Today, im going to be trying out this golden peach blush from benefit and its the georgia blush, and i got this in my october 2021 boxycharm premium box and if you have not seen my unboxing video of that yet ill. Have that video linked in the description down below, but this retails for 30 dollars, which i think is very expensive for a blush. I think blushes are definitely a type of makeup product that i do not think you need to spend a lot of money on. I mean there are some amazing dollar store or shop, miss a blushes, but getting over that fact. I am really excited to try this out. I do love the brand benefit. I wear the benefit. Hoola bronzer all the time – and this is kind of in the similar realm of that the georgia peach blush is a cult favorite from benefit as well, and it has the classic packaging here. It does have a mirror, oh and it actually smells really good. I wouldnt necessarily say it smells like peach, but it kind of smells like flowers, kind of like a perfume, and it does come with this brush applicator, which feels very soft and nice so ill. Give that a try before i apply to my face, though i want to go ahead and do a swatch, a buttery feel. Oh, that barely shows up at all. I feel like this might be better for a highlighter because it doesnt actually have much like pink pigment to it.

So like can you even see that swatch, on my hand, not really – and i feel like the mirror in the packaging – is a little too small? So im gon na use my actual mirror, but lets first start out using this applicator. Here i feel like i need to pick up so much of it because it doesnt have much pink color to it, but lets see how it is. When i apply it, i mean i applied all of it to my cheek and i see absolutely nothing. I dont see any glow. I dont see any color okay, im gon na pick up a blush brush and since its not super pigmented im actually going to pick up more of like a dense brush to try and get more pigment payoff. Okay, so picking up more of the product – and i i dont – love this packaging, its a very shallow pan and its kind of weird that its so deep in the box like that. Okay lets see if i can get something to show up on my cheek. No like, if anything, its almost looking slightly orange and its not even really giving like glow as if i were to use it as a highlighter im really trying to make this work. But im going to try picking up a lot on my finger right now and lets see if i can use it, i mean it just seems like it. Doesnt really have like anything to it.

No color, no pigment, no shine. What is going on im, like very surprised – and i dont even have like dark skin at all like my skin – is very fair, and this is barely showing up and considering its 30 and im layering and layering to try and see anything like im already im going Through this product so quickly yeah, i feel like as im kind of layering it up its not looking like pink or peach its looking kind of like orange and not flattering and really emphasizing texture. I mean lets: go ahead, try it on the other cheek im, shocked by this like how how can they benefit a brand that i really like come out with a blush that doesnt do anything i was hoping like, even if it didnt have much color to have Some glow – and maybe i mean i have applied so much, i think now you can see a little bit more glow to the skin, but i just really dont like the color i dont, like the texture yeah. My only thought is that if someone has even more fair skin than i do, this could be something they would like just because ive never seen a blush like so fair before, but yeah im, not a big fan of this, as you can tell – and i was So excited to get this so excited to try it, which makes me feel a little bit more. Let down that.

It didnt work for me but im very curious to hear your thoughts on it in the comments down below if you tried it out, but thank you so much for watching. My video today be sure to like comment and subscribe to my channel.