I hope you guys are doing good today, so in todays video i am going to talk about underrated, affordable makeup, so i am going to talk about makeup that i absolutely love and that needs to be hyped up. That needs to be talked about more that people need to discover these products. You know so thats what im going to be talking about in todays video, the face that you see here i mean the makeup that i use today. I have used all of these makeup and i have been absolutely loving them so much so lets get on with the video now also, if you are someone who is new to this channel, thank you so much for watching this video. I hope you like it here. I hope you like the content. I hope you like the vibe i mostly post about affordable makeup dupes, you know, recommendations, product recommendations, so if you think thats a content, you want to consume four days a week, you can hit the subscribe button along with that. The notification bell, because that way only youtube is going to recommend you, my videos, so lets get on with the video now. So first lets talk about a foundation that i have been loving so much ever since i put this on my face, i was like. Oh, my god, this looks so good, so this is the eva must have. This is the waterproof liquid foundation, and this is a very new uh.

You know foundation in my collection. Yes, this is new, and this is a makeup brand that i have actually recently started to test out so yeah. I really really like this. It gives a very decent amount of coverage. I would say it gives a very medium coverage and the consistency of this foundation is definitely very very liquid, and the best thing i like about this is that it looks so skin like like once you blend this into your skin. It definitely gives you a very skin, like finish it doesnt, even look like youre wearing any foundation, and that is something that i absolutely loved about it. I love a foundation that looks skin like i love that it gives medium coverage. I love that it just it. Just melts into your skin and it just looks like skin thats. What i would say you know so you can see this is the foundation im wearing. I am in the shade medium beige, and this suits me perfectly well. So when you start blending it out, you can totally. You know feel that, yes, this foundation is going to be amazing on your skin. It doesnt matter if you have oily skin or dry skin. I feel like this foundation looks so natural. It gives a very natural finish: it doesnt look dewy, it doesnt, look too matte as well and depends actually it depends on the base youre using if you use a matte base. This is going to lean more in the matte side and if you use a dewy base, it is going to lean a little bit on the do your side so yeah.

I really like this, and i just i know that this is a very recent launch from eba, so you cannot like totally term it as underrated, but i still just wanted to you know: give you guys this recommendation, because this is an absolute gem and i just Want you to you know, i just want to recommend this to you guys. The next product i have here is actually a eyeshadow primer, so i think i have already recommended this on my channel a lot of times, but i still wanted to put this under this video, because i am really loving this eyeshadow primer. So much so. This primer is in the shade, zero one, and i absolutely love it because this makes my eyeshadow look so much. You know better, i would say it blends. The eyeshadow really really well, and also i like this, because it makes any eyeshadow look more vibrant, and that is why i love to use this. It is. It keeps the eyeshadow very long lasting as well on my lips, and this is so inexpensive and i feel like this. Actually, you know resembles the nyx eyeshadow primer. I have the nyx eyeshadow primer. I have the shade medium, i think so so thats a little bit darker, but i feel like the formulation of this and the nyx one is so similar. The nyx actually got discontinued, so you cannot get and that nyx eyeshadow primer anymore. But i feel like this eyeshadow primer is so much, i think so better than the nyx one as well.

This actually has a little bit more coverage than the next one too. So if you are someone who has eyelids like me, which have this a little bit of discoloration, i think you are going to like this, because this is going to cover up the discoloration and its just going to give a plain base for your eyeshadow to lay Out – and i feel like that is going to make your eyeshadow much more vibrant, it is going to make your eyeshadows blend easier and its just going to be a lot more long lasting. So i feel, like you guys, definitely can check this eyeshadow primer out. It is available on amazon. I really havent heard about this brand. You know before, but i tried it out and i loved it so much and i got the shade zero one. You can get any shade that you want. Actually you can get a shade lighter. I mean you cannot go lighter than this, but you can get a shade. That is a little bit darker than this. If you are someone who has a little bit more dark skin tone than me, you can go one or two shades darker than this, so the next product i have here is this makeup revolution. This is a cream eyeshadow, and this is something that i tested out on camera and i was like, oh my god, why arent a lot of people talking about this? Why isnt this hyped up? Why dont i know about this, so i actually used to see this on amazon and, to be honest, i was like this is going to be like a colourpop eyeshadow, its better, that i get something that is cheaper.

You know i dont want to get this because i dont know why i was not intrigued to get this, but i keep kept on saying this on my amazon and i got it. Finally, and oh my god, i have been obsessed ever since i got it because this is so beautiful. This is just a eyeshadow i have been using from time to time ever since i have done the video last i have. All i have been using off. Camera is this eyeshadow, because it is so beautiful. It is so it is truly truly a stunning eyeshadow. It is completely a very cream eyeshadow, so i wouldnt say this is a hybrid between a powder and a cream. I feel like this is completely a cream eyeshadow and you just need a very, very small amount. Tiny amount put this on your lids. I wouldnt recommend using a brush because i feel like with the brush youre not going to get that intensity, and this is just going to make your eyelids look glossy its not even going to make your eyelids look shimmery its going to give you that glossy wet Model kind of you know that vibe and i live for that vibe. I love that vibe, so thats. This is something that i can totally see a lot of people using, especially if they know about the formulation. You know i love this so much. I actually ordered another shade, uh, so thats, yet to arrive but absolutely love it.

You can totally see. I just use a little bit of this on my eyes today. I actually used a brown transition shade and then this eyeshadow on the lids and thats it my eyeshadow is complete. So the next product i have here is something of a newer discovery, and ever since i got it again, i have been using it continuously and you will be shocked because it is a compact powder. I dont use powder on my skin. If you have been, you know for a while, you know on my channel for a while, you would know i do not like to use powder, but ever since i got this, i have been using this. I have been using this continuously, so this is the mars wonder powder and if you have dry skin, oh youre, going to love this powder, it has coverage. It is going to look like skin. It is going to give you a very, very flawless effect on the skin and now i know why a lot of dry skin people also use this powder, because this is something that a lot of dry skin people can use a lot of the times. You know what happens with powder is that oily skin people can totally use them, because they will give you that mattifying effect and someone who have dry skin extremely dry skin. I dont like to use powders at all because it just you know, sucks the whole life out of my skin.

I feel like, but this one doesnt do that at all and it gives very good coverage as well. I have compared this to the mac. Studio fix powder and it is a dupe you guys it is exactly a dupe of the max studio fix plus. So i feel like you guys, definitely should try this out if you are looking for a really good good coverage. You know that looks flawless on the skin compact powder. I feel like this is going to be your pick, and also it comes in like two powders in here theres, like two powders in here so yeah. This is a value for money, so the next product we have here are some cream blushes. Now this product was something you know i got, and i was like you know what this is going to be like a normal, typical cream blushes that i have in my collection, but no its, not the formula of these blushes. I actually forgot to tell you guys the name, so this is the eva, everyday lip and chick tint, so you can use this on your lips and you can use this on your cheeks. You know that kind of a thing, but the formulation of this is very very different than your other blush formulation, so other blush formulations is like very you know it. They are very, very similar, but this one has a very cloudy type of a texture. It has this putty type of a texture.

I dont know how to explain it to you guys, but it feels very, very light on the skin, and this actually doesnt give you a glow its not going to give you a matte finish as well. This is just going to give you that natural look just thats it its not going to make your skin look oily its not going to make your skin look matte its not going to you know, give you any kind of a finish, but its just going to Be like a natural flush on your cheeks. If you want something like that, then i think so. You are going to love this a lot of the time. Cream blushes can look very dewy, or sometimes they can look matte as well. This doesnt have any of those type of specifications. You know this is just going to look like skin. Your skin has some blush on thats it. If your skin is very dewy, this is going to look dewy. If your skin is very matte, it is going to look matte, and that is why i love it. Also. I like this more as like a lipstick, so what i like to do is i like to put this on my lips and ever since i got it, i have been using this as a lipstick, and this is like so good as your lipstick. I feel like this is just you know gives that very natural type of effect on your lips.

It is it has that cloudy texture to it. So it just looks like your lips is this? Is your natural lip color, so i have the shade forever nude and timeless mocha so forever nude is a very brown toned blush and the timeless mocha has a pink undertone to it, pink and brown undertone to it. So i love using the timeless mocha on my cheeks and i love using the forever nude on my lips, and the combo of these two is also something that i really really love, so you can totally see that this works so well as a lip stick like. I wouldnt even say lipstick its more like a lip tint. Yes, but yeah. It just looks very, very natural thats what i would say very natural. So another thing i have here which i actually forgot to use uh – and this was the last thing that i used on my whole face. So this is the dazzler. This is the foundation stick, but i use it as a contour. I use the dark shade as a contour, and this is the shade dusky fs2 now ever since i got this also, i have been using it because this is so good as like your cream bronzer. This has the perfect undertone you guys for a bronzer. This has the perfect undertone a lot of times when you use a foundation. Stick im really sorry for the background noises that you might hear.

So what i was saying is a lot of the times when you use a foundation, stick as your bronzer or as your contour, those kind of tend to leans more towards orange, undertone or more towards you know, cool tone undertone. But this i feel like has the perfect neutral undertone to be a bronzer, so that is why i love it. If you are someone who have medium skin like me, you are absolutely going to love this. The formulation of this is like high, and i dont know how they did this, but i am so amazed by the formulation, because this is very, very creamy on the skin like once, you blend it in it just blends so effortlessly, like it blends within, like two Seconds – and that is why i love this so so much. It looks very, very natural on their skin like this is what i have on my skin right now and, as you can see there arent, you know harsh lines it doesnt look like. I have overly brown skin, and that is what im talking about you guys. This bronzer is amazing and it just retails under rupees 200 under rupees 150, even this retails for 149 rupees, and if you havent gotten it yet you definitely definitely should so the last product. In todays video is, this is again from eba, and this is the must have highlighter. Now i have the shade. I think they have only one shade on this.

I wish they had more of a golden shade, because this is a very pinky nude, but this highlighter is so beautiful. It is literally so beautiful. This is the highlighter i actually have on my skin right now, and this actually doesnt have any visible shimmers to it. At all, it feels like a very, very beautiful finish. It feels, like you know, a very beautiful cream highlighter, and one thing i like about this is that its very natural, so a lot of times you know cream highlighters can also tend to give you a little bit of that dramatic, look or a little bit of That shimmery look, but this one doesnt give that at all this is actually, i would say much more gives a much more softer look than the inside cream highlighter, the inside cream highlighter dont get me wrong. You guys. The inside cream highlighter is also amazing, and i love that, but this is more natural than the inside one and im really extremely sorry. If you can hit here some kid, you know shouting um in the background uh thats, just my neighbors, so yeah so yeah anyway. I really love this. This is amazing. If you want that softer highlight type of a look, you are going to love this, so that was it for todays video. I hope you guys liked it. I hope you found this helpful in any way and yeah. Let me know your favorite item from all the products that i have talked about.

Let me know a product that you might want to check out and yeah. I love you guys a lot. I hope you enjoyed the video.