This is the dr dr stern uh eye cream. This is a product that retails for 140 dollars for 0.5 ounces in case youre wondering no. I didnt buy it uh. This was given to me by one of my clients that wants to use it as benchmark for his all for his own line of beauty products. If you are familiar with my content, you should know by now that i usually dont recommend you to buy an eye cream just because regular face creams can be used safely on the eye area. But since this product was given to me, i decided to do a quick video review for you, so if youre interested in buying this, at least you know if its worth it or not so lets dive right into it after the intro Music hi everyone. My name is luisa. I am a cosmetic chemist on a mission to help you look and feel your best im, also the founder of louisa through skincare, which is a skincare line where we use the truth as the main ingredient. If youre new to this channel. Welcome if you enjoy skincare content products review, i recommend that you subscribe to the channel and if you find value in this video, please share it with a friend and leave me a like. So this is a 0.5 ounces product which is a reasonable because its an eye cream, so you really only need to apply a little bit in exclusively to the eye.

This is a luxury product, so of course its expensive and, of course, is overpriced. If youve watched some of my other videos, you should know by now that even the most expensive formula in terms of the ingredients and without the manufacturing doesnt cost more than five six thats already a lot uh dollars to make. So, of course, when something retails for 150 or even more, it is overpriced, meaning that you are not just paying for the ingredients, but you are paying, because this is a luxury item you are paying because of the marketing retail locations celebrity endorsement, advertising, etc, etc, etc. But i actually did the whole other and whole another video on this topic that im just gon na leave it here or there. So i dont wan na spend too much time talking about that lets. Take a look at the texture of this product. This uh does not have does not look like um a cream. It looks like more like a jelly okay, even though it has the the color of the, even though its opaque as a cream. So this is understandable and make sense looking at the ingredients, so i think the ingredients list is a pretty accurate after you apply it, it feels um if its lightweight a little bit sticky for my personal taste thats, because it does not contain um any silicone that Give you the dry fill so in order to really evaluate and see if this product is worth um its gon na work for your skin.

What we are going to do is uh to review the claims that uh this cream makes that these claims are on the website. And after that, we are going to review the ingredients that are in the cream to make sure that the ingredients are able to support the claims. So, first of all, lets start with the claims. Okay for the claims i have it uh written here on my phone together with the ingredients list, so its easier for me to speak so, like i said directly from the website, the claims are targets, dark shadows bags and puffiness around the eye area. This is a claim, thats very common for an eye cream, so nothing surprising and porcelain. Gold root sugar beet and yeast provide a de puffing effect and omega lipids help the skin retain moisture for a youthful appearance, so useful appearance, clearly its. It means that this is also an anti aging product, so, to summarize its my understanding that the claims are eye bags and puffiness dark circles, uh lack of moisture, so this should be a hydrating uh, product and uh. Lastly, anti aging, meaning that is gon na – have to do something with wrinkles, okay, so these are the claims now lets, take a look at the ingredients list and lets see if the ingredients are able to support the claims. This is the ingredients list and i have highlighted in bold the ingredients that are actually gon na, give you some benefits, while the ingredients that are not in bold are just ingredients, they can be, for example, ph adjusters or texturizing preservatives, so all those ingredients that must Be in formula but dont really do much for your skin colorants as well, so going through the whole ingredients um.

Well, first of all, let me say that you know this is a product that does not have a super long ingredients list, which is something that i always appreciate so kudos for that. Okay, so we have water. Of course, then we have a macadamia seed oil macadamia seed oil is like any botanical oil, an emollient and occlusive ingredient, meaning that its gon na lock in moist pre existing moisture in the skin. So this is very important for the eye area, which usually tends to be a little bit more dry compared to other areas of your face, and this is especially true when we, as we age in the skin, tends to be even more dry, especially in the area. So definitely you need an oil. The fact that this oil is at the second position in the ingredients list makes me think that there is a decent amount of it in the product moving forward with the other ingredients. I see that i actually gon na do something for your skin. I see. Glycerin glycerin is a very powerful immune ingredient, which means that gives that skips more water provides with your skin with more water. So this is another ingredient thats, always in creams, especially in eye creams. You must have this. Glycerin is an extremely available and cheap ingredient and the fact that its at the third place, no fourth place in the uh formula, makes me think again that there is a decent amount, so its definitely um, no just by looking at this first three or four ingredients.

I can already tell this is going to be a very hydrating, uh, cream, hydrating and moisturizing. Moving on, we have the porcelain extract. Okay, this extract is rich in minerals, antioxidant and vitamins. This extract supports the claim of hydration and also supports the claim of anti aging. A little bit because it contains a lot of antioxidant, but what is the issue with this? The issue is that, first of all, we know nothing about this extract and we know nothing about how much of this extract is really in the product. This is very crucial – and i always stress about this, because anyone can write anything on the packaging, but if we need to know the facts so to understand, if this is actually gon na do something for your skin. We need to know what is this extracts and how much of this extract is in the product. So, as a general rule, you need to you understand that many natural extracts come already extremely diluted, meaning that companies buy this extract from different suppliers, and these are usually extracts. They come in with some um solubilizers or with some medium like glycerin or propane diol or butylene glycol. So when this happens, the the actual extract and the actual active ingredient of the plant thats in the extract can vary a lot. So there is actually no way to know if they use a standardized extract or not, and how much of this extract they have been using to make this product.

When i say standardized extract, i mean an extract where we know exactly how much of the active ingredient of the plant is in the extract by knowing that we are able to. You know predict how strong this uh ingredient is. Um, like i said, i have no clue in this case uh. These are information that companies never disclose, and this is also why i dont use extracts for my skincare line. Moving on with the ingredients, we find something that i consider real good, so vitamin e tocopheryl acetate is vitamin e. This is an antioxidant classic antioxidant super um good for the skin. I love it. It is an antioxidant for your skin, but also helps with the preservation of other ingredients that are in the formula. Vitamin e usually is around 0.2 percent. So by saying that, we already know that you know all other ingredients uh. We are talking that. We know that we are already considering ingredients that are most likely below one percent. Then we have betaine, which is uh derived from sugar and its a very a common, cheap hydrating ingredient. So we have another ingredient that supports the hydration claims claim we have panthenol. After that, which again is an humectant and hydrating ingredient so so far i see a lot of hydrating ingredients, which is uh you know, is a pot is positive, because the first way of reducing the appearance of wrinkles is to have a skin thats hydrated.

Moving on. We have a yeast yeast like this. Is this common bakers, yeast yeast its again another hydrating ingredient that also claims to have soothing, uh properties? Now there is no theres, no like a lot of science behind this. This yeast for the skin and whats really gon na. Do for you most of the studies that ive seen concern about skin hydration moving on in the ingredients list, we have rose root extract again. This is another extract rose root is a plant that comes from is very popular in the northern european medicine. What its gon na do for your skin um, you know my. The game is very difficult to tell without knowing anything about um about this extract, meaning that we know it comes from plant but where and how has been plant has been grown and harvested. We really have no information on that, so how are we supposed to know this extract is uh is good or not, and again we have no idea how much its of this is in the formula. But my guess is that a little bit i do trust uh. We, the only thing we can actually do that makes sense, is to trust the brand, so i want to trust them that they use only a high quality extract. Actually, at this price, they should use the top quality extracts, not just good quality ones. Okay, so this rose root extracts in skin care, has antioxidants and hydrating properties.

Antioxidants again is supporting the claim of anti aging. There is another interesting ingredient in this product that i want to briefly mention, and is the biosaccharide gum? This is uh. This is not just a regular xantham gum, its a gum that also has additional benefits from the skin. So this, what that, what this ingredient does in the formula is just create the texture so its going to give you the jelly texture that this cream has together with other ingredients. There are some studies that show that this ingredient is able to increase or promote the synthesis of one protein called called sir twin one, and this certain one protein helps cells live longer so and also favors their constant renewal, which means that these ingredients, again it is Supporting the anti aging claim that the product makes the last ingredient thats actually going to do something for your skin is pando lactone and you see towards the end of the ingredients. This is um the humectant ingredient again. So this is another ingredient that is going to give your skin more moisture and keep it hydrating. So, after considering everything all the aspects, the ingredients that we have seen, what is the verdict on this product? Well, my verdict is that this is for sure a very hydrating uh cream. It feels very nice on the skin, but theyre supposed to feel their way for 140 dollars. I expect a superb and excellent texture. I didnt really see any ingredient that helps with puffiness or dark cycles.

So, as far as im concerned, this is a cream thats gon na make your skin in the eye area very hydrated and thus minimizing how the wrinkles in the area looks like. But i dont see this product doing anything for dark circles and honestly, i dont see doing anything for um bags as well, or at least not um as much eye bags are actually um. You know caused by a lot of different factors that are most of the time physiological as well. So, if youre in by the way, if youre interested in eye bags – and you know skin care of the eye, leave a comment – and let me know so – i can just make a video on that. Also after i applied it in my eye area, i immediately felt a fresh sensation, which is always a plus and its not like a super fasting absorption uh cream. It stays there uh long long enough, at least to hopefully do something for your eyes and um. You know some people like that some people dont some people – want something thats, just fast uh absorbing um, some other like to feel, especially if you have dry skin. You might want to consider this kind of product that you just feel the richness on your skin. For a few hours, so this is it for this video. I hope you enjoyed it.