I try and do these videos every month. If i have enough products to show – and so here i have all the products that i used up in the month of august 2021. I think i also have my july products in here as well, because im pretty sure i only had like a few products that i used up in july. But today i have a good amount of products to talk through and i love doing these empties videos, because here on my youtube channel, i try out a new makeup product every day and those are all first impression: videos and makeup videos. But i love skincare and hair care body care. I have products like that in here as well, but this is also a way for me to give like really developed reviews, because i have completely used up these products. So i really know how i feel about them, and i have some really great products in here that i absolutely love so without further ado, im gon na go ahead and jump into it first. This is just a small sample that i went through so quickly, but i know that i absolutely love this product and the whole line of these products, and this is from sol de genero, and here is the coco cabana cream. But i love pretty much all of the soldering arrow products, but especially their creams. This coconut one smells very strongly of coconut. I have to say, like im, not a huge die, hard fan of the sola de genero scents.

I know that they have like a cult following people are obsessed with the scents and i like them, but theyre, not my most favorite scents ever, but i do think they are really nice products. This is super moisturizing, but not greasy on the skin, and i love the packaging because i can get every last little drop out of the little tubs like this, and this is a product that i have repurchased, but it isnt expensive. So i rarely do it its a great gift to get someone, though i highly recommend im going to stick with body products, because another product that i used up here, this one is cool. This is a powder body wash, so this is from the brand nude and crude the energizing sweet orange body, cleansing shower powder for bright glowing skin and this it smelled. Okay, it smelled like orange citrus, which i like, but is another scent – that im not super super in love with, but this was really cool because it literally is a powder and you just have to use a little bit and then it gets all foamy and sudsy And i would actually pour this onto my little sponge um, the like spun gels. I think theyre called that like have the body wash in them, but after ive used the body wash pretty much completely out of that sponge. I was using that same sponge to use the powder on and it was a great combination and i always felt like my skin got clean and it didnt like really dry out my skin.

So this was a cool product and it lasted a really long time. I think the powder formula probably lasts longer than the gel shower type cleansers. Now, moving on to face skin care, i used up a few products there, so the masks that i used up weve got the pure lease watermelon energizing sheet mask, which is a really nice sheet, mask smells great im, just a huge fan of every purelys product, but I really love their watermelon line. I actually used up another purelys watermelon product this month as well, but then another brand that i absolutely love is wander beauty and i think i talk about these eye masks in every single empties video, because i love them. The baggage claim gold eye masks. I just feel like these are the best under eye masks. They are so hydrating and my under eyes just feel so refreshed and smooth after just one use of these, and i love them highly recommend both of these and i do have backups of both of these. So they are products that i am continuing to use, and so the pure lease watermelon product that i used up as well is the watermelon and charcoal purifying cleanser. So this is a facial cleanser that i loved it. Has that really nice watermelon scent, which is not too strong its, not a super potent overwhelming watermelon scent its really nice subtle scent. This says gently cleanses skin, removes makeup, purifies and energizes for all skin types, and what i really loved about this is that it did completely remove all of my makeup and made my skin feel completely clean after using it.

But it was gentle enough that i could use it morning and night and i really liked it. It has a really nice texture. I felt like my skin was clear as ive been using it. My skin in general has actually been really good knock on wood. I have not had bad breakouts in a long time, ive been getting a lot of compliments on my skin in person, especially when im not even wearing foundation. I get compliments on my skin, so what ive been using has been working for me and im so excited about it, because i mean having nice skin is something i really strive for, and im really dedicated to my skincare routine that i do morning and night. So im excited to be able to share some of the products that i think have really contributed to my skin, being probably some of the best its ever been, but so another product that i make sure to always have in my skincare. Routine is a toner, and here i have the hey honey tone: it up, propolis and enchinasia herbal toner, and i really like this – i dont think i loved the smell of it, though yeah it kind of smells like a little bit vinegary, so not the best smelling Product, but it didnt really bother me. I think that this was great for my skin. My skin would drink it up gentle, and i think it really prepared my skin for the serum that i would use on the next step, which the serum that i used up.

This month is from wander beauty, the uh label actually came off, but this is from wander beauty like. I already said one of my favorite skincare brands or beauty brands in general, and this is the sight seer vitamin c concentrate – and this is what i was using as my serum. But this is like a super serum and its not exactly like a serum liquidy product. Its a little bit thicker than that kind of mix of like a serum and a moisturizer in one and gosh. I feel like this gave the glow to my skin. I think it really helped to even out my skin tone, and i just loved this. One of the great things about wander beauty is that there are so many multi uses or extra benefits in all of their products. So this is not just a vitamin c cream. Serum it has so many nourishing ingredients in it that i feel like really did make a difference in how bright and even and smooth my skin looked. So i highly recommend this. This is a product that i definitely would want to repurchase and continue using and then another product that i always use in my skincare routine, which would probably be next in the order that i would apply. It is an eye cream, and here i have the mario badescu caffeine eye cream, and this was great i would use it morning and night. It was great under makeup and very gentle on the eye i still like have under eye circles, so it didnt get rid of them, but it just made my undereyes feel very moisturized and makes my concealer look smooth, which im very picky about my concealer looking dry Or anything like that – and this was a great cream to go under the eyes.

I also apply it like onto the sides of my eyes to try and prevent the crows feet there. I go up onto my eyelid as well, and i love this its not super expensive. It lasted me at least a few months, even though its small, but i just use like the tiniest little bit, and i really like the tub of packaging. Its like. I was saying i can get every last bit out of it, so i really really like this and then the next step in my skincare routine, something that ive really been trying to be better at is using a retinol, and this is actually the prescription retinol that I have its the tretinoin cream, usp 0.025 percent, so you do need to get this with a prescription and if i was using this every day it would be way too drying and intense for my skin. So i have now been using this just on my forehead. My nose and my neck, the places where my skin is pretty much the least dry and getting the most wrinkles so im trying to prevent the aging by using a retinol but im only using it like two or three times a week, because when i did use This too much it just destroyed my skin, my skin was peeling and i had to really work back to building up that moisture barrier and improving my skin again. So i highly recommend a retinol, but youve got to be careful with it and i actually have four makeup products that i used up, which i rarely use up a makeup product.

So the fact that i have four right here feels like a big accomplishment for me, and these are four of my absolute favorite makeup products. First, i cant believe it, but i completely used up the tarte shape tape. Contour concealer, i was using it in the shade. Fair neutral and gosh, i love this. I really do think its worth the hype, but i definitely want to try out their new hydrating version now that i finished the classic version, but the coverage is just amazing and it looks so smooth on my under eyes. It does crease on me, but i just set it with the tarte shape tape. Powder lately is actually my favorite powder to use and its just a go to look for me and i can always depend on the tarte shape tape to cover up whatever i need to cover up. Get rid of those dark circles cover up a blemish. I just love it. The next makeup product that i used up is the grande lips. Hydrating lip plumper, and this was the tinted version, its like a nude, pink tint love this as well. It actually does plump up the lips, but it also has that beautiful color. So it really smooths out my lips hydrates my lips. I have gone through at least two of these so far, i like the packaging because it has the little button on it to squeeze it up so very sanitary packaging, but i just love a plumping lip gloss that actually makes a difference.

Actually smooths out, my lips makes them a little bit bigger and really hydrates them, and this does all of that. I love this. I bought this in a three pack and its so worth getting this in a multi pack, because i love this and i go through these another lip product that i absolutely love and really helps me. Get the illusion of larger lips. Is the thrive cosmetics, lip filler lip liner, and here i have the shade gizzlin and i just became obsessed with wearing a lip liner every single day. It helps my lips have like the ideal shape that im looking for, and i slightly over line, my top lip to make my lips look bigger, and this was just the perfect shade for that, and this was very long lasting. So i loved this and its. It has the sharpener on the bottom and i love the brand thrive cosmetics, so i definitely want to get another one of these. I do have another shade of this lip liner, but this gizzlin shade was just so perfect for me because it really matched my lip color just enough that i could wear it with a clear gloss, but it also helped to enhance the outline of my lips by, Like creating that illusion with a slightly darker shade, so i love this lip liner. This combination here is awesome, im, so sad that i used up pretty much every single one of these products right here.

Sometimes, when i do these empties videos im, like i didnt like this product, i dont recommend it but all of the products here i really loved and im missing these in my routine, and i probably should just repurchase them and my final product a product that i Also love and have been missing in my routine. This is from the brand winky lux another brand that i love and i talk about a lot and this is their unibrow universal brow pencil, and this is just so easy to work with, looks so natural in the brow. It really is a perfect shade and i love the packaging. Its got the twist up triangle, pencil on one end and a great spoolie on the other, and i like the gold, but its just exactly what i look for in a brow, pencil and im very picky about my brow, pencils very into filling in my brows. So i love this. I have recommended this to friends and i think its a really great go to brow product and there we have it. That was a lot of products but great products. So definitely, let me know in the comments down below if youve tried out any of these products and what your thoughts are on them. But as always, thank you so much for watching. My video today be sure to like comment and subscribe to my channel.