Today, i am so excited to try out the tarte man, eater plumping gloss, and this is a product i got in my october 2021 boxycharm premium box and i think that was a pretty awesome box. So if you have not seen my unboxing video of that yet ill have that linked in the description down below, but i was so excited to get a tarte product because i love the brand tart and a plumping gloss, because i love trying out plumping lip glosses. I have very small lips and i dont want to get lip filler, so i always try and find ways to make it look like my lips are bigger and plumping glosses can really do that, and this says that it actually does plump the lips. I got this in the shade buff. I saw that it comes in a few other shades but theyre all very similar to this light. Pinky peachy tone you can get it at ulta. It retails for 19 im a little nervous because it doesnt have the best ratings, but it has benzoyl nicotinate to help plump the appearance of lips and lactic acid to smooth appearance, which i really want both of those qualities in this lip gloss, its also vegan and Cruelty free, my lips right now actually look kind of awful. They look so chapped dry. They need some color to them, so lets hope its this product to the rescue all right, cute packaging, the man eater like leopard print and ooh a huge applicator.

I dont get any smell to this and thats fine. You know before i apply to my lips. I want to do a swatch to see what this color looks like. Oh pretty, that actually has some good pigment to it and great shine and such a pretty shade. All right im so excited to see how this is going to be on my lips. Oh my gosh, that color is so pretty. It definitely adds good color to the lips, its a noticeable difference, but its just like that perfect shade for any time but wow. This is definitely a thick formula and definitely sticky. I only applied a little bit and it feels kind of like heavy on my lips, but gosh it looks beautiful. My lips are already completely hydrated and smoothed out wow. I love how actually effective this is and its not hurting at all im getting a little bit of a cooling feeling. But, oh my goodness, i am loving this. It just transformed my lips and everything i was complaining about. My lips beforehand is gone, improved its like the opposite. Now my lips are now smooth hydrated, a perfect, even color, and i feel like maybe after like what was that maybe like 30 seconds, i think its like actually working to make my lips a little bigger. I dont even really need to apply more, but because of the color, i just want to go ahead and layer it up a little bit.

I mean its got great pigment to it. You really dont even need to add any more to get that full color. I think im getting a little bit more of like the tingling feeling now, but, like i want that from my plumping lip glosses, i wanted to actually do something and i feel like its been so long since ive found a plumping lip gloss that actually does plump The lips and smooth them out, and oh my gosh – i am so impressed by this – like i mean my top lip, its still like small, but it is definitely bigger than it was before, and i love how this color looks the shine its just so enhancing to The lips, like, i feel, like my lips, look truly exactly like the lips on the packaging. Oh my gosh – i just im so impressed by this, because with plumping with glasses, ive come to kind of not expect to actually really see much of a difference, but this is really wowing me with how effective it is its seriously. What i look for in a plumping lip gloss and its 19, but thats probably worth it to me like this – would be my daily lip gloss, because this is how i want my lips to look all the time and a product that i would continue to repurchase Because i really love it and i have such a hard time finding products like this, but please let me know in the comments down below if you do have any favorite plumping lip glosses, another one that comes to mind that actually really works and is similar to This is the grande lips plumping lip glosses.

I get that at ulta and it is so good as well, and i know theres got to be more out there, but i definitely want some recommendations and i definitely want to try out more on my channel soon.