Do we sell some of the handle total of three products, namely their eye plus cream, their turn on cream and their super cover cushion, but for todays video im going to review polang and kanilang super cover cushion and their turn on cream, because, according to them, these Two work the best together and im actually wearing them right now, but if you also want to see a review on their eye plus screen, please comment down below and i might just make it so to just give you a brief background on who this brand is Especially if you havent heard of them yet do we sell, is actually a korean, skincare and makeup line, which advocates for finding the perfect ingredients to make your skin glow. Naturally, so they have been number one in different korean drugstores and duty, free such as lotta, jutefree and olive young, and they have recently entered the philippine market. But as far as i know, they dont have any physical stores just yet, but they do have a shoppi account which i will be linking in the description box, so feel free to check them out. So as mentioned, i will be reviewing these two products and let me just give you a quick description on what they are, what they do and what they contain. So this 3d tone of cream reflects incoming light in every direction so that your skin looks clear and transparent, its also supposed to instantly brighten up or tone up your skin, no matter what your skin color is to make it look as if youre naturally glowing from Within aside from its whitening effect, it also aims to prevent wrinkles or is also used for wrinkle care.

It contains three key ingredients, namely white flour, complex elastomer, gel and 10 vitamin complex, and i know they sound a little bit intimidating. But let me try and explain that to you. So what this white flour complex does is that it deeply nourishes your skin and it helps you convey a very natural glow as if youre glowing from within, and it actually also has different plant stem cells which helps repair damaged. Skin next is the summer gel which smoothens your skin and makes it possible for the product to become a makeup primer. This gel decreases the stickiness and it traps the moisture inside your skin, so pancake hindi, gigging oil, skin and its actually helped by the third ingredient, which is the 10 vitamin complex, which also helps trap, excess, sebum and and other unnecessary oils. Despite it being somehow a sticky product, hindi maggie, so when it comes to the packaging, i really like the packaging of this product, as you can see its holographic and its very slick and slim as a makeup bag. It wouldnt take much space, which is always a plus. So now let us move on to the second product, which is the super cover cushion. This one is in the shade number 23 natural beige, but they also sent me a refill which is in a lighter shade that is number 21 light beige. They just have two shades in their line as of this moment, so this product man has a micro sized powder which gives your skin a natural smooth finish without having to worry about it, getting transferred and just like the turn on cream.

This one also controls the sebum in your skin, which makes your makeup last longer its also like skincare in your makeup, dindal cause. It has a uv protection to be exact, it has spf 50.. It also contains fresh edelweiss callus culture extract, which is an antioxidant and is really known for its anti aging effect. So let us move on to the packaging. I like this one because its super slick and it has a reflective surface so fungus, although it has a mirror inside. You can just look at the surface and check yourself on the surface of the product. Although this one is very prone to fingerprints, i dont know if you can see her and that fingerprint, so i think thats just one downside so inside the man. Of course you have the sponge, although angnapan singh nito is upon using it a couple of times Music or maybe its just up to how you use it. But for my usage, i need to be unconditionally like that, so ever oc to those kind of things you might have to use it carefully. So from the descriptions that i have just shared with you guys, we can deduce that these products have three main goals which are to brighten smooth and improve your overall skin condition or, while giving you a very natural look, the brightening and the smoothening claims you can Instantly see them its like the instant effect of the products, but the long term effect is probably the improved skin condition, because these products contain different.

Natural ingredients will benefit your skin. So i did three tests for this products. First is that i filmed myself trying them out for the first time, then i also filmed myself wearing the products during a full day of meetings and a full day outside to see how long they will last without any touch ups hi. So right now i will be trying out the products that the whistle sent me and im sat in front of my window by our natural lighting and my kitten nutella, you know effect no products, skincare, and i also dont, have anything on my face right now, aside Its a punky light and its a lipstick, so Music, Music, Music, Music, hello. So i have the products on right now i have the turn on cream and the super cover cushion on my face, and i also have a full day of zoom calls today. So lets see how long the products will last on my face and how it will look like after several hours. Hello first meeting is done and two hours during the game meeting and you dont agree touch at all Music and i actually like yo ichira Music. After four hours, snug fade the slightly uncushioned and didnt, and you can still see now its still a little bit glowing overall, i think that it held up pretty well, given i ate and drunk lots of water in between, and also my init hello everyone. Today. I am going to get my second dose of the vaccine and again i have the turn on cream and the super cover cushion on my face and well see how long it will last whenever you go outside and you have your mask on so i will be Updating you again later hi, so i just got back from the vaccination for almost three hours, and this is how my face looks.

Looks after that day was a little bit rainy and cold, and i didnt remove my mask at all. Obviously, but the product didnt transfer some mask machado, or it was lesser than i expected, and considering that i was out for almost five hours. I think the makeup held up pretty well and i was surprised at how fresh my face still was okay, so let us now move on to my final thoughts and review on the products. Let us first start with the turn on cream. So i think that this turn on cream really does what it says it does, which is to brighten up your skin instantly, and i think that it is very perfect for days very and you dont feel like putting on full face makeup. But you still want to look presentable online classes. I think the perfect tool to put on your face and then just powder and instantly. You look really fresh and ready for the day or whatever youre about to face for the day, and it also will suffice in the makeup primer, because it does have that blurry effect below chassis invest in other makeup primers. But it does push up the one. For me, okay, so that does now move on to the super cover cushion. What i really like about this product is the fact that it has spf 50 plus case. We should always always take care of our skin by putting on sunscreen and the fact that this already has spf in it, so that is actually a plus aside from that, i like making vinegar super oily and skincare upon using it.

I have combination skin so usually kappa foundation or other cushions and again super oily. So i would have to put on powder para males and sha, and sometimes banana peppermint, very new oil, but with this one, no so right now and ive been filming for quite some time: napara hindi parent compared to other products. So i think that is a really good factor about this and its actually a plus. And aside from that, i also like the condition and transfer as much as i expected it to initial michelle donald transfer, those the mask, as you have seen with the outdoor test and aside from that very lightweight, ditch and very easy to apply. But i just have a few comments about it because uh about the shades because, as i mentioned very limited, just shades the mirror so that they only have two shades and considering that theyre trying to expand to the southeast asian market. I think it would be best to release more shades that are more fitting for miranda skin or for other skin tones in the southeast asian region, and aside from that, he didnt get a high coverage. Your question: if you really want to get rid of your pimple marks, or if you want to lighten your under eye area, you might have to put an additional concealer thats, a hindi nanaka cover, given the appropriate amount that you should put on your face. Traditional covers, if you put more, but i think that if you do that making super cake, so given the right amount that you would have to put on your face: hindi machado, however, you might discoloration so thats just one thing to keep in mind.

So some other notes about the question you should let it set first kasika tool again your first temperature in the right super white new skin, compare after a few minutes. The next product is, and aside from that, always keep in mind that a little goes a long way with this one, especially since you sponge, product and absorb so if youre allergic to face and just slowly build from what you have and make sure to blend. In all parts of your face, para hindi, mohan mask so para, natural parachattina, so its all about the technique of how you use this sponge so just make sure nabini blanco, corners and samana corners. Some other sides down face. So all in all. I really do like these two products and i think that they do work well together, nicole on the film, but i actually tried them or i actually tried the super cover cushion with the turn on cream on one side of my face and without on the other And on the observed cut is that must buy brand new side number turn on cream and basmati applying products compared to the other side where in measurement europe she applied, and it looks a little little bit unnatural compared to the side with it. So if youre going to buy this, i highly suggest maybelline, mourinho and use them to gather, and aside from that observe, is that, after removing the products or every time i remove the products, my skin doesnt feel dry or stiff at all.

It still feels nourished and soft compared to when i remove my makeup. My other products on my face narrative, drying, skinco and i would have to uh, really put on moisturizer after apparently liquid in the field, and i think its the natural ingredients working im, not sure its just my observation, but ion i really like that about this product. They really do the job of brightening and eliminating your skin. All in all, i really like these two and i highly recommend them to you guys again, i will be linking do we sell shopping account in the description box below so that you can check them out. The turn on cream you can get for 650 when its originally priced at 2030, theyre on sale, as well as the super copper cushion, which you can get for 880 pesos when its originally at 2’9.. So yeah, please do check them out and i hope that you liked this video and you enjoyed watching and you learned a little bit something about the products as well as skincare and makeup in general. And if you like this video, please do make sure to give it a thumbs up and if you havent subscribed to my channel yet please do subscribe. And if you want to see more of me, you might want to follow me on my other social media accounts.