Cant believe that fall is right around the corner. I am so excited for everything, cozy and cooler weather a little comfortable. Its honestly, my vibe, i love fall, but i have some great makeup to talk about from this past month. These are some things that ive been wearing constantly im obsessed with, so lets get right on into these beautiful makeup products that are the best of the best from august 2021. We have to talk about the first product that i absolutely love from august, which is also on my eyes today. This is the new mothership palette from pat mcgrath labs. This is the utopian dream. Mothership palette – and this is a beautiful palette – definitely divine rose 3 unofficially, but it is a stunner. I just love this palette, absolutely worth the wait. If you want to wait for a sale, because you can get significant savings on palettes like this from her website, as well as from the vib sale at sephora, but if you cannot wait, i dont think youll regret it either because its gorgeous, i love the pinks In this palette, i love the browns that are anchored in here. I love the blitz astrals they perform beautifully, just like the other blitz astrals im used to in her palettes, and these 10 pan motherships are the best of the best from pat mcgrath, just like formulation, wise theyre, always much more consistent than other palettes. Shes come out with and the packaging is luxe i mean everything is a beautiful experience.

I just love this palette. Definitely a contender from my favorite palette of all time from her, because i really love divine rose one. It is still currently my top fave, but this is really getting up there like its getting pretty close. So i do love the tones in here. Ive been wearing this non stop. You can expect a little bit of fallout with the blitz astrals because they are quite lightweight very shimmer heavy, but they tend to fall slightly. When i applied this look today, i used two blitz astrals these two on the end and both of them fell a little bit on my face, but i didnt use her adhesive, which is the intensifies wand. I just kept it to my fingertips. So a little bit fell down because of that. This is a beautiful palette from pat mcgrath and the first product that i think has been the best. From august 2021, charlotte tilbury came out with a brand new super nudes collection. There were a couple products that were actually re releases. The super model lipstick and the super nudes easy eye palette were both previously launched, but these are two new shades from the super nudes collection. She just dropped that ive been loving. I just wear them constantly. The one on my lips today is runway royalty. It is the kissing formulation, new lipstick, and this is actually a website exclusive, so you cant get it at sephora, unfortunately, but its her creamy, like satin, finish formula its the perfect nude.

In my opinion and its funny, because charlotte tilbury does a lot of nudes a lot of nude, pink, colors and pinks, but i dont have anything quite like this and i have a lot of her lipsticks. So i was pleasantly surprised that she was able to get a new lipstick in this kind of color story that i didnt have already. She somehow does like degrees of difference in her shades that make it still worthy to buy so shes a classic sales. Lady. I love it, but this is one that i absolutely cannot live without. It is so gorgeous super comfortable on the lips, its definitely my favorite everyday friendly color. Now. My second favorite is from the matte revolution side of things, so shes come out with four matte revolution shades and one kissing formulation. The matte revolution is a matte finish, but it is a creamy matte, so its very, very nice, its not super drying or pulling on the lips or anything its just a beautiful creamy, comfortable formula, but still has that matte finish that a lot of us are, after So my favorite shade is cat. Walking catwalking is so beautiful, im actually going to swatch both of them. So you can see, but catwalking is so stunning. I would say its a little bit more on the brown apricot side than the runway royalty shade, but both of these have been on my lips constantly here are both of them. Swatched we have catwalking on the left.

Runway royalty on the right super super pretty. I think, if i want more of that, like apricot undertone, i go for the catwalking one. If i want more of that pink ill go for the runway royalty, i do have a review on the super nudes collection. If you are interested, i will link that in the description box for you, but this one has been my second favorite this month, because its a new shade, its her comfortable matte formula, ive been wearing them. I would say relatively equally, i would say the kissing formula moves a little bit more because it is that creamy satin finish. This is one that will stay put the matte revolution, one a little bit easier, but both are gorgeous. Colors lets talk about the next favorite from august 2021. This is the nude gasm palette from the super nudes collection from charlotte tilbury. You can see. I just really love the outer packaging of this a little bit more than her lightgasm palettes. I just thought those were a little bit more like technicolor a little bit more fun, but this is one that i can see is a little bit more elegant. I dont know thats just kind of my thoughts on the outer packaging, but when you actually see the palette on the inside its the exact same setup as the other palettes, but i find that these actually lift up off of the pans a little bit easier. Sometimes the leggasm palette that i had in the past would be a little bit more like tightly bound to the pan.

So i would have to take a piece of tape and sort of loosen the top layer of powder fairly frequently, but this is one so far that i have found has not been as stiff. I do like the highlight in the top left corner here. I think its super stunning very similar to the highlight actually in the bronze and glow for those wondering a little bit of a different texture. Though then we have the apricot highlight, but i like to use it as a blush, because it is quite deep on my skin tone and then we have the two sculpt shades. Just like an easy look to put together. That will just highlight your face in a way that just emphasizes your features, nothing too crazy loud when it comes to pigment, but just that gorgeous like everyday glam. This is the nude gasm palette from the charlotte tilbury super nudes collection. You guys are going to be so shocked with my next favorite from this month, its an eyelash curler for those of you that have watched me for some time. I have an eyelash curler phobia. I dont like getting stuff close to my eye, its so strange, but i just have this weird phobia that if i use a curler – and i curl my lashes, that my lids gon na flip – and it reminds me of a truly traumatizing time in elementary school kids – Would just lift their front lids like inside out and it would gross the absolute crap out of me so thats how it started believe it or not.

I can actually use mascara and eyeliner. I can apply shadow to my eye, no problem if theres an eyelash in my eye, i will get it out because its a life or death situation, but curlers were never my thing until this came along. This is the refer, eyelash curler and i actually do have the shiseido one as well. The shiseido one is very highly ranked so i was like maybe thats the best one to learn, but this one is the best to learn. It is not pinchy at all. I could get really really close and i have made such strides in curling my lashes because of this, so if you are very afraid of lash curlers like me and youre kind of getting a little more brave like maybe i should try it. This is the one this is from refer. I will link it in the description box below, but this is the one in my opinion that i would recommend over the shiseido, because it just has that user friendliness. That makes someone scared to death really brave, to actually attempt a curl. You can see. The design of this is super sleek, its just like a shiny glossy black and the little like cushion there for your lid is red. Its a beautiful curler – and i had to mention it this month because im just so proud of myself that im making such strides against this fear all thanks to this curler.

The next palette is actually from charlotte tilbury as well, and this was released in the nordstrom anniversary sale. This is the sunset dreamscape palette. Ive talked about this before on my channel, but if you are into those instant look in a palettes, this is her latest one and its. So pretty honestly, the top row of eyeshadows are perfection. Theyre pigmented theyre easy to blend theyre, smooth, theyre, creamy theyre, just everything you would want in an eyeshadow and then you have the other shades in here. The highlight is a tad dark for me, but nothing that i cant work with. The bronzer actually looks a little bit lighter in pan than how it translates. So it does a good job of giving me a nice beautiful, bronze, nothing too dark. I do layer it at times, but i dont really need to. We then have the two blushes in the center that are good options, so all of these are beautiful shades and all the shades work really well as well. I do have an upcoming trip to greece, so im really excited that ill. Be able to take one of these instant look in the palettes with me just for some easy looks all in one, but if you have other ones, and you think you dont need any more honestly, this one isnt super different from the others. This is really just for those of us that are obsessed with these types of palettes and well use more of them.

This is another favorite. From august 2021, some of the best makeup thats been offered this past month, the sunset dreamscape from charlotte tilbury. I have to talk about this next set, which has been a very lovely surprise this past month. I hauled this recently and ive been testing it and im very impressed with these. These are the cosas lip oils, and this is in a cute. Little mini set its called the undressed collection and im, not sure if the minis are available anymore, but you can get these full sized. So these are just like beautiful lip oils that are very moisturizing. They actually last a fair bit of time for a lip oil. So, of course, its not going to be a stain or anything, it will eventually move around, but these are actually really comfortable. They offer that nice layer of moisturization, i dont know i just love these, so the first one is unzipped. Unzipped is the most pale pink one. There is, and it does have like a teeny bit of a sparkle to it. So i really really like this one has a really cool lid to it, like its just so strange to me, but anyways. If i can link this collection, i definitely will because this size is perfect, its just a nice way to try three beautiful, neutral, pink shades. This next one is unhooked. You can see its a little bit deeper, yet ill swatch, all three of them for you as well, so you can see and the last one is unbuttoned, so you can see that this offers a really gorgeous variety of everyday friendly.

Colors. Here are the gorgeous swatches. You can see how beautiful and wearable all of these colors are so from left to right. We have unbuttoned, we have unhooked and we have unzipped. This is another fave for august 2021 and im super super happy. I discovered these the last product from the makeup faves from august 2021 is actually not a new product at all. This is the chanel la beige, stick cream blush, and i hauled this a couple of months ago, but ive been loving. This blush for an easy blush. Look for my summer makeup, so this is like a really glowy like stick blush, you can actually apply it directly on the skin if you want, but my favorite way is actually using my bk beauty. 106.. This is a really nice dense, brush and really all i do is take the brush and just dab into the stick. Im able to get quite a bit of pigment and then i can apply it to the cheek effortlessly without having to get my fingers dirty or a sponge dirty. So its actually perfect. This is a really nice peachy, pink color. I just think its so so stunning very easy to use like i said the packaging is beautiful, so this is from the la beige collection and the shade here is number 23.. It doesnt actually have a name just a number, so try not to get confused but number 23. Is this gorgeous glowy peachy pink? This is how it looks on the skin, its a perfect swatch, to show you how it looks.

I just think its so fun and just makes me so happy, so i love this color. I think its so beautiful its super creamy, very long, lasting and it just seeps into the skin like a beautiful flesh. My favorite cream products are the ones that are super easy to blend. Nothing too stiff have a nice globe to the skin and they just have a long, lasting power as well, and this is a beautiful surprise from chanel. So if you are interested in a lovely stick blush i dont know. I just think, because the packaging you can roll it down its a stick format, so its not going to get too messy. It just seems to preserve itself, really well its perfect for travel. So i think this is a lovely one and one that i have been obsessed with in this past month of august. What are your favorite makeup products from august? Do, let me know down below. I would love to know any recommendations, always any makeup that you guys love. I need to have it to.