my weight in six months. Well, i was right next to it and i thought i really want to weigh the cat, because the cat was looking a little bit. God love her shes, so adorable, but i dont want her to get too big. You know got ta, take care of blue too right, so i held her tried, tried, got her weight, shes, fine and then, as a result, i saw my weight. I lost seven pounds, seven freaking pens and did i change my food yeah, because i want this to be about energy and stuff too, but it was not drastic. My results are really positive in that respect, but theyre also very positive in my mood and everything i feel im starting to feel like a little less uncomfortable in my skin and on days when i dont feel good hormones have so much to do with this im. Not even going to get into the hormone side of this on this video, it would go on for three hours. So much of what im! Learning too, is not just about the intake, the feeling that im talking about feeling good when you pass a certain age like hormones change at every age, while ive only been halfway through atomic habits, ive been reading all about hormones from different experts, love to go see An endocrinologist or a naturopath or a functional medicine doctor.

I have all these just to learn just learn like whats going on in my body. If i can help it now, then i can help it more. In my 50s and 60s and 70., its just become way more important. Maybe this is what people do, but yeah. Overall, i would say i totally lost my train of thought there, but i just got really excited. Oh, i know what i was saying when i feel uncomfortable on those days. I already know: hey, listen, you walk. You did something whereas before i would just say, im too tired its a weird cycle, because when you stop, when i stop moving, then i dont want to move. And then i dont want to eat that. Well and then i have to get back up and it you know it takes 10 times more effort to get that momentum going at least when i had bad days or when i felt not great or whatever its not perfect every day, and these arent sweeping changes And theres, no like epic, crescendo and transformational before after, at least i knew that i was doing something and it didnt feel like because of the book it didnt feel like i was forcing or pushing towards a goal. That is why i love these books. Books like this, that arent like dont, eat legumes dont eat beans. No, none of that that doesnt work. For me. I love a book that opens my eyes to a different way of looking at my life and living ill take bits and pieces.

I dont have to do the whole thing and i will apply what i want to to my life and in this case it was really very successful. For me, it is changing my life, but its changing the way i think about my life and that distinction is important because it doesnt feel like if i miss a day im mad at myself or hard work. I can be very hard on myself. I think this is a very common thing that you might be able to relate to, but with this i said you know, you took a step towards that forward movement and that trajectory and i used the phrase so now what ive used it. When i started with clean beauty, it takes me from stagnant to moving forward and it works. For me, i dont know why it works for me, but it works for me. I said this previously in a video i dont know which one, but when i first started with clean beauty, i was swapping my. I was cleaning out my routine right youre, trying to remove things that could be harmful to you, which is different for every human being. There is no universal definition of clean, as we know also. I was detoxing those things from my life and ive, never really liked the word detox, but thats really what it was and while im not going to do a detox with food, i dont want to drink charcoal. I dont want to do the like fasting cleanse.

It was very big in california, everybody did one. I swear almost all my friends would do one once a year theyre, like oh its february, im gon na, do my my detox, my juice cleanse great. Whatever works for you, it makes you happy, even though they werent very happy when they were on it i mean who would be? You just had juice. However, now i find that im im at a phase where im doing sort of that, but without the focus on what im removing its more about what im swapping. So, i guess its more of a swap and ive swapped all my makeup products. I have great makeup products that my skin likes. I feel good putting on and now im swapping my daily lifestyle habits and it started with this book, and i think this was the perfect first book to read, because it sets up the framework that im going to use for all the future things. I want to try and i want to try so much so much had a blissful. This is one of my favorite foams and im, not saying diets. I dont want to try diets. I really dont i want to try. I want to learn about different ways. To look at living this thing we call life theres different ways to do it, and i want to know what other people have done and what they have to say about it, and you know maybe theres different ways that i can use that information to change things Up and swap out things that make me feel not so great with things that make me feel good focus on adding in the good.

I did this course for the institute of integrative nutrition, its all about becoming a health coach. I havent become a health coach, but i loved the course – and i was very gung ho about the whole thing and one of the metaphors that i loved or the analogies that i love is the visual of a plate and say you have a lot on your Plate its not just food its like did you have fun today? Did you laugh? You have good connections with your family and friends. You know theyre, all these little pieces of the plate that make up the full meal. That is your life and i loved how it wasnt just about removing this piece. This, like donut from your plate or this toxic person from your plate, or this toxic negative thought pattern from your plate. Focus was on what are you gon na swap in its place, and that made it less hard on a person its not like you better, stop doing that? Oh you did it because, of course, youre gon na do it. Youre gon na mess up were human, but instead of doing that, you focus on what you can add in so im really kind of leveraging that thought thats a perfect example of learning something and applying it to my life and im. Leveraging that perspective on things going forward so im kind of if you couldnt tell im very hyped up about this theres so much more to say about it so im considering turning these little weekly experiment swaps into a podcast ive been hinting at that a lot over.

Here is theres a book called complaint free zone that i learned about in my yoga group when i was in dallas and while i dont necessarily agree with a hundred percent of whats in the book, it was enlightening. You try to go 30 days without complaining. Also theres this whole, like toxic positivity side of things, im not saying that its yes, everybody, nobody should ever complain again, i feel like venting, is a healthy thing. I do it whatever, but that would be really fascinating to try for a week and then report back to you. So i can do it in snippets here and these get ready with me mondays, but im thinking of doing that over there so over. There would be a podcast, so i am done for the day for my look, this is it its very simple, very easy and i loved everything that i put on my face. So this was well the only. If is the typology, and i will give you a full review on this, but everything else that i apply today – absolute favorites at this point, so im a huge fan of these products. This isnt a first impression video im, giving giving away some of my favorites here. So check the links below if you want to see what im talking about be back in touch soon, with our full review for the typology tinted serum, its an interesting product, thats been getting all kinds of buzz.

Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed this, one dont forget to give it a thumbs up subscribe to the channel. If you havent already, i hope you have a really good day. I hope this inspired you, or at least made you laugh at a weird joke or made you smile or i dont know he inspired you to find a new makeup. Clean beauty, makeup item, something i just hope it helped. I hope it did something positive and had a positive impact in your life.