Somebody requested this and i thought it was a great idea uh, because im all about like minimal you know, especially for travel and things like that. It can get really overwhelming when you have like a bronzer and a contour and a freaking blush and a lipstick and foundation and all that stuff. So the first one is actually my favorite now uh in previous videos, ive shown you how to use like a cream blush for your lipstick, but today im going to be showing you how i use my lipstick as my blush and the great thing about this, is That, like you, know, theyre going to work together. You know what i mean because youre using the same colors, so you know that theyre going to match duh, because its literally the same thing anyway. This is a revlon untold stories, its one of my favorite matte, lipsticks its what im wearing on my lips right now so im just going to put a little bit of that on my finger and im going to start this off kind of like on my cheekbone. Like right here, basically where i want the majority of the color and then im just slowly going to blend it out, you guys know i like to wear my blush a little bit higher on my cheek, because my cheekbone volume is up here, but ive kind of Been taking it everywhere, this is a great formula for this, because its matte, so its not going to be like way too wet or anything, and i got ta say since since i tried this its literally my favorite blush color, now like its so beautiful, just like The most beautiful, neutral isnt that so pretty i love that its just like the most beautiful color, and it goes perfectly with my lips and especially for travel like a lipstick, is just like so easy.

You know you can just like throw it in your bag. All right next up is eyes: im gon na zoom you in a little closer Music. So when it comes to eyeshadow, some of my favorite tricks are using your bronzer as an eyeshadow. This is nars san juan, so im just going to throw this into my crease. No matter what eyeshadow look youre doing using your bronzer or your contour color in your crease, its just going to make sure that youre, keeping like everything super cohesive, so youre going to basically be using the same colors like throughout your face, which is just naturally going To look more flattering and put together dont mind my peeling skin skin care journey, hashtag skincare journey. You can take a little bit of that underneath as well. You can use your contour if youre looking for something thats going to be like a little bit more cool toned or if you need to like deepen up a little bit im going to focus this on the outer part, just to really intensify that eye socket. Once again use that underneath as well just for a little more dimension, you can also use your blush or your lipstick to add a little bit of color onto your lids, its messed up, my eyelashes. You can also use your highlighter, obviously to add a little bit more dimension to the eyes and then, finally, you can use your mascara as a liquid liner, so im using the melt cosmetics, oh god, i cant read this.

I think its the eyeliner 96 picking up the um. What is this benefit? Cosmetics, roller, lash, mascara, all right, guys, thats. It hope this helped in some way. I just wanted to show you that, like you can use products for other things you dont have to like. Have a specific eyeshadow palette if you feel like your bronzer, is going to work so much better, um its a very easy way to create like a monochromatic and very natural, like flattering makeup, look, let me know what products you like to multi use. I guess um or what your favorite multi use products would be im, always looking for, like tips and tricks on how to make like makeup faster and easier for every day, especially and uh, or travel whatever yeah. I hope this helped in some way, and let me know if you want to see more videos like this.