Make sure to stay tuned until the end, because then you can check your knowledge again in a small quiz.. The fact that our skin permanently loses moisture is relatively normal and is called transepidermal water loss or TEWL for short., Depending on the conditions. 300 to 400 ml of liquid are released into the environment per day. However, depending on the condition of the skin, this water loss can be greater, which can also be seen very well from these diagrams. Diagram. A clearly shows that even uninjured atopic skin has an increased TEWL compared to healthy skin.. The situation is similar with hydration, because the skin conductance shown here in the diagram on the right is significantly higher in healthy skin than in atopic skin conditions, which indicates better skin moisture penetration.. Once skin hydration reaches a relatively low level. This can lead to malfunction of enzymatic cell rejection, which in turn contributes to flaky, cracked, less supple and also less plump skin.. There are, of course, a wide variety of ways to improve skin moisture.. However, there is not one way because an incredible number of factors play a role such as external factors, but also internal sensitivities, lifestyle, diet and so on and so forth.. But I will mainly concentrate on the external factor SKIN CARE, because you can improve a lot with it.. However, from personal experience, I can recommend that you combine different things with each other and see what simply leads to a better well being for you.

, And I would also recommend you to lower your personal expectations a little bit. Of course, you can get a lot out or improve it with skin care and nutrition, but all of this has its limits, which we should simply acknowledge. When it comes to skincare – and this is probably the 1000th time Im repeating myself. Cleaning plays a big role., Because this strains our skin particularly strongly and can increase the TEWL as well as have a negative effect on skin moisture in the long term.. It is therefore important not to cleanse the skin too often, but also to use products that are as gentle as possible. In my video on 10 great skincare products from the drugstore, you are very welcome to be inspired when it comes to mild facial cleansing.. I am linking the video to you in the i, above and in the info box below. There you get so to speak, two examples of mild cleaning products from the drugstore.. Personally, I prefer to use my cleansing jelly for my facial cleansing, which was developed according to my wishes and ideas.. Of course, it does not contain any fragrances, is based on a vegan formulation and contains sugar based emulsifiers, so that the product can of course be rinsed off with water. The consistency is a bit reminiscent of honey, but as soon as the texture comes in contact with body heat, the product melts into an oil on the skin., And for me that is simply a piece of wellness.

Every time I use it to cleanse my face in the evening, If you are interested in it, I will link the product to you above in the i and also and again in the info box.. In this context, it is, of course, also worth mentioning not to neglect the skin barrier, because when it is fully functional, the skin tends to lose less moisture.. If you would like to have such a video on barrier strengthening ingredients, please write it down in the comments.. Now that weve brushed up on our knowledge lets get down to the ingredients that have been shown to increase skin hydration., And we know these substances as humectants or HUMECTANTS., And this group has one thing in common: It is considered to be hycroscopic or water. Attracting.. Humectants are so to speak, able to attract water from their surroundings and hold it. Kind of like a kind of sponge.. One of the best known humectants is GLYCERIN.. It is not only extremely versatile, but also very well tolerated.. In addition, it even ensures that the lipids in our skin remain supple, and thus the skins barrier function is promoted.. You can find it in a number of skin care products and in most cases it is used up to a maximum use. Concentration of 10, percent., UREA or urea has also been used in care products for some time and is also part of the natural moist factors of our skin, which, incidentally, make up 20 to 30 percent of the dry weight of our high layer.

. This ingredient is obtained synthetically and, in addition to its moisture, binding effect has many other advantages, depending on the concentration., For example, from 10 percent. It can relieve itching and also relieve dandruff, which can be very, very helpful for people with grated skin among other things.. Unfortunately, glycerine seldom falls on the radar of great ingredients, because many people simply do not see them as fancy enough or are seen as very old school, even though they have these great properties that have also been scientifically proven and have been around since Years of use. In care products., However, you have to be a little careful with urea, because urea can sometimes sting sore. Skin ECTOIN is obtained by fermentation. Not only has hygroscopic properties, but can also have a positive effect on skin regeneration and protect cells. Hyaluron in any form, has a pretty good reputation in the skincare world.. Personally, I find this group of raw materials seriously overrated, sometimes difficult to process and damn expensive., Regardless of whether it is pure hyaluronic, acid or its salts. It is mainly about the moisture, binding effect of these ingredients.. A video on the different forms of hyaluronic acid in skin care products is already being planned. Until then, I would actually recommend that you dont expect too much from your hyaluronic acid skin care products. Lactic ACID is found naturally in our skin and, like urea, has additional benefits.. It can help to shed dead, horny cells more quickly and thus counteract the appearance of dry skin.

. It is also said to stimulate the synthesis of ceramides, which in turn has a positive effect on the skin barrier. Another advantage. It is often very, very well tolerated by people with sensitive skin Thats it for the five ingredients for more skin hydration. Ill, put a few product examples for you in the info box below and then we come to the quiz., Which of these substances is not a Natural moisturizing factor in the skin, A urea B, PCA C bisabolol. Feel free to write your solution in the comments below., The first 10 correct answers, get a virtual cookie from me., And with that we end this video.. I very much hope that you enjoyed it and I would be extremely happy if you would share it with other people. If you would give me a thumbs up or even subscribe to my channel so that you really dont miss any of my videos. And then well see you in the next video.