I love all super excited and excited in a whole because in the comments about this product now latest new detail, cosmetics and its their satin locks, butter, tint and its here, complete shades or colors and im so excited a oh. My god lets be quiet for a while and appreciate the beauty of this packaging and its a local brand from the philippines Music. Everything. So again, this is their um satin locks, butter, thin and it has five shades 199 pesos. Each then and Music treat your lips with satin soft and buttery smooth satin luxe butter tins enrich with an enriched with a unique blend of shea butter, cocoa butter and sweet almond oil hydrates and tins your lips with a beautiful wash of color cruelty. Free, no animal derived ingredients; okay, so how to use apply one layer for a sheer moisturize, moisturizing moisturizing, wash of color on the lips or layer on layer on to build desired pigmentation. So they have rose, latte have gingerbread, they have brown sugar, they have biscuit and blackberry jam. Okay, so see blackberry jam say but surely so again, this is one layer, two layers of lipstick. Okay, then lets go with blackberry, junk, so arms balance. Music. Next is biscuit. One layer, two layers smooth, then gingerbread, Music, the last you see brown, sugar, Music Applause is. This: is brown sugar, Music, one layer again. Nice amount second layer, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. So im back manga says: oh, my goodness, oh my goodness talaga.

I love it so mushroom, firstly, your second layer. I i love it. I super love it. So: okay, inhale exhale, sabina, good and bad good. Music, blackberry, blackberry, butter, blackberry, jam, chassis, rose, latte, oh, my goodness says: favorite gusher they couldnt expect, but super nice very pigmented. First, impressions moisturize biscuits rose latte. I know blackberry blackberry, jam yeah, my favorite lasagna union favorite.