Thank you so much for being here in todays video im gon na save you a little bit of money with probably unpopular opinions um, but what i dont think is worth your money as far as skincare. So before we get started hit, the subscribe button share. This video somebody think might like it and lets: do it all right, so dont waste your money on these things now listen. This is just my opinion. Obviously so, if you choose to spend the money on these things, then go on with your bad self, its totally fine. We can have a very honest and very courteous discussion about these things, but this is just my professional opinion that uh these things dont belong in our skincare routine, all right so, first, one being is expensive, moisturizers promising to give you the world okay. So you know that my train of thought has always been: do not spend money on moisturizers, because moisturizers are just there to be occlusive. Moisturizers are just there to hold in hydration to hold in ingredients that your serums give. You spend your money on. In my opinion, higher end more effective, or i guess i should say better – made with a better delivery system, serums and really those serums essences and things like that should be your hydrators. Those are the ones should be your corrective state, your steps, your hydration stays. You know steps the ones that give you the moisture that you need.

Moisturizers again are just there to lock in your products underneath and to give that barrier and protection. As you know, ive talked about this moisturizer. A ton is the skin fix berry repair cream. It is a little bit on the more like expensive end. I guess, but youd only need a little bit and it is such an amazing moisturizer and its great for all skin types now theres a bunch of others. So, for example, the kinship gel moisturizer is beautiful and that is now available at ulta and thats better for combination, oilier skin types, all right. So that is lesson one. Now this one im going to say i go back and forth with and were going to talk about in situations where probably is a good idea and where it might not be so. Second, is beauty, fridges or cosmetic fridges. Now you know, i have a cosmetic fridge in my skin studio and that reason being is because thats, where i keep all of my crystal masks, my rollers, my gua sha, any kind of facial, massage tools that i like to use thats. What i keep in there as well as serums, like vitamin c, so other serums that you might want to put in there, really it doesnt like if you want to use hyaluronic acid in there or something like that, thats totally fine, but the only reason why youd Be doing that is to have a cooling sensation on the skin, its like one of those things that kind of brings you joy and then, if something brings you joy then absolutely keep doing that, but also too l ascorbic acid.

So if you use a vitamin c that has l ascorbic acid, it is pretty unstable, so putting it into a cosmetic fridge or regular fridge might give it a little bit more shelf time now. How much i dont know, but it will uh, have a little bit more longevity to the serum, but you can put your eye patches in there. So if you use eye patches or eye creams or eye rollers, of course, like i use in my eye, i also put serums in there that i actually dont use very often to keep them a little bit more fresh now. Is there any research that says it keeps it more fresh? No, but i love it. I it makes it makes me happy to have a little cosmetic fridge. So do you need it? No, but if again, if it brings, you joy then go ahead and use it, but theres no real um reason that anybody would need one right: okay, perfect now this one is probably im gon na get a lot of hate from it. I dont know, i hope, not skin care brands, sorry skin care lines from cosmetic brands, i.e, chanel dior, lemaire, bobby brown uh, who else honestly charlotte tilbury um lines like that. Like really high end, especially like your chanel, your lemare, your dior things like that when they actually were, they have color cosmetics, and then they come out with skin care. Now the only thing thats a little bit different is uh.

Charlotte tilbury actually started one of her things she started with was her magic cream, so i am going to give her a little bit of pass, but im telling you guys there is so much filler and fragrance and occlusive agents that are not great for the skin. In these kinds of lines, now you might like it because, oh it makes your skin feel plump or something like that, its really a deception. So basically, what its doing is these type of lines with tons of fragrance in them tons of fillers tons of things that are not great for our skin, its actually pulling moisture out of our skin. So when you take it off, it almost is like your skin needs more and more and more and more and more of it. Okay um to me, in my opinion again, this is an unpopular opinion, video um. They make these skincare because they need something else to sell. Okay, so a lot of people who say youre a dior girl, some people love to stay with your makeup and then go with their skincare. I know a lot of people use lemare skincare. It has been marketed for years as the best the best skincare im telling you right now that its really can really skip that their makeup is obviously not cruelty free, but their foundation was one of my favorites, so lets have them stick with makeup and leave the Skincare to the experts and thats just again my opinion, so if youre using all of this again dont get, you know, upset ive met me but like this is really not where the delivery systems that are important in skincare are theyre way overpriced for the ingredients that Are in them and the amount of ingredients that are in them check your ingredient list on any of those things, youll be very surprised to see where those active ingredients are on the list.

This also goes for lancome and also stuff, like that. So its really something you can save your money on, do not waste your money on those makeup lines; skincare. Sorry, sorry, all right! So for the next one! This is definitely a topic that has been debated: okay, collagen powder. Sorry there is really no great research to suggest that collagen drinks collagen powder things like that are going to add to the amount of collagen in your skin. Okay, there really isnt any research. All these companies can feed you all the marketing lines they want to, but there really isnt enough research to suggest that drinking one of these every single day is going to miraculously allow your skin to make more collagen thats, just really not how we work physiologically. Okay, thats, not how the skin works. What i do love collagen powders for, though, and things like bone broth and collagen powder theyre. All really. The very similar is because its amazing for our gut okay, so collagen powder, is amazing for our gut health, like one of the best things you can do, for your gut is to drink, bone, broth or part of you know, collagen uh, collagen powder supplement drink is Theyre all really made from uh the same kind of uh ingredients as bone broth, okay, so theyre all in the same family. So when we heal our gut when we take care of our gut, our whole body on our the whole body system starts to glow.

It starts to be rejuvenated because all healing starts in the gut okay, and so, if we start to really focus on the gut and focus on healing the gut, everything else will look better where our skin will glow itll have more hydration itll, be more moisturized um Itll feel better the skin and our body wont be as tight. Okay. Now, this is actually over time of you being consistent with this. So, yes, is it inadvertently, amazing for the skin? Yes, but its inadvertently, amazing for the whole body? Okay, so it really is there to heal the gut, and you know, since we are on a holistic journey over here on this channel. We do think about the internal uh workings of the body anyway, so healing the gut, you have blown skin and then this is my last unpopular opinion uh spending money on expensive facial oils. Now i will tell you: i am a im, a culprit of this. I am, i would call myself a facial oil hoarder. I have many many many different ones now. I want to put a little caveat here. There are very expensive facial oils, like vineyards, daughter, vietnamese daughter, i think im saying that incorrectly or tatchas camellia oil that do amazing things for the skin. They both are beautiful, beautiful oils, especially oils from true botanicals, too beautiful oils, okay, but there is no need for them to be that expensive, im just being honest um. There is really no need.

Yes, they are, they can be sourced, uh, more ecological. They can be um sourced more thoughtfully. They can be of a higher quality. Absolutely there are definitely differences in higher quality oils and lower quality oils. I get that but im sorry to say this, but, for example, tatchas oil or their camellia oil is almost identical to good molecules. Camellia oil, okay, the rosehip oil from the ordinary is almost exactly the same as some of the most expensive rosehip oils that i have ever tried. There is a beautiful oil by may love, which is actually, i think, like 59 thats, probably where it should be. Its called the love oil it has, like i dont, even know, 15 or 16 different, beautiful, high quality high sourced um oils in it, but, in my opinion, theres just i cant believe how expensive it is. Theres just really no need for it. Um you can go. Get cold pressed sunflower, cold, pressed organic sunflower oil from your nearest health food store that probably is going to cost you, like 12 bucks. You put a little bit on your skin and its so amazing for your skin. So i know that thats not the most popular opinion, and i know everybody loves their amazing oils, which i do too. But i urge you to wonder just with those big big big, like luxury brands like youre, really paying for the brand of that youre. Not really paying for um, you know the quality of the oils, all the time.

Now, of course, like i said i want to have caveats, i dont want anybody to be upset with me, but theyre they can be sourced more more readily and all the things we talked about they can be of higher quality oils, but they do not need to Be 100, they dont need to be hundred dollars. They real high quality oils that you put on your face and all that should be around fifty or sixty dollars to have them. If thats like the highest end, one dont hate me for this: dont shoot the messenger. It is just something that i really feel very strongly about that it gets talked about, not a lot like. Why do we need to be doing all of this with all of these things, okay and im gon na throw in a bonus for you, im, gon na, say it one more time at home, microneedling! Please stop doing it, please! I beg of you. Please please please, please, please um go to a professional. I know that it costs money. I understand that it costs a lot of money to get it done. Go to somebody that does the nano infusion like i do from osmosis or go to an actual real professional that does man that does micro, needling um. I have seen horror stories about microneedling at home, no matter how safe, you might think you are, you do not know the protocols to keep things sanitary, what to use after what to use during how to do it.

Honestly, please go see a professional, save your money on that um. It really should be done by a professional all right. This was fun unpopular opinions by elle, okay, i love you all.