African American Woman Falsely Accused Of Stealing From Asian Beauty Supply Store | LIVE
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You just scroll up a little bit. Youll see theres a pinned comment there. You can click, it buy your tickets, whatever city that you like to buy your tickets. For so thank you, ladies and gentlemen tonight for joining us and another impromptu, show thats kind of how i do it at least for right now, and also it does very well for me, with not being so predictable right now there was a video that i was Shared, i think, the other morning by my cousin – and you know he shared me this video ill say. Oh lord, really not again we having the same issues and problems with these beauty supply stores. I dont understand at all whats going on with that. Why why? Why do you have to keep going into these peoples stores and being treated this way? I dont i dont get it. I dont get it. I dont get it. Please help me to understand, ladies and gentlemen, why youre going in these peoples stores and being beaten having you yourself choked out, which ive seen that in videos before i mean false imprisonment, theres a lot of things that go on with that and a lot of it Is allowed by the dominant society im just making sure im checking sound real, quick, perfect everythings, perfect its a lot of times just allowed, and i dont understand why its allowed, because if it were white owned businesses, that would have been outraged if it had been black People doing it to other black people that would have some outrage.

Theres been all these other groups, but i dont understand why theyre allowed to do what theyre doing but well talk about this just a little bit further, because we have to take personal responsibility for what were doing, and we keep saying this over and over and over. You know when do we say: okay enough is enough because, because im becoming indifferent now with these videos when it comes to these beauty supply stores, but let me stop talking im gon na go ahead and play the video for you guys, so you guys can watch In his entirety, im not gon na say anything about it. Opinion wise. You know to the end, but lets go ahead. Roll it. Okay, so its everywhere is camera yeah. My wife was so there. She said she put it back, but we didnt see and she dont want to show anything. She she dont have it say. Well i told you, i dont, have it so right now we are in a beauty. Store 30 125 ran by im, not quite sure what nationality i know, my nationality 985 and apparently they think ive stole something or both of these workers. I dont have their net merchandise and now theyre calling the police on me accusing me of stealing. She answered your question after you asked you said: do you havent? The husband is now in the police, so i guess were waiting for the police now, because theyve already called the police on me after ive said several times.

I do not have your merchandise shes up on me like she wants to check me or something yeah. This pocket stay there, police, car yeah so were gon na stay here, because theyve called the police is over there monica monitor, oh so they was watching me on their monitor. But you know how apparently computers are. She must have had a glitch or something in it, because i dont have their merchandise, but now were in the store, i think theyve locked the door on as well and once again were in a beauty store on pontchartrain drive in slidell louisiana im, a black woman. I dont know if i look intimidated because of my luck, customers. We came in here to purchase something i believe, a wig or something for my daughter and the gentleman got frustrated because she was asking several questions about the items and he walked away. So we were leaving the store and denied my service, random questions and different questions about what i wanted and now theyre, accusing us, my mother of stealing were locked in the store waiting on the police im, not a lock door. Okay, no, that door all right. So i could walk away and i definitely could you know im asked: could you not end so usually i do not have your merchandise. Maybe you need to go check your cameras or look around. I dont have it but youre not checking me now youre blowing on me.

Are you serious? What are you doing, ladies? What are you doing you dont know me? No, no, you dont know me and theyre blocking their walkway Music racism or what but they hold it. Holding me up and wont: let no other store. Nobody else come into the store. This is happening today in real life. You know real life, real life stuff like crazy. This is beyond me. I cant believe this. This is crazy. Just do not disconnect that feed, because this is beyond me beyond me. Im amazing, now yall know a part of my flesh, one second, a monkey right now walk out and close the scene, so even though im complying, we have a class. An example of i havent done anything but because im black they blocking the hallway Music, like they literally got on me. Oh can you please stay here. Stay here, not right. You run unfair. This is amazing man, so now youre keeping me against my will for something. I do not have a check your police if you was watching im on your camera dont, you go and check your cameras now, because i do not have your merchandise go check your store, lady online im telling you i dont, have your merchandise theres, nothing on me And yall have locked the door now theyre holding me hostage again. Yeah cause were gon na have to like get people involved, because this is not right. Okay, how you doing okay, whats going on today, theyre holding me hot, to attend this store because they believe ive stolen, something ive told them.

I dont have their merchandise. They need to go check their store. Their cameras like he was watching me, but no they want to walk up on me. Harass me. I guess she wants to physically check me, theyve locked me in. Would you like to prove to them that you dont have anything on you? Are you still recording? Yes, maam, would you like to prove to them that you know? Can they prove that ive stolen, something? Why do i have to prove my innocence? You know you dont have to be here when im saying this maam, if youre a suspect in the possibility. Why am i a suspect, because they called us and said that they think thats whats going on? So what im trying to do is give you an opportunity im trying to give you an opportunity cooperate, because if, as a police officer, if we think you have heart is racing right now you think you have contraband, then you have to yes, i have a right To search okay but im just saying do no! I dont have to have fruit. Okay, all right! So if you, if you would like to to show them that you dont, have their products inside your bag, thats! Fine! Okay, if not, this female officer is going to search you im, giving you an opportunity to show them that you dont and all of this started, because he was mad upset with me, quote, unquote being a difficult customer and i didnt no, i didnt do anything.

We was walking and we said, okay were going to leave and then she jumped off the sink and said yall the first time. Looking at the cameras and what it said i would have took myself. Let me explain to you ill, be glad that thats an open container, i dont, need a search warrant to go in there. Okay, shes, going to either search you or youre going to show them show me that you dont have any of that merchandise in there. So im giving you an opportunity to decide on your own. What you want to do, oh, were going to just going to have to take it and do follow up policy. So what is it? What is it going to be? I dont have their stuff. Well, then, they dont have your stuff. If you dont have that stuff and they say, and they say that they want you to build, and you just have to. He was already leaving in there no youre telling her please dont interfere. You just do not interfere with the police, can you let me go, could you let me go? Can you let me go the more you raise your voice, the more i got to raise my voice. Can you at least step back and let her do that shes, not getting it man, no im. Would you listen to me? Would you listen to me from a police officers perspective? I dont know if they got a gun in there, its not a gun, but i dont know.

Could you open it up ill, look and see you can back up okay, yeah up on me, im not going im not going to step on this guy. This is my daughter, i dont care im about to be 21 this year. Just let me go stay right there. Just let me go just. Let me go thats. All im asking you listen to me were doing that, but why do yall have to walk roll up on somebody shes, not 21.? How do you im turning 21 this year im going to keep going yeah? No, that means im asking not to roll up all right. We aint got no problem were waiting because none of this should be taking place right now. So heres whats about to happen all right. Im gon na ask you: do you have any weapons on you and i already said okay. So what im going to do is im going to reach over here? Why are you searching me? Why? Because youre not going to reach inside it, you just asked you just told her to, but i got to pat it down. Why? Because i dont know you, okay and i dont know you, okay, so heres one! Please let her go. Please let her go. Please let it go. Please let her go youre causing attention. I have not taken anything from this store. Could you let my mother know please? Where are you, why are you holding the situation because of what youre violating me youre hurting my arm? Could you please let her all okay thats it all right, you want to check it out im illegally being searched, i havent consented.

I havent done anything wrong and now for a woman lying on me for something i did not do this police department. This is, we are in slidell louisiana. We are in slidell, louisiana and theres one two three officers. Now they asked my mother to reach into her thing to show her. She did that now theyre getting aggressive now theyre, detaining my mother now theyre doing an illegal search. There was no rights being read. This is now legal search, yall kill black people. Why are you doing this because im black and they come off? She wrote up. She approached my mother just as fast as they went on right, but its wrong that they even went on. We didnt even she jumped off and approached my mother. First, we were quiet, leaving he wasnt making no disruption. Yes mom. I have it on live and i have a video on my phone and beforehand come on over here and youre. Still searching me against my will: youre not moving. You think i wont be upset. You dont think this is humiliating. You dont think that thats a shame folks. This is a disrespect to my rights. It was never she never. My mother never gave her. I can leave you have not found anything. All i want you to do is let me go. You havent found anything shes, not under arrest. They never gave her her right. They never told her theyre right. They quote unquote, detaining her.

She never gave you did not. She never gave her consent for yall to search her. You asked her and she was doing that. Yall aggressively approached her grabbed her yeah, i detained her. What is going on? Why am i stealing over a lie over something that she did not have? Why are you gon na ask a question and not let me answer it. Youre telling me that the answer is hanging mom, mom mom. Let her talk, let her let her let let her talk. Mom mom. I want to hear this. Let her talk, let her talk. We have to wait. Anyways were finishing up with the complaint right now. Im complaining lying lying. What yall gon na do nothing? Okay, have a good day, theyre, seeing her lying on two innocent people that was leaving quietly, we didnt, even when we left a store we walked up. I told the lady have a good day, so they called us for her. Yes, she jumped up instead and said you have my neck behind me. Mom mom mom chill. She said you have my net in your pocket. My mom said i do not have your net. She said im asking im asking you im asking in an environment when someone has judged you just because of how you look. I have you want to see the video experience this. You wouldnt understand my hurt right now. You wouldnt understand my expression. If youve never went through this in your life youre, the one got me in cubs.

I do now because youre acting like this, because i raised my voice, no because youre still struggling, you told me to ask you a question and im talking to you, because you have illegally handcuffed me. You are yelling at me because i am afraid for my life and you have me in handcuffs, and this is a joke to you, because yall dont have to live like this. You dont have to be ashamed to this level or humiliate it for something you have not done right. Just stand right up here as well, Music. Why am i still here? Why am i still in these handcuffs cause yall? Can you dont cant? You take the handcuffs now so now that i tried to understand now that yall have proved that she did not take nothing. Why is she still in handcuffs im waiting for where the responding officer for no reason at all and um hes going to go see and to see that we dont even have nothing and yall already can yall know we aint taking so take the handcuffs off her? Like i dont have time for this like this, is you still recording this yeah im still recording this im on live now at first, i recorded on my phone, but now im on, live because its like at the end of the day we didnt do anything. He was upset with me because im asking him questions, he may not understand english. A hundred percent ive already understand that.

Why am i still these stories? Tell me what youve been telling me the same exact story. You never asked us what happened. I told you, i didnt have anything and im detained im the one thats being victimized youve been telling the truth. Since i came in here and shes the one thats in handcuffs and now, when im lying, im being detained right now right over a line. Dont ever come to this store. If youre, anybody of color do not come to this store over a live illegally come on now yall she never gave yall consent to search her yo man. Like i go to church, i serve the god of abraham isaac and jacob im a mother im a stay at home, mom im a married woman, ive, never stolen anything in my life louisiana and then the first time in slydeal louisiana on pontcha train drive im in A a hair store that caters to black people. They will take their money, but this is how were treated if they are suspicious of you. If they think youve done something wrong. I have no background. I have no criminal record. Definitely i have nothing. Ive done nothing. I dont have their merchandise ive been locked in this door. Against my will, im in handcuffs against my will. Ive been searched against my will. They have strong on me. I have on a nightie. Did you find him? Did you find it maam? Are you? Are you getting them that you see that we didnt steal nothing of yours? We really came in here to purchase something, and then the such a husband gave me such a rude time.

We decided to leave not to cause any further any further were leaving your store. Altercation we left, we left the roots going to leave their premises, and i thought you have a good day. Spiritually yall all have an awakening. Where did yall put it back at? We never took it so theres, no hairnet at all whatsoever. No all my mom did was pick it up and say: kk didnt i buy didnt. I tell you to buy this for me last time she said, but i dont have it. I said yeah them anything like i mean what theyre doing is against our rights. The video camera is showing her showing me, i responded and she put it back, theres a camera. They can go and watch this camera and see me put the down and it hasnt been found on me like this is crazy yeah, but i entertained against my will for something i didnt do all of this and youre gon na find that same cap that already They wont take the cup size, my mother, she never gave her consent for them to search her and when yall find it, they told her. She proved proved that you dont have the neck. She went to do that and they rode up on my mom, like she had some sort of weapon on her after they done looked at him checked. She dont have nothing on her. He wasnt doing nothing coming in a hair store to just to buy something.

The the people was in here giving me a hard time as it is so i decided to leave because im not about to entertain this having a good day. They do have cameras thats the thing theres a reckoning day coming and for this stuff man. I know they feel stupid. I know over there theyre just feeling silly everybody in here feeling silly. I know yall time is being wasted because we didnt take nothing. I know yall out here feeling silly because youre trying to press you couldnt roll up on somebody like you stole something cause. Your husband was mad because theyre gon na go check the cameras because theyre trying to think we put it back somewhere. We never touch it in the first place. You know me the first one yeah somebody i dont know i dont know you can make yourself. Can you make sure we have? What was does your badge number show on this? I want all your information the same way that i dont have to comply with yall. I want your badge numbers. What precinct yall come from? Do you have an id with you or drivers license maam? You can get in the report. You have to report me. So you reporting this live that day. This is a report, anything anytime we get called out, even if its somebodys walking on it in the middle of no. This is not buffalo. This is a slider louisiana. Then we have to.

We have to type something up get my id theyre gon na have to type that out. So yeah yall gon na put this in as a false report that somebody sat there and lied im gon na document it on my mother, i relied on. I said its in your store. I dont have it, i put it down she. Never. It was never taken the police on me after i told her several times that put your stuff down is in your store but its our job to investigate, and we dont even know how she picked it up, because she showed me it and said shout out. I bought behind something i did not do and i told you several times before you even called the police what you did, but you patronized me, you taught me im gon na, ask you no, and you gave me yeah ive, never been so humiliated in my life. The only reason why she picked me up picked it up, because she showed me it and said: kkk anything thats it and she put it down. They were not the right decisions, the whole time thats. What i said i dont got this serious. Well, you shouldve, never uh got it, be easy, be easy because im the one handcuffed, how you frustrated, yall, giving us a hard time right. This is no background. No none of that youre doing this to me, because i am a black person officer newton im.

Never in my life felt so damn ashamed. Okay, im, never in my life felt so humiliated. Are you gon na calm down so she can take them off man boy, oh im, not doing nothing right now, im crying and you theyre gon na ask me: can i calm down uh uh, so you dont want to come in here right now they got ta, Detain against her will these white folks dont lie. Dont know something. Yes, dont, come back to the store everything? Okay, my mom, let her mom, let her let her take her level. Oh just hang out hold on Music, okay, im trying to hold her come on now. Lets go. They want me to go now. They still trying to keep me here like i want to run out of this place. Okay, im just waiting. I dont care about this license im already in this system. Kk we can go. No! You cannot leave at this point: okay, Music, Music, possibly shoplifting in progress. Okay, when i get here, i tried to talk with her and i told her whos trying to explain to her that if she doesnt have any of this merchandise on her okay, uh and shes, saying that shes innocent of this, she could prove that to these people. Okay and a couple of times, i asked her to do it. She kind of got a little out of control. Okay, i dont know why, but you just it just before yall got here.

The tension was already raised because the woman right here she kept you know walking up and approaching my mom we kept. I had video of us saying back up back up. We kept stepping back and trying to give us space, but she kept. You know like trying to prevent, provoke something like she kept rolling up on her, so she already doesnt have the tension already on on on a certain level. So when yall came in, it almost just basically add fuel to the fire, exactly yeah, so she was already you know, picking and poking at my mom my mom already said. I do not have your stuff, okay, well, just to explain to you just to make sure for officer safety. Okay, we dont know because people do carry weapons, okay and so were required to pat to make sure that you dont have a weapon. Okay – and she was going – excuse me a second 1273 Music, so this officer we had to check to make sure one number one. She didnt have weapons and number two that she wasnt going to try to leave the store with contraband. We dont know we, we got one party saying she yeah shes shes, a shoplifter and your moms saying shes. Not this is only our second time being here. We i dont know either one of these people either one okay, but we got ta investigate it. We got ta find out were really the guy thats got ta figure it all out.

Okay, so we dont find any contraband on her. In other words, i eat we dont find any stolen merchandise. Okay. I cant put in my report that ive just made contact with the person and she left ive got to have her name information thats. Why were running this? So we do this with everybody. Okay, you can have an ambulance request. Calls okay! Well, when yall told her to um to do you want to prove that you dont have it and she was going to do that. She went inside thats where it is thats where it became okay. Maybe she maybe she misunderstood fully what you meant instead of just opening up and not going in there, but but when yall ran up on her and grabbed her, you know: listen its three police officers to a female and were not were not heavyset female were both Small female someone is three police officers or more than one rolling up on you act like that at such a fast pace and grabbing you, yes, youre, going to be naturally defensive, you have to understand maam, okay, im, not talking. You have to understand because she got a cheat sheet. She i dont like her toner voice and im, not from im not from down here im gon na tell you this im from new york and im not doing that so mom you just got ta wait. You got ta wait for the dispatcher it back hold on miss tamara tomorrow.

Miss allen, miss allen. Okay, the store doesnt want you guys coming back whoa. This is only our second time. He was already upset with me, because i was quoted that he doesnt want her. Coming thats great, we would never come back here its only our second time being here like were doing well yeah cause like look at this one, two one, two, three Music yall. They got me. Oh im, sorry for cassidy got me chopped mom. I look crazy mom that lady had me had me talk ty. She started talking im, not talking to you. No, i absolutely was not talking to you. They wanted me to say something i was not talking to you. Excuse me, okay, emma. We need to pray, we need to pray hold on to any stone. We we need to pray come on because you got ta, calm, yall share this video share. This video, my mom, have to tag you in this video share. This share this, let me see, hold on baby im gon na tag you in this video share this video, please share it share and share. If you need to go, this needs to be viral. We need this need to be viral im. A post im gon na post, the other half of it too, im gon na post, the the first part, what the when they was rolling up on my mom, the little asian little folks, because they already were doing too much.

And i was about to pop that lady in her mouth she had me. She had me toasted, i swear to god in my life. Wait was she who blocked you. We are in slidell, yeah yeah. My mom was up black people getting shot down here like theres. Nothing black people get popped out here like like its nothing black people. They hate black people worldwide head northwest on roses, and i know my mom i i know she i know she was on 10. – definitely because its harry street definitely because oh take a picture of this there. This is what the store looked like this. You got a picture of this woman who the ladies cops mom. I got a whole video im gon na tag you im gon na post, both of the videos and ima tag you on both of them. Please look, yes, definitely, police, one, two, three, listen all right! That thats the end of that video, but but i got ta rewind it back because i know what you guys heard and ima play that little part, because i got ta start there first. So let me let me get back to exactly where that was at cuz. I even wrote down the time stamp. Let me get back up to it myself. It was time stamped lets see hold on just give me a second guys, because we we got ta. We got ta talk about that and thats a problem thats a major problem.

I dont care what these folks are doing. You dont say what this chick said. Let me start it from here. Yall have me in handcuffs you made it that way because of our day we met yours. No none of that youre doing this to me, because i am a black person officer im. Never in my life, you felt so damn ashamed, the handcuffs off. Okay, we heard it. She said that im one of your good slaves. I want your house negroes. Listen! Let me tell yall something im from the south: okay, and we have some people down here in the south that think that kind of behavior is going to get them somewhere. These folks dont care, if you are a so called house slave good slave, they dont care. Obviously they dont care like. Why would you say that why would you say that you were being so extra, even though im gon na talk about the issue with these stores, but you will be way too extra now. The reason why i let this video play, because i wanted that girl to say at the end how the cops are in slidell, which i heard that that the cops are like that in slidell. So if youre admitting that these cops will kill you. And if you really watched all three of those cops that younger one, the one that had them tattoos, if that older cop wasnt around, i think he would have probably put that woman on the ground.

Hed done something because he was trying to agitate it even more. So if you know these cops to kill you youre violating what neely fuller told us, he said when you detain youre a prisoner of war. What are you saying at that point? You have to understand if youre a prisoner at war, then you have to look. Let them do their thing, so you can go and buy your business, get your attorney still they behind thats the best way to handle that, because itd be any other cop, they probably would have tried to kill her see black folks got to stop all this emotionalism. You got to stop that crap that emotionalism doesnt get us anywhere. These people that youre dealing with have no emotion have no feeling for you. They dont look at you as human look at the history of this country. They called you three fifths of a human being when you came here, we came, they labeled us as property. So what do you mean like they care about our emotions or your emotions? They dont care, but to tell these people to try to get sympathy from them. That you are a slave, that you are a house slave. Oh no, i mean most people hear that theyre not gon na defend you if they really listen to thats. Why i say oh ho ho hold on. I got ta rewind that back because i saw what yall saying in the comments section, but i had to home in on that, so she always twisted up im talking about the mom on that, like i said, come on now ill be so embarrassed.

If that was my mom saying that ill be so embarrassed like what are you doing? Why are you saying that now understand she was angry, though i understand she was angry by the accusations. Some people are that way. If you accuse them something they get, they get extra with it because they know they didnt do it, so they get extra, but just going into these peoples stores these koreans youre going to chinese stores youre going to all these stores constantly. Let me ask you a question, and this is a question that go all over the country. Call me whatever you want: thats, fine, im cool with that. Do you like humiliation? Do you like that seriously ive seen videos ive covered videos where black women have been punched in the mouth by the same asian korean chinese, whatever owners they open up a store the next day, half off and its a wrap around line to get in there? I saw a comment earlier that stated um. They keep doing it because i said why did they keep doing it? The comment came, you say because black men allow it now. I got ta check that comment. Uh. First and foremost, black men have been saying repeatedly stay out of their stores and what some of you not all? Well, what are some of you are doing you run into those peoples stores they lock you in the store, they punch you in the mouth. They put.

You in hand uh headlocks, they do all kinds of things to you, even though black men have said to stay out of those stores see. The thing is: if you listen to black men, they wouldnt be doing this. I mean we expect brothers to do. If you be youre being hard headed youre, not listening, you keep going back to these toes. You want a brother to go over there and cause a ruckus when yall keep going in there, and then you have to understand this system has commissioned them to do what theyre doing understand that they have. Let them know you can abuse those negroes who are not going to do you anything because i promise you. If there was a black man, did the exact same a black couple did the exact same thing to them or anyone else it had been entrapment. It had been uh, not entrapment, im, sorry false imprisonment. It had been assault, it had been all kind of things on this black business owner theyd have lost a store, they would have charges put on them, especially since they didnt have anything. But all this abuse of black people, these people, let me tell you something how disrespectful they are to you. They go into the black neighborhood. Let me let me put up a post from from uh the google reviews. This sister talked about this sister jacket says. I just saw the video of the woman they were accused of stealing.

This has become a trend with these beauty supply stores they plant themselves. In the black neighborhood then treat us like dogs, they actually dont treat you like a dog because they had a dog in that video. They didnt treat that dog. That way, quit i say, buy quit. I say quit buying these im. Sorry things from these people. Then they would have to pack up and go back to china or vietnam or wherever the hell they came from and thats just the right, but its, not brothers, thats going into these stores and getting their head. You know knocked up our cues, its not brothers. These people arent selling anything in there that you got ta have or you cant get from a black person, or especially a black woman. Where is all this black girl magic and black women black girls rock? Why arent black women supporting black women ive talked to black women in this industry, and a sister told me that they trying to hurt her business because shes doing certain things you dont need to go through these people to have connects. I talked to the one sister about hey if you selling wigs and hair extensions, whatever we all get where they getting it from they getting it from india. I said: okay, well, how much money you can flip on there you invest lets, say three thousand dollars. Just a small amount say you probably can double that sometimes triple it.

If you do it just right, ill, say: okay, what if you take ten thousand with you, he said? Oh, should you take ten thousand with you to india thats one of the big places you say you can literally get them to roll out the red carpet to you, especially if you go over there yourself. Instead of going through distributors, i say: okay well, thats, probably something that could be easily done its a plane trip. You got your money, look some people say they stop wearing this, so theyre not gon na stop doing it. So stop asking okay and then this system pressure them a lot of times with their natural hair. How many uh videos have i covered in schools, jobs, etc, that when women men boys, girls, have the natural hair to come out our heads they can legally discriminate against. You, the supreme court, says that they can discriminate against you because of your hair, so its legal to discriminate against you. So until you change those laws where legal discrimination doesnt happen anymore in the area of hair at times, theyre going to wear that, whether you like it or not, then when some men say i dont like it, stop lying because itd be a big booty. Female instagram wearing that had down to her hub behind and you all on her instagram so stop, as i always say, stop, because if you didnt like it, they wouldnt do it at all.

So we want to start completely stop it. Then we need to code up as a community and create jobs where we can employ at least 50 to 70 percent of our community. Then it wont be a problem anymore. Just call it what it is, but the situation with the asian hair care salons or whatever they doing. If the majority of their clientele is black people, then you hold a key in your hand, but, as i stated earlier, im getting indifferent with it, because you keep going back im, not saying you im, just saying it in the general sense you keep going back. You keep doing it how many times these people got to follow you in the store, make you feel like a criminal. How many times they got to look at you and or tell you hurry up and buy. I mean these people can barely speak english. A lot of them come over here, illegal, they dont. Do it the other way coming through the southern border. They come over here, a different way. They get a visa. They fly over here. They overstate a visa, they slip into their communities and its a bunch of illegals that come from asia, a lot of illegals. They dont talk about the illegal asians, the illegal russians, all these different groups that come in they just focusing on the ones thats coming from the southern border, but so many of them fly into america and overstay their visas.

So a lot of them are illegal and cant speak english, but they got a business and if black everywhere you peop, if you aint got a business, you you got massage parlors everywhere. Did the cops shut down? One massage parlor, you got your wrecked tin mo houston? Is horrible with massage paulus they bust them? They put up the next one. You know what im saying these people saw all this money they funneling or they they have the illegal immigration that they are doing through visas. They come into the black communities they make. They dime off of black people and still treat you like that and like, but it goes back to us at the end of the day because we dont have to buy from them. You have indians coming into black communities. Treating you any kind of way. You have arabs coming in, they dont even eat pork, but theyre selling you pork, they dont. Even both do drinking liquor like that, but they say youre all kind of liquor. They do. They sell you the worst of the worst. They wont even sell their own people because of their religion, but theyll put that in the black communities. You have some some of the arabs or even allow drug dealing on their property as long as they can get a cut. Some of them see. The thing is its a lot of people complicit in some of the destructive behavior of black people. At the end of the day it goes back to us.

We have to make the decision now. Im not going to just talk. Talk talk, talk talk, i want to provide at least an online solution, so what you can do – and i had this sister on my show – her name is ariane williams. She runs a website that is a black hair care like marketplace its no excuse to go into these peoples stores. We have online, we can order from amazon. We order from everybody we want to order, but yeah you still walk into these peoples store like theyre selling. You oxygen theyre, not even selling you food, all the things they have in there is nothing expensive that you need, but you keep going back like we dont have access to internet, but let me get to this website real quick. Just give me a second uh. Where was that, where is it there where we at where he is? Give me a second give me a second where we at link is here there we go all right, so the website is. I now also put in the pin comment, so you can scroll down and click it. A website called Okay, ive interviewed the sister on my show before it is a marketplace. If you sell products, you can go and submit your whatever you have and its all listen its owned by black people. You know all youre not going to get beat up here and they say featured in the essence gift guy, all the different things you can go through on this website.

Im just kind of you know going through there. You see here, locks and braids. Give me a second showing your products with that thats sold by black people that youll have to worry about. Being disrespected dont worry about the police. Just give just give you an example im just going through this. Just for a second, you have hair tips. Let me see what is that uh shop, you have product type, you know all different things you have here. Let me see style, let me see hair extensions they hit. They have that. If that what you into you get what im saying you you could you can buy it? You know all on this website if thats, what you want to do and its created and ran by a black woman like i interviewed her before she is right here. So support a black woman youre, not gon na get yourself beat up. Youre, not gon na. Have the cops called on you for supporting this black woman youre gon na put money back in the black community youre gon na help. Other black people sell their products for your hair and for me, it makes me feel real good to spend money with black people after this stream. Arianes should email me and tell me that her site is crashing for all the women thats going by from her site. We should see that we cant just see this get pissed off complain talk about. It complain that we keep going back to the stores, but dont provide at least some kind of sort of solution to stop it right.

So this is one solution that could be used. Also, another solution which i heard about this one uh brother that had opened up abuse, supply, store and hes made by 50 000 in a day. Now, let me talk about that. They, they pocket, watch black people so much. I dont really like the fact that they know how much that brother made in the day. Why is it anybodys business that brother made fifty thousand dollars in a day? Any little thing that we do to get ahead is some sort of issue or its a big news that black people did something for themselves. If youre not going to a beauty supply store, thats owned by a black woman or a black man at least go to or whatever website, you want to go to thats owned by black people and shop within your community. Its no excuse for that video now, like i said, a separate situation. She called herself a slave, oh boy, its a different situation, but seriously stop going to these peoples shops. They treat you like crap theyre, sanctioned by the system, to treat you like, crap, okay, and this and theres another thing i brought up earlier. They get away with that because, if you imagine walmart doing that to anybody like they do all the time in the store. Putting people in headlocks beating people up doing, could you imagine a manager at walmart punching somebody in the mouth for for taking something out the store that would be viral okay, thatll be everywhere? Could you imagine target or some major retailer right? Imagine they managed to punch somebody in the mouth put somebody in the headlock, locking all the doors holding them down.

I mean the these people have done this mess and then the crazy part about it. Some some some, some not all caucasians – want to justify that behavior. But then i talk to people who actually live in those areas in china, especially china. They say they cant be acting that way in china. They dont like that way in their own home countries, but then some of you say well, they work hard, listen if youre acting that savage behind something its called business insurance. Get it im, not saying people should steal from you. No, but you cant just accuse people. Stealing then, then you give no apology at all. You say i dont want you in my store, no more really but see thats what they think about you. But if thered have been a white woman walking that story theyve been thats what they, because they worship, white folks, they do. You study like what they do. They try to do surgery to get rid of slant out their eyes. They bleach their skin too dont dont. Just talk about old jamaicans and africans with cake soap, they cake soap into you, just dont hear about it. The thing is, we need to stay out there, people store they already established. They dont like us like that. Stop going to these chinese food restaurants, you dont know what them people putting in that food. They cook with vegetable oil, the worst all they can. They use the cheapest whatever and black folks line up.

Then you wonder why we all falling out dying well kind of heart disease, high blood pressure, because we lining up you go to the chicken shack that they own they own everything in the black community. But but you cant look check this out. The system is so set up for everybody else to get established in a black community and thats fine. But when nipsey hussles trying to establish himself in the black community and trying to at least help out a guy, he knows kills him. But these people can go in the black community and no one says anything they can make money they dont have to give back. They take all the money out the black community and send it to their community. They send their kids to great schools doing that they making billions of dollars a year off of black people, and we we we dont, put a stop to it. I understand beauty is something that all women do for themselves. I get that. I is no argument there, but what im saying is: why is it as black people? We dont look at this as strange and weird that another group of people are is controlling what belongs to you. We talk about all these black women who got business degrees wheres. Your beauty supply stores, if thats, what youre going to have well, they sabotaged. Do you understand that we built this country they can sabotage with products we create our own.

We dont need that crap, you, you know who you talking to the original man and woman of the earth. Why do we need to go through these systems that we are capable of creating great things? Weve always done it. One of the big thing people for products create your own products theres many of you right now, online thats, creating great products thats doing very well theyre begging people for nothing see once black people get on cold. With that youll see a a great financial change, see thats a lot of people investing in black peoples. You know uh screwed up mentality, it is everybody eating fat off of black folks. The moment black people say wake up and say wait a minute. This is done. You gon na cut all these people off thats coming in the indians, the arabs, the the the different asians like koreans, the chinese, whatever you cut all them off, putting that same money back into the black community, sending your children to good schools, but getting your families Out of the hood quote: unquote hood right doing everything that you want to do. We have so much money. The black dollar dont stay in the black community, not even six hours. Why? Because youre gon na give it to those people and then look how they treat you come on. We got ta, have some dignity and self respect for ourselves. Im not begging these people. To like us, i dont care, if they like us or not.

How much more do people got ta tell you all over the world and show you all over the world that they dont like us, like that im cool with that. But we got ta sit here and look at ourselves as black people and say we have to have some self respect until we have some self respect by saying im not going in. None of these stores see we need to have a nationwide boycott a permanent boycott. At that permanent boycott say were not going to none of yall stores. I will. I never did that. Im, nice, everybody. Maybe you are, but we done with yall we done thats. All you have to say we done we going to shop either online. We dont have a beauty supply store in our community. Are we going to open one but were not doing doing business with you? No more, and if you dont do business with them guess what happens? Theyre done, white people dont go in their stores, just shopping uh. Other asians other hispanics, all these different groups dont go shopping with them. How these people got black hair care products? They dont have the same hair texture as you and you go and buy it from them. I dont get that. How is it we we as a community, we, men and women, allow them to come in and run something that belongs to black people, the hair to grow out of our head. That means we need to monetize the care of that.

Not just a beauty, supply beauty. Shop and barbershop, we do that. We do very well on that, but the products come on we. This is this. Is you talking about liberating ourselves? That is a way of liberating yourself. You dont have to beg the system for nothing on that. Its just a conscious decision from us to say were not going to be subjected to racism by choice because thats racism by choice, if you go in those peoples, store thats racism by choice, youre being criminalized by choice. Oh im gon na, let somebody, oh so many yall in the store at a time and youre gon na put up with that, but now thats the thing. If white folks are doing that to us man, we will shut that mess down. You you go to uh uh, some local mall and they say: oh, no, no only 10 negroes in here at a time the rest of yall negro got ta stay out today buy something so i can watch them and then let the rest of you negroes in Here yall would have been uh mute. This cancel that yall that had the whole world on fire. My thing is like we keep using that term, the same energy, the same energy we give these races and white supremacy, give it to them too. Dont sit there and let them humiliate you like that, because this my issue is, we got ta, give everybody the same smoke dont just pick and choose who we going to do it to forget that you come in as guests in our community.

You treat us like that. Come on now they wouldnt sit there and allow us to treat they. People like that, hell, no and its not a black men to come in and start some ruckus with that. You dont have to start ruckus to take that. Take them down, all you have to do is hold your money in your pocket and say im spending it in my community with my people or im ordering online thats it you dont, have to start no ruckus with that and watch how them stores start dropping like Flies one by one by one, theyll start losing so much business, theyre gon na be coming to you saying: can you buy these products or or selling all the products in their stores just to store clearance, get it out of there because yall not buying it? No more and then even at that point you say: look man uh the products we wanted to deal with you. We dealing with our own theyll be begging yall to just do something with them, but you have to make a national wide permanent boycott of what they got going on until then youre going to keep doing that, and you have to spread that word to everybody: hey, Hey: hey sis dont go in there, uh uh. This website is right here. Do you really need that today and if you do lets, lets just try to fix something out until we get it, i dont buy haircare products from them.

I dont go in their stores. I buy my hair care products from black people because i want to put money in the pockets of black people period and we all talk about black girl, magic and black girls rock and all this and hey make it rock all the time shop with black women. Thats, the only thing im saying put some money in some black women pockets, so it can help their families. We wouldnt have a financial issue. If you took back the billions of dollars billions, you hear me billions of dollars. These people make off of black people. They own 96 of the black hair care industry, black people only own what three percent that is wrong. We supposed to be owning 96 to 100 percent of the industry. Now they own three percent, okay thats one thing but thats completely wrong: they have these big houses and all over the place off of your back when its supposed to be your money in your community, their communities look good, they drive in and and and infinity and All different things offer your back and treat you any kind of way, and you dont get bothered with that. But then some of us will get bothered another black man or woman thats actually living like that, instead of getting mad at them for coming in your community. Doing you any kind of way, and then they could send their kids to great colleges to ivy league colleges where they paying forty thousand dollars a semester.

They can do that.