Welcome back to colorful india, today, im going to be doing a swatch and palette review of the autumn leaves palette from simply posh cosmetics, which is this orange palette over here. This is a 12 shade, shimmer palette of just duochromes. I was very, very excited when i saw this and thats why i decided to buy it. So you know if youre new here i just want to say, welcome to this channel – remember to subscribe and to like and drop a comment so that i know that youre here and for everyone else, whos been following me for some time. Um. Thank you for your support. I hope that you like this, look that ive done for you today and we are going to open it and see what this looks like and uh. As you can see, the palette has a plain design and were just going to open it and take a look inside at the beautiful colors because, as you all know, this is a duochrome palette. It is very, very unique and for the price i thought it was really worth it, and the palette has an inside mirror over here with some plastic that you can take off, but these are the colors and they are duochromes, which means that they should be changing. Colors when i use them and when i swatch them as well, so im definitely excited to put these on my arm and see what they look like all right.

So lets go in with the first three shades im gon na be taking harvest crisp and cinnamon over here and im gon na be swatching these beautiful colors. So this is harvest over here. As you can see, this is crisp and this over here is cinnamon im going in next with amber pine and autumn. So these are the shades that you can see. They look pretty beautiful when i, when i can see them here and uh yeah lets swatch that so this is amber over here beautiful. This is pine, and this is autumn right over here so far. This is what the shades are. Looking like beautiful, beautiful, shimmers and now were going in for apple cider, which is this gorgeous orange. I love that color a breeze and golden. Oh, my goodness, this is just oh. I love this color. I think i have fallen in love with that color and another stunning shade. I definitely do not have these colors in my collection, so im very happy about this and golden and now lets go in for the last three shades im going in for maple. Im very excited to see what this looks like plum and cozy okay. So this is what it looks like on my fingers. These are all the colors, so i cant really see the duochrome shifts very well in my bedroom, so im going to go outside and take a look as you can see. This is what it looks like in sunlight and in shade.

I can see more of a duochrome change in the colors when i actually am standing in natural lighting and these shades look absolutely gorgeous now were going to start. Creating our look because autumn leaves is a shimmer palette. I decided to dip into my be perfect. Cosmetics carnival 3 palette and i applied yellow onto the inner corners of my eyes. After that i took the shade mango and im using a big blending brush and im just going to the crease and im blending that in as much as i can with yellow. To give it a little bit more depth after that, i took glaze, which is a very beautiful, bright red, and i put that near the outer corners of my eyes also filling up my crease. I thought that this would give a nice contrast. This is what my eyes look like, then. I went in with my p, louise acid, green paint and blank canvas using a smaller brush in order to achieve the shape. I wanted over here its best to take as much time as required to get the shape Music. After that, i dipped into my very first shade, which was amber a stunning green, very bright lime, green almost and its. It was just so pretty. I think it even had a little bit of gold in that and then, after that i went for breeze, which is a beautiful blue. I really really like this color and while it may not seem like an autumn color, you do have the sky.

In your background – and i just really loved you know adding that in it was really really pretty and i was using a eyeshadow brush for this. Then i went in with maple, which was the most stunning red shade, ive, seen in a very long time in palettes. I actually dont have this shade and i blended that in with breeze and thats, why you can see a little bit of purple on my eyes and i also went in with apple cider, which was just a gorgeous rust orange. I just loved this color. It was so beautiful and i really loved blending that, in with amber it was so pretty. I then went over again with my be perfect to blend it out added some eyeliner and i also used harvest, which was another shade for the highlighter. After that, i added some of plum under my eyes, just to make them a bit brighter, and this is the final look as you can see. Music, this is the gorgeous stunning autumn leaves palette and uh. You know its beautiful and i used six of these shades on my eyes today. It was very easy to work with, obviously because theyre shimmer shades so um as you can see. This is, you know, yeah im just doing this, so that you can kind of see for yourself like if the colors are actually changing for you in the natural lighting. I didnt really see obvious changes, so i went outside and i did see subtle.

Duochrome changes, especially for autumn in the video. I can see that as well, and i also swatched in direct sunlight to just see how different the shades look. As you can see, they do look quite different from what they actually look like inside. So i do think that these are you know beautiful colors as shades on their own. I thought it was actually a very beautiful palette. It definitely complements you know other palettes that i have like the be perfect cosmetics, one which i use to you know create. This. Look as well thats because i love shimmers so im fine with that. I loved the red shade on this palette. It was called maple and it was absolutely gorgeous. I want to play around more with this, so you will be seeing more looks. Um using this particular palette. Hope that you know this review has been helpful. If you were thinking about getting the autumn leaves palette um. Let me know what you think in the comments below. If you got the palette, feel free to, let me know if you actually saw the duochrome shifts or what lighting you use to see the shift.