Thank you so much for watching my video daily make sure you subscribe my youtube channel here and turn on the notification bell. Todays videos were going to talk about highly anticipated holiday gift sets by one of the most iconic brand. On the earth, it is not beauty yet its by long coat, and this is the knife full size, favor holiday gift set were going to review this and see. If this is worth the money, do i recommend you buy or not lets get started. Hi im steve jan founder of ebu beauty, and these are my sister weve, been together through thick and thin. Nothing comes between us in our family. Just like our bong, the two new releases of the mooncast collections, our hero, serum and hero moisturizer – are the super duo. Nothing will come between your skin and the ebook superpowers, so every year during the holiday season, every major cosmetic company will come out. This called a blockbuster, meaning that uh they put their best popular item in one box and then gave a really great value. I mean thats just something that everyones waiting for every single year and i think the biggest one is going to have to be estee, lauder and lancome and lancome this year. I think they beat a slaughter they released a little earlier. I wouldnt call this their blockbuster because i think they may have another one, but this is definitely, i think, the most valuable set.

So this is the what i call i have my notes right here: its called the lancome beauty box and the 75 dollar. This set is 75 right, but its worth a 42 dollar purchase of lancome, meaning you need to buy any product in lancome, at least about at least at 42. Then you can purchase this for 75 if youre not familiar with this type of marketing. This is called a purchase for purchase, but this particular one is a value. Are you ready at 440 dollar and little content ho 9 full size item in here wow? I think its really cool that they changed changed this in the past. They will say with any xyz amount purchasing fragrances, then you can buy this, but now its with any item. The item i purchased is their multi vital eye cream with sunblock spf 30, because it is really hard to find a good sunblock already finding a good sunblock around the eye area is almost impossible and long cone. I mean i just thought you know what, since i need to buy something for 45 dollars, i might as well get that right now. So this is the one and let me show you guys a little bit so it comes out like opaque and Music. It has a sunscreen smell its pretty strong, so im gon na have to give it a try for a while to show you guys if it is worth your money, but im pretty excited about this, so i bought this then i purchased the beauty box all right.

So lets open this baby ill go through one by one. I want to know if anybody already purchased this um. I love to hear that i i know what do you think about this box all right, so it comes with a really decent makeup. Pouch my hair, like a big bag, um, definitely a full leather. It feels really soft, very smooth as the holiday star right here and when you open this, it comes with nine items, including the exclusive holiday uh eyesh, the palette, and this one piece jennifer face mask so im gon na go through one by one right now. The item in here none of them come with the box, its just the full size items only which is okay, and this is the most iconic product on lancome. So this is the best part. This box is 79 75 right. This is the one ounce one ounce advanced jennifer serum. This is retail for 78, so this alone is already more than everything else is in here, thats, why its worth over 440 dollars so lets talk about what is this its radium boost, anti aging serum. So what this serum would do is um by the way i never used this, but i heard about this so much. It basically strains your skin barrier defends against its external damage from pollution, uv cold, dry weather this, and so, when you use so this product will help against all environmental damage. It provides hydration reduced lines of wrinkle and it says right here after you use one month, you can see a visible result on reduced fine lines or wrinkle wow thats a lot of promising and im not going to give you all this information im going to put A screen right somewhere, you can see it theres a lot of clinical tests.

You want over 170 beauty a world wow thats, really really fantastic. Lets give a try here. This is the dropper and people dont realize that when they have a dropper like this, you just use the whole drop but thats. How much you really need for your entire face its a its a very lightweight serum. It has a license. Lancome is known for their sense, but its not to the point that too strong. You know so its not bad. I think the one the brand i really dont, like honestly, is it by dior, because theres so much perfume in there and theyre just drying to the skin. So this is a great serum can be used day or night. So the next item is the partner item. Its the advanced genifique eye – and this is uh whoa, so i was gon na say. Oh, this is so tiny. This is a 20 ml 0.67 ounce. This alone is 70, so this two product loans over 140 dollars already almost 150 dollars – wow thats a lot, so it really focused on reduced dark circle and the back under the eye and brightening the eye area thats the main purpose – and they have a very cool Technology is this a little? Let me show you guys a little round, dropper right here. You see that you just massage around the eye area, so it has a cooling effect right here. You know one thing about skincare: i love the idea that cooling your fat around the eye, but when you rub around the iron and you put it back into the jar or the bottle, i i just dont like that myself, so i would probably prefer just use The finger and just pat it on here, so this is definitely great for daytime to use.

Like i always say, skincare, you need to see what is this product target and what does this do so if this is focused ill, reduce, puffiness, dark circle or this? Is it the puffiness reduce a dark circle in the bed under the eye, and definitely you want to use in daytime so yeah, okay lets see what else they have in here so far. What do you think? I think this is really great. I mean really great stuff. The next item here is the full size of moisturizer. It is the renergie lift multi action, ultra moisturizer with spf 30. Oh another day, treatment, thats really great. So one ounce, this baby is a 49 dollars right energy, oh my gosh, so i dont know if you guys know this. My first cosmetic job was at hong kong. I mean it was a very long time ago, and i remember that was like 20 something years ago. I remember that during that time, their iconic moisturizer for anti juice re energy. Now this is the new revised one. Obviously, after 20 years i mean its still. It actually its kind of smell like the original one like, oh my god. Oh my god. I think this smell, like the old one. I have for a long time, and this is with a sun block in there. Its definitely more creamier and its definitely good has to be daytime because of sound protections in here, and what this do for you lets see its a multitasking face.

Moisturizer that re visibly reduce the spot, lift and firm. The skin sounds fantastic, so you probably noticed that the moisturizer is actually cheaper than the serum and the reason why the serum usually is packed with more protein for ingredients and they can punish it deeper than the moisturizer. So the cereal usually is a little bit more expensive and then theres one piece of genovy, hydro melting mask, so one piece of 15 dollar when you buy one box, its four piece and thats 55 and lets see what is this so this hydrogel mask provides hydration Instant radiance smoothness plump, the skin and oh, it takes 10 minutes. Thats pretty good were talking about. Remember somebody say that one mass is equal, not the whole bottle with ginger feed like some ingredient in genevieve is in the one mask and theres a lot of them and also is a very popular right now, like you know the company they use the most. I hero product and they put that product a lot a lot in one mass and you see instant result, and i get people say that well, if this mask can do so much, why should i be using the serum? Just remember this is a booster you put in so much in one time and honestly, your skin can only absorb so much anyway, so result is really temporary and after three days its gone so thats why you want to use the serum daily, but this is good.

15 fantastic now i want to talk about makeup right here, so i dont know if you guys know this the best eye makeup remover in the whole wide world its by lancome by facil, i mean i know this when i worked like lancome over 20 years ago. Its a two faced liquid and then you want to shake it here once you shake it, you put this on a cotton pad you place on the eyelid, hold it for a few seconds. You wipe it. You remove everything, absolutely amazing its been tested to save use around the eye even again to die wont cause irritation. This is in here and then they also offer two mascara lancome is known for their mascara too, and this is the definite sale. Oh, my god, definite cell, its been in vlonko over 20 years, so definitely meaning no defined lashes thats the name – and this should be a very defined brushes. You can see that it provide that individual length of my lashes, which is really great, and i see whats the white one. I think this one is the booster right, so this is the cell booster xl, so you use this first, its basically fibers in there over the lashes and then, when you put your mascara over, you will make it longer and thicker fantastic, and then they have this Lancome, lipstick, you press it pops out, and this is a beautiful icon of red during the holiday.

Everyone should have a red lipstick. I mean it just it brightening the skin, make you look better immediately and now i want to show you the eyeshadow here. If i can get this out so far, i think this is fantastic, so this is starlight face palette and it comes over four highlighted: colors. Okay, let me just kind of do a quick swatch right here, so this is the purple color wow. They have pretty pretty high pigment and do the pink one. Okay, the pink one is kind of soft, its barely to see it the gold colors, but its interesting that when i put this on the skin, you kind of roll off a little bit im kind of surprised to see that they should. They should be a little bit better quality thats the goal, and then this the beige highlight and the peach colors. So i mean nothing exciting about this product. Unfortunately, but you know youre really getting is the skincare then thats? What is really cool? And then, of course, during the heart of this season, everybody need a beautiful scent, so they offer one of their iconic fragrance. Well, thats. What i say i think the iconic fragrance for lancome leave a comment below. Let me know which what do you think? What was what is the iconic fragrance for lancome? I think the iconic fragrance should be tresor. I mean that has been with lancome ford. I dont know how many years so this is uh.

What is this called? Oh, please, something la belle. I mean it smells wonderful though i mean it smells beautiful, feed la vista, lapel fragrance, i mean lancome the way to use this is kind of very traditional, like a french or like an older perfume. You just put a tip right here. Just put it right here on the skins very classic, very sweet, its a very sweet fragrance um, not a fresh scent or not a wood, its a sweet. It kind of reminds you of a little bit like a vanilla, candy or like cotton, candy smell. So its a very lovely scent, so i mean i think its i mean. If you ask me, this is worth 75 absolutely i mean the product here. They are full sizes. Those two i mean this alone is more than 75, so i have to spend 45 dollars right, so i bought it. I this, i think the 42, so two of this is basically cover the whole entire eye price and youre. Getting the makeup. Remover youre getting mascara moisturizer lipstick. I think its really fantastic, if you like, lancome or if you want to give a lancome or try and what would i recommend you to buy for the first 45 dollar purchase or more right now, theres, so many special and they will be even more special for Holiday season just kind of check around hong kong and what they have and pick what you want, or you can buy something for give and keep this for yourself theres, so many possibilities that you can do.

One thing i want to remind you is that right now, lancome is having a gift. Basically wait: a blue window is having a gift, have a gift, and but i definitely feel like stuff like this gon na solve pretty fast. So you need to act quick. You know dont think about too long, because once this is gone its gone, and i think this is a really great deal. I dont believe this is their blockbuster for harder. They usually they do a really big one, but this could be the blockbuster. I dont know. I dont vote for them, but they just say the holiday uh sets so so yeah. Let me know what you think about todays video and they just released this about two days ago and three days ago. So you definitely should should be able to still find this product if you get it.