So, as you can see your packaging yeah beautiful in a man and pink cha its not your usual bullet type, lipstick packaging. This one is thinner and longer. So a total of five shades youll need release, our gingerbread rose latte and biscuit so you must shade nayon, more unnatural, looking perfect for everyday nude shades. So start mona, tayo kai rose latte, so try nothing later lets see. If i can build the opacity, so it needs full lip and a perfect description is very flattering. Brides weddings is very comfortable cut. The swipe i can feel the buttery talaka parang. Consistency is thinner compared to usual type, lipstick, no talking, then, and because its very lightweight, i think, puede detail. Cosmetics, try nothing. On top, i really love. This combination is very lightweight. It feels like i have nothing on my lips, so next shade the manhattan is biscuit. So this shade is brown talaga i, like hindi shadow. It will still look good personal, deeper skin tones and also the hanging satin new, finishing toe. My shine should not want it and, as you white chocolate next shade, the manhattan is gingerbread, so ginger bread, the man, its very orangey, as you can see, meijo of yusuyum pagihim peach now lets proceed. The mandito jam series naman two shades. You include the dito brown, sugar and blackberry jam so in gem series, rich and dark shades, but um brown sugar is watches from almost the same lungs biscuit but sharper thickness, swatches brown sugar.

In the shade, though, this is a beautiful shade, biscuit nc brown, sugar on the friends nila major brown brigna, my auntie red, see brown sugar and seabiscuit naman is dark brown. So this is your blackberry jam and curious trend right now so im starting to see brands, release this shade more and more because they bought my face style before nah put a nude, mlb shades and murdering face napolu peach. So right now a tournament. So im not complaining. I really love it. So if you want to try something different, something unique then try motong shade nato for my final thoughts, disney detail, cosmetics, cassette. I really like the formula as in kadas wife mo talagang battery shop and its also my aesthetic nap around natural, looking lamb, sheer lumin pigment, but you can also build it up and yunya the battery shop. It feels lightweight the legacy lips mo and, of course, 199 press islam very, affordable, but shades. I was looking for deeper reds, so dark red collection, but other than that i love this collection. So much im going to link everything down below. I think thats it for today so murami pattayon products review.