Again, my name is cindy, and if this is the first time here, you are welcome, please dont, leave without subscribing. It is good to have you here. Click on notifications, so youll be the first to be notified. Whenever i upload a video and to my returning subscribers shout out to you, you are the best you know when it comes to taking care of your little ones. You dont really need too much, but you need the basic, the most important and the necessary items to take care of your little ones. That is why this lotion, i consider like one of the best solutions for kids, its the ole back kiwis glow, perfect skin lotion, guys this solution is really good for your little ones, little ones from six months down to six months and above, like six months to 10, 12 years, so your baby, that is zero to six months so five months, cant use it. Okay, now guys. This is really amazing, its a very good lotion that helps nourish your childrens skin. Okay, it contains almond oil, shea butter, vitamins. Those are the essential ingredients. You need to take care of the childrens skin now guys. This also contains mutually three carrier oils im a fan of carrot oils, especially when it comes to children. Okay, ive never used any cream on my children that there is no cara oil. If there is no coconut oil, there is almond oil. If there is olive oil, because its very good, it helps to nourish the skin, make their skin look healthy and also glow the skin as well all right.

This contains three um carrier oils. It also contains shea butter, which is very good in healing the skin guys. You know that shower works not only with the skin, but it also works in the bones. Okay and vitamin vitamix is so so necessary, all right, not just for kids, even as an adult. You need these basic um ingredients in your lotion to help your skin look healthy and really nourished. Okay, so guys. This notion here is really good for kids. It also helps to smooth in their skin okay, it just smoothens their skin and grows their skin gases is really nice because you dont need you dont need too much of it. Okay, it is economical as well. You just need this much like you need this much to to apply on your babys body, because, even when you apply it and rub it in between your pumps, it feels so smooth and it has a very nice fragrance, its not a type that is really strong. But its really nice and soft very befitting for kids all right. It doesnt just uh um, smoothing their body, but it helps moisturize their body for a long time like you, dont use this and you see your child having dry, skin or flaky skin. No because it contains a lot of vitamins contains oils that helps to keep your baby skin healthy and moisturized. Okay, im somebody that always um focus on moisturizing, the skin, even my own skin.

I have a lot of oils present in my skin because i love moisture. All right, i love moisture on the skin. It really helps a whole lot. Okay, so these guys will help keep your babys skin not just healthy, but also moisturize the skin for a very long time. Okay, i dont know when i say very long time i mean for 24 hours. Actually, when you apply this on your baby skin in the morning in the evening, you say you, you wont, feel any dryness day. You feel it smooth and moisturized. You know you know what i mean its really good for good and healthy for kids. Okay, its really amazing guys um apart from kids. Anybody. Everyone else can also use it. You know um like uh, the uh header, italy, your grandma grandpa can use it because no, you dont really need too much again. Just they just need to moisturize skin. You just need something to apply on their skin. They can use it as well, or even you as an adult you dont, want too much. You just need something to apply on your body that will keep your body moisturized. You can just use it as well. Okay, so its good for kids, its good for adults. All right, its good for grammys for the elder ones, okay, its kind of all and sundry, because its really amazing guys its really amazing im, not just saying it, because i use this on my on my song and im im loving the results guys, but guys you Should know that um this one in particular will might docking a a child.

That is fair. So if your child is fair, this might docking that child, but if your child is like chocolate to dark, this is just so amazing for them. Okay, so guys it is really good. It is really really nice and affordable all right, guys, um. I dont have this product for sale, but if you want to purchase this product, i will leave yeah details down in the description box. If you want to post via instagram, i will leave the link there. If you want to purchase via whatsapp, i will leave the link there as well so check the description box guys so for any information on how to purchase this items, guys its really good. Its really amazing, okay, it is what they try all right, so guys you you, when you use it, you will regret it. You will love what you see on your kids skin, because we want to be careful to what to apply on our kids skin. Okay, there are some people that um go as far as applying tube on their babys skin. They will apply. They will theyll even apply to you with vaseline on the babys body because they want a smooth skin for that baby. But no, you really dont need that. This is just perfect for you, okay, its just good and amazing; okay, so guys that is it um? If you have any questions, you can leave it down in the comment section, i will answer you if theres any, if youve used this before, and you just have any comment, please leave your comments down in the comment section right.

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