Welcome back to my channel its cerise here and todays video. I have finally received the pricked eyeshadow palette now im so freaking excited as you can see, im like buzzing im like no eye makeup. I look bald. I am ready to try this. I am so freaking excited, so lets get on to the details first, so i can actually dive in because i cannot wait. This packaging is like the best packaging ever like im, just fizzing um. So this is vegan cruelty, free it retails for 52 us dollars – and this is it here, so it is in a slip cover so pricked. I love um. What i was looking at before is the blood effects that are on here. I think that theyre really cute like real fancy and then also the needle through it as well, and then what we have back here is we have this little heart logo, which i think is really really cute as well and, of course, its like an orange detailing This is supposed to be like a little bag. Theres a handle guys im, just i cant, even cant, even handle it. Oh my gosh, but im so excited how the hell do i open this cover now im like? Can i open it? This is just really really iconic im. Just super freaking excited all right lets open it up, ive already ripped it, but thats right, thats, all right! Oh my gosh, i cant. Oh my gosh im wrapping it im good! Oh my god! This is actually really hard to get off.

Okay, all right, shes shes getting unpeeled! Oh! So this is it here. Oh my gosh! This is the back. So its got beautiful its like a dark red mahogany kind of color ive got this beautiful, like pastel orange and then pricked and the logo i think, is really cute. I love this packaging how its like a wee bag. She loves that thats, freaking, amazing and then ive got the weak clasp here as well the clasp its a real easy to open. Clasp too, i feel like just holding that up there yeah it does paint open. It could be a bit tighter, but shes right shes. All right and with these these cant come off, but these little like loopies here, if you wanted to like i dont, know, extend the strap. I dont know like just look at it. Its so pretty like packaging for jeffree. Star is just absolutely stunning, like just all the detailing. It is very, very cool all right and now lets open it up. How do i open this? Oh hang on like this. I think dandelion, all righty, oh its got little ribbons here to hold it open. So its got a nice little plastic sleeve, but these are all the shades here. Oh my gosh look! Oh my gosh. This is just absolutely like. Oh my god, and the mirror is a really good size as well im like thats good. You could literally sit it here, have it open, while you do your makeup, i actually really like this one, because it it holds it open.

It has to be open, like this palette has to be open. I think that thats, so freaking cool now these colors, this orange fatale, is just mwah. Speaking to my soul. This color kind of reminds me of one of the blood money shades, but everything else is just. It looks absolutely iconic, like im, ready, im ready to feel the fantasy, so i think we need to swatch so lets. Watch it all right. So here weve got the palette here. Lets start with the top row here. So weve got palin comparison that has like the nicest shift in it. Oh my gosh right, oh thats, a good shift. I like that, all right and then weve got fashion, which is beautiful. Oh, that is a nice orangey shade. I just realized. You cant see it there we go now were angled bitter now, weve got sliver of sanity, thats a nice mustard shade. Oh, i feel like this. Cutting edge is going to be super light, its very, very velvety from what im picking up and just remember like these are swatching really nice, but just remember that swatches, sometimes they dont swatch as good on the um as they do on the eye. But i mean these are jeffree star, like ones so it should be sweet and then weve got unpeeled pleasure. Oh thats, giving me seven one four vibes. I love that right now, weve got pulp addiction which looks like a very pretty color.

Oh, these would be the nice peachy toned eyes. Oh my gosh mysterious circumstances lets lets. Do that thats freaking pigmented, papaya latex lets go lets go thats, freaking, gorgeous theyve got orange fatale. That is nice. They kind of look the same. Those shades there, but its still freaking, like just iconic and then weve, got twisted taste. Oh thats, nice all right and then weve got thorny. With thorny there thats a nice color, oh forged, thats a nice one. Lets watch it: oh my god, the pigment in there. What the hell all right and then ive got double crossed: thats nice, oh unblunted, unblunted! Oh my gosh! Oh look at that all right and then ive got glimmer of hope, which definitely does remind me of the blood money like shade holy heck. No, it does not, that is just absolutely stunning: oh thats, beautiful right and then what slice me open? That is nice. Look at that and then youve got deadly intentions, which is a black with a gold shift in it, thats really pretty. So those are the swatches there its just such a pretty palette, though, like i just i cannot get over like the prettiness of this palette. This palette is absolutely gorgeous. It is so freaking beautiful like in these swatches, though it is watched amazing, like this shade im. Just like im ready to put all my free theres a highlight, though oh my gosh should be so good. Alright time for an eye.

Look lets freaking, do this alrighty! Now we have the rose gold tape. You cannot go wrong with that. I feel like we need a blending shade, so just looking at the shades here, im just kind of like hmm. What would suit is a blending shade. I feel like i want to go hard ill go home, but then i also feel like i want to play it kind of coy. I dont know i feel like im going to go with vitamin c word like. Does that mean see you in t is that what that means? Oh all, right. We can already see theres some fallout here, its a lot powdery in of the eyeshadows as well. So lets kind of put this on here: hmm shes, a powdery one. What is going on here, its funny how your brush picks up different things than what your um fingers pick up, because on your fingers and youre not going to pick up that this is full bloody. I feel like thats, not actually blending on what the hell. Okay. Hang on its made like a nice wee ring, but its not blending like oh, no, it is im just looking at it too. Up close, i think all right lets see about this side this in here, yes, beach. Yes, all right! This is a really i dont know if its this brush, but the color is super full out already, which im kind of like okay, i see you there all right so weve laid that color down, but look how full audi that is.

That is ridiculous, like its like all the shadow gone in like five seconds, its so weird all right now, im gon na do that same brush, and this is going to be my corner color. What color is that one that is orange fatale for tail, because i have unwinded concealer like primer on my lid. This is bloody rude like how unprofessional of me all right. This color is definitely a bold look. I like this already its very, very pretty im just using that same blendy brush that i used to do that orange shade, because in the vitamin c word because then i can just get vitamin c and smush it in up there as well in the areas. So ive just blended that nicely, i feel like thats blended in very well together, nice sunset, vibes im just like envisioning all the places im gon na go with this bag like just im just going to go to the shop with my little handbag be funny like You could actually, you actually could put money in like credit cards in this as well, which i think is just so freaking hilarious, like also. I didnt clean that out far enough compared to my other ones, so bacon with that vitamin c color to clean that out. Further because i am not paying that much attention clearly but um yeah im like you, could easily just put a card or something in here 100 card and you can just go shopping like hey im, just shopping with my eyeshadow palette like dont.

Make me like how funny would that be? You saw someone actually legitimately shopping with this, but i mean you could so just saying youd always have touch ups on the go. You need to fit a little makeup brush in there and youll be sweet all right. So i think, on my actual lids, i want to put like a shimmery color, but then i kind of want to put a base down so im going to put down mysterious circumstances down. Also, all of the imprints of all the pictures on here are really interesting. Theres the knife here, the scorpion here there is the: what was that a tattoo gum there and then theres a hand holding a cigarette. A little masquerade mask a little handbag up there like its just really cute little things there but ill get the shade anyway. I always forget to comment on the actual stamps. I think the stamps are actually really cute this time, or maybe its actually holding yeah just holding a big needle, not a cigarette use. Your brain series i feel like this color is just blended in with that other orange shade i use, but its so different in the pan. I feel like it actually looks like the same color and its a completely new brush as well. It just looks like the same color i find you guys think does that look kind of the same kind of like not hard out but kind of kind of the same im gon na get slither of im gon na clean, my fluffy brush that i had so Theres, no residue coming off and im gon na get that sliver sliver of sanity im just gon na try and brighten up this part and just kind of make it a bit brighter.

Just because i feel like its looking very dark now. I think its still bright but shes like very dark its almost like its over blended. It still looks nice, but just shes a little bit dark there, and then i think im gon na grab shade that sketch shade double cross double crossed im just gon na deepen out the. Let me get one of these little brushes im just going to deepen out my crease here like hold it up, just like that crease there. Just to give the look some more definition. I think that looks a little bit better just so my eye has more shape because in the minute she looks very uncheaply my eye. I think that looks way better way, better right now time for some shimmer. As you guys know, this has just been a matte. Look so far, and so far we have used one two, three, four, five, six shades, no just five shades and you can tell that because of the massive amounts of fallout in the colors, but thats all right. So i think theres, a few shimmers we can choose from like this orange is really nice thats real nice thats, nice thats, nice. I think that in the inner eye and that on the lid would look good so im just going to grab my finger and theres this little like heck, i learnt to do my cut creases. Is i just kind of put my finger in the corner of my eye like that, and i just pull it along and it seems to just be my crease like look if i just follow my eyeball, like almost like im pulling along my eyeball and then just Along the top of my eyeball and its like ive done my whole crease, its so weird, i like discovered it the other day, and i was just like what the hell and it like gets.

My whole lips see how weird, how weird is that you can use any finger too. This is the middle finger and just pull it up. Like look at that, all this time, ive been trying to cut creases and im like okay, i could have just used a whole finger with the shadow on it and it would have been fine like thats, just so weird to me, just like howd that happen all Right so were gon na get pulp addiction now and put that on the inner corner of my eye. Add that oh thats, more of like the pinky, a pinky kind of vibe, its still really nice looks good in that inner corner. There see that looks cute. All right now were gon na carefully take these off. You can see theres a tiny bit of fallout underneath so im just gon na get rid of that, but look at that sharp line baby. Look at that sharp line like shes shes, iconic, shes, shes, winning all right lets just blend this out. Okay, go and ive got to do underneath the eye now, so i need to get a little brush thats going to go underneath my eye like. Where is the seed? I cannot find so well use this one now im going to get shade twisted fate, twisted taste shade twisted taste there. There we go its more of a ready, color im gon na go under here. Just to get that you can knit those lines there im obsessed with this eye, look by the way and then im going to get shade, papaya latex and put that on the inner corner, like the inner part on her, oh its just so vibrant that color, okay, How vibrant i just need to blend that out, because it is looking a little bit lighter all right.

That looks pretty freaking good to me. Just like that. I feel like it just needs lashes and liner, and then i think, will be good, but im just like do. I need to add a little bit more to the outer part of the eye like this bit. Does that need a bit more dimension, because i could slice slap some slice in the open in there just do like a one, two, its a lot of product on there. You just do a little just to kind of add some more that made it yeah. I think thats made it a little bit better. Okay, you know one two with that: one, just adding it in there right. I think thats way better so im going to slap on some mascara and some lashes and liner and then well be right back, and that is the eye. Look there. I love it. Im wearing dont panic, lipstick, the dont panic one from the approach collection as well, and this okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, this pricked palette its see, i loved blood money. I loved what was the last one pink religion obsessed with that amazing beautiful packaging. This is just leave all this packaging and also just the eye. Look the amount of eye looks you can do with this now. This is just absolutely stunning, but i do have butts. I do butts. Is it worth it? 100? Yes, the colors are amazing. If you love this kind of like neutral, bright summery autumn, spooky vibes, this is definitely up your alley.

This is definitely a really good palette for you, but my few qualms that is it is is, is that it is very fallouty, so make sure on your eyes that you do have a cover or that you have um put translucent powder or something so its easy To rub off, as you guys seen, it was easy to just blend into my um blush that i had there. It was easy to just actually blend the orange into that, but just fear warning it is fall out regardless of the colors of this palette. I think that this is actually my favorite design if you get rid of the gimmicky like strap, and everything like that. I really love that that is really really awesome. The ribbons there holding it in place makes it that you can just prop this up, and you have your own portable mirror with all the other pallets that there are. Let me just pull one out with all the other pallets that they are nothing stays see. So you have to lean it against something: to use it to be able to utilize the mirror. So the mirrors you can still use and utilize, but its always easier, with a free standing mirror or you know, for example, i use this mirror because it stays still, and everything like that, like i dont need to hold the palette in place, but because this does This honestly, this is probably one of my favorite palettes just for the packaging alone, just adding those little ribbons in there just that little extra touch, because if this flopped all the way down itd be super bulky super annoying.

So i really hope that he does implement these in the future palettes as well, except, like you know, mini palettes and things like that, but i think for the larger palettes. These are definitely really good, um and versatile to be able to hold the palettes up and everything. I really like that feature um. Of course i love that it looks like a bag because you could literally take that. I mean you wouldnt want to bash it, but you could take that out and be like yeah. I got my little purse with me like you know what but yeah like honestly. I just think its really really iconic the colors. I always was going to love because you guys know im just oranges. This collection has been my favorite collection in a very long time. I know i said every time this is my favorite collection of my favorite collection. This is just so good because everythings always had like hints of pinks, and this does have red in it, but you know theres, no pinks its just all oranges and i freaking love oranges. He slayed the lipsticks he slayed this like this is just hands down an absolute beauty. So if you guys are wondering if you should get pricked or not im biased, because i absolutely love oranges, but look at just the finish on the eyes like just the finish. Is so pretty and beautiful in itself, and just the palette itself is so gorgeous, like everyone got that for a gift id be like? That is the bougies thing even like it looks like it should be way more than 52 us dollars.

You know what i mean. Just the craftsmanship itself, the little latches like, i think it being the same price as all the other like uh. You know like your conspiracy, your blue blood, your blood money, youre being all the same prices theme. It definitely has the beast component so far um. I just like how it opens up like that, but yeah its already starting to crease on there, so it might not be very durable over time, but at least it doesnt bend all the way back because it obviously would break faster, so yeah and just all the Stitching like just look at all the details of this just this packaging alone is just absolutely stunning, like for the price point im, just very, very impressed very much with the price point, but im going to stop wanking on about price points and all that kind of And just give you one last glance of this palette now out of the palette, we used pretty much a lot of the colors. We used one two. No do we use one, no one, two, three, four: five: six, seven, eight, nine ten, eleven twelve thirteen we used. 13 shades, which i think is really really impressive – to create this kind of eye. Look so honestly, the eye looks endless and im definitely gon na be using this again a thousand times. Yes, let me know in the comments down below if you want any more eye, looks or if this one is just cute, but let me know because im just im frothing over this palette, so yeah, hopefully you guys enjoyed this video.