I want to be making a review about beauty series. Oil just stay tuned, Music, shine, Music. Yes, you can welcome back to my channel im obelio for billet cosmetics. This channel is all about product review and tips on skincare. If youre new to this channel, please consider subscribing and dont forget to click on the notification bell so that youll be the first to be notified on anytime i post a new video and to my old, lovely subscriber youre. Welcome back. Thank you guys for staying through to this channel. You guys are super amazing. You rock you, keep this channel going now feel free to follow me on my other social media platform to be like cosmetic on instagram and tik tok. There i display products i sell in my shop ill, be placing the link down the description section so feel free click that link and follow me on my other social media platform, and i also sell skincare product ranging from supplements, whitening injection cosmetic products and raw material. Like i always tell you, whatever product using me, making review on this channel, i sell it so feel free ill, be placing my whatsapp link down the description section now back to the business for today today, i want to be talking about beauty series lightening oil. The lots of review about this oil on youtube, but im here to give you my own honest review about this product. Now this is the picture of the product beauty series or your blc series.

Skin oil is a skin perfecting serum thats. What the manufacturer said now before i tell you how to use this product, who are meant to use it, how this product functions. I will still read what the manufacturer wrote about the product. Now the manufacturer said beauty series oil softens and unifies your complexion. It nourishes solidifies your skin tone and remove imperfection, leave skin, feeling, smooth and skill and see. Okay, now is an advanced lightening solution, thats what the manufacturer call this product now. What does this product do? Is that this product helps to remove that spot from your body. Dark spots like liver spots, transport pumps on that spot, that is caused by by by some by sun bone spot, is caused by acne sun. That is scar that is caused by stretch marks. This is more like a lightening repair oil. This oil helps to repair your skin. It does not only brightens your skin; it helps to repair your skin now feel free to check out the description section ill be placing the ingredient that this that this oil is made up with this serum is made up. So if you want to see the ingredient that this serum is made up with, feel free to check out my description section, if at this point you havent subscribed to my channel, please feel free to subscribe to my channel to help my algorithm on youtube. Now this oil is meant, like i just said, is a repair brightening oil.

It contains no hydroquinone its best used for scar. When i talked about sky, like i just said, liver scar, acne scar stretch marks car scar that caused by sunburn. This is a powerful oil that you can use in treating that now. Some people might ask me: what is the price of this product that i just talked about? That is a lightening repairing serum. Now, price of product, like i always told you in this video ranges, varies depending on your location. This product was quite affordable like two years ago, but now in nigeria market is quite pricey. Yes, due to inflation and other factors, but the powerful, lightning and repair oil. Yes, beauty: series oil is a powerful, lightening and repair oil. I want to talk about lightening and prepare oil, its not an oil that is going to give you coke and fanta. This oil is light and it helps moisturize your skin. If you apply this oil to your skin, it makes your skin feel it helps to make your skin your dry skin. It helps to nourish your dry skin. Now, how best can you use this oil? This is a lightening oil. It can be, it can be incorporated into your lotion if you want to brighten your skin, you dont want to bleach your skin. You just want to have this natural fairness. You just want to tone your skin a bit. This is not a bleaching oil, it just stones the skin a bit it just repair just helps to clear dark spots, gradually those dark spots gradually and just gives you a unified complexion like what the manufacturer said.

How can this product be used? It can be incorporated into your lotion. It can be incorporated with your oil to blend, to do to make a glowing oil or to make a lightening oil, because in lightening all your recipe, this oil helps to actually repair the skin in glowing oil. It also helps to repair the skin, so you see how effective and powerful this oil is. No joke. Beauty series is an oil that is so good. If you have skin care formulators, they will tell you that this oil is good and its pricey because of the effect not thats because of the price, but not not just because of the because its pricey british series or is actually effective. Now can you use this in your soap kind, its in your scrub? Yes, but for me for me, this is actually its actually its expensive for you to do that unless you just want to give your skin luxury, you just want to give your skin. That luxury feel, then you can apply it into your soap. You can apply it into your scrub, but for me where this oil is best incorporated into is into your lotion and into your serum into your oil, which is serum, serum or oil is best incorporated into the into your face cream. You can use it because it will help clear, acne scar. It will help clear sunburn and its best to use that mind whatever whatever solution when it comes to face that youre, using with youre using it with its best used at night, because it contains lightening agents.

This contains lightening agent now, who are the people that are not meant to use this oil? Please if you have a child below the age of 12, please should not use this oil. This oil is a lightening and repairing oil. If you have a child that is above 12 years, fine and good, the child can actually use this oil. Now, some of you might ask me: how can i get this oil? I sell this oil in my shop, like i told you whatever product you see me, making with you one year is being sold in my shop. I repeat again: this is a powerful lightening, repairing oil that can be incorporated into your lotion. It can be incorporated into your oils. It can be incorporated into your soap and scrub for soap and scrub unless you want to give your skin that extra luxury beauty, cereal soil, is a very good oil and can be used by both dark and fair people. But for that people just know that its going to turn your skin a bit as it tries to eradicate those dark spots on your skin, its going to tone your skin, but people. It will just give you that natural glow, hello, beautiful people, have you used beauty series oil before what im saying about beauty series oil? Is it the truth? What effect did they have on your skin when you used beauty series or you was it effective or did they damage your skin or it did not clear your spot feel free comment on my comment section: do you know enough your loved one that ive used beauty Series or you, if at all, youve, not used beauty series or you lets connect on my comment.

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