I pair these in my skincare routine almost every morning, and you should too, as always, these products are linked below Music, get ready to learn what these two products are. Why you should pair them together? What results these will give your skin and ill give you some tried and true examples of each product to try in your own skincare routine. Please subscribe to my channel for more skincare, made simple content by me and follow me on instagram at the budget dermatologist for more tips, you should pair a chemical exfoliating cleanser with a vitamin c serum. These go together better than any other skincare ingredient pair, at least in my opinion. So let me tell you what each of these will do for your skin individually, then what they can do when paired together, when you have an accumulation of dead skin cells on the skin. The light does not reflect off your skin. To give you a luminous look. So a cleanser like this will help loosen and remove this buildup, so your skin can once again reflect light and glow. An exfoliating cleanser will improve your skin texture, so no more rough bombs or flaky skin. It will fade dark spots, not as much as a leave on product will. So for that you should check out my two dark spot videos. It will potentially give you an anti aging boost. Studies are showing that glycolic acid can help build collagen and it can fix acne not as much as levon products, but still it can definitely help.

And you can check out my acne videos here for more in depth, treatment options and i will be linking all of these videos below for you next, a topical vitamin c product is a treatment that just about everyone can benefit from. First, it treats signs of aging by reversing fine lines and wrinkles and that crepey or thin skin it does this in two ways: it builds new collagen and it maintains your existing collagen, so it wont be broken down as easily. Second, it treats dark spots or hyperpigmentation. Vitamin c blocks the enzyme that forms excess melanin which contributes to the pigment color of your skin and, lastly, it acts as an antioxidant. So that means it decreases, photo aging and skin cancer risk, but heres the problem with vitamin c most forms will need an acidic environment to penetrate the skin and be absorbed effectively. So it must be paired carefully in the routine so that the ph of the skin is at an appropriate acidic level to accept the vitamin c and let it actually absorb, or else you will be – wasting your money and not see results. And that is why i say you need to pair these two products together to get boosted results. The normal ph of the skin is slightly acidic around 4.7. The ph of vitamin c is most effective around a ph of 2 to 2.5. So if you use your hydroxy acid or your low ph cleanser first, you will help promote a more acidic environment on your skin, so that when you immediately apply your vitamin c, it will absorb better and be more effective.

Essentially, you will supercharge your results or actually just get what you are paying for. So here are my all time: favorite cleanser and vitamin c combinations for the chemical exfoliating cleansers. My all around favorite is by glytone. I love the brand glitone because they are transparent and tell us the exact values that are in their products. This has a free acid value for glycolic acid of 4.7. It comes in a gel form for normal to oily skin types and a cream form. If you have dry skin this product is minimalistic theres, not a lot of filler ingredients in it that will increase side effects, and this is safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding, which i do not say about all the other types of chemical exfoliating cleansers. My top pick for the strongest is the skinceuticals glycolic renewal cleanser. It has a free acid value of eight percent, combined with one percent phytic acid and salicylic acid, and even with all of that, i can still use this on my sensitive skin pretty often and tolerate it very well. It has aloe in it too, which i think really helps offset this and soothe the skin, and my number one budget pick is by loreal the 3.5 glycolic acid cleansing gel, definitely my go to for very sensitive skin patients. This does contain salicylic acid as well, and i think this is a great gentle and effective option and yes, this one is super, affordable and now for the vitamin c options.

For many reasons, the industry gold standard is the skinceutical ce ferulic acid, its not cheap. I have it linked below, so you can check out the price and ingredients for yourself. I say: choose this one if you can afford it and just want to spend that much on a single product which most people do not so for the rest of us. I feel strongly that there are several other great options that are more affordable. I mentioned my top drugstore vitamin c serums in my recent drugstore. Anti aging must have video the ones that i am loving. The most lately are the ones that are packaged into capsules. I think this really helps with stability. Vitamin c is notoriously unstable and known to oxidize quickly when its exposed to light in air. So i think that this type of packaging helps prevent that. If you want an affordable option, go for this one by vichy. It is packaged into ampules and also contains peptides or this one by neutrogena, which is in biodegradable capsules. This has 20 vitamin c in it. Like i said i do this in my morning, routine so step one. I use my exfoliating cleanser step. Two, the vitamin c serum, and then i follow it with the moisturizer and sunscreen. I have all of these linked below as well as some of my current favorite skincare routine products. Remember use caution with this ingredient pair, because a low ph cleanser, followed by vitamin c, may cause irritation for some people with super sensitive, skin or rosacea prone skin.

This will mostly occur at the time of application and go away after a minute or so, but not everyone will be able to tolerate these products. I always like to recommend patch testing first and introduce just one new product at a time to your routine. What skin care topic do you want me to simplify next? Tell me in the comments below and subscribe to my channel and turn on those notifications.