I partner in caribou collection, but of course what i have is just the lip glosses tapasing lip gloss is a high shine gloss that glides effortlessly on the lips. This long, lasting minty formula gives the lips maximum juiciness without the sticky feel parasiticating. So many four shades caribou wow carry boom bells and boom sephora shimmering. Splendid and again vice cosmetics is paraben, free cruelty, free and vegan and 12 months, yum buhay, nong manga lip glosses, and this retails for 195 pesos first shade is boom belf. So this is boom bells swatched on my hand, and this is boom bells on my lips and you guys super duper. Love go young lip gloss in collaboration with advice, cosmetics and but i have no flavor on your lips and for this one for this shade i kind of like it, because you know freshly calcium next shade we have the boom bita, so this is boom swatched. On my hand and kita katariman difference atom, pinky eto is on a brownie nude nude peachy peachy ganern and theres boombi dabida on my lips, and this is just like your lips, but better aluminum luscious. Miss juicy must cute most pretty, and i also kind of like it pero so yeah third shade. We have wow kerry and this one is an opaque shade. Oh my god. So this is wow carry swatched on my hand, and this swell carry on my lips and you guys so but yeah dancer.

Shimmer is your first two shades man and shine. Super duper duper tiny now, but im glitters and then opaque is blush on glitters. It has a more intense pigment, better, sheer parinamansha, its not going to 100 cover the color of your lips or your your lips itself. I mean pigment yeah and i dont say well. Kerry is like nude brown, the mancho, my peachy undertone its cute cute lemon because on my skin tone, gumbo so yeah. This is wow kerry. Last shade we have caribou wow, carrie and then atom de lavantos, pinky pinky, see boom bells at sea caribou and attacking on my lips better. Take note: this is two layers, so not necessarily two layers, counting additional and filling column. You know no, i kind of like it. No, i like it like caribou more than i know, uh so yeah, careful, then shades of okay, so very, very quick. First impressions, i love the glosses because on cute cuteness packaging, mejamala jeffree star is pero aluminum with a little local flavor, better cutie pie, man 195, each well at 200, pesos plus shipping fee. I love the minty flavor. I love the effect on the lips and i do recommend that you try them more than the other lip glosses, generous mahal, but indeed overall, feel i like it. Favorite shades called favorite shade, scream mopping mm hmm anyway, so yeah thats it for todays video guys lip gloss anyway. Thank you. Thank you.

So much for watching next video nothing die. Thank you. Thank you.